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Christmas Without Holly By Nicola Yeager,

  • Title: Christmas Without Holly
  • Author: Nicola Yeager
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Christmas is a time for pampering yourself.At least, that is what Holly Nightingale thinks.A hard working nurse, she has given herself an early Christmas gift three days at Willows, a posh health farm in Surrey She s looking forward to day after day of skin treatments, dips in the hot tub, and relaxing sessions with the handsome masseurs But not everything is perfect.HChristmas is a time for pampering yourself.At least, that is what Holly Nightingale thinks.A hard working nurse, she has given herself an early Christmas gift three days at Willows, a posh health farm in Surrey She s looking forward to day after day of skin treatments, dips in the hot tub, and relaxing sessions with the handsome masseurs But not everything is perfect.Her fianc Clive is stuck in Hong Kong It turns out that he won t be home for the festive season and Holly is expected to spend it with his ghastly family Who is Clive spending Christmas with anyway Why does he spend so much time in the Far East What is he up to As Holly sits by the spa with the pampered, unfaithful wives of the Home Counties, she starts to wonder what kind of married life she is about to embark on And maybe Clive will be spending many Christmases without Holly Christmas Without Holly is a sparkling seasonal romantic comedy a warm, moving tale, that manages to be funny, while also reminding the reader that Christmas is a time to reflect on life and where it is going It is perfect for fans of Jane Green, Sophie Kinsellad spa treatments Nicola Yeager was born in Lincoln to Dutch parents and is married with two children She currently lives in London and Amsterdam Christmas Without Holly is her first novella.
    Christmas Without Holly Christmas is a time for pampering yourself At least that is what Holly Nightingale thinks A hard working nurse she has given herself an early Christmas gift three days at Willows a posh health farm

    One thought on “Christmas Without Holly”

    1. Downloaded for free from I enjoyed this book, but then the end was a big let down.This was an enjoyable chick lit read, and I liked Holly, even if she did moan and ramble a bit I felt quite sorry for her in the way she got stuck with Rebecca, and I liked that she was a normal down to earth sort of girl.The storyline in this wasn t earth shattering, but it was entertaining, and I found it quite funny in places I liked the way Holly used what she learned at the spa to evaluate her own love life, a [...]

    2. Not quite a 3 5I liked some moments in the story, but on the whole, I wasn t sure I liked Holly She was very snarky with her thoughts but didn t seem to be able to assert herself when put in situations she clearly wasn t happy with mainly concerning Rebecca It also wasn t a very plot driven story so it seemed a bit boring at times, but once you realise that the whole story is going to take place at the spa retreat, you can start to appreciate that the story is about Holly coming to some realisat [...]

    3. Good comedy, no romanceQuite adequate as a comedy, but there was no romance So, as a romantic comedy, Id say it flopped.What, Im assuming, was to be considered the romantic part, came exactly two pages from the end In other words, it would have been a much better story, had it begun where this one ends.But, it doesnt, does it It starts where it starts, and goes, well, really nowhere For me, this one is a huge miss.

    4. BAH HUMBUG This one was missing all the sparkles and tingles and joy of the holidays Not much romance some comedy Felt like I got a stocking full of coal with lots of the blah boring variety.

    5. Holly was treating herself to a spa getaway just before Christmas and she makes some revelations while on this getaway It is a very nice story.

    6. I rounded my star rating up to a three for this one I was somewhere between an it s okay and liked it I ve read other works by this author and found them to enjoyable than this novella.I agree with others that this book could have used a little editing I am really anal when I read, so I likely notice things like missing words and punctuation than others I realize that no one is perfect, so I m willing to forgive a few instances But there is one passage towards the end of the story where the m [...]

    7. If you re looking for a fast paced, gritty, sarcastic humoured book this is one for you Once I d started reading, I was drawn straight in by Holly s quirky personality and honesty I m sure a lot of people are actually going to criticise how honest she is, but me, I found it refreshing Holly is your typical girl Moody, anti social, sarcastic, food obsessed, with a heart of gold, and a longing to be loved and happy.When she ends up being forced into a friendship with sex mad, glamour puss Rebecca [...]

    8. I wanted to like this novella so much I liked the idea of a character finding love while at a spa I picked up my Kindle and curled up with a blanket on the futon I was ready for a cozy romance This was not the cozy romance that I was hoping for First, Holly is mean The book blurb describes her as a Bridget Jones, but I never see the Jones sparkle Granted, Holly never says the mean things, she just thinks them I just wish I didn t have to read her thoughts Second, the romance is a bit sudden Okay [...]

    9. The first thing I must say here is that this novella was also available with an alternative title The Spa Day.This is a fantastic, well written little chick lit novella, perfect for the run up to Christmas It focusses on Holly who has booked herself in for three days at a swish health spa to fortify and beautify herself in readiness to spend Christmas with her fianc Clive, with whom she has a long term relationship as he is working in Hong Kong, and his parents The author s characters are absolu [...]

    10. freebie It is now 2.99 I liked it for free I would not have liked it for 2.99 But then again I would never pay 2.99 for what is essentially a short story.It is competently written with some misspellings, typos, wrong word choices Not egregious, but present.Our heroine Holly takes herself to a posh spa to prep herself for Christmas with the future in laws.In a vague, nonspoilerish fashion Holly yeah, there are Christmas Holly jokes begins to re evaluate her relationship with her long distance fia [...]

