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A Second Chance By Bernadette Marie,

  • Title: A Second Chance
  • Author: Bernadette Marie
  • ISBN: 9780985334550
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • Manchmal wartet die Liebe genau da, wo man sie zur ckgelassen hatCarlos Keller hat sich entschlossen, endlich nach vorn zu schauen und ein neues Leben zu beginnen Er hat Kathy gebeten, seine Frau zu werden Mit ihr hofft er, ber seine gescheiterte erste Ehe mit Madeline, seiner gro en Liebe, hinwegzukommen.Madeline wiederum kann nur annehmen, dass das Schicksal daraufManchmal wartet die Liebe genau da, wo man sie zur ckgelassen hatCarlos Keller hat sich entschlossen, endlich nach vorn zu schauen und ein neues Leben zu beginnen Er hat Kathy gebeten, seine Frau zu werden Mit ihr hofft er, ber seine gescheiterte erste Ehe mit Madeline, seiner gro en Liebe, hinwegzukommen.Madeline wiederum kann nur annehmen, dass das Schicksal darauf aus ist, ihr Leben zu zerst ren Ihre zweite Ehe ist am Ende Sie hat Brustkrebs Und der einzige Mann, den sie jemals geliebt hat, steht kurz davor, wieder zu heiraten.Trotz ihrer Scheidung sind Carlos und Madeline immer gute Freunde geblieben Aber hat diese Freundschaft auch jetzt noch Bestand, wo er zu neuen Ufern aufbricht und sie sich mit der Gefahr konfrontiert sieht, dass ihr Leben bald zu Ende sein k nnte Oder besinnt sich das Schicksal vielleicht doch noch eines Besseren und gibt den beiden eine zweite Chance
    A Second Chance Manchmal wartet die Liebe genau da wo man sie zur ckgelassen hatCarlos Keller hat sich entschlossen endlich nach vorn zu schauen und ein neues Leben zu beginnen Er hat Kathy gebeten seine Frau zu w

    One thought on “A Second Chance”

    1. After reading so many good reviews about this one,gave it a try but sadly i was disappointed by this book,things that did not went well with me were Though the title is Second Chance for Carlos and his ex wife Maddie but i felt this story was about Carlo s and his current to be wife Kathy.How they went ahead in their relationship but it was too late when Kathy realized Carlos Maddie and she will always be the second best in his life Carlos is one confused idiot jerk who hurt both Maddie Kathy.I [...]

    2. This book was so nerve wracking and aggrevating I wanted to throw it across the room if I wasn t reading from my phone I would have I loved the relationship between Carlos and Madeline I just wish they would have realized sooner they belonged together The story was endearing and I absolutely recommend this book, just be prepared to be frustrated as crap

    3. When I finished The Executive s Decision and read the excerpt to Second Chance I had to get a copy and I stayed up all night to finish reading it I was crying for the first half because of what Madeline was going through and the decision she was making for her family to keep her secret, that she has breast cancer The incredible journey that Mrs Marie leads us through with Madeline and her family through the struggles of surgery and chemotherapy and the support system that her family becomes had [...]

    4. This is a really emotional getting back together story.I was blown away by their family dynamics They were so good to each other that I found my self looking forward to scenes that they have as a family One scene that is burned in my memory is the hair shaving scene I swear, I cried at the scene It s just so emotional and a very important one The significance of the act is not lost to med maybe for everyone else that has read it too The topic of illnesses is really hard for me to read I m the ki [...]

    5. what a gut wrenching emotional story of childhood sweethearts that married had kids then watched everything fall apart Carlos Keller has been divorced from his ex wife Madeline for 5 years and had decided that can never have her again so attempts to move with his life by marrying Kathy While he asks Cathy Maddie is suffering from separation from her current husband that cheated on her a got someone pregnant then finds out she has breast cancer she chooses to hide it from everyone and goes into h [...]

    6. This was an incredibly poignant and heart warming love story that tugged at my heart and brought tears to my eyes It s a story about survival and a second chance to live and to love How many people in this world can say that Carlos and Madeleine married young, have 3 children together and have been divorced for 5 years now As Carlos is finally moving on with his life with someone else, Madeleine is fighting for her life when she finds out she has breast cancer When Carlos finds out, he remains b [...]

    7. Oh my God I fell in love with this book I have to say that I am a sucker when it comes to love pulling a couple through miserable times, especially when the rough time is during a sickness This book caught me off guard What I mean to say is that it was supposed to be a short filler book, but instead turned into a book that I had a hard time letting go of I read it in every spare minute that I could find This book had me crying, tearing up for the most part And the ending kind if shocked me I kep [...]

    8. It has been a few days since I read A Second Chance Since then I have read two books, but my thoughts keep wandering back to this beautifully written love story I can t stop thinking about the characters and particular events that happened in their lives one in particular which I won t mention here in fear it would ruin future readers enjoyment of it All I will say is it is one of the most beautiful acts of love I have ever read I highly recommend the Keller Family series I discovered it a week [...]

    9. I LOVED this book It is one of my favorites in the Keller series Bernadette knows how to make you connect with the characters and keeps you invested in their story until the end.I fell in love with the Keller family in An Executive decision and I fell in love with the family in A Second Chance.I enjoyed getting to know Maddie and Carlos and felt so much for what Maddie was going through I teared up many times and was inspired by Maddie s strength when dealing with her illness Throughout the sto [...]

