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Like This, For Ever By Sharon J. Bolton,

  • Title: Like This, For Ever
  • Author: Sharon J. Bolton
  • ISBN: 9781446487839
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • The heart hammering thriller from the queen of the London crime scene Spine tingling suspense LISA GARDNERA serial killer is being closely watched by one young boy.Barney knows the killer will strike again soon The victim will be another boy, just like him He will drain the body of blood, and leave it on a Thames beach.There will be no clues for detectives Dana TulloThe heart hammering thriller from the queen of the London crime scene Spine tingling suspense LISA GARDNERA serial killer is being closely watched by one young boy.Barney knows the killer will strike again soon The victim will be another boy, just like him He will drain the body of blood, and leave it on a Thames beach.There will be no clues for detectives Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury to find.There will be no warning about who will be next.There will be no good reason for young policewoman Lacey Flint to become involved And no chance that she can stay away LIKE THIS, FOR EVER is published as LOST in the US
    Like This For Ever The heart hammering thriller from the queen of the London crime scene Spine tingling suspense LISA GARDNERA serial killer is being closely watched by one young boy Barney knows the killer will strike

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    1. Another Trip to the Dark Side of London 4.5 StarsAhh The all important third book in a series The book where patterns emerge and where this reader can lose interest in the series Is the author sticking with their formula or are they challenging their characters and their reader While Like This For Ever falls prey to some recognizable patterns over the course of the first three books, the sheer strength of author s storytelling and writing rules the day.After my review of the first in the series, [...]

    2. Young boys are kidnapped and then found drained of blood There are no clues nor witnesses to be found And, at any time could a boy be taken and killed For Detectives Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury is this a frustrating case and for Dana is it hard to see the bodies of the little boys left on a Thames beach She has never thought about being a mother, but this case stirred emotions in her she never thought she would have For Lacey Flint is the case nothing she wants to get involved in, she hasn t [...]

    3. The third book in the series LIKE THIS, FOR EVER picks up a few months after Lacey s investigation at Cambridge University She is on leave from her job, and recovering from the traumatic events that took place in Dead Scared The last thing she wants to do is get involved in another case, but there is a serial killer on the loose, and this one is murdering children 4 boys have been found with their throats cuts, their bodies dumped near different areas along the River Thames Another boy is missin [...]

    4. Okay, granted this has nothing to do with the plot of the novel, but I absolutely love Mark Joesbury and his little boy Huck Seriously, if Lacy does not get her act together quickly, I may have to make Joesbury my new literary crush Anyway very entertaining, suspenseful, though I felt the resolution could have been connected a little better, felt it was a little loose In fact boys kind of stole the show in this one, the living and the dead, so some may find this a little graphic Lacy herself is [...]

    5. 5 Words Brutal, twisting, dark, intriguing, amazing.It s official, I m a Sharon Bolton fan Freaking love Lacey Flint and I can t wait to get on to the next book Yaaaaaay for wonderful publicists and ARCs.This book was so dark and so twisting.If you ve read the first Lacey Flint book then you know how unreliable she is, and this book really plays on that It leads you on and makes you doubt everything before finally coming to a wholly unpredictable climax.Full review to come.

    6. Oh, how I hate for an S.J Bolton novel to end I am as happy sitting down to one of her books as I am to any favorite meal Bolton is simply a genius in writing crime mystery The complex characters, the edge of your seat plot, the artful dialogue, the dramatic settings The suspense is so palatable that I found myself simultaneously grimacing and squirming This novel is simply put everything that a fan of intense mystery could want I fairly groaned as I finished the last page, not because the story [...]

    7. 5 s Pretty perfect very cleverly written plot, suspense, a lot of interesting characters old and new, twists, red herrings, ending that did not jump the shark I must admit my detection prowess was in perfect form as I was able to identify the guilty party right at the point that they, he or she was identified by the author as the guilty party Had to edit original made it seem like I had skills PS Only qualifier is these 5 were well earned for this genre but different from the 5 s I gave to Let H [...]

