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The Heir By Lynne Stringer,

  • Title: The Heir
  • Author: Lynne Stringer
  • ISBN: 9781921632464
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • Sarah hates the prestigious high school she attends Most of the other students ignore her School is only made tolerable by the presence of Dan Bradfield, the boy she adores Dan is the heir to his father s multinational computer company, but he is dating Sarah s best friend, Jillian When tragedy strikes, Dan is the one who supports Sarah But she can t shake the feelingSarah hates the prestigious high school she attends Most of the other students ignore her School is only made tolerable by the presence of Dan Bradfield, the boy she adores Dan is the heir to his father s multinational computer company, but he is dating Sarah s best friend, Jillian When tragedy strikes, Dan is the one who supports Sarah But she can t shake the feeling there is something strange about him Is he protecting her from something Is there something going on that she doesn t know about And did she really see a monster in the bushes Sarah is desperate to uncover the truth, but it could take her to another galaxy, and change everything she believes about who she is Will it bring Dan and Sarah closer together or tear them apart
    The Heir Sarah hates the prestigious high school she attends Most of the other students ignore her School is only made tolerable by the presence of Dan Bradfield the boy she adores Dan is the heir to his fath

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    1. This turned out to be a very enjoyable YA read It starts in school and I thought oh no here we go again, teenager angst and a crush on a boy she can t have Well I was a little bit right but the school part does not last long and then things get really strange and very, very entertaining No love triangles, no werewolves, no vampires but something else altogether I liked it very much and look forward to part 2.

    2. 4.5 sSarah lived with her father whom she adored her mother had left them years before and her dad was her strength always there for her, he worked hard to keep a roof over their heads while immersed in his world of technology inventions Sarah wasn t particularly happy at the high school she attended her best friend Jillian was always by her side, but she was her only friend and while Sarah admired Dan Bradfield from a distance, Dan and Jillian were dating so of course her thoughts of Dan she ke [...]

    3. Sarah is a normal American teenager Well, mostly normal She goes to a fancy private school where all the other kids are rich, her dad is an inventor who never quite seems to get it right, she s being stalked at school by a creepy boy, and her English teacher is always picking her for class debates even though she hates them Apart from that, she s just a normal kid who loves art, tries to survive high school and has a secret crush on Dan, her best friend s kind of boyfriend But things are not wha [...]

    4. This is exactly the sort of ya novel I would have loved to read as a teenager It starts off with a shy typical teenager, Sarah Fenhardt, who doesn t fit in at her prestigious high school All the wealthy kids look down on her because her father has lost most of his fortune and on top of that one of the boys is stalking her, grabbing her at every opportunity, making her life miserable If it wasn t for her best friend Jillian and Art class, which she loves but where she can also sit and stare at he [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this fast paced YA Sci Fi story The story starts as a typical YA novel concentrating mainly on Sarah and the problems with not fitting in, a boy stalking her every chance he gets, a teacher she is scared of and the secret crush she has on a boy from school All this and manages to give Sarah cause for some real teenage angst.I liked that Sarah s character had flaws, she didn t always think well of her best friend and she was introverted and reticent at the start of the novel Her [...]

    6. Synopsis Sarah is one of the poor kids at the exclusive prep school she attends Her father lost his money, and with it, any claim she had to social status in the environment where how much money your parents have determine how many friends you have and if the boys want to date you She admires Dan, the heir to a lucrative technology enterprise from afar with no hope of him ever noticing her that way , even though he s dating her best friend Jillian Sarah is biding her time until she can graduate, [...]

    7. Anyone who might choose to read just the first and last couple of chapters might be forgiven for wondering how it could possibly be the same book The turns of events in this story can be quite sudden and surprising so readers had better be ready.It seems to begin as a contemporary school novel Sarah Fenhardt is a thoughtful, somewhat shy student who excels at art and dodging She s busy trying to evade the bully, Frank Howell, and conceal her crush on her friend Jillian s boyfriend, Dan She never [...]

    8. The Heir is a sci fi romance aimed at a YA audience Sarah seems to be a normal teen going to a prestigious school She lives with her Dad who is struggling financially which means she isn t accepted by most of the other students at school and she has a crush on her best friend s boyfriend Yet everything is not as it seems and a tragedy precipitates a series of events with out of the world results I found the first half of the novel a little slow perhaps because I didn t relate so much with Sarah [...]