    10. Carlos and Madeline story was very intense Two people who loves each other and decided to live separately lives because they caught themselves alone Carlos love was always there, even though Madeline remarried his best friend Then Madeline was diagnose with breast cancer and went alone to surgery without family or friends by choice, was very hard When Carlos knew, he didn t gave up and let her alone although he had a girlfriend This kind of things gave us a hint of where his heart was Having a b [...]

    11. I really liked this book I could really relate to Kathy and thought she was very well written she was supportive of Carlos need to help his ex wife but then showed her frustration and jealousy at just the right time I couldn t believe it when Carlos and Kathy s wedding actually went through I didn t expect that nor did I expect the ending I like how the kids were written into the story and showed how the entire family was affected by cancer I love the supportiveness of the Keller family and show [...]

    12. brilliant series keller family well written by bernadette marie really enjoyed the love story between carlos madeline who are divorced but they still love each other all though carlos is in another relationship with kathy that madeline second marraige as fallen apart carlos still wants to be there for madeliene because of the children the secret that madeliene is carrying about an illness from carlos untill he finds out, well worth five stars,

    13. I loved this book, it was sad and frustrating, but so romatic Carlos, I wanted to kiss him and feel bad for him, but slap him all at the same time This book brought so many emotions out of me The closer we got to the ending the shock and on my toes I was I loved the book It was so bad I did not sleep, I had to finish it.

    14. This story brought tears to my eyes I loved how both characters still felt so much love and connection for each other after being divorced for so many years This is a great story of how family sticks together through thick and thin and that love can really overcome all I cant wait to read about the Keller family Great job Bernadette

    15. This was a captivating story dealing with breast cancer It had some very touching moments but I didn t like the relationship It didn t really progress until the very end and some of the hero s actions were irritating Madeline s ex husband Carlos comes to her aid when she faces the battle with breast cancer but he s engaged to someone else.

    16. Not a bad sequal A little predictable but still a feel good read Makes sense if you read part 1 first, obviously, but it isn t essential as the author gives little summaries for those who haven t It s a will she won t she book Cancer, marriage, one night stand Its all there.

    17. Great ReadAfter book one I wanted , so immediately ordered A Second Chance Carlos and Maddie s story is one repeated often one foolish choice compounded by poor communication This time one person s selfless act changes the outcome for them all.

    18. This is a wonderful sequel I love Carlos Yes, he made mistakes but how can you not love a guy who shaves his hair off to support and encourage his EX wife He does it and does many other sweet and wonderful things This was a great story and I can t wait for the next book in the series.

    19. I read the first free smaple and i loved it, this story was very predictable, although i did find myself laughing and crying with the characters Some parts confused me slightly but enjoyed it alot, reading the 3rd book now it is a good series.

    20. This book was really hard for me to read A friend of mine just lost her mom to cancer and to read this at the same time was really hard for me I made it personal so I can t give an unbiased opinion I think it was a great story about love and family and second chances A very heart warming story.

    21. I love it Reunion stories tend to feel fresh, and this does not disappoint, with enough sympathy to make the love triangle angle feel not quite exhausting and boring

    22. I could not stop reading this book At times, I would have liked to shake Carlos and Maddie though This is one gut wrenching story of a woman s determination to beat breast cancer More to follow.

    23. One Step Forward, Two Steps BackSecond Book in the Keller Family Series, and it is a doozy Five years after his divorce, Carlos Keller is ready to move on His ex wife was married to his ex best friend, he s got a girlfriend, he said the L word, and popped the marriage question Only he still loves his ex wife As for Madeline, she s on her second divorce and is battling breast cancer Can Carlos Madeline stay friends or will the new girlfriend soon to be wife come between them Another wonderful boo [...]

    24. Whilst I loved this I also hated it.Two people who loved each other for years but instead of talking, started fighting and ended up divorced.Carlos behaved like a jerk and I hated that he slept with Kathy, his fianc e, while still in love with Maddie Then he marries Kathy who was too spineless to call the wedding off even knowing Carlos and Maddie still loved each other All that money wasted on a wedding.Madelaine was also an idiot for marrying the second husband but I did feel sorry for her wit [...]

    25. A Second ChanceThis story is about two people who have divorced years ago She jumped into another marriage six months later Now he is moving on and she is getting another divorce Not only that she has cancer With their three children keeping it a secret is going to be hard What about their feelings for each other Have they truly moved on And his fiancee, is she going to let that friendship continue

    26. Could never quite understand why the couple divorced in the first place and was dismayed that Carlos went through with the wedding to Kathy, and long suffering Kathy had to leave him after the unconsummated wedding, so he could go back to his ex wife Ugh.

    27. Thrilling and captivatingLove this story, I was rooting for Carlos and Madeline to get back together so thanks for putting them back together

    28. There is a second chanceFive Star Family So enjoyed the Family life,the close caring warmth it is a book you cannot put down You read, you decide

    29. I really didn t like how Carlos treated either Kathy or Maddie and I had a hard time finishing the story.

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