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Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God By Margaret Feinberg,

  • Title: Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God
  • Author: Margaret Feinberg
  • ISBN: 9781617950889
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Let s be honest it s far too easy to go through day to day life without a sense of the mystery, the marvel, or the awe of God s presence Have you ever felt your relationship with God isn t as vibrant as you want it to be Have you ever felt like God seemed far away even in the midst of devotions, prayer, and church You re not alone We Were Created for WonderYou were crLet s be honest it s far too easy to go through day to day life without a sense of the mystery, the marvel, or the awe of God s presence Have you ever felt your relationship with God isn t as vibrant as you want it to be Have you ever felt like God seemed far away even in the midst of devotions, prayer, and church You re not alone We Were Created for WonderYou were created and designed to experience wonder Woven into the fabric of our humanity is an innate ability and desire for the wonder of God It s felt in the moments when you watch the sun melt behind the horizon, when you reach out to cradle a baby and smell the sweet scent of new life, when you can t help but smile as you witness two wrinkled souls renew their vows to each other Such moments remind us we were made for something than deadlines and debt, carpools and coffee breaks Yet despite such wondrous moments, we can still find ourselves going through the motions of faith Whether you re A long time follower of Jesus or still figuring Him outUnemployed, overly employed, or an entrepreneurA creator, innovator, or conformistGrumpy, ebullient, grey haired or bed headAn average Joe or have a gym membership but never goA superhero of any era , supermom, superdad, super grand, super great grand, or don t feel particularly super at all No matter who you are or where you ve been if you ve lived a life where you ve seen it all, done it all, or feel like you re past it all God still longs to take your breath away Isaiah 29 4 records God s desire for you Therefore once I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder Do you see it God is busting at the seams to display His glory, power, and might in your life And He wants to give you the greatest gift of all Himself Yet why do we pass by the wonder of God unaware
    Wonderstruck Awaken to the Nearness of God Let s be honest it s far too easy to go through day to day life without a sense of the mystery the marvel or the awe of God s presence Have you ever felt your relationship with God isn t as vibrant

    One thought on “Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God”

    1. There were a few good insights but some of the stories were just too drawn out Still a good alternative to a traditional devotional.

    2. 4.5 stars God shows himself in myriad ways beauty, serendipity, shock awe, conversation even in the contrast between His own holiness and our tendency toward sin But are we awake Do we notice Should we Through plumbing the depths of experiences from her own life, Margaret Feinberg invites us to reflect on mis shapenness in our own lives Are we harboring bitterness, too How is our prayer life, really In a day when many Christian writers care mainly for their ideas, Margaret obviously cares for he [...]

    3. What a different life we could all lead if we just stop and wonder at the beauty in both the everyday and spectacular things that surround us in any moment Having survived a horrific automobile accident 9 years ago I had committed myself to trying to do this with the extra time God graced me with on this planet I am very cognizant of moments and beauty that I should appreciate most days as a result Being a believer in the value of this mindset I expected to appreciate Margaret s work with this b [...]

    4. I feel a certain affinity for Feinberg as an author because she is one of the few Christian authors out there who is successfully writing nonfiction and I mean literary nonfiction in America right now No doubt I am also emotionally attached because she spoke at my alma mater several times, I think , and at my parents church in Colorado, and both times she broke the formula that so often turns me off of religious assemblies Years ago, my parents sent me a copy of Scouting the Divine, a book which [...]

    5. Too many of us play and pray it safe We allow our aspirations to stay in our heads, our goals to remain barely outside our grasp Life becomes a series of unrealized hopes and dreams Rather than engage in the fullness of life, we remain on the sidelines and pass up on uncounted opportunities Our fears become greater than the hope of the One who came to bring us abundant Life This sums up the book perfectly Five stars A new look at Christian joy from an unique Jewish viewpoint.