    8. FANTASTIC I cannot remember enjoying a series so much Ever Lacey Flint is back in London, and dealing poorly with the events that occurred in Cambridge only weeks earlier And of course, despite the fact she wants to leave police work all together, she somehow manages to get herself involved with trying to find a new serial killer in old London TownI found this to be the best in the series so far In the last book the chopping and changing of points of view often had me a tad confused She seems to [...]

    9. Dear reader,This is the third full length book in the Lacey Flint series and is centred around the disappearance of ten year old boys The police are baffled,Lacey is undergoing therapy,due to what she experienced when undercover in Cambridge and Joesbury is trying to spend time with his own ten year old child,Huck Taking a keen interest in the mystery of the disappearance of these young boys is Barnaby,Lacey s eleven year old neighbour He regularly checks the Facebook page detailing the boys di [...]

    10. Crime and LiteratureThis is the second S.J Bolton book I ve read I m declaring myself an official fan In Lost she had me guessing who done it almost to the very end There are lots of twists and turns as the series protagonist Lacey Flint is re united with her fellow law officer and love interest Mark Joesbury Bolton sure knows how to spin out a love affair She manages to do it without coyness I loved all the literary references and her love for and understanding of kids was apparent She s dedica [...]

    11. Would have rated this higher had Bolton made the child characters older then 9 13 years old OR had written them as less precocious and euridite As it is, I can never swallow overly intelligent speaking and adult acting tweens IMO, these types are never believable, and as a result the overall story suffers.In addition, I think I m one of Bolton s fans who enjoy her stand alone novels much better, and don t quite see the appeal of Lacey Flint and her weird mental issues and lack luster romantic ap [...]

    12. Third book in the Lacey Flint series, Like This, For Ever is a solid read for fans of crime fiction Particularly liked the fact that Lacey, while maintaining a presence, takes a less prominent role in this book Thought the plot was well crafted and the ending not impossible to figure out, but not obvious either Thoroughly enjoy Bolton s style of writing.

    13. Bright red Like rose petals Or rubies Or balloons Little red droplets.Barney knows the killer will strike again soon The victim will be another boy, just like him He will drain the body of blood, and leave it on a Thames beach There will be no clues for detectives Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury to find There will be no warning about who will be next There will be no good reason for Lacey Flint to become involved And no chance that she can stay away.This is crime writing bang at the top of its ga [...]

    14. After reading book one of the Lacey Flint series, I came to the third with some trepidation, having been disappointed with the last one I knew Like This, For Ever, had been written slightly differently, with different narratives, involvement from other characters, so I entered not really expecting much How wrong could I have been This book was brilliant, yes brilliant I loved it Right from the off it had me hooked I m not a massive fan of Lacey Flint as a character, I can understand why she is [...]

    15. Please note that the American edition of this book is entitled LOST.DC Lacey Flint is on an extended leave following her experiences in the previous novel in this series, Dead Scared There is a serial killer at work in London, killing 10 and 11 year old boys by draining their blood Lacey s 11 year old neighbor, Barney Roberts, is following the case Lacey befriends young Barney as it seems as though his father is neglecting him Soon they become embroiled in the case and attempt to track down the [...]

    16. These books are SOOOO uneven 70% of each Lacey Flint thriller is compelling, intriguing, atmospheric 30% of each volume is tiresome, redundant, dull The sad part is that they are interleaved You can t just know that pages 230 329, say, are skippable Add to that the fact that Lacey Flint never gets redeemed Each of the three books I ve read so far there are presently four has her descending farther and farther down into brokenness I m bored with it I m bored by these books and bored by their devi [...]

    17. This was so good A mix of psychological and urgent action y suspense Also very character driven While I was a little upset that we didn t get Joesbury s POV again, I liked getting Tulloch s though it made me not like her as much and Lacey s young neighbor, Barney We get very little of Lacey s POV for the first half of the book which I found a little odd, but still worked The mystery was well done I had it all completely figured out a couple of times before being proved wrong While I did eventual [...]

