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Homosapien ... a fantasy about pro wrestling By Julie Bozza,

  • Title: Homosapien ... a fantasy about pro wrestling
  • Author: Julie Bozza
  • ISBN: 9781908312983
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Patrick and David are friends who run a gay bookstore, and life seems simple and safe enough until the day when unexpectedly he walks in six feet tall, gorgeous and built like a dream But Homosapien isn t welcome in their world he s a professional wrestler, and everything he does is fake So he can t really be gay, can he, or interested in either one of them Can theyPatrick and David are friends who run a gay bookstore, and life seems simple and safe enough until the day when unexpectedly he walks in six feet tall, gorgeous and built like a dream But Homosapien isn t welcome in their world he s a professional wrestler, and everything he does is fake So he can t really be gay, can he, or interested in either one of them Can they even trust a single word he says
    Homosapien a fantasy about pro wrestling Patrick and David are friends who run a gay bookstore and life seems simple and safe enough until the day when unexpectedly he walks in six feet tall gorgeous and built like a dream But Homosapien i

    One thought on “Homosapien ... a fantasy about pro wrestling”

    1. There is just something about Julie Bozza s books that make me slow down, read very leisurely and just relax.Every book of hers I read is like that, it s written in a way that just makes me take it all at a little less hectic pace That s not to say her books are boring, far from it It s just a gift she has, I guess.This book is told in an interesting way, Patrick is the narrator, but the main couple is his best friend and boss David and his wrestling Hero Homosapien aka Adam.There is humor and s [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI started this and I thought that the different would not work for me but I continued for a bit I had forgotten that this was a Bozza and so it had the Bozza magic Because Bozza is like a chameleon, she is able to play and change per story And she drew me in and I continued till the end as she made me interested even in a pro wrestling fantasy which I really thought she wouldn t.I would have loved closer contact with the characters but I found how Bozza told the story playing with the r [...]

    3. Highly original pov The story is first person from an observer who invents what he doesn t wittness Welcome to Patrick living vicariously through David.Credit to Bozza for attempting something different instead of sticking to trusted paths Unfortuantely the result left me disconnected, Patrick has a lot of personality but it s not him we re reading about.If the pov works for you then there could well be an engaging story here, but it doesn t work for me, I quit early Christmas freebie 2015

    4. 3.5This was an interesting story but the way it was told left me feeling a bit disconnected to the MC s David owns a book store, Patrick is his employee, and Adam Homosapien is a professional wrestler who happens to wander into the store one day Hijinks ensue Patrick tells the story and he has own little side adventure as well, one that I actually got quite interested in but it s pretty light on details, sadly Patrick narrates sometimes from having been at the scene of the crime, other times thr [...]

    5. I m simply WOWed What a crazy brilliant book and what a multitalented writer This multilayered novel is a skilful mixture of documentary, reality show and behind the scenes, exploring the rather perplexing world of professional wrestling For me, the uncommon writing style combined with humorous and witty dialogues give the novel a very dynamic rhythm The subject is stimulating and original I do so love Patrick and David but my favorite is, no contest, Adam The book is not only funny but is also [...]

    6. After reading, and loving, four of Julie Bozza s most recent books, I had been checking this one out, but the reviews and the fact I m not a fan of pro wrestling made me wary of buying it.However, I am a big admirer of Julie s writing and her recent post into why she wrote the book made me curious juliebozza p 1077And I m so glad I succumbed to temptation, as her story actually deals with the aspects that turn me off the fakery, the frenetic fanfares, the fans themselves.If you re expecting a tr [...]

    7. 4.5 starsI am neither a wrestling fan nor an enthusiast for sports books I ll even admit I have a small resentment toward wrestling since my college boyfriend was obsessed with the WWF But I was intrigued by the blurb and excerpt of this particular book, so I decided to give it a shot I am thoroughly glad I did.David owns Q4, a gay bookstore in Boston His best friend and employee Patrick is a wrestling fan and has a poster of his favorite wrestler, Homosapien, hanging in their little sofa nook H [...]

    8. I had a mixed, but overall positive response to this book One one hand I loved the quirky narrative that mixed Patrick s very accessible narration with amusing interviews and descriptions of the pro wrestling matches It was fun and lively and certainly kept my interest in the book I also loved the understated romance between the very different Adam and David, seen through Patrick s eyes, and the much needed touch of the darker storyline between Patrick and Mr TDI The pro wrestling background plo [...]

    9. Like many others, I wasn t really interested in wrestling But the themes of what is real, what is fake, and what is real even if you know some of it is faked turned out to be really interesting Excellent characters all around, and I felt the love story still worked nicely even as told from the friend s point of view And the ending of the book was spectacular I went back and reread the entire section again to enjoy it a second time.

    10. 4,5 starsStory about a gay pro wrestler causing a war between good and bad guys in a touring pro wrestling show.Told in first person narrative in present tense.Sounds awful,but it worked at least for me.The unusual writing style made the story come alive and real with many laugh out loud moments.The romance is on the backseat in this story vague and tame no sex scenes the actual star is wrestling.I still think that pro wrestling is ridiculous but Homosapien was a funny and entertaining read.

    11. 3 1 2 rounded up to 4 because it was different and I like different.This book was uniquely written and I think you will either embrace the style or it won t click Either way, I thought it was refreshingly different.This is definitely of a story about wrestling than romance There is romance there, but it is alluded to than shown There are some very sweet bits between Adam and David, but if you are looking for full scale romance you won t find it here I don t think you have to be a wrestling fan [...]

    12. 4,5Probably it is not fair to give a book with the undertitle a fantasy about pro wrestling a lower rating than it deserves because of too much wrestling It is a very good book, but there are no half stars on GR also 4 it is.

    13. The writing style might take some getting used to, but for me it was a nice change from the standard I liked Patrick s way of telling the story a lot and I liked him as a character Interestingly every one of the for me possible pairings for an HFN or HEA would have made me happy This book might actually make me watch some wrestling on TV D

    14. 3.5This was a tough one to rate Such awesome word building I didn t feel like I got to know the characters due to the format, but then again I have been known to watch wrestling live So

    15. liked the writing style, funny and thoughtful I watch wrestling with my husband and always thought the staging very interesting

    16. I liked this book With reservations The story was told in first person, but not by the person involved in the actual romance, not even by the people who were involved in all the conversations that were related I liked the characters but never felt fully connected with them I liked the story but the descriptions of the wrestling matches got long winded and ended up boring me The MC was having some sort of relationship, a bad one, with Mr Tall, Dark and Intense, and that might have been all kinds [...]

    17. Not at all what I expected The narration was a bit confusing at first, but I got used to it The author did a great job describing the balance between real and acting when it comes to pro wrestling The non wrestling based storyline was sweet, but had me wanting a bit depth to it I was totally lost about Patrick s Mr TDI, and would have loved to see interaction between Adam and David.

    18. What shall I say I was majorly disappointed with this book The blurb sounded so well But I just did not like the way this book is written.

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