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Fool for Love By Harper Bliss,

  • Title: Fool for Love
  • Author: Harper Bliss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Betrayed by her long term girlfriend, Alex moves into The Ivy to share a flat with her friend Nat When she meets their neighbour Maddie, a jaded expat who s had about enough of Hong Kong s demanding life style, both Maddie and Alex are forced to reassess their warped view on love.Fool for Love is the first novella in the High Rise series.
    Fool for Love Betrayed by her long term girlfriend Alex moves into The Ivy to share a flat with her friend Nat When she meets their neighbour Maddie a jaded expat who s had about enough of Hong Kong s demanding l

    One thought on “Fool for Love”

    1. It s a good thing I swing all sorts of ways, because if I read f f exclusively, I d be screwed You know how, even though you end up disliking a book, there often still are certain aspects that you thought were okay The author had original ideas, but executed them poorly The characters were deliciously quirky, but they lacked that sizzling chemistry That s not the case with Fool for Love If I d bought a paperback instead of an ebook, I d facepalmed myself with it Fool for Love grabbed my attentio [...]

    2. Not great but not one or two star awful, as some would lead me to believe Yes, YOU guys I did feel twinges of emotion for the characters, minor nudges in my heart region, and I m interested enough to read the next novella But honestlyI was hoping for .

    3. Maddie is an investment banker working in Hong Kong and despondent over the way her personal life has become a shambles After leaving her longtime lover in Australia for business in Hong Kong, she has been the other woman to a woman cheating on her husband Maddie finally breaks it off and it is made worse by the fact that June is a coworker To release of this negativity, Maddie takes exercise classes.The instructor of these classes, Alex, is going through similar issues Her long time girlfriend [...]

    4. This is my first book by Harper Bliss and all I can say is I want Her writing style, plot and character development is refreshing.I found this story to be believable, a must for me, and was pleased there was no insta love between the two MC s The erotic scenes were quality than quantity, and had my inner lesbian purring, lol.23,000 words

    5. This is a delightful erotic story from a new to me author In Fool for Love, it starts out with a theme I m not fond of cheating Afraid that this book is about infidelity in a romance setting, I nearly stopped reading However, the writing voice captivates me and I want to learn about Maddie Maddie, short for Madison is an expat in Hong Kong She s an investment banker from Australia, living the life in HK It appears, Maddie also suffers from yellow fever This story which starts out with a train w [...]

    6. It s the 1st story in Harper Bliss s High Rise Series and I am already hooked This author is one if not my favourite f f writers her characters are sexy, sassy, gorgeous and manages in the short amount of pages to develope them in such a way that you are unable to connect and engage with them.The sex scenes are hot, sensual, steamy but never smutty And I love that she uses different and exciting and such exotic locations settings Hong Kong, Thailand, France.And a series about 4 gorgeous and exci [...]

    7. I don t read a lot of f f because I usually like some man parts sprinkled in a story but this was a cute short Lots of build up of sexual tension and then it seemed to just end I wanted of this story, so I was a little disappointed there.

    8. NiceVery good read Can t wait to get the next one Very hot I fantasized it was me and my crush the whole time

    9. Investment Banker, Maddie, is having a torrid affair with June, one of her married work colleagues She s tried many times to end the affair, but always gets sucked right back in again This time she is really determined to end it, she knows it can t go on Will Maddie be able to keep the promise she s made to herself Fitness instructor, Alex, is currently single after her girlfriend Rita cheated on her She s still feeling the pain of it all and won t let herself get close to any woman again Alex h [...]

    10. The first of four integrated and continuous stories presents four amazingly fascinating, complex, and off the charts hot women who have each carved out a personal niche in Hong Kong Only one of these four is a native to the island from a potent Chinese Italian heritage The central linking location is a prime real estate high rise called The Ivy, where all four currently reside Hot sex and gobs of complex emotional swings were expressed and displayed by all four women over and over again created [...]

    11. I got the book this morning and I ve just finished reading, it was too short I already got the sequel through and I can t wait to start on it.This is great the only thing that confused me a little was the lack of character description, it s good that it s left open but I didn t know what they looked like for almost half the book Also sometimes I didn t get who was talkingThe story has four characters but in this book it focus on Madison Maddie and Alessandra Alex They re both heartbroken and the [...]

    12. This is the first High Rise story, but it introduces 4 characters The main focus is on Maddie and Alex Both girls have had their hearts broken and are trying to get on with their lives The other two characters, Nat and Isabella will have their story in the second novella Alex fights her attraction to Maddie from the fear of history repeating itself For that reason she tries shutting Maddie out completely This proves difficult because the 4 friends plan get togethers to eat and drink I m pretty s [...]

