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J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography By Rick Geary,

  • Title: J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography
  • Author: Rick Geary
  • ISBN: 9780809095032
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A True History of Violence and Crimefighting, Politics, and Power In the hands of gifted cartoonist Rick Geary, J Edgar Hoover s life becomes a timely and pointed guide to eight presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon and everything from Prohibition to cold war espionage From a nascent FBI s headlinegrabbing tracking down of Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly inA True History of Violence and Crimefighting, Politics, and Power In the hands of gifted cartoonist Rick Geary, J Edgar Hoover s life becomes a timely and pointed guide to eight presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon and everything from Prohibition to cold war espionage From a nascent FBI s headlinegrabbing tracking down of Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly in the 1930s to Hoover s increasingly paranoid post WWII authorizing of illegal wiretaps, blackmail, and circumvention of Supreme Court decisions, J Edgar Hoover A Graphic Biography provides a special window into the life of an outsized American and a bird seye view on the twentieth century.
    J Edgar Hoover A Graphic Biography A True History of Violence and Crimefighting Politics and Power In the hands of gifted cartoonist Rick Geary J Edgar Hoover s life becomes a timely and pointed guide to eight presidents from Calvin

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    1. Rick Geary does it again with this in depth look at one of the most controversial law enforcement leaders in American history.

    2. J Edgar Hoover was responsible for the creation of what is known today as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and could be claimed to have strongly influenced American, and subsequently global, history through his dossiers on politicians and other influential people The man used intimidation and wire tapping, along with having his agents follow people and compile information on every aspect of life, to build himself an empire of secrets upon which he kept power until his death A Machiavellian fi [...]

    3. There s really not much to say about this It s a short, straight forward tale of the life of Hoover with a focus, of course, on his years as head of the FBI The tone is dispassionate, a mere list of facts in the shape of a straight narrative The illustrations may take up a greater percentage of the pages, but the text is definitely in the center of focus, the illustrations are accompanying the text, even though it s in comic form Speaking of the illustrations, they are okay, but not good, drawn [...]

    4. The idea of Rick Geary profiling the life of J Edgar Hoover makes an awful lot of intuitive sense, and the final product meets all expectations Fresh off his superb Treasury of Victorian Murder series, Geary moves forward into the twentieth century, and this time gives us a look at the entire life of Hoover, the legendary and long serving FBI director return return Geary s quick pacing and ability to capture a lot of information in a single page panel are the keys to his success in this volume, [...]

    5. This was a pretty straightforward telling a full life and career of J Edgar Hoover It is a good introduction for anyone wanting to know the basic story of who J Edgar Hoover was and what made his role at the FBI so critical to how we once viewed law enforcement The clear and crisp illustrations by Rick Geary complemented and carried the story.

    6. Not anything too much beyond the recitation of the facts of J Edgar Hoover s life Much drier than the 19th or 20th century crime series of before, though I guess adding a brush up history of the G men to the Rick Geary opus isn t a bad thing either.

    7. I only knew minimal information about J Edgar Hoover and found this book to be an easy way to learn a bit about this historical figure He served under a number of different presidents and was involved in some controversial methods of fighting crime It sounds like he must have been a lonely man whose life centered around his job with little else to distract him.

    8. I love Rick Geary s work I wish all historical information can come to me through a Geary filter, as this graphic novel helped me finally understand the impact of J Edgar Hoover.

    9. It s a good book for those who want to learn about Hoover but don t have the patience for a traditional biography Geary covers his career highlights as well as what motivated him.

    10. Really can t value add to the comments already made on except to say that I do enjoy Rick Geary s work Have read a couple of books on Hoover including that of Curt Gentry and will give Geary an extra point for at least not showing any bias

    11. I first found Geary in a comics collection several years ago and have been reading him ever since He mostly does 19th Century things, such as Lizzie Bordon or the assassination of James Garfield, so I was a bit surprised to find him moving so far forward in time.As with all of Geary s work, this is a short, concise biography that sticks to established facts and doesn t pull punches in questioning what is usually known While he doesn t spare Hoover s racism or his dictatorial efforts, Geary doesn [...]

    12. As usual Geary s illustrations are a perfect match for his text and so detailed one can just look into them for ages I thoroughly enjoy just looking at Rick Geary s work I m quite well read on Hoover and this brought nothing new to the table for me This is a whirlwind basic biography through his 80 years of life and near 60 of those in the Federal bureaucracy business eventually starting an agency that would go on to be called the FBI, where he became the Director unofficially for life From the [...]

    13. I love graphic novels I think that they re a fantastic medium to explore a multitude of topics Sadly, besides memoirs, there are very few nonfiction graphic novels I am aware of the contradiction in that statement So when I stumbled upon Rick Geary s graphic biographies, I felt like the graphic novel deities had granted my wish Sadly, I don t think that this series is all that it s cracked up to be In fact, I would stick to his series on Victorian era murders.I am not going to rely the entire bi [...]

    14. Splendid Concise, informative, appropriately illustrated, expresses a decent left wing bias but quite fair and neutral overall A much entertaining read than a article or a laboriously long biography This book will give you a good overview of this important and complicated 20th century figure Big ole mini summary spoiler ahead view spoiler I learned that Hoover came from pretty common stock and worked his way up the government ladder by being neutral and really good at file checking and backgrou [...]

