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Sweet Blood of Mine By John Corwin,

  • Title: Sweet Blood of Mine
  • Author: John Corwin
  • ISBN: 9781476277363
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • From Mega Nerd to Super Hero.When Justin Slade discovers he has demonic abilities, life gets a lot interesting But as he learns the ropes of his new supernatural life, he soon realizes he s not alone.Vampires, felycans, sorcerers, Templars they all exist, and what he doesn t know can most certainly kill him in gruesome ways than he can count.
    Sweet Blood of Mine From Mega Nerd to Super Hero When Justin Slade discovers he has demonic abilities life gets a lot interesting But as he learns the ropes of his new supernatural life he soon realizes he s not alone

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    1. For this review, I need my special pimp hat Alana pulls out a purple Fedora with a long striped feather First, a little background on the story Justin is not you average HS boy playing football, instead the words nerd, and man boobs come to mind but then trouble begins with his family, and then his friends next thing you know, he s no man s land at school except for the Goth crowd He decides enough is enough, and starts to make changes.But just as he s started, he meets this smoking hot chick at [...]

    2. Quick reviewCover Eye catching RatingPG 13 for mild sexual situations Thumbs Up5 bright starsOverall Loved it Characters Awesome Plot New, Witty, Different and Interesting.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes RecommendYes.Book Boyfriend JustinSUMMARY 50 word or less I ve read several good books from indie authors and I m always surprised by the talent that is untapped by traditional publishers But there are a select few that I consider great This book is one of those I was pleasantly surprised by jus [...]

    3. What we have all been been waiting for is finally here Sweet Blood of Mine is out I read this one months ago in beta stage and just finished reading the finished novel and it was just as great the second go around as well.Sweet Blood of Mine, Book One of the Overworld ChroniclesFrom From Mega Nerd to Super Stud.Justin Case and women do not mix Man boobs, a love of Kings and Castles, and being tight with the nerd crowd certainly don t win him any points either After rescuing Katie, his crush, it [...]

    4. So I d been hearing so much good things about this from all my goodread s friends so I couldn t wait for it to come out.I think one of the best things about this was having it from a male POV written by a guy I ve read a couple of books by other authors that are from a guy s POV but still written by women, this gives us a rare glimpse into the workings of a teenage boy s head it was really great fun.It did take me a little while to get into this but once I did I flew through it, it really just k [...]

    5. Justin Case is your typical nerd After rescuing Katie, his long time crush, from a bully, things are beginning to look up for Justin But, after an unfortunate string of events, Justin loses Katie, what little social standing he had, and even his two best friends This is a book where no one is who they seem to be at first Justin never quite knows throughout the story who his friends are, and he has to make the tough decision of who he can trust I love Justin In the beginning of the book he was re [...]

    6. Although Sweet Blood of Mine had great ratings from people whose opinions I generally agree with I was a little skeptical of the whole nerd turned hottie thing But I loved this book It s hilarious, it has great characters, and it kept me guessing the entire time I love Justin Case I enjoyed his sarcasm, I really liked that despite the crap he was going through he decided to improve himself instead of sitting around feeling sorry for himself I like that he s a romantic He tries to do the right th [...]

    7. This was a 6 star read for me I was fortunate enough to beta read this book and ABSOLUTELY loved it Not being a real fan of YA, I was concerned that I would dislike the story because I wouldn t be able to connect with the characters Boy, was I pleasantly surprised I not only connected with the characters but the story captured my immediate attention I couldn t put this book down Corwin is witty and humorous and he crafted a delightfully engaging readd who wouldn t love a book full of Princess Br [...]

    8. Can t wait for blocking practice, Case I m gonna show you pain I glanced at his nose I think you already are showing me pain This bookI don t know what to say.I m kind of speechless.I think this was one of the best books I ve read this year I m doing a happy dance right nowWhat I lovedSeriously I loved the whole book view spoiler From the getting together of Justin and Elyssa,To their breakup hide spoiler The imagination, the secenary, the characters.I loved it all What about Elyssa s attitude L [...]

