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Close Up and Personal By J.S.Taylor,

  • Title: Close Up and Personal
  • Author: J.S.Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781482084009
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Actress and director The stage is set for passion Drama school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script writer But when she meets famous director James Berkeley, she s tempted into the glamorous world of acting Behind the camera, the mysterious Berkeley commands discipline at all times But Isabella soon discovers this man s dominant tendencies also extend into tActress and director The stage is set for passion Drama school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script writer But when she meets famous director James Berkeley, she s tempted into the glamorous world of acting Behind the camera, the mysterious Berkeley commands discipline at all times But Isabella soon discovers this man s dominant tendencies also extend into the dressing room Suddenly Isabella is discovering a side of herself she never knew existed But she is also learning about the alluring James Berkeley Is his desperate past something she can help heal Or will the flames of passion consume them both when the cameras start rolling Lights, camera, action
    Close Up and Personal Actress and director The stage is set for passion Drama school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script writer But when she meets famous director James Berkeley she s tempted into the glamorous w

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    1. FREE on US today 4 20 2015 This sounds right up my alley Series is complete.BLURB Actress and director The stage is set for passionDrama school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script writer But when she meets famous director James Berkeley, she s tempted into the glamorous world of acting Behind the camera, the mysterious Berkeley commands discipline at all times But Isabella soon discovers this man s dominant tendencies also extend into the dressing room Suddenly Isabella is discovering a [...]

    2. I may have to back burner this one.I really wish authors would indicate in the book description that the book is part of a series and will not have the traditional beginning, middle and end I enjoy traditional series where each book can for the most part be a stand alone I want a warning if a book is going to end abruptly with no HEA or HFN.This new trend towards having multiple books to tell one story does not find favor with me It was only through reading reviews that I found out that this boo [...]

    3. 4 I ll Audition For That Stars Whew That was quite an exciting journey This is one of those books that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to rate it I didn t want to give it 5 stars, for this is only one part of a 4 part journey,so I decided to give it 4 instead When I started this story, I didn t think I was going to be pulled in the way I was I found myself having a hard time putting it down, and I loved the mysterious Mr James Berkeley Isabella Green James BerkeleyThe story starts with [...]

    4. OH MAN WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE I WANT IT NOW I really did enjoy this Isabella GreenI wanna get to the good stuff I want MORE OF THE BATH SCENE WOULD BE NICE4 stars But I gotta good feeling about the next, Oh it gonna be good

    5. NDF at 36% I don t have the time or patience to continue a book I know I can t connect with any The personality of the female character drove me up the wall from page one beautiful girl, but extremely insecure, doesn t drink, and is not even sure if she s a virgin or not O The connection between the characters was too fast and lacked dimension in my opinion Not my type of book.

    6. I was a little disappointed, but not enough to deter me from reading the next one The sex scenes are hot and steamy other than that, there wasn t much I enjoyed I wanted the author to get on with the story Meaning, I wanted the film to start rolling.I often complain that authors speed things up too much when it comes to establishing that emotional connection between characters This goes for the connection between Isabella and James, as well Paradoxically, the story is too slow The plot needed to [...]

    7. So I picked this up on my kindle as a steamy read based on its similarity to some other fun books Some reviewers on recommended it Overall, I liked it I might get the second one if the wait isn t too long.I really hate cliffhanger endings that leave you feeling like its halfway through the book In my view, the story should have a beginning middle and end If its part of a series, the next book should also be self contained but flow from one book to the next This book just abruptly ends I would ha [...]

    8. A drama graduate who asprires to be a screen writer meets a famous, gorgeous movie director It s fanciful escapism, the things dreams are made of for the leading lady and I loved it Add to the mix hot and steamy scenes between Isabella Green and James Berkeley great leading names What could a lover of hot romance erotica books want There is a cliffhanger but that means there will be another lovely book.hooray If you enjoyed Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series I m sure you will love thisx

    9. I know I ve been really lazy with my reviews lately I ve been breezing through so many books without leaving a single review I m currently on vacation, and I get so lazy with reviews when it comes to books.This book makes me think of FSOG so much It excites me because it s like reading the book that converted you to your favorite book genre but it has character depth, of a storyline, and it s better written My deepest apologies to E.L James but reading FSOG for the first time was mind blowing [...]

    10. Close Up and Personal pleasantly surprised me Set in London, an alpha bazillionaire with baggage and has a disturbing past, James Berkeley becomes quite smitten with Issy Isabella Green is an almost virgin, a bit sassy at times, smart, and beautiful OK so what is different about this book This story has substance and sex There is a unique back story which I love, several strong supporting characters, and steamy sex Its of the same but then its not I can not wait to see where each part of the st [...]

    11. When I read a book about a dominant male I want to feel that dominance I want to feel him ruling, prevailing but James Berkeley did not come across as an alpha male nope he just did not do it for me.The plot, was predictable and weak, the characters emotionless and so was the sex it was not hot, it was just another clich d story and as a reader of 50 shades of Grey I didn t love this story.We have read it before, struggling drama school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script writer until s [...]

    12. 3.5 Stars This one was just okay for me It s another attempt at duplicating the Fifty Shades and Crossfire trilogy For whatever reason, I was never really able to develop much of a connection with either main character or the story itself The storyline was a bit different I guess actress and director It did have somewhat of a cliffhanger ending I m on the fence as to whether I will continue with the series.

    13. Okay so this type of story is my guilty pleasure I can find it hard to get into a book that goes too far into a Dom Sub theme without a real connection to the male lead If I am not attached to the male dom character I find it difficult to accept the controlling nature James Berkeley is a bit of a secret, but you get enough of him to make you want to know about him Although his character is expected to be a complete controlling one, he comes across as very sweet and a bit broken So we have a man [...]