    18. Blood will have blood Lacey Flint s third outing shows Bolton at her best inventive plotting, great characterisation, plenty of humour, much of it black, and a sense of tension that builds throughout to a thrillingly dramatic climax I say third outing, but it s really the fourth if you count the short novella If Snow Hadn t Fallen, in which we first met Barney, Lacey s young neighbour The book starts with the discovery of the body of twins under Tower Bridge, the most recent victims of a serial [...]

    19. I can honestly say that the Lacey Flint books are by far my favourite crime books Ever since reading Dead Scared I d been hoping for another book, to pick up where the last left off, and upon getting hold of this book I sat and read it from start to end in one sitting which I will admit was not the smartest of ideas considering how I didn t start reading it until just before one in the morning It isn t my favourite Lacey Flint story, but it is another great piece of work by Bolton.Whilst this bo [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsLike This, For Ever starts out with a bang There s another serial killer in London This time, this time the victims are young boys They re found on the beach of the Thames River with throats slit But disturbingly is the blood loss they ve suffered Lacey Flint is still on sick leave from her ordeal at Cambridge Book 2 and is having a time of it She has two stalkers, one she knows about Joesbury The other is her 11 year old neighbor, Barney Barney watches her like a protector But he s th [...]

    21. Like This, For Ever4 StarsWith no clues to follow or suspects to interrogate, London Detectives Dana Tulloch and Marc Joesbury are at a loss after the disappearances and murders of several young boys Things soon become even complicated when Lacey Flint, on leave following the events of her last case, becomes involved in the investigation due to the strange behavior exhibited by the child living next door Could the cold blooded killer be someone the police least expect Series note This is book 3 [...]

    22. You know, I haven t seen any reviews which discuss this, but I m really starting to wonder if Lacey is TSTL I really loved the first book, and the second book was not quite as good to me but still really good, but this one seriously view spoiler Towards the end she runs off by herself instead of talking to Joesbury, who she s standing right next to because she can t think when she s with him, then later doesn t call him even though he s waiting for her to call where she s getting into what is cl [...]

    23. Hi,Another SJ Bolton book read, in fact I have now read all the full books one short story not read.I have recommended all SJ Bolton books to my friends and two have just finished this book before me, their comments to me, great book but a weak ending.Do I agree or not I am not sure.The built up and each chapter I was changing my mind, who was the killer I believe I understand the main characters, Dana, Lacey and Mark who have all appeared in a few books now.Although not my favourite of her book [...]

    24. Lacey Flint is on extended leave following the events detailed in Sacrifice A serial killer is on the loose in South London, killing pre teen boys, draining them of their blood, and 11 year old Barney is worried about his black outs Lacey does her best to avoid the search but gets sucked into it because Barney is her next door neighbor Dana Tulloch is in charge of the investigation and Mark Joesbury is assisting Lacey and Mark are still dancing around their mutual attraction, but Lacey is too fr [...]

    25. It was OK I m just not a Lacey Flint fan I ve read the books in order and I did finish them wondering why I did Don t go by me so many peeps love this series , I m so so with it Stubborn that I am , I keep going back hoping to get the wow factor

    26. DC Lacey Flint shares with Tana French s Cassie Maddox in The Likeness the honour of being far and away the most lovable, affecting, and in some ways infuriating police detective in contemporary fiction, and now that Cassie has disappeared from Tana French s recent novels, Lacey rules alone, though Jane Casey s Maeve Kerrigan and Harry Bingham s Fiona Griffiths may well develop form All of them draw the reader into their complicated and difficult relationships and make us really care what happen [...]

    27. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know I love S.J Bolton s work So when her latest novel became available in Kindle Format before the paperback release, I just had to get it I took it with me on a flight from Australia to Hawaii, and that s all it took to read it Bolton s previous novel, Dead Scared, didn t engage me as much as her other ones had, so I was wondering what this one would do to me Loved it Absolutely loved it It s excellent, riveting, nail biting, one sitting read, pu [...]

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