    15. My choice for a non fiction title is J Edgar Hoover A Graphic Biography by Rick Geary Hoover was indeed a larger than life character whose life and career as the head of the FBI has been documented and discussed in great detail both while he was alive and since his death in 1972 Hoover served in the public eye under 8 presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon, much of that time leading the Bureau of Investigation where he became the head in 1924 , which later became the FBI in 1935 He is [...]

    16. This is much too think to be taken seriously It is like reading that there is a seafood place in such a place and it serves food A person who reads this will have no of an understanding of J Edgar Hoover than if they watched a 30 minute show on television No this book combined poor artistry with next to no understanding of the subject matter or the subject I strong recommend avoiding it as it tells nothing about the evolution of the FBI into a major crime fighting organization Even the shortcom [...]

    17. It s only an urban legend that Hoover was a cross dresser Wow You learn the most amazing things from history books.Geary s turned in another one of his fine histories in comic book form, using the same dry narrative tone of his Treasury of Victorian Murder books He sticks with the facts, throwing in a few allegations of Hoover s homosexuality, while letting the reader decide just how much the FBI director did to help or hurt the country he served The only weak spot in the book is the terrible co [...]

    18. This book is the story of J Edgar Hoover, the man who revolutionized the FBI and changed it from a near useless agency to the powerhouse it is today It tells of Hoover s early years, and continued to follow his career as he rose from anonymity to the head of the FBI It also focuses on the accomplishments of the FBI in taking down famous criminals, and how it became extremely popular through the media movies, radio shows, ect I personally enjoyed reading this book, and anybody who is interested i [...]

    19. Because I have not previously been tempted to pick up a biography on Hoover, this graphic novel fits the bill of hitting the main points of Hoover s career in an easy to read and aesthetically interesting way This is a very basic recap of his life and the editorializing by the author is mostly done through the black and white drawings of the various characters Hoover s longevity in the inner circles of Washington power is impressive While I m not moved to read further about Hoover, I m glad I ha [...]

    20. A rather disturbingly real look at J Edgar Hoover, as told in a graphic novel format Rick Geary is a master at this, and for those who have never read a beginning to end historical account of this VERY influential person in american history, this would be a perfect jumping off point.Adults will find it facinating, and kids will find it easy to comprehend but probably have lots of questions, considering today s political climate A great read for those who are just passingly curious you might find [...]

    21. Rick Geary is such a history comics superstud He keeps churning out one wonderfully drawn and well researched comic after another This one had less of the usual experiments in composition, but his pen and ink work was divine as always I think he may be getting even better at conveying the emotions of his subjects There s something about a Rick Geary book he does illustrations that look like they re directly from a photograph, but they seem to capture the soul of a person even clearly than a pho [...]

    22. the graphic novel version of j edgar hoover it s mostly politically neutral, with a tiny bit of pro hooverism however, it doesn t shy away from his aspects of bad guy ness, in that they show him building up the FBI to basically be a secret police against dissidents and radicals, with a PR department overglorifying the mob fighting it did Fascinating story of how he survived multiple presidents and tried to destroy social movements for nearly 50 years.

    23. Rick Geary s cleanly drawn illustrations are easy to follow, and he doesn t gloss over any of the less savory aspects of Hoover s life career including the rumor that he liked to wear a dress At just over 100 pages, it packs in a lot of detail including why the FBI CIA don t cooperate without becoming boring A list of further reading is included at the end for people who want to know , but my curiousity was satisfied.

    24. This is a graphic novel treatment of the life of FBI director, Commie hunter, and all around nutjob J Edgar Hoover The author resists the temptation to criticize his subject and presents the facts straightforwardly, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions Although, the facts alone are pretty damning I learned quite a bit of new information about the subject, as well as about the FBI s spying on citizens during the Cold war era.

    25. Quick, informative read about a guy I m not sure I really understood before This book had exactly much information as I wanted, and never crossed over into speculative psychoanalysis, wild conspiracy theory or even very justified liberal rage Geary is so good at viewing his subjects with detachment, but I do agree that his style isn t a natural fit His staid, woodcutish style is so perfect his in Victorian Murder series, I think I d prefer he stick to what he does best.

    26. Once again, Rick Geary has presented accurate historical information in an engaging and attractive graphic novel format Geary covers how Hoover shaped the FBI from an ineffective office that merely provided salaries for political appointees to an organization that led the country in crime detection techniques Sadly, readers will also learn that the FBI s former policy of not sharing information was grounded in Hoover s grudges.

    27. This account of the life of J Edgar Hoover wasn t as unflinching as I thought it might be The author seems to hold an esteem for someone who I despise It is unfair to speculate on that which can t be proven and I respect the author s choice to avoid scandal by sticking to the facts The portrait that Hill and Wang paint is of an insecure man who holds quite a bit in common with Richard Nixon The story does end up feeling sterile though I suggest you pass on it.

    28. The Lawrence Public Library bought a copy of this book, and I was glad to find it on the shelf so I could read it I ve been wanting to read it.I thought it was a really good book that gives a lot of factual information about J Edgar Hoover and how the FBI came into existence under his guidance The author the book tries very hard to be objective, and the art is very nice I recommend this book to anyone interested in how we came to live under the police state that is the U.S.A.

    29. Another quick interesting read from Rick Geary that suffers from some of the same flaws as other books of his that I have read Too much information crammed in per page, mixed with and interesting life Geary does manage to hit all the points of Hoover s life without glossing over the unsavory parts Boys looking for a fantastic real life action hero may enjoy this and be drawn to some of Geary s crim related graphic novels.

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