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Secret State By Chris Mullin,

  • Title: Secret State
  • Author: Chris Mullin
  • ISBN: 9781846689130
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is March 89 Britain has a new Government Ex steelworker Harry Perkins has led his far left Labour Party to victory on a manifesto which includes withdrawal from NATO, nuclear disarmament removal of all US bases from Britain Horrified, the British Establishment musters its forces as senior civil servants, press barons the City conspire to bringIt is March 89 Britain has a new Government Ex steelworker Harry Perkins has led his far left Labour Party to victory on a manifesto which includes withdrawal from NATO, nuclear disarmament removal of all US bases from Britain Horrified, the British Establishment musters its forces as senior civil servants, press barons the City conspire to bring him down, Perkins finds himself embroiled in a battle for survival Can Perkins his elected Government hold out or is the Establishment bound what turns out to be a very British coup
    Secret State It is March Britain has a new Government Ex steelworker Harry Perkins has led his far left Labour Party to victory on a manifesto which includes withdrawal from NATO nuclear disarmament removal of

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    1. This book was published in the early 80s and was set slightly into the future ie the late 80s However, as we face a labour leadership campaign it could almost be written about Jeremy Corbyn The author was not an MP when he wrote the book but he went on to be a labour MP and is now retired from politics You might almost think he wrote this gripping tale with a crystal ball in his hand It was most entertaining and certainly kept me interested from start to finish I am not a particularly political [...]

    2. I love the premise of this book a far left government elected in Britain in the 1980s tries to enact a socialist manifesto and finds the security services, the establishment, civil service and the USA all working against them Chris Mullin was a Labour MP for many years and has written this with enough inside information to make it interesting, so this is great escapism if you wonder what if Thatcher had been knocked out of office by a Bennite Labour government Found it hard to put this down, rea [...]

    3. Institutional Subversion Of Democracy It Could Happen Here Very enjoyable book about a left wing Labour government being toppled by a combination of forces ranging from the United States State Department and British intelligence to the civil service and the media Essentially all of imperialism s dirty tricks being used against the UK rather than Chile, Guyana, Australia, or any one of the dozens of other historical examples Beginning the book with a quote from a broadsheet newspaper column about [...]

    4. A left wing candidate is elected after a hard fought campaign by his right wing rivals, leaving the latter in a state of a shock That is the beginning of A Very British Coup, Chris Mullin s 1982 novel that later inspired the first rate miniseries of the same name produced six years later The novel is a cautionary tale of left wing British Prime Minister Harry Perkins whose radical policies lead to members of the right wing establishment trying to bring him down The result makes for intriguing re [...]

    5. If there s one thing I despise about democracy, it s the habit of people in opposing parties to assume that anyone on the other side is evil and plotting to either destroy democracy or sell the country out to the enemy We see it in the US with the paranoid nutjobs who think Obama is a sleeper agent put here by fanatical Muslims A decade ago the other side was doing it with conspiracy theories about Bush canceling elections and declaring martial law Before that it was Bill Clinton conspiring with [...]

    6. I ve just finished this book and it s left me wanting I think this was Chris Mullin s intention He s created a warped snapshot of what the 1980 s could have been A lefter than left back Labour government have been flung into office in a landslide victory Downing Street nervously prepares to welcome an unorthodox crowd Plans to destroy all American bases on British soil, do away with Nuclear weapons and enforce public control of finance and media are soon rolled into action.As quick as the new P [...]

    7. I remember watching the TV adaptation of this, must be 20 years ago, but I d never got around to reading it Having read and enjoyed the author s political diaries, I thought I d remedy that at last How I wish I hadn t bothered There s a good story in there, but the writing is very patchy and the characterisation is poor I m pretty sure left wingers aren t so uniformly saintly and that not all right wingers twirl their moustaches while planning to sell their country out to the Americans I only do [...]

    8. The premise of this book seems increasingly relevant in the current state of things what would happen if Britain elected a truly socialist government How would the elite react And it is a fine concept though I feel it is a bit of a missed opportunity by the author A Very British Coup seems to end before it can even finish While it is clever, engaging and excellently written, I felt like there was a possibility to explore this story even further I understand there was a television adaptation and [...]

    9. The establishment and how they get away with it Written 30 years ago, but still entirely relevant now, this got another run given the similarities between principled left wing Labour PM Harry Perkins and potential PM Jeremy Corbyn Chris Mullin always an entertaining MP in a good way, he knows things and did stuff with that and commentator, wrote what would happen when Corbyn, sorry, Perkins got unexpectedly elected and then set about implementing a socialist manifesto unilateral disarmament, lim [...]

