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Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place By Rick Walton Paige Miglio,

  • Title: Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place
  • Author: Rick Walton Paige Miglio
  • ISBN: 9780060291853
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From train to tractor, from boat to balloon, join the fun as an active bunny family takes a cross country vacation.The team who celebrated the alphabet in So Many Bunnies and telling time in Bunny Day now introduces young readers to different modes of transportation All family vacations should be this much fun
    Bunnies on the Go Getting from Place to Place From train to tractor from boat to balloon join the fun as an active bunny family takes a cross country vacation The team who celebrated the alphabet in So Many Bunnies and telling time in Bunny Day

    One thought on “Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place”

    1. Whee This is a fun book, and good for 2 3 years old Bunnies go on a breakneck vacation using many modes of transportation.

    2. Bunnies leave home and go on vacation using different forms of transportation Told in a stanza of rhyming lines on each spread, the last word of the stanza doesn t appear until the next spread which allows young readers to guess what the next mode of transport will be.This was a great one for pre k k 1st grade storytime kids who didn t really speak during any other stories enjoyed calling out their ideas of what the next thing could be and we talked a little bit about rhyming sounds Illustration [...]

    3. This bunny family is on the move They travel from place to place in a variety of vehicles Rhyming words offer guessing opportunities to the reader.2017 storytime theme transportationReviewed from a library copy.

    4. Vin My three year old grandson really enjoyed this book He was very interested in all the various forms of transportation and was in a hurry to turn the page each time to see what came next The rhyme gave a clue as to the next vehicle that older kids will enjoy Vin hasn t quite caught on to the concept yet He enjoyed the book so much that when I finished he turned back to the beginning to go through it again and even started counting off on his little fingers all the vehicles the bunnies enjoyed [...]

    5. Another bunny book full of great details in the illustrations, fun rhymes, but little development of the core bunny characters Multiple books in, and we hear about Grandma than the rest of the family despite their abundance of screentime.Great to see some non traditional modes of transportation like wagon, cab, and tractor It would have been great to also see a funicular, a gondola, a tuk tuk, an airboat, and a zeppelin Maybe for the upcoming extended edition, Bunnies on the Go Getting to Even [...]

    6. The Bunny family goes on vacation in as many vehicles as possible thus meeting a K 3 social studies standard The children can use rhyming and visual clues on each page to guess the next mode of transportation The pictures are absolutely beautiful and communicate a wide range of emotions gently and subtly Notice the plant at the beginning of the book and at the end .

    7. Large sized, bright, busy illustrations grace this rhyming picture book about bunnies on vacation On each page the bunnies experience a different mode of transportation A nice book for preschoolers.

    8. A bunny family take a holiday and travel using every mode of transportation possible Fun read aloud book where the rhymes help the listener guess what vehicle is on the next page Beautiful illustrations loosely resemble Beatrix Potter books.

    9. Bunnies travel by different methods The format is rhyme, but what is cool is that the last word in a rhyme is left for the reader to guess, and becomes the next mode of transportation so if the last word must rhyme with float, it is boat, and that is their next mode Fun and good EL skill builder.

    10. I could see this being fun with kids trying to guess the next mode of transportation Okay, it doesn t take much imagination since I found myself doing that as an adult The rhymes make it a fun story for such conjecture.

    11. Great rhyming text My kids loved to guess which mode of transportation was next We soon realized that there was a little hint on each page and it was fun to look for it We read this one over and over again.

    12. Ok, rhyming in fact her with tractor was a bit of a stretch but other than that this book was not bad Brynja likes Bunnies AND modes of transportation, so of course she liked this book.

    13. Some of the guesses are really hard, and others are easy This is good for a group that is really on top of things and interactive.

    14. A nicely rhyming book where the final word in the stanza is on the next page Helps children learn about rhyming where they can guess that word.

    15. Another great book for teaching transportation to little ones I love the rhymes that keep the kids guessing which mode of travel the bunny family will take next

    16. Once again Rick does a great job to create a children s page turner The illustrations were very fun in this one.

    17. This was a fun read for my kids It was interactive Letting them guess the next form of transportation the bunnies would take Super fun.

    18. Students use the rhyming text to guess which mode of transportation the bunnies will travel on next A good choice for reinforcing early literacy skills

    19. really enjoyed this transportation themed book that asks the reader to anticipate what s on the following page based upon the rhyming text the girls were rapt will try for outreach next month.

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