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The Miniature World of Marvin & James By Elise Broach Kelly Murphy,

  • Title: The Miniature World of Marvin & James
  • Author: Elise Broach Kelly Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780805091908
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this Masterpiece Adventure from bestselling author Elise Broach, James is going on vacation for a week His best friend, Marvin the beetle, has to stay at home Without James to keep him company, Marvin has to play with his annoying cousin, Elaine Marvin and Elaine quickly find themselves getting into all sorts of trouble even getting trapped inside a pencil sharpener In this Masterpiece Adventure from bestselling author Elise Broach, James is going on vacation for a week His best friend, Marvin the beetle, has to stay at home Without James to keep him company, Marvin has to play with his annoying cousin, Elaine Marvin and Elaine quickly find themselves getting into all sorts of trouble even getting trapped inside a pencil sharpener But importantly, will James still be Marvin s friend when he gets home or will he have found a new best friend A Christy Ottaviano Book
    The Miniature World of Marvin James In this Masterpiece Adventure from bestselling author Elise Broach James is going on vacation for a week His best friend Marvin the beetle has to stay at home Without James to keep him company Mar

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    1. Written by the award winning author of Masterpiece and Shakespeare s Secret, Elise Broach introduces a delightful spin off series of Masterpiece for young chapter book readers called The Miniature World of Marvin James Told from beetle, Marvin s point of view, his best friend a human named James goes away on vacation While Marvin pines for his buddy, his cousin Elaine appears ready for an adventure She discovers an entertaining contraption in the studio with an interesting hole to climb through [...]

    2. Title The Miniature World of Marvin JamesAuthor Elise Broach Illustrator Elise Broach Genre Transitional Chapter BookTheme s Friendship, Beetles Opening line sentence Marvin is sad James is going away Just to the beach James tells him.Mrs Pompaday and William are going too Brief Book Summary James and Marvin have a great friendship but when Marvin cannot go on vacation with James James has many concerns about their long lasting friendship While James is away, Marvin has an adventure of his own P [...]

    3. Summary James is a boy and Marvin is a beetle James, his little brother and their mother Mrs Pompaday are going on a trip to the beach for a week Marvin has to stay home and patiently wait for James to get back Marvin goes on an adventure and gets into a bit of a pickle.Grade Level 1 4Discussion Questions 1 Can you think of any other ways Marvin and his cousin could ve gotten out of the pencil sharpener 2 What other household classroom items might be dangerous for Marvin 3 Have you ever had a fr [...]

    4. An early chapter book about a boy and his friend Marvin who happens to be a beetle Fun flight of imagination The pencil sharpener misadventure would be quite memorable to students who are ready for a first chapter book A great book to bridge the gab between I Can Read leveled stories and longer chapter books Engaging illustrations.

    5. A great book for a bug lover I do hope you love beetles I loved that book I hope you do too Only five chapters You can read it in one day

    6. Cute book, short story with pictures My four year old loves for me to read this to him Too advanced for him to try to read on his own Might be too boring and simple for an older kid that can read but maybe not I love how there are pictures on nearly every page so it s engaging for the Littles.

    7. The unforgettable characters from Masterpiece are back in a series for young readers James the boy and Marvin the beetle are best friends But now, James is going on vacation to the beach Marvin has to stay at home, and he is a bit sad Without James to keep him company, Marvin has to hang out with his annoying cousin, Elaine Very soon, they get into all sorts of trouble Rolling about in the pencil shavings inside a pencil sharpener, Marvin actually starts to enjoy himself Then, their adventure ta [...]

    8. Having thoroughly enjoyed the original story of James and Marvin Masterpiece by Elise Broach , I was thrilled to hear about this new series about the two And I was not disappointed While this book series is for younger readers, the same charm found in the original permeates the book Marvin is very cute for a cockroach with some serious artistic talent In this first book, Marvin is worried that James will find a new friend while he s on vacation and not want to be friends with him when he gets ho [...]

    9. Marvin the beetle, and his best friend James, a boy, have a sweet yet unusual friendship But when James and his family go on vacation for a week, Marvin worries that James will find a new best friend while he is away Left on his own with no James to talk to, Marvin has to resort to playing with his cousin, Elaine who is sometimes fun, but often annoying It s Elaine who leads him to her favorite new place to play a black box with a hole in it that is filled with wood shavings The two climb up an [...]

    10. It was okay I guess Kinda boring Elaine was a pretty flat character whose personality only consisted of female and annoying I used female as a personality trait here because a pink bow is the only way to distinguish her in the illustrations from Marvin aside from some tears I guess the writer here was trying to make the story short n sweet , a cute little story about a distraught bug for kids But really over all failed except to bring up a few interesting topics Several times in and on the cover [...]

    11. I really enjoyed Broach s middle grade novels like Missing on Superstition Mountain, and we always need well written chapter books But I think my hopes were a bit too high for this one Kids might like it better, especially if they haven t read her other books, but this book felt a bit slow to me It s not a fast story, and the pacing probably fits the story just fine, but it feels very young It s cute and the illustrations are well done It s probably a great fit for precocious K 2nd grade reader [...]

