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I Represent Sean Rosen By JeffBaron,

  • Title: I Represent Sean Rosen
  • Author: JeffBaron
  • ISBN: 9780062187475
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sean Rosen makes funny videos you can watch online He also has ideas for movies, TV shows, and games that he knows are good enough to be produced by the biggest studios in Hollywood The only problem is, he s a kid And he s busy with school And he lives far from Los Angeles or New York City But Sean does have a laptop and a phone, and he s smart He s about to have theSean Rosen makes funny videos you can watch online He also has ideas for movies, TV shows, and games that he knows are good enough to be produced by the biggest studios in Hollywood The only problem is, he s a kid And he s busy with school And he lives far from Los Angeles or New York City But Sean does have a laptop and a phone, and he s smart He s about to have the ride of a lifetime as he discovers the ins and outs and dos and don ts of becoming one of the youngest movie moguls the world s ever known.An inventive, original, and hilarious novel that will leave fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Carl Hiaasen, and Louis Sachar eager for Sean s next adventure.
    I Represent Sean Rosen Sean Rosen makes funny videos you can watch online He also has ideas for movies TV shows and games that he knows are good enough to be produced by the biggest studios in Hollywood The only problem i

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    1. I don t even know where to begin, so I ll just begin with some adjectives God awfulInsipid VapidCringe worthyIdioticYet these don t even reflect how much I truly despised this book It might be the worst book I ve ever read And I ve read a lot of crap SO MUCH CRAP First of all, if you re familiar with the elements of plot, it s safe to say this book follows none of them Ok Maybe there s an exposition, but everything that follows is a summary In fact, at one point, there s a summary for a movie, a [...]

    2. The story Sean Rosen has an idea that will change the business of entertainment as we know it But he doesn t have an agent, and he doesn t have a manager And since he s only 13, nobody will talk to him with out a manager or an agent So Sean does what any normal kid would do he invents a manager, sets Dan Welch up with an email and a company name, and sets off to represent himself Sowill he get famous Or will he just get busted June Cleaver s ratings Language PG Nudity G Sexual Content G Violence [...]

    3. Did you pose as a manager for yourself so that you could pitch movie ideas to Hollywood well Sean Rosen did In the book I Represent Sean Rosen Sean Rosen, a thirteen year old boy, has a big movie idea that he wants to pitch to an entertainment company, the only thing is there are a couple of road blocks that he has to pass Sean s first problem was the entertainment company would not give a real response to his letter Thank you for your interest in ________ the entertainment company In response t [...]

    4. Sean has a great idea for a movie, and is bound and determined to get the attention of a big company to produce it He reads the Hollywood Insider and knows that he needs an agent and a manager, so he sets out to try to find one When he is turned away everywhere he turns, he invents an agent for himself, Dan Welch, and has Dan contact that big company Because he can t leave the Midwest and travel to Los Angeles, he arranges a Skype visit and manages to favorably impress Stephanie, the president o [...]

    5. This review originally published by Brigham Young University s Children s Book and Media ReviewSean Rosen makes funny videos online, but he s also full of great ideas for movies, TV shows, and games that he knows would be big hits if they were produced by the biggest companies in Hollywood He soon discovers that he doesn t know anyone in Hollywood and without those connections, it s difficult to get a start in the big companies Still, he decides that he can be his own manager to get what he want [...]

    6. From the adorable cover to the fresh writing this book has lots of appeal for the average 7th grade reader It does stretch on a little longer than absolutely necessary a good editor would have tightened up the often overly chatty style, but Sean is funny and friendly and gets himself into an astonishing mess He wants to be part of the Hollywood scene, so badly that he has a subscription to a major Hollywood trade magazine he regularly creates podcasts, and dreams of breaking into the industry An [...]

    7. Sean is a 13 year old with an idea that he promises will revolutionize the entertainment industry The only problem is that no one wants to hear his idea without a manager or an agent Does he hire one Not exactly He makes one up.Enter Dan Welch, manager extraordinaire, who helps Sean enter talks with a major movie studio Now in addition to school, Sean is balancing a budding career in show business and moonlighting as his own manager By novel s end he still hasn t revealed his revolutionary idea [...]

    8. I would probably rate the first half of the book 3 stars and the last half 4 stars So all around 3.5 stars This book is about a boy who tries to make it into the movie business He ends up making up a manager and figuring out making a movie idea There were only two things I definitely did not like One was the cover The cover makes it seem like it will be a my mom calls them junk books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate, but it actually has a story The other thing is, the book tries to relate t [...]

    9. In the book I Represent Sean Rosen a kid that is thirteen years old thinks he has a million dollar idea When he struggles to find a agent or manager he makes his own, Dan Welch, he is not a actual person but Sean writes emails to a company about meeting together on Skype He talks to them about his movie idea and they actually like his idea, but then he soon figures out that he will only make 7,500 dollars But in the end all he wanted was his name on the cover of a top hit movie, and thats what h [...]

    10. This is a humorous tale featuring Sean Rosen, a would be filmmaker and media mogul Thirteen year old Sean has a idea for changing the entertainment industry and he desperately wants to share it with a major Hollywood studio Unfortunately no one will even take his call He finds out that he might be successful if he has an agent or manager, but even that proves to be an impossibility So he does what any red blooded creative adolescent would do he makes up a manager Using his fictitious Dan Welch [...]

