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Мастер и Маргарита. Собачье сердце By Mikhail Bulgakov,

  • Title: Мастер и Маргарита. Собачье сердце
  • Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
  • ISBN: 5699123679
  • Page: 445
  • Format: None
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    One thought on “Мастер и Маргарита. Собачье сердце”

    1. I read this book years ago after finding out at some point that it was Mick Jagger s inspiration for Sympathy for the Devil and as part of my overall life plan to read depressing Russian literature during the bleakest months of the year January and February , while feeling guilty about not being able to do so in the original language in which the books were written Totally a mind blowing and life altering experience for me It s been so long now that I might have to go back and re read it.

    2. The English translation is okay, but take the trouble to read it in the original You won t regret your decision.

    3. Re reading Fascinating no matter how many times I ve read it.Gosh, haven t been on this site for quite a while

    4. These two books fascinated me when I was in my 20s I am planning to reread now in my late 50s to see if I have changed my opinions The shorter Heart of Dog is a kind of Far Side look at the Soviet Union through the eyes of a man who gets a heart transplant but his heart comes from a dog It was a very difficult time to be explicitly critical of the regime in the USSR Stalin was at his highest point Bulgagov however, somehow managed to stay in print The book mocks the idiosyncracies of the Soviet [...]

    5. Bulgakov is a writer that should be better known outside Russia Hard to believe he published these works under Stalin s rule Master and Margarita is a book that is difficult to put in a genre fantasy religion as history grotesque The band of demons that are unleashed in Moscow include my favorite Bigimot, the huge black cat and his browning revolver Heart of a Dog is a story where a scientist makes a human canine hybrid His dog after the surgery becomes a party member, informs on people, and gen [...]

    6. I finally read this book after a few years on my waiting to read list The author is incredibly intelligent I certainly needed all the definitions and references in the back of the edition I read to help me understand the book But, at the end of it, i felt like an outsider who just didn t get the joke It may be cultural since I m not suitably familiar with that era of Russian politics culture.

    7. It is hard to express how much The Master and Margarita meant to me and my friends when we were young at the end of the Soviet era The frustrations and possibilities it conveys caught our mood perfectly I still ove it.

    8. The Master and Margarita is the book I would take to a desert island Reading it and re reading it stands the test of time Heart of a Dog deserves to be better known.

    9. Completely brilliant I wish I had discovered this book many years ago There aren t enough stars for this one.

    10. Yes, it s an icon of Russian literature and all, but Gives Satan too much credit glory I have a much lower opinion of the guy

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