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Monkeys with Typewriters: How to Write Fiction and Unlock the Secret Power of Stories By Scarlett Thomas,

  • Title: Monkeys with Typewriters: How to Write Fiction and Unlock the Secret Power of Stories
  • Author: Scarlett Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780857863782
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • A manual for reading and writing better, from the acclaimed author of The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe Exploring how fiction works, this manual shows you how you can learn to understand it well enough to crack open any fictional narrative, and, if you like, start creating your own Have you ever had your heart broken, or broken someone else s heart Have you everA manual for reading and writing better, from the acclaimed author of The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe Exploring how fiction works, this manual shows you how you can learn to understand it well enough to crack open any fictional narrative, and, if you like, start creating your own Have you ever had your heart broken, or broken someone else s heart Have you ever won an argument but later realized you were wrong Have you ever tripped in public or spilled wine on someone else s carpet Have you ever tried to help someone who didn t want to be helped or even someone who did Have you ever been in trouble, big or small Have you ever felt trapped Have you ever gossiped, felt bad about it, and then found that you ve been the subject of gossip yourself Have you ever basically felt like a chimp in a pair of jeans, caught up in endless drama and with no idea of how the universe works This is an ode to secret power of stories, and a guide to cracking those powers open.
    Monkeys with Typewriters How to Write Fiction and Unlock the Secret Power of Stories A manual for reading and writing better from the acclaimed author of The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe Exploring how fiction works this manual shows you how you can learn to understand it well

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    1. The infinite monkey theorem says that, given enough time, a monkey with a typewriter will almost certainly produce the complete works of Shakespeare just from tapping the keys at random As Scarlett Thomas points out in the introduction to this creative writing book, though, writers don t work that way they write with purpose though of course that s not the be all and end all of a finished work , and don t have unlimited time This is one of the recurring themes of Monkeys with Typewriters that wr [...]

    2. Over the years, I ve amassed a whole shelf of how to books on writing Some have disappointed me Their blurbs promise the allure of unlocking the deepest, darkest secrets of constructing the perfect narrative but don t always follow through Others are invaluable and I find I recommend them time and time again to writing students and consultancy clients But, for the most part, they tend to focus on one aspect of the craft A lecturer in creative writing at the University of Kent, Scarlett Thomas ha [...]

    3. Alla fine stato un manuale di scrittura creativa a tirarmi fuori dal reading slump Avevo letto circa un quarto un terzo di libro due anni fa dopo l acquisto, ma l ho finito in pochi giorni durante i momenti di pausa dal lavoro.Un ottimo mix tra manuale e intrattenimento Scarlett Thomas brava a parlare di scrittura, e all interno del libro ci sono tantissimi spunti interessanti.Unica pecca Le ultime due parti costruire una frase e iniziare a scrivere sono cooooorte Per il resto lo straconsiglio E [...]

    4. This is an engaging and thoughtful work on writing fiction, majoring particularly on analysis of plot and some of the nuts and bolts practicalities of how to write fiction, particularly a novel Following Northrop Frye and Christopher Booker, Thomas identifies what she sees as the major basic plots that fiction writers can draw from for her there are 8 tragedy, comedy, quest, rags to riches, stranger comes to town, coming of age, mystery and modern realism which can have plot in the same way that [...]

    5. This was amazing.The greatest thing about it, I think, was that until the very end, she didn t tell you what to do It was literally the embodiment of show don t tell instead of saying, Okay, so your book works like this Then do this, she would talk about a type of plot through examples, by analysing another book or film, so that the plot wasn t abstract but was very concrete.At times it s also downright funny, but it also raised a lot of questions I was feeling great about my writing process unt [...]

    6. I firmly believe that certain writing craft books are needed at certain times in your career Thanks to Cally Taylor s recommendation I fell upon this book at the right time for me It works it s way through literary criticism, plot, characterisation, sentence structure and beginning a novel At each section she gives concrete examples on why things work which I found extremely helpful especially on plot and characterisation It wouldn t be a book I would recommend to a real beginner but it is ideal [...]

    7. I dare not review this book.But I like it.Honest.There s humour.There is expressed experience.There s a fear that if say anything , it will come back to haunt me in some strange wayNo Please don t hurt me

    8. As a student studying the course that Scarlett Thomas teaches, but at a different university this was very helpful to gain another perspective and teaching style to be clear, I like my tutors, it was just another perspective Scarlett Thomas also introduced me to some new writing exercises that I ve found very intriguing and useful, and I m looking forward to having this in my library for many years to come

    9. Even having just finished this book I can tell it s going to be something I read over and over and over This is a great building block for those learning to write, which I need to put onto a list of great building blocks to recommend to people Thomas not only explores various aspects of creating and building a novel or, generally, fiction but how to reach the point of creating and how we can witness it in fiction we already love She helps us to see where to start building character, how to furt [...]

    10. Just what the world of writers needs, eh Another book telling us how it should be done Only not quite Where this book differs from others is she tells us what s worked for her and why it s worked but she tries very hard not to lay down rules or guidelines or whatever you want to call them without acknowledging that others have achieved the same ends by very different means with one, to my mind, important exception which I tend to agree with If you re not willing to climb to the top of a mountain [...]

    11. I could not stand this Inconcise as a writer s guide, but most annoyingly was the over use of paraphrasing from other authors and sources It felt like Scarlett has a really well honed voice herself, but felt insecure about properly embracing it.

    12. Can Creative Writing Be Taught In my opinion it cannot be taught for one simple reason none except myself can know the existence or not of my internal voice.Monkeys With Typewriters written by Scarlett Thomas, is a useful book for readers and writers.This book is divided into two parts Theory and Practice with examples ranging from the classics, like Poetics written by Aristotle to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens to modern fictions.In order to answer to the first question I can say that th [...]

