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Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers By Susan Shaughnessy,

  • Title: Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers
  • Author: Susan Shaughnessy
  • ISBN: 9780062507587
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • A daily motivator for people who write and for all those who long to write providing an insistent wake up call for the creative urge, with insights on how to work against resistance, live with the loneliness, develop discipline, and dare to take deeper risks in their work.
    Walking on Alligators A Book of Meditations for Writers A daily motivator for people who write and for all those who long to write providing an insistent wake up call for the creative urge with insights on how to work against resistance live with the lon

    One thought on “Walking on Alligators: A Book of Meditations for Writers”

    1. I cannot emphasize this enough writing books, especially the ones done well, are replete with how to live a good life wisdom Even though this book is written with a writer in mind, many of the practices suggested would streamline effortlessly into any goal or ambition one has It is absolutely an inspiration reference I will use regularly.

    2. well, this should really be on my currently reading shelf because i do read it one day at a time but then it would probably never be marked as read a super great resource for any kind of writer it uses quotes from famous authors and then a blurb that expounds on the quote it really encourages you to be writing every day and not give up

    3. This is a collection of quotes about writing in the real world that helped me.Writing is my passion, sure But sometimes I m sick of reading quotes that imply writing is easy or simple It isn t Here is one quote that I particularly liked Talent isn t good enough In fact, too much talent can stunt good work We all remember the classmate whose casual excellence at a sport, a subject maybe at life itself presaged a life of stumbling This too talented person never got the hang of holding on.

    4. A lifesaver for creatives Keeps me sane when I m chipping away at a big writing project Love the way each entry has a quote to inspire and a really practical suggestion to head you straight back to the page Never far from my elbow.

    5. This is one book I ve bought when I started teaching writing skills I ve become intruiged by the process of people s creativity Susan Shaughnessy has one message for everyone who wishes to be creative just set a time limit per day and turn up for the work Walking on Alligators is not a book that shows techniques, instead it offers small nuggets of wisdom from people who have gone out and wrote Think of Virginia Wolf, Isaac Baashevis Singer and John Grisham It even includes a quote from Nick Nol [...]

    6. In nearly all the important transactions of live, indeed in all transactions whatever which have relation to the future, we have to tae a leap in the dark.When we are to take any important resolution to adopt a profession to make an offer of marriage, to enter upon a speculation, to write a book to do anyting, in a word, which involved important conswquences we have to act for the best, and in nearly every case to act upon very imperfect evidence Sir James Fitzjames Stephen My mother wanted us t [...]

    7. This is a must for every writer, published or not The book gives daily mediations and affirmations to help provide you with inspiration and encouragement to continue writing I read this book almost every day, having read it over several times and each time, I discover new inspiration each time Most of the time, the page I am reading, pertains to me and just what I need for that day.

    8. A page a day for writers it is thought provoking Everyone has talent What is rare is the courage to follow that talent to the dark place where it leads Erica Jong followed by Writing can feel like stepping off into thin air p 5

    9. If you are a writer it is IMPERATIVE that you own a copy of ALLIGATORS ASAP A mix of devotional, inspirational daily calendar and Stephen King s On Writing, Alligators is everything you need to keep trudging the writer s path.

    10. From time to time, I read words, sentences or paragraphs in a meditation over and over again so I could memorize them I treasure my memories of those over an hour commutes with this book in hand.My inner calling becomes I will write today I do think this is an excellent time management book.

    11. Luar biasa,,memeditasi para caloon penulis, penulis amatir, maupun senior utk selalu berkarya memberi spirit yang oke punya

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