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The Courage of Milo Minsky (Rivercity Secrets) By R. Scott Kaiser,

  • Title: The Courage of Milo Minsky (Rivercity Secrets)
  • Author: R. Scott Kaiser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Courage of Milo Minsky Rivercity Secrets None

    One thought on “The Courage of Milo Minsky (Rivercity Secrets)”

    1. This book has gotten me excited again about young adult fiction The protagonist is genuine and multi dimensional The reader can easily see himself herself as Milo Milo is tested time and time again and always manages to persevere, no matter how deep his fears and how ardently his resolve is shaken Though Milo is forced through horrors as a child and loses everything including his own family, he still possesses a drive to help someone in a crisis Milo agrees to help fully knowing that it may end [...]

    2. I purchase a lot of local Iowa authors novels through , so I wasn t particularly surprised to see a recommendation come through for another I was surprised, though, that it was written by someone that I actually used to know I knew the author of this book about 12 15 years ago, and am glad that he s written such a wonderful and captivating first novel.I greatly enjoyed this book I see a lot of the author in the character of Milo, and I found him to be an endearing and likeable character I also e [...]

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