    13. Good easy story to readif you like short stories this is a good read.I was drawn to the cover photo I like that the cover catches my attention and I like it that I am not so sure what story is presented between the pages I like a thoughtful storyline that is neatly, tightly written A good story tells me who I am reading about, and brings me further to answer why should I continue reading the story

    14. Cover 5 starsSex steaminess 4 starsStory line 4 starsCharacters 4 starsOverall rating 4.25 starsPersonal rating 4 starsBook Pairing F FDid it give me a book hangover NoIs this a review book or personal read Personal ReadWhy I chose this book I m gradually making my way through all of Harper s work.What I liked about this book It sets up the story well It s written like no other series I have read before It sucked me in I really want to read the next one.What I didn t like about this book.Nothing [...]

    15. This is a good read it was a short F F Investment Banker Maddie is having a torrid affair with June, one of her married work colleagues Maddie s friend Isabella persuades her to go to the body combat class she attends It s here that Maddie and Alex meet for the first time They both feel the pull of an attraction between them The sex is hot Alex and Maddie share a connection outside the bedroom This is my second or third book I have read by Harper Bliss and I must say that this one is better than [...]

    16. THe 2 main persons in this book set out the story line for wanting to read In the beginning you think that the characters are too wide apart but during the book they come closer together I got sucked in the book and after reading the first part I just needed to have the complete selection.When you like intrigues, romance and a good written story, Fool for love is definitely a book to be read.

    17. The sex is hot Alex and Maddie share a connection outside the bedroom I like that They re both recovering from recent relationship break ups Anything under three months is recent Their individual responses to that is where much of the stressors come from For some reason the book reminded me of my ex Klaire I don t know why There are no obvious parallels She has been on my mind recently.

    18. More accurately this is rated 3.5 stars I found it difficult to get totally into the book because I found the characters a bit too unrelatable, even if Nathalie was amusing to read about and even if there were parts of Maddie and Alex I felt for I think perhaps the length has something to do with it This wasnt a bad book, but it could have been pushed a lot Still warranted me subscribing to the author s newsletter.

    19. The first in the High Rise series, set around the lives of four women who live in the same luxury high rise in Hong Kong This first tale is the story of Alex, a fitness instructor, and Maddie, a banker An engrossing easy to read story filled with lesbian love, life and a bit of angst The characters were easy to care about with great chemistry as friends, would be lovers, and lovers.A great read, and I m looking forward to the next in the series.

    20. Amusing, spicy and light reading I m very curious about the other three parts Especially, what is going to happen with Nat and Isabella This is my first encounter with Haper Bliss s writing and I long for She is certainly very good at writing hot, sweet and sizzling sex without this being at the expense of the characters, or the story.

    21. Maddie is a banker in Hong Kong, having an affair with a married co worker, she hates herself for it but can t seem to stop Alex is an instructor at a gym, who was betrayed by her banker girlfriend Simple story with simple characters I didn t feel I knew the characters very well, because they were so shallow and simple.

    22. This was my first foray into the world of LGBTQI and F F romance and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised It portrayed the beginnings of lesbian relationships and the intimacy that can be experienced between two women.Click here to read

    23. A great first installment in the High Rise series This first story was fun to read It s focus on two women, Alex and Maddie, who had both recently been hurt by love and are cautious to get back into the dating game There was a sweet, sexy build up between them and I look forward to continuing their story in the next installment AND finding out what happens between Isabella and Nat

    24. The novel was a good idea, four single lesbian characters living in a high rise in Hong Kong, whose lives converge in potentially interesting waysever the characters were flat, the sex scenes cliche ridden and predictable unfortunately maybe subsequent Harper Bliss novels will meet the mark in these areas where Fool for love didn t succeed.

    25. This is the first part of a series and I really like it The characters are interesting and well developed I m looking forward to reading the other installments of this series Part one of High Rise series.

    26. This book was excellent at introducing the main characters in the series As a stand alone this doesn t have much action, but if you plan on reading the entire series which I highly recommend, then this book is invaluable.

    27. Wow although it was a novella I was hooked A great start to th set The story line is evident and promising The charatcers are enganging and loveable Im definiatly going to get the next one If your into eroctica especially f f then this book is for you.

    28. I prefer my romance with a storyline, rather than just being straight up erotica It seems that the author felt a tug to flesh out the characters with some added plot, but chose not to take that route in favor of a shallow sexy tale All in all, not something I would continue.

    29. Nice readLoved the banter between the characters It made for a very enjoyable read I cannot wait to read of what these characters have to offer Harper Bliss, you definitely don t disappoint.

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