    10. I read this book mainly because of the current media hysteria surrounding the new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn It feels incredibly relevant even though it was first published in 1982.The book tells the tale of Harry Perkins, left wing steelworker and trade union organiser, who is elected Labour Party leader and then subsequently wins a general election to become Prime Minister His platform includes withdrawing from Nato, nuclear disarmament, abolishing the House of Lords and breaking up the [...]

    11. Very disturbing book What makes you wander is the very fact that author worked in UK parliament for years.In my opinion worst thing is that most people just say ah, politicians they are all the same, shame, shame on them and then they elect them to their positions Do we truly try to change anything Or do we only accept things as they are Society needs to change first everything else will follow afterwards.If you are interested in books about high politics, plots showing who actually is the power [...]

    12. How would The Establishment react if an ultra socialist Labour leader actually got voted into Number 10 That s the question posed by this novel and the drama unfolds satisfyingly throughout There is yes, unsurprisingly a lot of politics but it doesn t really get in the way of the story I found myself nodding sagely at the characters behaviour at several points how true A Very British Coup is also a Very British Book and I d be interested to know if overseas readers listeners would recognise thei [...]

    13. Highly credible fictional account of what might happen if a government was elected that threatened the British establishment Though written in 1982, the institutions and characters are still very recognisable and the book is a lot less dated than you might expect.It also serves as a reminder of the confrontational politics of the 1980s in which there was a clear difference between the parties.

    14. Thoroughly enjoyed this book Could have been written about Corbyn and the current direction of the Labour Party Although I can t see the establishment taking things quite this far, it paints a picture of who really runs the country which probably isn t a million miles from the truth Very good read.

    15. Many are reading this as a prescient look at a potential Corbyn led government It could have been taken a lot further but then I love a conspiracy thriller This was like an MPs diary.

    16. Great page turner, nicely paced, sad story of the state of politics and the powers in private, with too much truth in it.

    17. I think the main quality of the book resides in its ability to raise the debate on a pretty relevant dilemma about the functioning of modern democracies Whether this was the explicit intent of the author, I don t know and anyway I doubt it it seems to me as if he wanted to make the case of how obscure, hostile superpowers would prevent a legitimately elected left wing government from operating normally As such, the book would be a rather conventional, though well written, conspiracy novel, in w [...]

    18. A dark version of Yes Minister Without necessarily intending to I think Mullin intended his story to be fairly black and white ends up being a deeply interesting discussion of the tensions between elected representatives, the popular will, and the role of unelected experts in advanced industrial democracies It seems inescapable that certain groups of experts military officers, central bankers, bureaucrats will have important roles to play in contemporary democracies The key questions then become [...]

    19. This excellent novel was written in the early 80 s by Chris Mullin, who later on in the decade became a Labour MP It is set about 10 years in the future, and imagines a left wing Labour Prime Minister being elected and details how the British establishment does everything in its powers to thwart his attempts at changing the world.As you would expect, the Labour PM reputedly modeled on Tony Benn is very much on the side of righteousness, and the various figures of the establishment are viewed as [...]

    20. I appeared as an extra on Sheffield Station in the original TV series A Very British Coup many years ago I watched and enjoyed it, heard Chris Mullin talk about it a couple of years back and watched, but didn t enjoy as much, the remake TV series So I m very familiar with it So I finally got round to reading the original novel on which the TV adaptations were based.Overall I was disappointed and, on reflection, it must be because political conspiracy, which this story is about, seems, with the a [...]

    21. A gripping tale, well toldThis book will grip your imagination and inspires sympathy for its main character, whatever your political view It is very well written, considering the possibility that an elected left wing government might be toppled by the powers that be Although I think that the end could have been of a battle, I heartily recommend it

    22. Given it was written in 1981, it is eerily prescient of the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, and of the instinctive reaction of the British establishment to well meaning, but unworkable socialist politics in Britain Not particularly beautifully written but moves at a steady pace and is remarkably easy to read Good holiday fodder for the politically minded.

    23. You don t have to be a politics junkie to enjoy this book but it probably helps Harry Perkins is voted into power with a huge majority and a socialist mandate This is greeted with initial disbelief, then horror, by society s wealthy and powerful So begins a sort of civil cold war as the establishment use every means at their disposal to remove Prime Minister Perkins from office.

    24. Almost scary prescienceWritten years ago this book almost seems to predict the current situation in the Labour party And the likely reaction of the establishment Although I don t THINK they would resort to the tactics outlined here.

    25. A cracking read I very much had Corbyn in mind as I read it Poor Harry Perkins He never stood a chance Nor does Corbyn to be honest.So many parallels as to what is happening in 2017 and this was released in 1982 Some things never change Trust no one.

    26. Had watched the C4 TV series DVD so many times then got the book had such a picture of the various characters for once I think the TV film is possibly better than the book but might not have agreed if I read the book first.

    27. Although this tale is rather broadly and unsubtly drawn, I fear it may still hold a degree of truth as to the real holders of power in the UK.

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