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Marching to Zion By Mary Glickman,

  • Title: Marching to Zion
  • Author: Mary Glickman
  • ISBN: 9781480435629
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The forbidden, tempestuous, and tragic love story of a beautiful Jewish immigrant and a debonair black man in the South during the early twentieth centuryMags Preacher, a young black woman with a dream, arrives in St Louis from the piney woods of her family home in 1916, hoping to learn the beauty trade She knows nothing about Jews except that they killed the Lord JesusThe forbidden, tempestuous, and tragic love story of a beautiful Jewish immigrant and a debonair black man in the South during the early twentieth centuryMags Preacher, a young black woman with a dream, arrives in St Louis from the piney woods of her family home in 1916, hoping to learn the beauty trade She knows nothing about Jews except that they killed the Lord Jesus Christ Then she begins working for Mr Fishbein, an Eastern European migr who fled the pogroms that shattered his life to become the proprietor of Fishbein s Funeral Home By the time he saves Mags from certain death during the 1917 race riots in East St Louis, all her perceptions have changed But Mr Fishbein s daughter, the troubled redheaded beauty Minerva, is a different matter There is something wrong with the girl, something dangerous, something fateful And it is Magnus Bailey, Mags first friend in the city, who learns to what heights and depths the girl s willful spirit can drive a man.Marching to Zion is the tragic love story of Minerva Fishbein and Magnus Bailey, a charismatic black man and the longtime business partner of Minerva s father From the brutal riots of East St Louis to Memphis, Tennessee, during the 1920s and the Depression, Marching to Zion is a tale of passion, betrayal, and redemption during an era in America when interracial love could not go unpunished Readers of Mary Glickman s One More River will celebrate the return of Aurora Mae Stanton, who joins a cast of vibrant new characters in this tense and compelling Southern Jewish novel that examines the price of love and the interventions of fate.
    Marching to Zion The forbidden tempestuous and tragic love story of a beautiful Jewish immigrant and a debonair black man in the South during the early twentieth centuryMags Preacher a young black woman with a drea

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    1. A Modern Day ClassicThis was a wonderful read by Mary Glickman that was an absolute pleasure to read and that reminded me very much of the classic To Kill a Mockingbird Marching to Zion may take its name from the hymn and end with two of the characters eventually entering Zion but this is a carefully constructed novel that covers a span of 20 years that examines relationships between black and white, Negro and Jew Relationships that were forbidden then and to some extent not accepted by some now [...]

    2. In 1916, Mags Preacher, an African American young woman from the rural South, arrives in St Louis hoping to learn a trade to better her future There, she finds employment at Fishbein s Funeral Home and meets her husband to be When Mr Fishbein saves Mags life, she leaves St Louis with Mr Fishbein and his young daughter, Minerva, whose mind was unbalanced when her family was killed in a pogrom in Eastern Europe After Mags is reunited with her family, the Fishbeins and Magnus Bailey move on to Memp [...]

    3. I think this is my favorite Mary Glickman novel yetd I ve loved all three Marching to Zion tells the story of Minerva or Minnie Fishbein, a young woman with fiery red hair who lives in East St Louis with her father, the owner of a funeral parlor in the black part of town Minnie and her father escaped a pogrom in Eastern Europe and find refuge in East St Louis until a group of bandits riot, killing and looting for days Thanks to Fishbein s business partner and right hand man, Magnus Bailey, fathe [...]

    4. Marching to Zion by Mary Glickman is a wonderful and sad story about interracial realtions in the 1910s and 1920 America It follows a cast of Black and Jewish characters and illustrates their life at the edge of society very well Race Riots in St Louis are being seen by the Jewish funeral director Fishbein, who has his own memories of pogroms is one of the best scenes in the book.The characters however are far from being generic or reduced to their racial function They are all fleshed out with g [...]

    5. I found this historical novel disappointingly tedious and melodramatic It was billed as a romance between a white Jewish woman and a black man in early twentieth century St Louis, but the first third of the text focuses on a different character entirely The descriptions of main characters Minerva Fishbein and Magnus Bailey and the development of their romance felt rather rudimentary, though I liked the funeral home setting The only character who stood out for me was Minerva s father, Fishbein, t [...]

