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The Ray: In a Blaze of Power By Jack C. Harris Joe Quesada Art Nichols,

  • Title: The Ray: In a Blaze of Power
  • Author: Jack C. Harris Joe Quesada Art Nichols
  • ISBN: 9781563890901
  • Page: 456
  • Format: None
  • Reprints Collects The Ray 1 6
    The Ray In a Blaze of Power Reprints Collects The Ray

    One thought on “The Ray: In a Blaze of Power”

    1. The Ray In a Blaze of Power was a nice surprise I ve been on a comic kick lately and this was one of the comics I missed the first time around.Ray Terrill was the Night Boy, raised believing he was unable to handle sunlight It turns out his father was The Ray, a superhero from the 1940 s with various light oriented powers In a Blaze of Power is the story of the older Ray guiding the younger Ray and grooming him to be a super hero It s a shame The Ray didn t last longer than it did It s one of th [...]

    2. Reprints The Ray Limited Series 1 6 February 1992 July 1992 Ray Terrill has just lost his father but discovers a secret Ray was raised to believe he had a light allergy but his body actually acts as a giant battery for energy Ray learns that his father was the Ray, but a man also calling himself the Ray has appeared to claim the title of Ray s father In addition to the return of the girl he loved, Ray learns that there is a threat to the world and only he can stop it with the powers he still doe [...]

    3. No s c mo ser leer The Ray un h roe para los 90 en 2013, pero cuando lo le entre los 90s y los 00s me gust bastante Ahora que finalmente tengo los seis numeritos que componen la serie que con gusto cambiar a por el taco , espero que le toque una relectura en alg n momento.

    4. The Ray has been fooled all his life that he would die is he ever was exposed to sunlight That was a lie The story is mostly about the Ray exploring his super powers Not much superhero actionlots of strange things happening Perhaps it makes sense in the end Perhaps not.

    5. A favorite from my high school days Probably my favorite teen super hero from back then Wish the character still had a series, but this is a beautiful edition.

    6. One of my all time favorite books, comic books, fiction, whatever It s just a great story about finding out who you really are while trying to save the world at the same time.

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