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Benedict Hall By Cate Campbell,

  • Title: Benedict Hall
  • Author: Cate Campbell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this richly layered debut novel, Cate Campbell introduces the wealthy Benedict family and takes us behind the grand doors of their mansion, Benedict Hall There, family and servants alike must face the challenges wrought by World War I and the dawn of a new age brimming with scandal, intrigue, and social change.Seattle in 1920 is a city in flux Horse drawn carriages sIn this richly layered debut novel, Cate Campbell introduces the wealthy Benedict family and takes us behind the grand doors of their mansion, Benedict Hall There, family and servants alike must face the challenges wrought by World War I and the dawn of a new age brimming with scandal, intrigue, and social change.Seattle in 1920 is a city in flux Horse drawn carriages share the cobblestone streets with newfangled motor cars Modern girls bob their hair and show their ankles, caf s defy Prohibition by serving dainty teacups of whisky to returning vets and the wartime boom is giving way to a depression Even within the Benedicts majestic Queen Anne home, life is changing above and below stairs.Margot, the Benedicts free spirited daughter, struggles to succeed as a physician despite gender bias and personal turmoil The household staff, especially longtime butler Abraham Blake, have always tried to protect Margot from her brother Preston s cruel streak Yet war has altered Preston too not for the better And when a chance encounter brings a fellow army officer into the Benedict fold, Preston s ruthlessness is triggered to new heights.An engineer at the fledgling Boeing company, Frank Parrish has been wounded body and soul, and in Margot, he senses a kindred spirit But their burgeoning friendship and Preston s growing wickedness will have explosive repercussions for everyone at Benedict Hall rich and poor, black and white as Margot dares to follow her own path, no matter the consequences.
    Benedict Hall In this richly layered debut novel Cate Campbell introduces the wealthy Benedict family and takes us behind the grand doors of their mansion Benedict Hall There family and servants alike must face

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    1. I must say right off I bought this book for two reasonsFirst reason I love the cover of this book, The Second reason I bought it was because it indicated if you liked Downton Abbey, then you will probably like this book It really didn t remind me much of Downton Abbey, other then the fact that it was set in the 1920s, not in England, but in Seattle, Washington However, Cate Campbell, the author did a good job with her debut novel The story was full of intrigue, conspiracy, and a bit of light rom [...]

    2. I read this as part of my Reading My Library Quest to read a book from every shelf And upon looking up the author I see she is someone I like who writes as Louise Marley when writing SF The history of Seattle is well executed I could actually follow as they walked around the city, which is very unusually for me I liked the bits about medicine and the slow romance between Dr Benedict and Frank Parrish, the one handed war veteran.The magical stone thing didn t work for me It made sense that the lo [...]

    3. I have already added the next in the series to my Nook I rarely, if ever, do this upon reading a book in a new to me series So that should tell you something about how much I LOVED this book It s set in 1920 Seattle, has a cast of characters I loved or loathed Strong feelings for characters on the page, but Cate Campbell made me feel them I loved the courageous Margot Benedict, who chose to be a doctor in a society who struggled with growing emancipation of women I loved Frank Parrish, the man c [...]

    4. I don t usually read historical fiction, but this one did hook me It s a fascinating glimpse of the 1920s in a wealthy home in Seattle, with a great cast of characters including a young woman physician, and several soldiers returning from WW1 forever changed A psychopath is loose, but no one believes what he is Campbell makes this all quite believable, a bit scary, and richly historical Loved it.

    5. Thank you for sending this book Congratulations to Cate Campbell on her first book 1920 s Washington with men returning from war, jobs are scarce and women are fighting for prominence and respect in the work place A family trying to come to terms with these changes.d intrigue, jealousy and yes, love I found it to be very enjoyable reading and the author allowed us a glimpse of the struggles that many faced in this rapidly changing time.

    6. 1920 Seattle Nice easy read about a discordant family, wounded WWI vet and obstacles for a female doctor I will continue with the others in the trilogy.