    6. Our bookclub enjoyed this book that led to discussion about the Wonder of God I especially enjoyed hearing each members take on the various chapters and where each of us find that wonder I think we assume and forget how individual each of us really are There is a 30 day reflection portion of the book I am still working on that part, it can be overwhelming to accomplish each activity response daily The author created playlists to go with each chapter, which I realize is kind of the hip thing to d [...]

    7. I love the word Wonderstruck, and I love the idea of living wonderstruck to the workings of God In fact I made it my word for the year This book was nice and it had some nice ideas and suggestions to it In fact, that is the word that describes how it was for me Nice I always appreciate someone who is willing to open their life to me, especially in writing But nothing rang the bell of awakening in me or left me wonderstruck.

    8. Margaret Feinberg is a phenomenal writer and I ve loved each of her books that I ve read Her writings draw me closer to knowing God in a intimate way Wonderstruck does just that My senses are heightened to recognizing God s glory and soaking in moments that in the past I would have pushed aside I highly recommend

    9. Love Margaret s heart for God Identified with the notion that we, as Christians, are often slumbering in the presence of the Divine In other words, lazy It was an easy read and fun to learn about Margaret, after she had recently spoken at our church s women s conference Loved the story about her grandfather a Bible believing man who led people to Christ over gaming tables in Vegas

    10. This book spoke to me on many levels The chapter on prayer was especially meaningful and I am going to try her three word prayers this Lenten season I am hoping to get some members of my Bible study to join me in this form of giving up prayer for Lent.

    11. It was ok A really good premise, but I wish it had been practical The title is really inviting, but I found myself getting lost in the author s stories.

    12. Love how Margaret helped me to open my eyes and my heart to God in new ways through this book I was reminded of God s deep love, provision, and so much I highly recommend this to anyone, but especially to those who are having a hard time seeing and feeling God in their lives.

    13. I was quite excited to find a discounted copy of Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg I had heard an interview with her and had wanted to pick this one up for a while Unfortunately the book did not live up to my anticipation It s a nice, breezy read, but it failed to really grab me as the reader The chapters are built around this concept of being Wonderstruck by God s power, grace, forgiveness, and presence, and follow different parts of her own story For as much as I appreciate getting to know her [...]

    14. If you doubt whether God hears your prayers, let alone answer them, you re not alone Where God wants a relationship, it s become a monologue from either side Many Christians suffer from this disengagement, feel uncertain, depressed, haunted or alone In Wonderstruck, author and speaker MargaretFeinberg leads you through her own spiritual revival From struck by the Northern lights on evenings outside her home in Alaska, the heritage of her grandfather to a treasure hunt in South Africa with her hu [...]

    15. Wonderstruck is a delightful read in an easy narrative style Spiritual insights are not tagged on like ornaments, but rather as inevitable conclusions drawn from personal experience an experience the reader now shares.For example, after becoming newly acquainted with the tradition of Lent, she felt a desire to give it a try by giving up something but what That year I felt an overwhelming sense that God asked me to give up something rather odd prayer My sense was that God didn t want me to give u [...]

    16. My Thoughts I love this book for two main reasons.It spoke to my introvert, reflective personality It reminded me to get out of my comfort zone which is where I tend to gravitate In the above video, Margaret commented, people going through motions of faith The life of a Christian should not be methodical Nor matte colored Instead, the Christian life should be a vibrant, joyful, abundant life.Feinberg believes it is during the wonder of God of His creation, that we have a spiritual awakening that [...]

    17. God extends endless invitations to encounter Him, yet too often we sleep straight through Well that sure grabbed my attention God s wonder surrounds us all day everyday Wonderstruck is a manual for helping us find that wonder And in Margaret, we have a mighty fine guide who s passionate about enabling and teaching us in how to experience God .With sound Biblical instruction, some delightful stories that take across the globe via the Scottish highlands, Alaska, and the Colorado mountains, we get [...]