    14. Isabella is an aspiring young actress who s not sure she s cut for this job since she s always been shy and chose to study creative writing in drama school instead of acting Then she meets famous, young, rich director James Berkeley and is thrown in a different world He wants us both as his leading lady and in his bed and is ready to go to any lengths to get what he wants It is an intriguing premise, but Issy seemed a little immature to me, always uncertain of herself and not in a cute way I fel [...]

    15. I was supposed to read this for last month, but never got around to it It was basically a director and actress version of Fifty Shades of Grey However, there were a lot of steamy scenes and little to no BDSM I thought it was a good start to the series.Isabella Green is a talented woman with a script writing major, who loves to act James Berkeley is a sexy man who is the most famous director producer in Britain He had a very bad past and he wants to protect Issy from the paparazzi The ending was [...]

    16. A quick, light and somewhat silly read involving a famous film director and an fresh faced starlet ingenue It s no surprise the author was inspired by the 50 Shades series phenomenon It s structured very similarly, brooding alpha with a dark past, ingenue with a sassy roommate, etcIt plays at dark and brooding, but doesn t quite go there and has all the hallmarks of the I fell in love after knowing him for 3 days romance novel If you like the stock characters and formulaic erotica, it s not badl [...]

    17. The book is great luv a Dominant man an James Berkeley so is an is he hot there is no messin the around with the story gets goin straight away an I m left on a cliff hanger I need the Berkeley method now

    18. Im enjoying getting to know the characters so far and even though the ending wasn t too much of a cliffhanger, im intrigued to see what happens

    19. Close Up and Personal was a brilliantly written book that I could not get enough of In the first book in this series we are first introduced to the main character Isabella Green and her best friend and roommate Lorna Lorna has setup an audition for Isabella in a new play at a theater in London and as much as Isabella appreciates the offer she has always wanted to be a script writer and not an actress with reluctance she ends up going to the audition Instead of meeting the casting director Isabel [...]

    20. This book is 4 and 4 1 2 stars I really enjoyed this easy to read, good story I couldn t keep myself comparing with others books But it wasnt a bad thing, it wasn t annoying I think the comparaison came up with the fact that it was all writen in the description of this book A lot of similarities with the first Grey as for the newly graduate, not a lot of experiences funny side she didnt know it for sure , a control freak and dom, mysterious side of this James.I like this book a bit better than G [...]

    21. Sweet Saucy Meet Isabella Green a beautiful, talented and recent drama school graduate Isabella is looking to get her feet wet with acting in order to become a better screenwriter.Meet James Berkely a handsome and famous director who stepped in as a last minute casting director for Isabella s audition.When these two characters come together sparks fly Isabella is a sweet and inexperienced woman who prefers hanging behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight But James sees something far specia [...]

    22. I had this as a rec from my girl, Amy She knows how to pick books I absolutely loved it It was so refreshing to pick up a book that has an Alpha Dom character where the storyline is original and doesn t rip FSOG I think the storyline is good and the characters are fab The sex is hot, demanding and full of intensity What could you ask for The one thing I did really like above all was the fact that there could have been an opportunity for a massive cliffy in this Don t get me wrong though there i [...]

    23. It s not the controlling nature of the male protagonist here that turns me off I can definitely find that sexy if the character is written well which it isn t here What turns me off the most is the heroine Within the first chapter, she refers to her volatile Spanish nature at least twice, so even though I rolled my eyes at the reminder, I was expecting a fiery female who gave good attitude No Isabella has no spine and is not at all interesting She is in fact, meek, with no self confidence and a [...]

    24. 4.5 Stars This is just what i was looking for, sometimes i just need to read these type of books For days i have been traipsing around s website trying to find something to get my teeth into So when i find this little gem and i see it also FREE i think to myself RESULT And it did not disappoint I did get a Fifty Shades of Grey feel to it but i wouldn t say it was a rip off at all J.S Taylor totally has her own story to tell about James Isabella and i for one cannot wait to move on to the rest of [...]

    25. Close Up and Personal was a free book, so of course I got it only to realize two books were in the series that were not free and do not meet my normal standard for paying good money for books that are under 250 pages What can I say, book 1 hooked me, so now I own book 2 and it will soon be joined by book 3.James is AMAZING and Isabelle is a little naive The author brings you right in the book with them Case in point I was drinking my coffee, reading and husband stops me and says, what the hell [...]

    26. 3.5 STARSI am torn I wanted to love it because from time to time, I do enjoy the innocent girl meets rich dominant alpha male But I just couldn t It took a while for me to get into it because the story didn t pick up or should I say stared till 40% Once the story picked up, it ended in a split second with a mild cliffhanger this is when i say certain cliffhangers can hurt a book I feel that certain scenes were rushed and not explain in great detail However, the hero and heroin have a really good [...]

    27. What a ride This book jumped as soon as I read the first page I just love when that happens This is series so the first book is a taste of what is to come This was a fast paced , sexy story I can t wait to read .The characters in the story are interesting and although it appears that James has many secrets I get the feeling that Issy will find them out eventually Issy character is well young and impressionable She is totally gone overboard for him.This is not the kind of book that is deep But bo [...]

    28. Hmmmis was just an okay read for me, which was disappointing It was a quick read, but there wasn t much character development and the story just felt rushed there was such potential for this story to develop I had to go back a few times and make sure I didn t miss something I just didn t feel I got a chance to really know the characters before it ended abruptly I ll probably read the second book just to find out what happens in the story.

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