    7. The Benedicts are a wealthy family in Seattle The family consists of the parents and three grown children Dick, Margot, and Preston and Dick s wife, Ramona The setting of the story is 1920 WWI has just recently ended, and Preston is having difficulties adjusting to life after the war Margot is doing the unexpected by practicing medicine in a day and age when women doctors were few and far between and is facing difficulties from not only the male doctors but also from her own mother who doesn t c [...]

    8. I picked up an ARC at Barnes Noble in Kansas City, where I am a part time bookseller.Seattle, Washington is quite an interesting place to be in the 1920 s Men are returning from the War, jobs are scarce as businesses adjust to the peacetime economy There s a family with a servants, and there are Chinese women with bound feet It is a time of prohibition Boeing is looking to build airplanes for commercial use A lady doctor struggles for acceptance in a male dominated world The doctor s clothes are [...]

    9. Cate Campbell, aka Louise Marley, tells a good tale Her series has been compared to Downton Abbey, but I think that is unfortunate I m a fan of Downton, but get irritated with the 2 second clips on its large list of characters In Benedict Hall Campbell focuses on 3 main characters Frank the taciturn WWI amputee vet, Margot the outspoken and determined lady doctor, and Blake the caring butler who is Margot s champion Set in Seattle in the 1920 s the story is woven with interesting historical deta [...]

    10. Cate Campbell did an amazing job including various aspects of post WWI life Between amputation struggles, women obtaining degrees higher jobs in society, and life as a free slave I couldn t help to hate the Preston Benedict and love all the other characters This was my first WWI book, usually I read WWII books and I cant help but want Benedict Hall was refreshingly clean except for a few angry curse words.

    11. Overall, this book was clumsy I enjoyed reading about Seattle in the 20s, and you can tell Campbell loves both the medicine and the history of the period, but the story was overburdened with contrived plot points.

    12. A delightful debut novel from Cate Campbell set in post WWI Seattle Excellent storytelling and historical relevance Highly recommend.

    13. If you love Seattle, strong women characters, Downton Abbey read this when it s published Historical fiction following World War II.

    14. Historical fiction in the 1920 s It was interesting to read about a woman doctor and social protocol of the time The villain seemed contrived in his wickedness while his sister seemed so accepting of his actions.

    15. This book had lot of promise, but I had to quit on it after 240 pages There was much I wanted to and did like Setting for one And a couple of the characters But I had a feeling this book couldn t decide what it was It looks like it s a straightforward historical fiction, yet there s this mystical supernatural fantasy element that seemed so out of place Still, in the end, I gave up on this book because one character is so hateful and seems to drift through life so effortlessly it made him a caric [...]

    16. The first in a series by Cate Campbell was, for me, a real page burner This story is set in Seattle of the 1920s and it was great fun seeing what my old town used to look like through this author s eyes As a retired Boeing employee, it was also fun to see how she treated Bill Boeing and The Boeing Company, at the time a small company building seaplanes.The careful and thorough research by the author is delightfully woven into a story of love, jealous hatred, and a bit of ancient history through [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book It had a wonderfully strong sense of place being from the greater Seattle area, I really appreciated how Campbell captured the spirit of the Pacific Northwest so fully It was fun to read about Seattle and be able to picture places mentioned Public Market, Post Street, the ferries and Olympic Mountains I think that really helped ground it for me I also very much enjoyed the characters Love them or hate them, Campbell made you feel something about them, which is good Mar [...]

    18. Originally posted at Mad Scientist Journal, 8 8 2013 Boeing engineers, female doctors, and high society collide in the 1920s Seattle of Cate Campbell s novel, Benedict Hall Four very different points of view intertwine to tell the story of the Benedict family and their associates as they adapt to a changing world following the conclusion of the Great War.Margot Benedict works as one of the few female doctors in 1920s Seattle She is hounded by her brother, Preston, while the rest of her family, w [...]

