UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ✓ Law & Disorder: The Legendary FBI Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice - by John E. Douglas Mark Olshaker

Law & Disorder: The Legendary FBI Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice By John E. Douglas Mark Olshaker,

  • Title: Law & Disorder: The Legendary FBI Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice
  • Author: John E. Douglas Mark Olshaker
  • ISBN: 9780758273123
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is mankind s most abominable crime murder No one is better acquainted with the subject and its challenges than John Douglas, the FBI s pioneer of criminal profiling and the model for Agent Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs In this book, he offers a look into the workings not only of the justice system but of his own heart and mind.
    Law Disorder The Legendary FBI Profiler s Relentless Pursuit of Justice It is mankind s most abominable crime murder No one is better acquainted with the subject and its challenges than John Douglas the FBI s pioneer of criminal profiling and the model for Agent Jack Cra

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    1. For twenty five years, John E Douglas worked for the FBI, where he headed the elite Investigative Support Unit The real life model for FBI Agent Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs , he s had a brilliant and terrifying career, getting inside the minds of notorious murderers and serial killers including Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and David Berkowitz Son of Sam Written with longtime collaborator Mark Olshaker, Law Disorder is Douglas most provocative and personal book to date In it, he addr [...]

    2. I ve read a few of Douglas Olshaker s other books They always leave me wondering about human nature This book chronicles multiple crimes of both guilty and innocent imprisioned, including explaining both the JonBenet Ramsey and the Amanda Knox stories There are moments when truth prevails and other times I was frustrated by the absence of it This book reads very rapidly, despite how hard hitting it is The writing is always clear and easy to follow I don t recommend reading before bedtime s just [...]

    3. Retired FBI profiler John Douglas tackles some famous criminal cases after the fact Examining headline making judgments such as Amanda Knox, The West Memphis Three, JonBenet Ramsey and several others Mr Douglas draws on his 44 year career to try and explain the phenomenon of false confessions, wrongful convictions and miscarried justice.Mr Douglas begins his book with the Salem Witch trials probably the most notorious case of miscarried justice in American history The witch trials did, however, [...]

    4. John Douglas, a career FBI agent and criminal profiler, discusses a number of criminal cases in which justice may or may not have been served Ideally, the criminal justice system will ensure that the guilty are punished, the innocent remain free, and justice is swift Mr Douglas points out that this is not always the case He reviews a number of actual cases from the past, many of which will be familiar to the general reader, and points out how the resources of the FBI and the profiling techniques [...]

    5. This is a fascinating book outlining one of the country s most distinguished criminal profiler s career and techniques He gives in depth analysis of several cases showing where profiling and justice had gone seriously wrong or where justice ultimately was served Several notorious cases are covered here with logical and well laid out explanation of the investigation, evidence and the profile interpretations I enjoyed this immensely in spite of my rather weak stomach for some of the graphic detail [...]

    6. John Douglas, one of the nation s foremost experts in criminal profiling, and his writing partner, Mark Olshaker, once again hit it out of the park with this new book, Law and Disorder.In this new book, Douglas and Olshaker delve into cases were the prosecution has gone horribly wrong and, in one case which leads into a discussion about the death penalty and innocent people being put to death, the case of a man who proclaimed his innocence until the day he was put to death only to have DNA evide [...]

    7. This was a big, thick paperback, as thick as a medium large Stephen King, but I flew through it The authors focus on how crime scene profiling can uncover miscarriages of justice and even help straighten them out The book deals with a few less well known cases but mostly the loud, high profile ones I had to smile when they pointed out that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were agitating for the exoneration of Amanda Knox at one point I thought I would never want to read another word about t [...]

    8. I have to thank my brother again for this one Former FBI profiler examines a number of high profile cases including JonBenet Ramsey, the West Memphis Three, and Amanda Knox I was hooked after the first chapter This is a must read if you re a Dateline 48 Hours addict like me Some of these stories are enraging, some are heart breaking, but in each of these Douglas gives careful consideration regarding the recommendation of capital punishment While he finds it is absolutely necessary in some cases, [...]

    9. I only got this book to read abour the West Memphis Three case But when I opened the book and started reading the first page I was hooked and could not put it down I think John Douglas makes interesting points on the cases though the first half is centered on his support of the death penalty The only problem for me was his constant refrences to his other books I never read them and felt that I should have read them before reading this one.

    10. While at times this book drug on, I found most of it riveting The cases he talks about being involved in, Jon Benet, in particular were such eye opening as to how well the Boulder Police bungled that so badly All in all a super read For True Crime Aficionados, this is a must read

    11. Awesome book Anyone who depends on the media for the truth on murder cases, needs to dig deeper John Douglas does a fantastic job detailing some of famous cases like Jon Benet.

    12. Brilliant and insightful, especially the chapters about the JonBenet Ramsey case and the West Memphis 3 Definitely worth reading if you re a fan of true crime.

    13. I ve been thoroughly intrigued by John Douglas since hearing him as a keynote speaker at a conference I attended He s a wonderful speaker with a fascinating career This book covers several death penalty cases, times when it went right and when it went wrong, and his opinions on the death penalty Cases covered in depth were Jon Benet Ramsay, Amanda Knox, and the West Memphis 3 I ve heard a lot of details about some of these cases, but it was different to learn about them from an expert who actua [...]

