[MOBI] ☆ Woman in a Sheikh's World | by ☆ Sarah Morgan

Woman in a Sheikh's World By Sarah Morgan,

  • Title: Woman in a Sheikh's World
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373131105
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With a client list hotter than the Zubran desert, wedding planner Avery Scott shouldn t be surprised that her latest client is Crown Prince Malik of Zubran the man who once lit her body on fire steamrollering over her heart.Determined to ignore Malik s lethal charm, Avery makes a very personal not to do list 1 Not being Malik s intended, our relationship must rWith a client list hotter than the Zubran desert, wedding planner Avery Scott shouldn t be surprised that her latest client is Crown Prince Malik of Zubran the man who once lit her body on fire steamrollering over her heart.Determined to ignore Malik s lethal charm, Avery makes a very personal not to do list 1 Not being Malik s intended, our relationship must remain 100 percent professional.2 His arranged bride might have run away, but I mustn t distract him for the kings of Zubran, duty always comes first.3 However luxurious the Bedouin tent and smoldering the tension pride dictates the touch I crave stays strictly forbidden.
    Woman in a Sheikh s World With a client list hotter than the Zubran desert wedding planner Avery Scott shouldn t be surprised that her latest client is Crown Prince Malik of Zubran the man who once lit her body on fire steamr

    One thought on “Woman in a Sheikh's World”

    1. Normally I like this author s books but the heroine in this story annoyed the crap out of me She was mean and angry with the hero most of the book, I couldn t figure out why he even wanted her She was supposedly so screwed up because she didn t have a father, her mom used a sperm bank I just couldn t figure out why this was such an issue with her, so many people grow up never knowing their fathers but don t use it as an excuse to be against any type of relationship with a man Her mom was a piece [...]

    2. The angst at the beginning of this story is great The party organizer heroine, who broke up with the hero, has to organize a party for his wedding to another woman She is trying to be all independent and uncaring, but she his bleeding inside It seems like the hero is the one at fault until the action shifts to the desert, where the heroine insists on accompanying the hero to find his runaway fiancee Hero is a saint to put up with her defensive nonsense Once the hero s fiancee is found and decide [...]

    3. I LOVED THIS STORY I couldn t put it down Mal, the hero, is fabulous He has such determination and the patience of a saint , I tell you He s a delicious hero, I loved him And Avery, our heroine, is so great as she tries to be tough and impenetrable but crumbles under Mal s continual, yet gentle, onslaught This is a really enjoyable story, interesting and gentle in its intensity.

    4. I have never read about a messed up heroine, she irritated me so much but I also felt pity for her after I found out she was raised by a bitter mother who never gave her love and affection and only told her men were bad, so the heroine was cynical but she let down her defenses with the hero and was with him for a year, then she broke it off with him over a misunderstanding when he asked her to marry him and she thought he wanted her to give up her business and everything Months have passed and [...]

    5. 4.5 starsAnother passionate and emotional read by the very talented Sarah Morgan.The characters are very well portrayed, especially the heroine Avery is messed up about men, she is a self confessed cynic about marriage Avery tests the patience of a saint And Mal is no saint But he is the man who loves her, and, if necessary, he can learn to be patient to get Avery to open up about all her insecurities.

    6. Loved the heroine and the arguments I noticed SM s HP s with Sheikh characters do have a funny theme for an HP

    7. Rating 4.5 Stars Reviewed at HarlequinJunkieA Woman in a Sheikh s world is a beautifully crafted second chance romance by the eternally talented Sarah Morgan.Avery and Crown Prince Malik s had a year long public affair that ended badly to make matters worse soon after their relationship break up Crown Prince Malik s announces his engagement Avery is totally shattered and humiliated so when Malik commissions her Event planning company to plan the party for the wedding reception her pride gets in [...]

    8. Usually the Desert Sheikh romances are all about arrogance and angst and all that That stuff is usually good for idle guilty pleasure reading but it doesn t really carry any emotional depth This one is JUST TOO GOOD to be typecast similarly.The hero and the heroine are both very strong characters and the sense of maturity they display by their actions later on in the book, a harlequin that too, was just phenomenal.The story develops beautifully like an opera is being played Ms Morgan has done a [...]

    9. Superficial and bland for my tastes You can t hate it, because it s simply flat After a stronger beginning it gets unbelievably psyco babbling With a side dish of moralism you know, a girl without a father can t be balanced, above all if her father was a sperm donorease, please, please And the mother of course is a man hater, anything else

    10. I thought this novel was very cute The sparks that flew between the hero and heroine were delightful, even despite the circumstances of the hero on the verge of marrying another I found the end of the novel very heartfelt and beautiful.

    11. Avery Scott is one of the worlds best wedding planners and has a client list hotter than the Sahara desert Only this time around she is not planning the wedding of a mere client,but the wedding of the man that once made her melt into a puddle by a mere glance or touch.Prince Malik has a honour and duty to uphold and marrying the one woman that sets his blood of fire will not do The author did a wonderful job at pointing out the difficulties that can and sometimes will pull those from the ones we [...]

    12. Too much therapeutic discussion killed the romance for me, disappointing because I had been looking forward to Avery s story after glimpsing her character in A Night of No Return I liked Avery in that book, probably because she was such an emotional wreck in this one Malik was a wonderful hero I could tell he loved Avery immensely So much so that he spent the ENTIRE second half of the book trying to break down Avery s resistance to marriage, all in the form of reflective dialogue In real life t [...]

