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أشباح المدينة المقتولة By بشير مفتي,

  • Title: أشباح المدينة المقتولة
  • Author: بشير مفتي
  • ISBN: 9786140105713
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I would like to give some feedback regarding the novel.Preliminary feedback 1 The title The Phantoms of the Slain City is reminiscent of Turki AlHmad s trilogy The Phantoms of Abandoned Alleys Al Hamad s trilogy, one of my favorite books in Arabic, is about as it is the case with Bechir Mofti s novel dreams shattered in an environment of oppression and religious fundamentalism In prison, making rosaries out of olives pits becomes symbolic of trying to stay connected to an essential understanding [...]

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