    9. It took me a while to get into this book I wasn t sure if I was reading a Sci Fi or a contemporary YA fiction novel, however, once I got to know the characters and the action really began I was hooked.Whilst some of the Sci Fi genre elements were predictable, I found the manipulation of them created something new The ending left me wanting to continue reading the next one straight away It s a good thing I already have a copy on my TBR shelf The central character, Sarah has much sadness in her li [...]

    10. Four reviews from our CALEB reviewers 1 Teenage Sarah is unhappy at the impressive high school she attends Her father is in financial difficulties and makes many sacrifices for her to attend the school while others at the school ignore her and come from privileged backgrounds She idolises Dan but he, too, fails to notice her and instead dates Sarah s best friend, Jillian But all is not as it seems in their young world In the first book in the Verindon Series The Heir Lynne Stringer has written [...]

    11. I really enjoy books that morph across genres, moving lightly from one to the other and making the entire read hard to classify Hannah s Winter was one such book that transcended its realistic beginnings and slipped into fantasy The Heir is for an older audience but is no less enjoyable.Sarah s a nice girl with a crush on a gorgeous boy at her prestigious school There s trouble at home mainly because Dad is a brilliant inventor but has no business sense and money is well, scarce Dad s business p [...]

    12. I expected this book to be interesting but I ended up liking it even than I thought I would It starts out under a disguise of being a normal realistic fiction YA novel, but then a tragic event occurs This was another disguise the book is about much than Sarah falling for someone while trying to recover from a tragedy I thought that there was a perfect balance between romance and world building which most books of this genre don t seem to get right It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, however so [...]

    13. I already felt confident The Heir, the first book in the Verindon Trilogy would be an enjoyable read, but I was surprised just how much I enjoyed it I was engrossed from start to finish with this page turner young adult novel Author Lynne Stringer keeps the momentum of the story flying along, then takes it into hyperdrive once the reader passes the halfway point I don t really want to say too much about the plot no spoilers Enough to say that main character, Sara, is someone many readers will re [...]

    14. This book was even better than I was expecting There is suspense, romance, plenty of action, and a couple of twists that make it really fun to read I couldn t put it down I liked the characters and related well to them for the most part, though there were moments that the main character, Sarah, frustrated me with her somewhat apathetic treatment of her supposed best friend But then, she wouldn t be real if she didn t have flaws I was told that the first part was slow, but I didn t find it so No, [...]

    15. The Heir tells the story of Sarah Fenhardt, a gifted art student who feels so out of place in her prestigious high school that the only highlight of each day is her infatuation with her unreachable schoolmate, Dan, and her art classes which Dan attends When tragedy strikes, Dan suddenly becomes not only reachable, but very much engaged in Sarah s mourning and protection This is despite his relationship with Sarah s best friend, Jillian But strange events that have niggled in the back of Sarah s [...]

    16. Loved this book only wished the second was ready to go But it doesn t leave you with such a cliff hanger that you re dying, so I can wait without too much torture thank you Lynne I definitely can see all the conflict and victories to come and am so excited for that experience I love the main characters and their personalities, and I love the mystery and unexpected events I don t want to give anything away because I loved just picking it up and being taken on this intriguing journey It s a quick, [...]

    17. It was definitely not what I had expected Ut was better The complete twist if the setting was fabulous I am interested to read the next book However Sarah was a, what seemed like, a very weak character I took a immediate disliking to her at the start because she was always complaining about her friend emphasis in the singular which is something I cannot tolerate Though eventually she grew on me.

    18. A fast paced, well written story, which I couldn t put down I don t often read a lot of sci fi, but when I do, I fortunately tend to find a good story and end up thoroughly enjoying it And while the cover was a turn off for me, I had a feeling what lay inside was something worth diving into I was right Anyone who enjoys YA sci fi with a thread of romance, should definitely give Lynne Stringer s The Heir a try I am looking forward to getting my hands on Book Two of the Verindon trilogy.

    19. I won this book on Facebook No review was asked or even mentioned.I love science fiction, so I was happy to have won this one One thing I even love than a plain science fiction story is a science fiction with aliens While the book didn t hint toward this it actually had aliens, so I was in heaven.Like most YA I have read, the first part was a bit slow for my taste We get to know Sarah and the school she is attending While this was meant to help us relate to her, I have to admit I didn t find Sa [...]