    13. Writing is something I do and have done daily for as long as I can remember It is something I can t imagine not doing Writing fiction is another animal entirely and, despite having tried and failed in repeated attempts at sustained fiction writing, I continue returning to it like a lamb leading itself to slaughter.It s because I enjoy reading fiction so much that I believe that I should be able to write it, but whether that s the case or not, I repeatedly come back to hurling myself at the task, [...]

    14. I haven t read many how to writing books, so my reading was not comparative to other books of this kind that are out there, which I am assured is many I thought it was very helpful and well organized The tone was mostly conversational which I found nice I actually did one of the exercises, which ended up being kind of illuminating There was quite a lot of repetition throughout the book, but I found that helpful in a hammer it home kind of way I ve read a lot of the books she uses as examples, wh [...]

    15. As my dates and times state above, I first started this in 2013, but re read and completed in about 2 weeks prior to today I can t believe I didn t pursue this and complete it before I ve never read a helpful book about writing written clearly and with an energy and life that most textbooks don t have I absolutely loved this and, to the point, learned so much that is going to help me with my next novel I d already made the leap from writing for myself to writing things people might want to rea [...]

    16. What a thoroughly useful book It is quite thick, but doesn t cover all aspects of writing The reason It is extensive and detailed on the aspects it does cover, which includes a deep look at the history of plot as the first half, with the second half consisting of a lot of useful advice and activities for developing one s fiction writing When the switch from plot discussion to writing practice came it seemed a little jarring, however by the end of this book I was scrambling to write and put the a [...]

    17. Monkeys With Typewriters by Scarlett Thomas came out in October 2012, making this less untimely than most of my book reviews, and features the popular novelist and creative writing lecturer setting down, in a mere 400 pages plus footnotes and appendices , her secrets to good writing.There are, you may have noticed, a lot of books on writing out there So, as someone who has already done a whole Masters on the subject, did I get anything extra out of Thomas s contribution to the genre Well, yes an [...]

    18. This is an interesting book.Not sure it would make you want to write a novel but if you are writing one i am sure it will help What it does do though is cast a light on books or films you may know and potentially give you a new angle or a small change in your perspective.It still doesnt make me want to read any of her novels but she is an interesting writer and has a good perspective and an ability to find something interesting to say Worth a read but check the books analysed before you read it [...]

    19. Challenging, powerful and indispensable Thomas doesn t just teach you ways to write, she forces you to grow some balls and reject the things that don t work for you.And that can only mean one thing independent, educated, ambitious and curious writers.Don t read this if you think you re already fabulous because you, personally, will learn nothing.Read this is you re serious, a rebel, crazy, and a masochist.

    20. Brilliant Many how to write books are repetitious and bilious with sentiments about the spiritual journey of a writer Yes that s all lovely but if you want to get the work done, tool up with the knowledge of the craft and have a novel at the end of it this is the book you need You ll keep going back to it, as well as using it as a springboard to new discoveries In fact I ve just used one of the exercises now to get things moving with my second novel It works by making you work.

    21. I enjoyed this as I also teach writing, but not creative writing I was struck by some of of the similarities, most notably specificity and the need for real examples Her explanations are clear and give insight to a world I ve spent long periods in I worry that she has made a rod for her own back, in that people will be critical when judging her novels I have requested her new book from the library, so I hope to read it soon, but will I analyse it intensely I am not sure.

    22. Really great A guide to plot, narratology, sentence structure and the practical realities of novel writing, Monkeys with Typewriters is honest and enthusiastic Well structured and drawing on the classical and the contemporary, the book isn t elitist or patronising It s an eager and convincing call to pens for anyone with any interest in writing or reading fiction If you ve got novel ideas, or want to be a better reader, Thomas truthful discussion is a very wise place to start.

    23. This is probably old hat to anyone who s ever taken a creative writing class, but to someone like me who s always written from pure instinct and what feels right, there were a lot of interesting and useful principles in it, especially when it came to structuring a narrative and making sure your characters have believable motivations A good read.

    24. I m not sure this works as a manual but there is definitely plenty to dwell on here Thomas writing style is as excellent as usual and the content is pretty comprehensive covering a broad range of topics from Aristotle s poetics onwards It is obviously based on Thomas lecture notes and has an academic feel throughout whilst being relatively accessible.

    25. As a self declared minimalist author this tombstone book sank to the bottom of my accordion reading pile Thankfully all books have their day and once light shone on its cover I learnt from this one book than any other book that I ve read before.Thank you Scarlett for your honesty and all the hard work that went into writing this legend how to writing book.

    26. This was a mixed book for me I disagreed with some of it, felt some was too personal to her own work to be generally applicable, and found some of her sections boring, some dogmatic However, there was some good advice in there, particularly towards the end and at the beginning Worth reading, but not essential.

    27. I m not interested in writing fiction But I love this author so I want to check out her non fiction voice and live in her head for a little while In the past, I have had a weird infatuation with books with the how to write theme Good ones I can remember off the top of my head Natalie Goldberg, Stephen King, Anne Lamott, Brenda Ueland.

    28. Just finished this and it is great A very clear description of the craft of putting a novel together, with some fascinating insights into the structure behind many stories Inspired me to scribble down some ideas as I read it Will go back and read it again makes me look back at my favourite books in a new light.

    29. This is a series of lectures in which Scarlett Thomas studies the important features of good plots, shows the differences between tragedies and comedies, and uses examples from movies, such as Toy Story and How To Marry A Millionaire This is interesting and helpful for aspiring fiction writers, however, I could only read a little bit at a time I need to read it properly and make notes.

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