    9. I need to preface my review by saying I am not usually a Y A fan but I ADORED this book.Description From Mega Nerd to Super Stud Justin Case and women do not mix Man boobs, a love of Kings and Castles, and being tight with the nerd crowd certainly don t win him any points either After rescuing Katie, his crush, it turns out she might not be the girl he thought she was, while Elyssa, the school s Goth Girl, turns out to be Can high school get any confusing Determined to improve himself, he join [...]

    10. Book 1 Sweet Blood of MineBook 2 Dark Light of MineBook 3 Fallen Angel of MineBook 4 Dread Nemesis of MineBook 5 Twisted Sister of MineBook 6 Dearest Mother of MineBook 7 Infernal Father of MineBook 8 Sinister Seraphim of MineBook 9 Wicked War of MineBook 10 Dire Destiny of OursBook 11 Aetherial AnnihilationBook 12 Baleful Betrayal

    11. I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.This book definitely wasn t like what I expected I heard already some good things about this book, but it was better than expected The story is about Justin Case at the first mention of his name I already started laughing a nerdy boy who s social live kinda sucks He is on love with a girl who doens t love him and well he really is a nerd The first half of the story is mainly about getting to know Justin and how nerdy he is I really had fun [...]

    12. I readby this author and it was really original and a great read, so I snatched this book up, eager to see what this new series I ve heard so much about in the group discussions was like.From what I ve read, book 2 in this series is going to be out soon, and book 3 is in the works, which is awesome since I can say without a doubt, this book is amazing.Originality and World Building 5 5 stars.Although this is based a great deal in high school, the world outside the one Justin knows is so tantaliz [...]

    13. Sweet Blood of Mine has all the ingredients required for a great read Man boobs and hunks, nerds and goths, cheerleaders and football players, romance and deceptionwith a plethora of paranormals and mysterious undiscovered powers Add in John Corwin s amazing sense of humor, and you have a book that you won t want to put down Justin is a high school kid whose life is very unexpectedly about to change He transforms from a rather nerdy and mostly ignored kid with man boobs to a reluctantly popular [...]

    14. Nearly friendless overweight nerd Justin Case steps out on a limb when he decides to save the girl of his dreams from the clutches of the school bully He finds himself totally friendless and ostracized after a very public beat down until the Goth group claims him as one of theirs This unintentionally leads Justin to discover he isn t the average nearly friend less overweight nerd that is only accepted by Goth s So begin s Justin s discovery of a new girl of his dreams in Katie, the reason that h [...]

    15. Remember that nerdy guy from high school The one that needed a manzier and didn t mix with the popular crowd Well, what if you found out there was to him than meets the eye Enter Justin Case Justin isn t popular by anyone s standards, and he s not athletic like the football jocks But Justin has big dreams Sweet dreams He has heart And he has a secret Justin is really an incubus that has the power to seduce any woman around him Sounds great, right Not for someone who wants to hold out for true l [...]

    16. I loved this book Justin, the nerd, as the unlikely hero who despite all the obstacles and unexplained changes he experiences succeeds in staying true to himself I loved Elyssia the mysterious Goth chick and the slow blossoming romance between her and Justin Stacey the rough tongued mysterious supernatural female just made me giggle There were countless laugh out loud moments in this book and the end for me was perfect I can t wait for the sequel My only complaint is to myself why did I not pick [...]

    17. I was excited to read this, as friends had given rave reviews I love that the story is about a guy for a change, and a teenage one no less Scary to be inside the mind of a teenage boy, right Not Justin s He s a romantic at heart, he s smart and creative and desperately in love with one of the pretty girls in school Oh, and he s frickin hilarious I stood in the doorway for a stunned moment, unsure if my skills as a Kings and Castles woodland elf had prepared me to take on a challenge like this Pr [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book It is the first in a series and the main character, Justin Case is a 17 year old chubby nerd He goes to a highschool that worships the football players, so pretty much they get away with murder and rule the schoolmilar to most American highschools but multiply it by 10 He has two friends that pretty much prove very early on in the story that they are fair weather friends and when he tries to protect the love of his life from one of the football players he finds himse [...]