    6. During the early part of the 20th century, despite slavery having been long over, equality was still far in the future, especially when it came to interracial couples, and even so if one of them was Jewish Read my review of this unusual and fascinating novel here drchazan 2014 08

    7. MARCHING TO ZIONMary Glickman The dedication of MARCHING TO ZION by Mary Glickman concisely tells the theme For the lovers, their arms around the grief of the ages Taking place primarily in East St Louis and Memphis between 1916 and 1936, the book tells the story of relationships between races and religions with the focus on those between blacks and whites Mary Glickman hides philosophy in the narrative as she has her characters discuss how experiences, both individual and group, influence how p [...]

    8. Marching To Zion by Mary Glickman begins with the story of Margaret Preacher, Mags , who is a country girl and unfamiliar with big city sights She has never been inside much less seen a building 5 stories high, and she is in awe of the differences between where she was born and raised as opposed to where she now finds herself She got to the city by hitching a ride on the back of a milk truck where she managed to fit herself among the canisters What she wants to do in this new and bigger place is [...]

    9. I had a difficult time with this book The story jumps from Mags to Magnus and then Minerva, back to Mags, to Aurora then back to Minerva Such a huge cast of characters, all needing to tell their story It begins interestingly enough, with a young country girl arriving in the big city with a dream We meet Magnus, who runs a number of businesses with Fishbein, a Jew who owns, among other pursuits, a funeral home Mags gets a job there, falls in love, has a child Her husband is killed in a riot Fishb [...]

    10. Mary Glickman s MARCHING TO ZION is not a continuation of her excellent ONE MORE RIVER, although MARCHING does again involve one character, Aurora Mae, and both books are historical fiction MARCHING is a standalone novelRCHING TO ZION is mostly about a white Jewish girl woman and a black man who are doomed for, obviously, racial reasons But the book doesn t begin with their story It begins in 1916 with Mags Preacher, a black woman, who finds work at a funeral home and eventually marries her boss [...]

    11. Marching to Zion was a page turner for me It s not plot driven, really, but the character development really kept me involved in the story I liked all of the characters in this story that examines racial and religious relationships and prejudice in Missouri and Memphis, in the early 1900s At the centre of the novel is a white Jewish immigrant and his daughter, as well as a charismatic black American man, the three of whom have a long, rich, and complicated history, and are trying to map the dire [...]

    12. Sometimes an author breaks with tradition you know the type of thing, in America we expect to have action and a definite main protagonist in the first 5 pages that sort of dumbed down reading profile.Mary Glickman breaks the mold In this story you need to adsorb every page turning nuance of the characters she writes about Why Because they are ALL compelling The story is an adventure, it is a true history re enactment, it is a tragedy, it is dramatic, and in the end there is hope where none, real [...]

    13. A very fine novel, full of wonderfully interesting characters with a strong storyline Highly recommended.

    14. Great premise, torturous execution I never would have finished it and to be honest I did some skimming if it hadn t been short I hated how this was structured, how it artlessly jumped around, and the writing leeched all the inherent drama out of the story The whole book is written in the most dry, uninvolving way I never cared about these people or was interested in them This is one of those books that begs your attention to wander because your phone or the scenery outside the window or even a b [...]

    15. I received a review copy of this book.This is a story filled with tragedy from start to finish The chief protagonists Minerva, a Jewish girl whose parents were murdered in a Russian pogrom and who has been taken in by Mr Fishbein who is weighed down with the misfortune of losing his entire family in the same catastrophe They have come to America and settled in St Louis, where his business running a funeral home in a black neighborhood seems to be prospering Magnus Bailey, a black up and coming, [...]

    16. March to Zionby Mary GlickmanIf you grew up here in the United States you invarilably learned about the war between the states, plantations, and slavery March to Zion takes us through the time period in this country from 1913 1936 Mary Glickman introduces is to some wonderfully colorful characters, from Mags Preacher who leaves the backwaters of Tennessee to find her fortune in the big city, St Louis, to Magnus Bailey who also has found a flashy style that helps him escape his past The other mai [...]

    17. Mary Glickman s, Marching to Zion, takes us to a very interesting time period in American history, post WWI to the mid 1930 s While the book shows the struggle of African Americans, it also shows the plight of Jews in this time period The added twist here is the forbidden love of a white Jewish girl and an African American male.A large cast of characters might be the sign of a very creative and descriptive author, but I did find that this large cast were not handled smoothly Many, whose stories [...]

    18. Marching to Zion is tragic,and violent Still, an enjoyable read Mary Glickman knows how to tell a story It was a little misleading Margaret Mags didn t play a huge part in the book I wish she did Her character wasn t fully developed It didn t read as a love story to me Magnus and Minerva aka Minnie, aka Lil Red didn t seem in love as they did obsessed They were not nearly as careful as they should have been Even if she was a prostitute It was a dangerous time for anyone thought to have had roman [...]