    20. Sarah feels like she doesn t belong, not at the prestigious school that she attends and not even at home where she is at odds with her dad To top it all off Sarah is in love with Dan but he s unavailable because he s dating her best friend A seemingly random burglary tips Sarah s world upside down and the only one who seems to understand what she s going through is Dan But things are definitely not as they seem Mysterious monsters and melting tables are only the beginning As Sarah s world comes [...]

    21. 3.5 StarsThis story definitely has me intrigued While it starts a little slow, it continues to pick up speed throughout Sarah, while not my favorite character does grow on you My main beef with her is that she doesn t really stand up for herself or have much confidence Basically, she is not a strong lead However, towards the end you start to see this shifting I am eager to see what happens with her and Dan in the next novel, The Crown.

    22. Actual rating 3.5 5 WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS I don t think I ve ever read a young adult book on aliens before I have seen young adult TV series with aliens, like Roswell and Star Crossed, and I think that s where my curiosity for this series came from when I first put it in my wishlist I liked the story, even though it s cheesy it s a young adult book, so I m not surprised , and I especially like the Safe Zone concept I only wish the aliens weren t humanoid human like all the time T [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book after winning a giveaway on the book came with a bookmark and a short personal autographed message I may add, which was a pleasant surprise However I wasn t going to give this a good review just because of that I was going to be completely honest But it turned out I loved this book a lot, lot than I had anticipated and I read it pretty much within a day Sarah s a sort of complicated character to talk about At the start of the book, she knows the type of person she [...]

    24. THIS BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW The Heir by Lynne Stringer is a good book It is the first book in the Verindon series I was surprised at how interesting alien and other planet science fiction can be I d only read science fiction books with different time periods all on earth before This takes place of both earth and another planet I give it four stars Sarah is just an average high school girl living with her divorced dad while going to a private school She goes to live [...]

    25. I won The Heir by Lynne Stringer through the Giveaway Contest I really didn t know what to expect, but I was presently surprised This story is a coming of age, paranormal, romance and sci fi combination The story is a first person narrative, and Sarah is the lead protagonist Sarah attends a prestigious high school, Enterprise Academy, full of rich kids Only the wealthy or well connected were sent to this school.Sarah lives with her father, her mother having left them both when Sarah was a child [...]

    26. I rate this book a solid 3.5 stars I m rating it as such because I had a little bit of a hard time getting into it I feel like the plot of a girl crushing over a guy in a high school setting is a little over used in YA books However, I did enjoy the building romance between Dan and Sarah For this being an alien book, Stringer did an awesome job making the aliens unique from what we re used to I liked that they weren t anything pretty to look at and that they weren t typical green aliens I also l [...]

    27. I received a free copy of this novel via a giveaway I really enjoyed this book It was fast paced, the characters were three dimensional and the plot was intriguing I think something that is, unfortunately, too common among young adult authors is that they create their adolescent characters to be mature beyond their age The Heir contained a vast range of realistic characters that was a breath of fresh air I really liked the fact that this novel went beyond the shallow, girl likes guy, guy has gir [...]

    28. I enjoyed the second half of this YA novel much than the first The Heir centres around a fairly typical girl called Sarah who has a crush on her best friend s boyfriend Sarah attends a creepy elite school and right from the start there are indicators that something strange is going on eg why doesn t her best friend Jillian eat lunch with her boyfriend Dan And why is Jillian even friends with Sarah who seems quite isolated from the other students Once Dan and Sarah start spending time together [...]

    29. The Heir, by Lynne Stringer, is an intriguing work of fiction that is sure to keep young adult readers thoroughly engaged Well developed characters combined with an original and fascinating plot help make this book a real page turner Part science fiction, part romance, The Heir is the story of Sarah, a high school student who is deeply infatuated with her best friend s boyfriend, Dan When tragedy strikes and her world is turned upside down, Dan is there to help make sense of it all Only, now Sar [...]

    30. The Heir was a complete surprise to me, thanks to a somewhat vague summary for the Kindle edition, but it was well worth the faith I put in the author Lynne did a great job of creating relatable characters and enough intrigue to keep you turning the page Also, despite a few shocking elements Spoiler Alert There is unresolved bullying in the book that we would call sexual assault here in the States, as well as a murder that I wasn t expecting , I found I got into it as the book continued and am [...]

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