    19. I m still a sucker for books that tout themselves as Downton esque so I picked this one up dove right in Set in Seattle just after WWI the story takes us to Benedict Hall the family servants who reside there I won t spoil here but I will say this, I liked Margot and that she was a doctor quite determined to practise when it wasn t considered a proper job for a woman She was smart, sometimes awkward, most often sensible and very relatable I also liked Frank Parrish, the Major back from the war wh [...]

    20. In this debut novel set in the post war era of 1920, we are introduced to the Benedict family of Seattle and to their lives which are changing rapidly The main character Margot Benedict is a wonderful example of the new woman , an independent Dr who wants to be in control of her life and not depend on her family s wealth and status She is an advocate for women and treats everyone as human beings regardless of race or social status Her adversary is her youngest brother Preston, a charming sociopa [...]

    21. My interest in this book was the time period I ve been interested since that spate of time I was obsessed with Downton Abbey and learning about what it would be like to be a woman doctor during that time I didn t know that medical school was made deliberately difficult to try and defeat and discourage women from becoming doctors I actually hadn t thought about it at all I think I might have assumed that women simply didn t go to medical school and that if they wanted to be a doctor they became [...]

    22. I won this book through giveaway and was finally able to sit down and read it I was excited to read this book, as I am very familiar with Seattle and thought that it would be interesting to read about Seattle in the 20s One of the first things that I noticed was that the back cover of the book said that it took place in the Queen Anne neighborhood, but it in fact takes place in the older mansions that are in the Capitol Hill neighborhood The beginning was a little slow to get into, but after a c [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this story and became invested in most its characters Love the 1920s time period, Seattle setting, lady doctor, and her love interest Especially appealing to me is the appearance of William Boeing, his plant, and his seaplane business that later became a huge aircraft company that now makes half the commercial aircraft in use As an aircraft technician, those bits, however few, made me like the book even .The heroine is too cool for words She s a very determined doctor who keeps [...]

    24. In the aftermath of WWI, the world is changing at a dizzying pace The eighteenth and nineteenth amendments loom, unemployment is high and feeling are strong towards unions, alcohol, women s rights and technology The wealthy Benedict family of Seattle discuss these issues endlessly and everyone has an opinion Frank Parrish is an American who fought in Palestine with the British and lost his left arm in battle He is living with chronic pain and has not been able to be fitted with a prosthesis due [...]

    25. Frank and Preston were both in the same unit during WWI Frank had lost his left arm during a fierce battle and was returned stateside While out looking for a job in Seattle Wa Frank and Preston happen to meet up once again and Frank ends up going to Preston s family home for dinner and meeting his sister, Margot, who happens to be a doctor As a relationship kindles between Frank and Margot, Preston is finding a way to destroy them both His hatred for them knows no bounds and he will go to any le [...]

    26. Fantastic book Historical, set in Seattle I live in Seattle where I could follow all the movements of the characters in my mind One of the houses I most admire on Capitol Hill was probably the model for Benedict Hall.It s so well grounded in the early post war era that it could pass for a historical novel Yet, it has a small eerie bit of magic or is it merely that the character wants the justification and a much larger dose of that rare person, somebody truly unable to make human contact, who li [...]

    27. This was an interesting book that touched on the American experience after WWI A wounded American soldier, Frank Parrish, comes to Seattle in 1920 hoping to find work He meets up with a fellow returned soldier, Preston Benedict, who comes from a wealthy family in Seattle Frank meets Preston s sister, Margot, who has just finished training as a doctor Preston is hiding a secret though while in the Middle East, he murdered a shopkeeper to steal a sapphire necklace This necklace makes him feel like [...]

    28. If you want to read this because you saw it a list of Downton Abbey esque books, skip it It is nothing like Downton Abbey.It s a very strange story, not really historical fiction although it took place in the 20 s however it is set in Seattle, WA.The writing is pretty decent although there was quite a bit if unnecessary fluff and I found myself skimming through a lot of the book The end tied up neatly which elevated it to 2 stars but I am left with some glaring questions like THE BODY The bones [...]

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