    19. There are a few reasons I ranked this book 4 stars First, the author does not really develop the characters to a point that they are likable Sure, I empathized with the characters, but I felt no real connection to any of them Second, the author virtually omits Mags, whom I thought based on the jacket cover, was a major character in this story She does not develop this character nor her daughter who was born in tumultuous times The author alludes that the daughter grew up cold because of incidenc [...]

    20. The story opens with Mags Preacher coming to the big city to fulfill her dreams The first person that Mags meets is Magnus Bailey He helps her get a start, and she eventually ends up working at a funeral home owned by Mr Fishbein He and his strange daughter are the first Jews she has ever met Her opinion of Jews changes when Fishbein saves her life during the race riots of 1917 As a matter of fact, lots of her ideas and circumstances change.However, the story is primarily about the unusual relat [...]

    21. Marching to Zion is not one tragic love story but several all rolled into one very sad book Whether losing their spouse to the pogroms in Estonia or the race riots of St Louis, every main character in this book loses the person they love in a horrifying way.In spite of that, I thoroughly enjoyed this book It showed me a small glimpse of what life in the early 1900 s would be like for a black man in love with a white woman, a Jewish man whose entire family was slaughtered, or a woman on her own w [...]

    22. I really didn t think this book was going to be that good It seems strange that I would read a book that I had such low hopes for, but I was in a rush at the library and didn t want to leave without a book for the week.It turns out that I really liked this book I can t put my finger on what it was that I liked so much It might have been the writer s style it might have been the unique story But I definitely liked the book and would recommend it.The main characters in the book are either white an [...]

    23. This one is high on my list The story was well told with multiple narrators with distinct voices The writing held my attention, and there were plenty of themes for book club discussion Society s rules, hatred, resilience, bad fortune, dignity, interracial relationships, and the imprinting of first love.This book made me think of the big and small betrayals people commit in the name of love and or passion, the way we delude ourselves and use each other, and the ways in which we work hard and ofte [...]

    24. As a fan of Mary Glickman s previous novel, it was fun to revisit familiar characters like Aurora Mae and settings the south before and after the Great Flood However, in Marching to Zion, I just really didn t get her character of Minnie and found it hard to relate, feel empathy, and root for her and Magnus like I did with Aurora Mae and Bernard in One More River and Jackson and Katherine in Home in the Morning Nevertheless, an interesting, highly readable novel, with a totally surprising and une [...]

    25. Hx Theme combination of race relations and anti semitism very well intertwined and comparedI love how the focus winds from character to character, without feeling like you ve abandoned the first one.Excellent and appropriate ending But don t expect this to be a feel good novel.I really struggled with the lack of quotation marks throughout I often had to reread to figure out if something was said or thought I want to enjoy the story without getting bogged down in whether it was proofed correctly. [...]

    26. I really liked how this book started out, but then it left the main character and started following another one, and eventually left that character to follow the next They were all inter related, but it was just weird It also lost a lot of steam as it went along, and I started losing interest I stuck with it, mainly to see if it ever got back to the original character and it really didn t although she was mentioned Kind of a sad ending in a depressing book.

    27. This was an enjoyable if not strange read Anyone who believes in romance will not love the ending, those inclined to Karma will understand at once Marching to Zion is very prophetic, it s lack of punctuation at times is confusing but adds to the rush of emotion it produces This novel says a lot about the ideal of freedom, it s boundaries, and illusion Glickman has won me with her syle, and I ll certainly be reading her first two novels Home in the Morning and One More River.

    28. Marching to Zion is a little strange, as it starts about one person, who then disappears and three seemingly minor characters become the entire plot But once the book settled into the main plot it is a story that you feel invested in The characters are vivid and real and Ms Glickman both devastates and satisfies you with the ending.

    29. I wanted to like this book very much In fact I liked some of it quite a bit In the end, the characters I most cared about turned out to be side characters in the story and the focus was one characters I couldn t stand who made stupid choices And I didn t like the ending.All in all though, the writing is quite good, and I d be willing to read from the author.

    30. The setting is St Louis and points south in 1929 The characters a diverse group on Negro and Jewish Americans The plot the struggles of each and the prejudices and discriminations they faced Several characters populate the story with the main plot the doomed love between Jewish Minerva and black Magnus Bailey This was a nice relaxing read with a bitter sweet ending.

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