    14. Law Disorder Inside the Dark Heart of MurderAuthor John Douglas and Mark OlshakerMy Review and Thoughts For starters, I am a huge fan of John Douglas I have read all his books and followed his career His book Journey into Darkness is one of my favorite books of all time equally his Mindhunter book is also I was super happy to come across this book Like always dealing with FBI profiler memoirs, or experiences I was super excited to dig into this book Right off I was very pleased with the writing [...]

    15. Eye opening.Having read nearly all of Douglas books to this point, I was interested in his views on miscarriages of justice So many people assume so much about many cases with knee jerk guilty assumptions and do not bother to find out the facts Douglas presents the facts of each case so clearly that the reader will wonder how we got it so wrong at first Douglas goes very deep into some pretty sensational cases, ones that the majority of the world either screams GUILTY at the accused or accuses s [...]

    16. When I first started this audio book, I was disappointed I was thinking it was Law and Order, like the TV show Once I got into it, however, it is so much since the cases he describes are real cases I ve read about or heard about in the media.Cases like Jeffery Dahmer, Amanda Knox, and JonBenet Ramsey were fascinating to here about from a professional s point of view He tells what the officers did correctly and, importantly, what they did incorrectly Amanda Knox, for example, should never have [...]

    17. This book is a must to anyone who follows true crime John Douglas is a former FBI profiler This book is his attempt to show that the justice system is not perfect and often we as people judge people based on information presented by the always fair and reliable medi He tackles some very famous cases in this book including the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the West Memphis Three, Amanda Knox and Suzanne Collins He uses his expertise to show how crimes we think we know so well are a far cry [...]

    18. excellent book thought provoking, especially on the subject of the death penalty the author has my vote in explaining in great detail how innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit and can spend many years in prison or even face the ultimate penalty i live in canada where the death penalty has been abolished for many years and there have been many high profile murder cases where innocent people have finally been released after their innocence was proven if there was still a deat [...]

    19. Riveting account of many trials in the news from the top FBI profiler in America Astounding information about how each case came to trial and how justice was thwarted by a variety of means From turn of the century miscarriages of justice through the Amanda Knox trial, John Douglas renders an absorbing tale of criminals and victims and what can go wrong I was so taken his account of the West Memphis 3 that I went on to watch the three Paradise Lost documentaries and am now reading a book by Damie [...]

    20. Having a background in law enforcement and homicide investigation and having attended N.A classes at the FBI Academy where John Douglas lectured I particularly enjoyed his book Examples of flawed investigations and court officials with an agenda or just plain incompetent are extremely well articulated Anyone who undertakes this read will at its completion have a better understanding of several high profile cases that have been the topic of much media reporting Highly recommended reading for anyo [...]

    21. I liked this book as it dealt with the angle of justice More than just a retelling of the crimes, persons involved, and outcomes, this book deals with the miscarriage of justice Many famous cases are presented through, John Douglas, a top FBI profiler, with a clear demonstration of the innocent presumed guilty and vice versa Capital punishment is discussed in detail and this book gave me much to think upon in regards to incorrect police work, trying to fit a crime to a preconceived idea, and the [...]

    22. Love John Douglas and Mark Olshaker or not, the man knows what he is talking about If you ve ever assumed justice wins out or that it could never happen to me , the cases laid bare in this book will make you see the error of these thoughts We are an imperfect people attempting to make decisions while being led by comfort, politics, assumptions, fear, etcetera Thus book takes you from Salem to Amanda Knox and shows the lessons we still have yet to learn.

    23. I liked this book on a lot of different levels First as with the other profiling books I have read it helps you to understand the mind of the criminal It helps me see the news in a different light And secondly this book also details the faults in our criminal justice system The author points out a couple he made The last few cases talked about discussed what happens when an investigation finds fact to fit their theories instead of theories to fit the facts

    24. The former FBI profiler addresses cases in which it appears that the wrong person may have been convicted He also talks about the Amanda Knox case an how he reached his conclusions in the Jo Bennet Ramsey case The book is well written and the author lays out his reasoning in a clear and preceise manner I think this book will appeal to true crime reaers.

    25. This arrogance is astounding It truly sours the book as the focus is not on the victims but on the amazing, always right John Douglas.I read this book mainly for the Jonbenet Ramsey chapter Douglas manages to get so many of the well established facts wrong that it is impossible to believe his conclusion.

    26. Interesting and fascinating read, although if you are not familiar with John Douglas and his profiling work this is not the book to start with This book was less of an ego stroke than some of his other ones however.

    27. Lots of interesting behind the scenes information on cases we are all familiar with from the media Really makes you think twice or even three times about what the media reports to us as so called facts.

    28. Finished this around Thanksgiving and forgot to post.John writes so well though I feel it may be Mark Olshaker giving the appearance it s John s writing it feels like your side by side conducting the investigation I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading

    29. This is an amazing book, well written and enlightening I caution readers it is very disturbing and depressing I m emotionally wiped out and considered putting on my bookshelf and never revisiting it.

    30. Enjoyed this in terms of John s insight into several high profile cases Introduces the facts of the media and how their coverage is used strategically as a public trial Now I m wanting to read all profiling books

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