    18. I met Margaret Feinberg back in 2013 at the Q Ideas conference in LA and was taken in by her sweet, charming personality and fascinating story, which is why I decided to pick up her book.The premise of Wonderstruck is fairly simple God is far active in the little moments of life than we often give Him credit for, and if we just open our eyes, we ll see Him working and moving in ways than we could ever imagine.The short version is that this book was okay, but not great While I don t generally l [...]

    19. For me, Margaret has a way of putting my own personal struggles to words and creating new and beautiful imagery for well told stories of the bible She reveals what God has taught her through her own struggles in a personal and open way, while connecting it to truths found throughout the bible I personally always find encouragement in what she has to say, and often find myself laughing or frowning along with her I know some mentioned this was a light and easy read, but I encourage you to go deepe [...]

    20. I finished the Wonderstruck Bible study with the Womens Bible Cafe and completely enjoyed the study I learned about Divine expectation, God s presence, rest, prayer, friendship and forgiveness Each week was a new discovery I especially liked the personal stories shared by Margaret, as I also read the book version black cover alongside my Bible study workbook white cover Thank you for the inspiring lessons and spiritual journey I look forward to reading of her books and Bible studies.For those d [...]

    21. I didn t really get into this book in the first few chapters but by the end, I was hooked I love how all the coincidences in Scotland confirmed her faith While reading this book, two sermons in church coincided with what I read in the book later in the week The first one was about how if God takes care of the birds, that surely he ll take care of me The next one was the story of Martha and Mary in church, then in my son s devotional, then my devotional, and then touched on in this book too Eek G [...]

    22. Creation is a live theater that invites us to experience and comprehend God With enough time, we can convince ourselves the prisons of our past were built by someone else, but unforgiveness is a cage we construct ourselves If we choose to stop focusing on our inward pain and instead scan the perimeter, we discover the door to freedom hangs wide open thanks to Christ The choice is ours Just a couple quotes from there With beautiful messages from restoration, forgiveness, gratitude, friendship, e [...]

    23. Have you forgotten how marvelous the Lord is Do you need a reminder of all the Lord has done This book will be a great reminder as the author does an excellent job of showing just how wonderful the Lord is Wonderstruck is exactly how you will feel after really reading and studying this book I gave this book 5 5 stars I found the book to be encouraging and very well written The language used was easy to understand and the information flowed from one nugget to the next with no interruption I would [...]

    24. I desperately want to awaken to the Nearness of God and to be Wonderstruck by Him in all things Feinberg s book is a wonderful reminder of the fact that God paints the world as He does specifically to show His wonderfulness and how very much He loves us I find myself being Wonderstruck each day and to revel in the joy of others being wonderstruck Just this morning, my husband walked from room to room, window to window throughout our house, enjoying the snow and exclaiming over and over again, W [...]

    25. I would say that I liked about half of this book The first half is wonderful, especially as I really needed the reminder to be awestruck of God and His creation is to be like a child, with child like faith and wonder Yet it seems like just as she was getting started, she got bogged down telling other people s stories that did not have much to do with being wonderstruck they just seemed to fill the pages In any case, being filled with wonder was something I needed to hear when I read this, and I [...]

    26. I had high expectations for this book The title, Wonderstruck, Awaken to the Nearness of God, really excited me, but chapter after chapter left me still searching to be wonderstruck and disappointed that this was simply a nice light read It is the story of Feinberg s journey through wonderstruck moments and events in her own walk with the Lord, and while I did enjoy her stories, and there were a few moments of profundity, overall it appeared to be an effort to build on Ann Voskamp s One Thousand [...]

    27. Amazing I m constantly amazed by the amount of new authors I stumble upon while paying a visit to my local library I didn t know what to expect when I first picked up the book, but the cover and title drew me, as did the reviews on the first page Wonder Struck, prayers for pixie dust and the reminder that God s glory is all around us We would see it if only we look for it and sometimes, God takes joys in surprising us right out of our socks That is what Margaret Feinberg offers the reader A remi [...]

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