    11. Sean is a thirteen year old with big ambitions and a wildly inventive imagination He thinks he has an idea that will revolutionize and change the face of entertainment If he only he could get a meeting with Hollywood bigwigs When his first practice attempts are less than successful, he creates a fictitious manager who knows how to get things done Pretty soon Sean s practice pitch takes on a life of its own and Sean, while excited, isn t really sure what to do Told with good voice through traditi [...]

    12. Read this one on the recommendation of a kid who LOVED it, and likes realistic kids fiction of the school story type not trauma fiction In return, I set him up with PICKLE the Formerly Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School, which he also loved I liked this one, but not as much as PICKLE, and won t pull it out as a top recommendation when kids ask for stories of this kind The next time I see him, I plan to recommend Better Nate Than Ever, as Sean Rosen also involves a kid looking t [...]

    13. Boring book does nothing and ends without satisfactory closure I may be rating the book poorly because I feel reading it was not enjoyable I had a hope that it would improve, perhaps with a conclusion that involved him selling an idea or telling his parents Instead there is an abrupt ending and I had to read the final chapter a second time just to verify that it was in fact the end The book does do a fairly good job of explaining what it s like to try and get into the industry as a writer It doe [...]

    14. Sean, 13, has a great idea to revolutionize the entertainment industry and he even knows which industry giant he wants to work with Sean always does a trial run though, so he approaches his second choice and learns they don t want to hear ideas from anyone without an agent or a manager He then approaches some of those and gets the brush off So he makes up a manager persona, gets him an email address and approaches his second choice again It s an amusing romp as Sean learns about the entertainmen [...]

    15. I think it s an ok book, pretty easy read, but it lacks many elements of any story The book lacks a conflict, the story telling is foggy and it creates questions that the reader is expected to forget about, hence the lack of conflict I think the biggest reason it sounds foggy is because the narrator, Sean, is largely oblivious to what s going on around him, he s like a 5 year old than a 13 year old I think it read like a day in the life of rather than a full blown story But all that aside I th [...]

    16. This 1st person account of an ambitious 13 year old, Sean Rose, creates podcasts actually available online seanrosen a screenplay, and has a really BIG idea he wants to sell to a huge entertainment conglomerate Only, as a minor and an unknown, they won t go near him without an agent and or a manager So Sean invents his own agent The plot thickens, as they say, and creativity wins The voice in this mid grade novel is outstanding.

    17. Sean Rosen has an idea for the next big way people will access and view their movies, music, etc but he finds that no one will listen to him without an agent or producer so he makes one up The story gives all kinds of details about other things but we never get to hear just what this big idea is instead Sean gets to pitch his idea for a movie I think some reluctant middle school readers might find this story enjoyable.

    18. A cute, somewhat lacking middle grade book about a kid who writes a script, and decides to represent himself instead of get an agent and manager It s a cute concept with questionable execution overall, and it s a book that I read close to six months ago and have basically forgotten, which is never a great sign Ultimately, the idea has been done before, and perhaps better Good, but not essential.

    19. I ended up really liking this book It s told entirely by 13 year old Sean Rosen I agree that the story ended rather quickly after so many details in earlier chapters I was expecting a broader friendship with Ethan before he and Sean suddenly began producing podcasts together in the final chapter I think I d have a hard time selling it as a hardcover Now that we re one of the last bookstores around I might have to start carrying a few.

    20. This book was amusing to me, it kept me wanting to know what happens next Sean Rosen is a 13 year old boy that has an idea of a movie for a big name company But he has trouble contacting a big company so than he can make his millions of dollars off his idea.Thats where Dan Welch comes in Dan Welch is Sean Rosen s manager Except, Dan has a problem He s not real Thats where the story gets interesting.

    21. This is a great story about a boy who believes in himself Sean Rosen has a terrific idea for a movie, but no one will listen to a kid, so he invents the persona of his agent and proceeds to learn the ropes of the industry, with cunning and conviction While this is a teen read I see no reason to limit its audience and deprive adults of the fun and charm it provides.

    22. Wimpy Kid fans will love this book Sean wants to be in entertainment, but he discovers he needs an agent to help him navigate the cracks, crevices and canyons of the Entertainment Industry He has to do that while also finding his way through the dark forests and across the mountains of a typical middle grade boy Sean is funny, irresistable and clever.

    23. This review is based on an ARC provided to me by the publisher.Great Middle School pickGIve this book a chance, it is a bit slow at first but it will grow on you Sean Rosen has an idea A big, big idea Now all he has to do is sell it to a major studio Read about how he finds creates an agent to represent him.

    24. I liked this book because it was funny and clever I think kids will enjoy it because the narrator is so likeable I was disappointed, though The narrator has a terrific idea he wants to sell to a big Hollywood Studio The reader never finds out what it is When I finished the book, I felt like the dangling carrot disappeared.

    25. Sean is a clever 13 year old that turns his ideas into movie offer from a big time studio I thought the book was a bit slow in places, but I liked the way it was written I think that middle school boys that like to read would enjoy it, but it will not grab the reluctant reader like so many of the others in this genre do.

    26. Sean has to find someone who will represent a 13 year old to big movie studio, and has quite the unique solution Clever and interesting, but moves a bit slowly I think this is one for already strong readers Scott

    27. Sean has to find someone who will represent a 13 year old to big movie studio, and has quite the unique solution Clever and interesting, but moves a bit slowly I think this is one for already strong readers.

    28. Far fetched but entertaining 6th and 7th grade boys looking for something light and funny should enjoy it.

    29. Sean Rosen is a 13 year old kid who wants to join the entertainment industry He has a great idea But he dosent have a manger or agent Read the book to find out what happens

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