    19. Rating 4.5IncredibleI so want I love the idea of a geeky, chunky, unpopular character who doesn t let other people or situations change who he is Justin s mom leaves, his dad ends up in a drunken stupor or isn t home, and he ends up going through some changes after getting drunk and alienating himself from his friends Alone with no clue he somehow manages to persevere.Awesome adventure, a must read

    20. This book was not at all what I expected I know I could have guessed that just by reading the blurb and all, but even after reading the blurb I still think I was expecting the average YA paranormal novel This wasn t it I mean, talk about a loser Justin starts the book as a pudgy nerd who spends his free time beating up other nerds with foam swords in nerdy live action battles I can honestly say that this is not someone I would expect to see as a protagonist for a kick ass, action packed book But [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book I was able to relate with the hero, Justin, and his underdog status from the beginning and found myself cheering him on The friendship he develops with the Goth group in the beginning creates a theme we start to see about basically not judging others on looks or preconceived notions This can be applied in the natural world and supernatural world Justin s relationship with Elyssa is heartwarming and real and it tugged on my heartstrings when truths were revealed and old [...]

    22. 4.5 stars I received this book via Shut Up Read I thought this book was pretty awesome.Justin Case is the huge nerd complete with dumpy figure, coke bottle glasses, two friends total, grades through the roof, a low self esteem and a crush on the popular hottie, Katie He and his friends love to play a modern day kind of D D for fun and try to blend in to the background He has a good home life with loving parents that actually gross him out with all the kissing and snuggling Justin begins to get t [...]

    23. 5 fucking solid stars If I could go any higher on the scale, I would have given it a 6 Hell, I ll go and do that 6 stars It s that good I recommend to it lovers of Young Adult fiction and paranormal romance lovers To the supporters of the underdog and nerdy hero who just can t cut a break in life, this is for you This is truly awesomeness in word form I can t believe the author is self published It s amazing how good Sweet Blood of Mine is It s funny, witty and downright touches your heart my he [...]

    24. I m not sure where to begin praising this book It has so many great things about it.The main character is so hilarious, for one thing, not to mention very likeable I found I could relate to him, all his insecurities, but what I really liked was his determination to never give up or give in, no matter how bad things looked It was that strength of character that really shined through to me.The other characters are also standouts, each one different, sharp and enjoyable in in their own rights No ca [...]

    25. This has to be one of the best YA PNR books that I have ever read I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading the entire series or better yet, anything written by John Corwin The author has developed some incredibly realistic not to mention clever characters There wasn t one single solitary slow moment in this book, and as a matter of fact, the pages you read, the you ll get sucked into it If it wasn t for work, errands, etc, I would have finished this book in 3 hours flat It [...]

    26. I ve read other books by this author, but this one was the best by far.It s the story of a nerd who suddenly becomes painfully self aware of where he is in life and takes action to correct it But life has some serious surprises in store for him The characters in this book are great and each one stood out to me very vividly and the romance actually made me tear up a few times Oh, and the Princess Bride RULES I also loved how fresh the paranormal ingredients were in this book and the world he crea [...]

    27. This was a great book A great choice for the May reading The book was so funny and the main character, Justin, says some of the craziest things Reminds me of my son without the demon part LOL At the end of the book the author teases you with a smidgen of the next book in the series I hope it come out quickly I don t want to wait till next year

    28. I really like this book it jumps right into the story with great description You will instantly get to know the main character The story flows nonstop with a great storyline I devoured this book in two sitting it had me not wanting to put it down until the end I am looking forward the next book in this series Bottom line would I recommend this book Yes

    29. This book was filled with a ton of AWESOME witty comebacks and sayings I found myself laughing out loud through many sections I was a bit on the fence on this book because of a couple different things, but it certainly was a funny read and most definitely different There were so many different types of creatures it was kind of awesome.Disclaimers and such I received this book from the group on called Shut Up Read in their Read It Reap section So although, I received this book for free in exchang [...]

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