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Wicked Destiny By Tiffany Stevens,

  • Title: Wicked Destiny
  • Author: Tiffany Stevens
  • ISBN: 9781482643633
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sloane has alway known she was different, but she never knew her every existence tipped the balance between good and evil Sloane learns the truth that has been kept from her all this time but the question that remains is will she choose the easy way out or will she fight to prove she s nothing what the prophecy claims she is.
    Wicked Destiny Sloane has alway known she was different but she never knew her every existence tipped the balance between good and evil Sloane learns the truth that has been kept from her all this time but the ques

    One thought on “Wicked Destiny”

    1. Loved this book from start to finish Can t to wait to see what is in store for Sloane in the next book Not sure who s team I m onbut I m leaning towards TEAM DECLAN Can t wait to get my hands on the next installment

    2. This book is, simply put, addicting Completely had my attention from the beginning to the end Such a complex and intriguing story The many twists and surprises kept it very suspenseful Thus far, I m undecided as to which side team I am on, therefore I m most definitely looking forward to the next installment This book storyline has become my newest obsession Thank you, Tiffany Stevens for this AWESOME read

    3. Wicked Destiny was an exciting addition to the ever growing PNR genre Being Tiffany Stevens debut book, I was extremely impressed by Wicked Destiny s well developed characters and engaging storyline It held my attention from beginning to end and I can t wait to see from this author and of Declan swoon Well done, Ms Stevens

    4. i couldnt take the suspense any so i did what every agitated book lover would do i skipped some pages, and when i didi literally rolled off my bed ive never read a book where the main character goes bad then redeems herself all the suspense was definitely worth it.

    5. Loved itaracters were greatCan t wait to see how Sloane Declan Viktor progress on this journeyd what happens with Shay, Jared, Dale and the other cast of characters.

    6. I must be really tired of the paranormal romances because I didn t find myself attached to the characters, the plot or the entire book like I usually am I still enjoyed the book but on a different level Wicked Destiny was very fast paced, page turning and action packed I only wished there wasn t a love triangle square and wished even that our protagonist, Sloane was a much stronger character Her inability to live on after being left behind by her ex boyfriend, Declan was excessively hard to rea [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed Wicked Destiny When it first started I was annoyed by the self pity Sloane kept spouting She was supposed to be strong but all I saw was someone feeling sorry for themselves The dreams of her ex, Declan, really didn t help matters Turns out he was the one projecting them to her, so she could get over him Really Are men that dumb all the time Let s not go there.Enter Viktor I was glad he finally succeeded in breaking Sloan out of the self pity party Don t get me wrong, I know [...]

    8. This was an amazing debut novel for Tiffany Stevens I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and never really could figure out what was going to happen next The characters were very easy to like and imagine.When Sloane lost her Aunt and finds out her boyfriend Declan has a finacee she feels her whole world it tumbling around her She has the ability to destory things and makes things happen especially when she is mad She never really understood why she was like that until she met Viktor Her ne [...]

    9. Not too bad Sloane s sulking and inability to see beyond her ex was a little annoying at first but considering she dreams of him every single night well who can blame her for being a little trapped in the past The other characters were pretty well developed and I have to admit Ms Stevens certainly caught me out in the end I did not see him coming to such an extent that I wondered whether some of the red herrings were a little too convincingly written I mean if the big bad is known by your friend [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for an honest review From page one I was drawn in I love the development of the characters, and the details For being a debut book Tiffany has a wonderful story line, and it flows I love her writing style It didn t bore me into putting it down for a moment I love Sloane s name and her eye color change with emotion There is lots of exciting events, and had me guessing Love the choices in men Sloane has I recommend this book.

    11. I liked this book, but couldn t finish it It was really good and kept my attention for a lot of it, but at the same time I couldn t read any once I got in the late fifties I did enjoy what I read, though, and I hope to pick this book up someday and try again So good job to the author.

    12. this book was a non stop page turner I loved the way the characters pulled you into the story wit out you having to really think Can t wait to see what comes next

    13. I enjoyed the book and can t wait to read the next one It was fun to go into Slone s mind and live care free Keep writing so we can keep living through Slone.

    14. I received this book to give an honest review.And I also picked up a copy when it was free on LOVED this book from the beginning to the end Sloane is not your average woman When we first start the story out we are in a dream of Sloane s and that is where it gets interesting and you wonder what exactly is going to happen now I love the way Sloane is portrayed she is just this bad ass chick that has an awesome tattoo not only that she is a bartender bar owner I enjoyed how Sloane could handle her [...]

    15. As I started reading this paranormal romance the thoughts of the old movie called Fire Starter came to my mind I watched as Charlie would get angry with the wind whipping her hair around and light bulbs busting and butter melting until it was out of control and fire would start This story is about Sloane who thinks she is freak because she doesn t understand her super natural powers This story is about a prophecy, good verses evil, with angels, fallen angels, vampires, witches, warlocks shifters [...]

    16. Great start to an awesome series You ll definitely be hooked Tons of twists, lots of suspense, and the endingwow I couldn t stand waiting for book two There s no telling how this will ultimately end and I love that she has the ability to keep you guessing I was beyond impressed with this book and I m now obsessed in this author I can t wait to see what she does next

    17. I loved the struggle Sloane has and the longing she carries in her heart As the book moves from page to page, you learn about her, why she can t let go the love she holds for Declan and why she is in dangerI highly rec this book

    18. Poorly writtenI thought this book had a lot of problems with continuity and poorly developed characters Trying so hard but never reaching it.

    19. GoodThis book was good if you are into the supernatural stuff Which I am not into The author is a very talented writer I absolutely adore her

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