    11. A warning to anyone who is thinking about signing up for Kindle Unlimited don t Books like this are all you re going to get This is a Christmas story Nah It s 45 pages of descriptions of different types of massages, 20 pages of tedious conversation between two completely unlikeable characters, and about half a page talking about Christmas And OMG author, please work with an editor next time I m going to start with the small of your bag, then slowly work up to your shoulders and neck He leaves th [...]

    12. A lovely little pre Christmas novella Holly a nurse has been secretly saving and books herself into a spa for three days of pampering in anticipation of Christmas with her new finance at his parents.Holly meets Rebecca a very spoilt rich wife who she goes to great lengths to avoid Rebecca likens Holly to herself and Holly doesn t like what she sees.Time away from her everyday life gives Holly the opportunity to really see what path she has chosen does she like the direction her life is heading A [...]

    13. 7 10 from me I enjoyed this tale about Holly and her experiences while staying at a Health Spa.Holly is engaged to be married but her fiance works abroad and she hardly ever sees him During her stay at the Health Spa she begins to think about her relationship and whether this is the life that she wants for the rest of her life.As Christmas is fast approaching and plans that have been made look like they are set to change, will life ever be the same again Whilst this is a short read at 62 pages, [...]

    14. This story reminded me a lot of Bridget Jones A single girl trying to figure out who she is and who she wants to give herself to, Holly has had terrible luck with men until she meets Clive, a successful business man He seems to be her knight in shining armor until time at the spa causes her to stop and analyze her relationship and life.I liked the story It was cute Christmas was not the center of the story It loomed in the background waiting for its time to appear What was center stage was Holly [...]

    15. A novella about Holly and her gift to herself 3 days at a spa It is right before Christmas and she receives many lovely treatments which make her feel pampered and special During her time there, she has the opportunity to start evaluating her life Mostly she considers, Clive, her jerk of a fiance and their lack of a relationship One woman is someone she fears is her future if she continues the long distance love affair with Clive The thought is appalling She also meets one of the employees who a [...]

    16. This book started really well, at least for the first paragraph Then it all went wrong Firstly, the author seemed to overuse exclamation marks in an attempt to sound engaging or point out the sentence was supposed to be witty Every other sentence has one and it was so irritating Then there were the typos and the words missing, and, I think at one point the wrong character s name was used because it just didn t make sense Thank God this book was freeThe characters were not hugely likeable, especi [...]

    17. Okay, I was bummed by this book It doesn t happened often, but this one it did I knew it was a novella, I didn t realize it would be so depressing Also it ended with NO closure, does she go with James There was a part in the book where she was talking about Clive but it was printed James, which was an obvious over look I think this could have been good, but there was nothing making me even like the main character or even care what happened for the most part She was funny, but also some of her co [...]

    18. A great little novella, centering around nurse with attitude, Holly, that is just perfect for those wanting to squeeze a read into a hectic festive schedule.As Holly relaxes her troubles away, even come to the forefront as she realizes Christmas won t pan out as she d hoped Over the course of 72 hours, Holly hilariously attempts make sense of her and Clive s relationship, dodge spoilt rich wife Rebecca, and endure the pain that is bamboo massages It s a quick and easy read that s a great little [...]

    19. 3 1 2 stars I don t get why this book has such a low rating It is well written, funny and short There are no typos or mistakes as in other free short e books out there I was pleasantly surprised by this one.It s about Holly and her three day health farm vacation a few days before christmas Holly meets some people and starts to think about herself and her life especially her fianc Clive and their long distance relationship.It is nothing innovative or new It s the usual chick flick but that does n [...]

    20. This book needed an editor Badly.I got this book when it was free, and I like a cute Christmas story as much as the next person My criticism has to do with the editing of this novel Too many exclamation points Even for a chick lit romantic comedy Seems like Holly thought in exclamations all the time Even after her massages I hope Ms Yeager reads this and takes my critique to heart Cute story, yes Hunky romantic interest, sure Needed a bit depth to the story, and about a hundred fewer exclamatio [...]

    21. I quiet enjoyed this short story, i felt i engaged with the charactors and i will be trying out the Bamboo massage next time i am at a Spa I actually didnt realise id got to the last page I didnt want it to be the end I felt this could of been made into a longer story by following Holly James to his idealic house for Christmas Rebecca was your typical Get out of my face person Maybe Clive Rebecca would be much suited.

    22. MehIt was a short easy read The ending fell flat Wasn t much leading up to the wndinf The main character Holly was really rude and snarkey

    23. Not sure3 starsThis book confused the heck out of me The title brought me into the book but once I got in it all I really wanted was not to finish this book but I did I still have no idea what the title has to do with the book unless it was one big metaphor Boring to me.Happy Reading

    24. Another abrupt ending without much exploration from this author It was an enjoyable read, but I could see where it was going and thought that the ending of it left so much to be explored, which I ve found previously with this author s books It s a shame, because, as I said, they are enjoyable reads up until that point.

    25. I was looking for a quick, light read, and i figured it was a bonus that this one we set at Christmas time I got it for free on the kindle site, so I probably shouldn t complain But the story was super predictable and boring, and trite I just didn t enjoy it There s also a bit of profanity, which always makes me rate a book lower than I normally would.

    26. This book was a little bit different than what I am used to Glad that I read it because I really liked it I like trying new things and I just wished that it was a little bit to the ending.

    27. Not one I would read again as you knew what would happen and it was a very abrupt ending with no real imagination as well as not being very Christmasy.

    28. This was a lite fun chick lit romantic comedy read that I downloaded for free I was just looking to break from what I normally read and this wasd great for that.

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