    13. I m pretty sure I read this one already since it showed up as 91% done when I downloaded it, but that s fine I like this one a lot because it s two adults acting like relatively competent adults and solving a problem of what to do with the fact that both of them are out of their depth when it comes to relationships.If you want a not aggressively alpha hero in a Presents title, this is definitely one to check out.

    14. Meh Forget the Avery we met in the pprevious book she is nowhere to be found in this one She makes stupid decisions then bitches about the consequences She s a babbling idiot I hate it when authors describe a character one way and then have it do the complete opposite I liked Mal but during the second half he turned into a girl with a penis and that isn t sexy.

    15. Avery was so annoying Mal had the patience of a saint to put up with her It dragged on too much, I was sick of listening to Avery moan on about why she didn t want to marry or commit Also the fact she seemed to place all the blame on Mal when it was quite clearly her fault I would have liked to read about their past relationship or even read about the moment when she ended their relationship but we got none of that I liked Mal although he never once came across Sheikh like

    16. Another winner from Morgan There were times when I was frustrated with the stubbornness of both main characters, but the author did a great job of revealing their issues and resolving misunderstandings I m always guaranteed a good story when I pick up one of Morgan s books.

    17. Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspTo have a relationship, you have to have two people who open up to each other and at least meet each other half way in revealing their inner fears, right Without trust, how can something like love grow Those are some basic questions that both Avery and Malik have to wade through before they can move forward.Interestingly enough, I met Avery in one of Ms Morgan s previous books and based upon a few comments that were made in that story, it was inevitable [...]

    18. Aw, such an endearing story Big strong Alpha who beats his chest and an Omega who does the same Both strong characters with hardly any give and take on either side until the chemistry between them erupts like a volcano, lots of molten liquid, searing to the touch Malik works hard at compromise, but it takes Avery longer Not giving the story line away, as it will spoil it for future readers, just know that its well worth reading so if you read book 1 first A Night of No Return Both are well wort [...]

    19. I stumbled upon Sarah Morgan s first book of the series, A Night Of No Return, and it showed a little sneak peek of what was going to come in this book I was so intrigued that I immediately bought Woman In A Sheikh s World.We start out with Avery waking up in her office from a nightmare She is clearly affected by her break up with Malik, but is very determined not to let it show She constantly denies that she was ever in love with Malik, and she puts on a mask with everyone to show that she is f [...]

    20. I really like this author, but I guess with all stories written by one author you can t read several of them from in a row Cause I found out years ago that every author has it s own unique style and favorite moves and hooks With Sarah Morgan I guess it is characters not speaking with each other But well, if they did there would be no plot to write through, there would be just one big HEA from the start Nevertheless I liked this book a lot, but brought one star down for Avery and her not wanting [...]

    21. I adore Sarah Morgan s 2nd chance stories and I was so excited to read Woman in a Sheikh s World after the introduction of Avery and Mal in A Night of No Return.We discover that Party Planner Avery is in charge of Crown Prince Malik s wedding only problem is Avery and Mal are past lovers who went their separate ways but stubborn Avery is determined not to show Mal how he still affects her and agrees to take care of the party But the icing hits the fan when Mal comes to Avery asking if she knows [...]

    22. A WOMAN IN A SHEIKH S WORLD by author Sarah Morgan is a Mills Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents release for December 2012.Avery Scott s pride demanded that she not turn down the Crown Prince Malik of Zubran s contract for events management even though she did not really want to manage his after wedding party After all Zubran was the man whose touch in the past sent Avery soaring high But she was a professional, wasn t she She could do this without going to pieces.Then Zubran came to her with th [...]

    23. It s been quite some time since I ve read any series romances, but all those great Sarah Morgan reviews over at DA enticed me to try her out And every now and then I have to indulge in my guilty pleasure sheikh romances g When I started the story I was quite sure I would go with a C, as I assumed the hero to be rather pigheaded and overbearing There is some great dialogue between the main characters Very lively, very emotional You can feel the hurt feelings between them, but simultaneously the l [...]

    24. I am a fan of Sarah Morgan s books, but I found this one to be extremely frustrating Often times, HP presents heroines are secretaries and incredibly naive virgins unrealistic, but expected I enjoy the usual HP tropes just as much as anyone but I also love heroines that dare to be different Avery is different but not better and it s a shame that Sarah Morgan didn t push the character development further into a nuanced person Instead, Avery is so messed up that it s a mystery why Mal even bother [...]

    25. Nice enough read, but left some things to desire for The characters felt real enough, and their inner struggle felt real and believable It went wrong in the details.Avery s mother were made out to be some sort of villainous woman, and though I know this is a Presents that page count wise don t really leave enough room to tie up those secondary loose ends, but it still would have been nice enough to see Avery patch things up with her mother Since this story is a duet with A Night of No Return, I [...]

    26. A good solid read that bucks the opinion held by some that all Presents must feature dishrag heroines and jerk wad Alpha Neanderthals Successful heroine who runs her own party planning business must plan a wedding celebration party for the hero, a sheikh, and a man she had a year long hot and heavy affair with of course until it all went spectacularly wrong Well now his intended bride has run off, and the heroine agrees to travel the desert with the hero looking for her because a married hero is [...]

    27. This lively romance includes a breathtaking desert backdrop that sets the scene for our heroine to fall for her Sheikh Readers will love Avery s strong feminine personality, wit, and troubled past Perfectly suited to her strength is the prince Malik, who starts the book betrothed to someone else and still manages to remain a sympathetic character Though the resolution seems a little rushed, this is a quick, enjoyable read.KaitlinReviewer for Coffeetime Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Rom [...]

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