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Draw the Magic Blue Fairy By Rosa María Curto,

  • Title: Draw the Magic Blue Fairy
  • Author: Rosa María Curto
  • ISBN: 9780766042650
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You can find the blue fairy among the flowers With easy, step by step instructions, you can create your own fairy world In DRAW THE MAGIC BLUE FAIRY, learn how to draw delicious cakes, colorful butterflies, pretty clothes and hairstyles, fun fairy friends, and much Let your imagination guide you
    Draw the Magic Blue Fairy You can find the blue fairy among the flowers With easy step by step instructions you can create your own fairy world In DRAW THE MAGIC BLUE FAIRY learn how to draw delicious cakes colorful butter

    One thought on “Draw the Magic Blue Fairy”

    1. I received this book today and it is absolutely adorable I have always loved to draw and as an adult I assumed I would be giving this book to my friend s child to enjoy but first I plan on using it for the handmade cards that I make The step by step instructions are very well done and easy to follow Eventually my friend s child may end up with it but not for a while.

    2. INTENDED AUDIENCE preschool to adult Yes, I joined the fun GENRE how toSYNOPSIS If you ve ever wanted to create a fairy world, here s your chance This how to book shows you how to draw fairies, forest creatures, food and EMES TOPICS how to, drawing, fairiesWHY I LIKE THIS BOOK Curto boils down these designs to simple shapes like triangles, ovals, and circles, so even preschoolers can participate She also relies on step by step drawings than words To see results, see my blog I drew the fairy bel [...]

    3. I actually won this book from I was excited since my daughter is studying to be an Elementary School Teacher I thought this book would be perfect for her future students to enjoy The author not only provided simple step by step drawings, but also emphasized the shapes being utilized The book incorporated some information on items being drawn for instance, when showing how to draw various fruitse author tells what fruit does to the body and then how the fairy uses it The book not only taught how [...]

    4. This is a beautiful, sturdy book The content is great for young children My niece loved to draw along with the book as she flipped the pages She especially liked this book because she loves fairies I am looking forward to getting her some of the other books by Ms Curto.

    5. I won this book in a giveaway It is absolutely adorable My 10 year old daughter loves fairies and loves this book Easy to follow instructions for drawing such cute fairies and animals Wonderful book for a little girl that loves fairies.

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