    12. Not the fantastic return to the world of crickets that I hoped it would be BUT it is a solid early reader kind of book I think it would be a fun choice for a family read aloud and a delight for a grade one reader to take on as their own reading option Seeing the world from the eyes of an insect is always a delight think of Chester in Times Square Charlotte even Sophie from Sophie s Masterpiece but the story was simplified to suit a younger reader s vocabulary.Perhaps following the reading of thi [...]

    13. I really loved reconnecting with James and Marvin, the boy and beetle friends from Elise Broach s wonderful book, MASTERPIECE This is the first book in a new series of beginning chapter books The reading level is 1.5.The subject of this story is one that children, and some adults, struggle with when close friends make new friends there are sometimes feelings of insecurity and jealousy In fact, the most recent Elephant Piggie book by Mo Willems, MY NEW FRIEND IS SO FUN also deals with this subjec [...]

    14. I was thrilled to see what I thought was a sequel to the excellent Masterpiece , a young adult novel I ve gifted to several 10 to 12 year olds in the past year or two However, be WARNED this is a first chapter book suited to 6 to 8 year olds It doesn t really reference the earlier book, but just picks up with the friendship between Marvin and James I read this book to my three year old granddaughter over the course of a single day It has engaging black and white illustrations on every page, and [...]

    15. This story, based on the middle grade reader, Masterpiece by the same author, is a wonderful story of friendship and the worry of not being missed when friends are not around James is going on vacation for a week and Marvin, the beetle, will miss James But will James miss Marvin while he is having fun at the beach Told from Marvin s perspective, we learn that James has made new friends which is a good thing since James had few friends before this based on the other novel but worries James will n [...]

    16. For those who enjoyed Masterpiece by Elise Broach this is the beginning of a series based on characters from that book Marvin the beetle and his human friend James star in a new series for younger readers who need beginning chapter books In this book, James goes off to the beach with part of his family, and while gone, Marvin the beetle and his cousin Elaine get trapped inside a pencil sharpener Great book with some suspense and a message about friendship It is also full of black and white illus [...]

    17. When Marvin s best friend James goes to the beach for a vacation, the artistically talented beetle is worried After all, James just might end up having such a good time that he won t miss Marvin at all Fans of Masterpiece may enjoy this story since it continues to explore the relationship between a human and a beetle, but since it s intended for younger readers, they may not be particularly impressed Still, there are enough aspects of the book to keep folks reading I enjoyed how Marvin and Elain [...]

    18. Oh, I did enjoy reading this charming young chapter book to my son 7 who read some of the words as we went along A delightful story of friendship between a boy and his yes beetle friend Who knew so much melodrama and humor could be milked out of a scene inside a pencil sharpener And those illustrations by Kelly Murphy add so much, it s almost a long form picture book I have to mention that the production is beautiful and the interiors are in black and sepia which really adds to the experience of [...]

    19. When James and his family go on vacation to the beach James has to leave his best friend Marvin at home Marvin, who happens to be a beetle, is heartbroken After Marvin helps James pack and sees him off, Marvin s cousin Elaine takes him on an adventure in an effort to cheer him up They wind up in James Dad s pencil sharpener, giving the reading a never before seen view of a pencil sharpener and the dangers that may confront a beetle while exploring it s cavernous interior This quick, illustrated [...]

    20. Cute beginning chapter book about two friends, a boy named James and his beetle, Marvin James is getting ready to go on vacation with his mom, and Marvin is sad to see his friend go But Marvin ends up having his own adventure to keep him busy However, when he hears that James is having fun and meeting new friends, Marvin gets worried he s being replaced He learns the lesson that you can have fun but still be missed This book will be great for mature 1st graders who are ready for chapter books an [...]

    21. Cute new series The Masterpiece Adventures, book 1 , inspired by the author s award winning bestseller Masterpiece Marvin, a beetle, and his best friend, a young boy named James, are best buddies James and his mother and baby brother take off for a week at the beach while his father remains at home Marvin worries that James will meet new friends that replace him, though his family reassures him that all will be fine Marvin enjoys an adventure with his sister while James is away 2014

    22. Only boring beetles get bored When James goes on vacation for a week, Marvin must find the way to pass the time without his friend He manages to have some friend with his cousin Elaine, getting caught in a pencil sharpener Then he hears Mr Pompaday say that James has made new friends Marvin begins to worry that James won t be his friend any when he comes home.It would be a good beginning chapter book for inferring, seeing if the students can figure out the clues as to where Marvin and Elaine hav [...]

    23. This beginning chapter book with really large font and plentiful sepia colored drawings is quirkily charming It features characters from the author s longer chapter book, Masterpiece, which I have not read So, this was my first introduction to James and his best buddy beetle named Marvin In this, James goes away for a week so Marvin is forced to play with beetle cousin, Elaine Their adventure inside a pencil sharpener where they frolic in pencil shavings and nearly get caught, is great Looks lik [...]

    24. Awesome book for the younger readers Do you wonder which one is Marvin and which one is James You must read the book about the mysterious world of Marvin and James Have you ever met a beetle who was friends with a human being What kind of world would you live in if you were friends with bugs Do you want to wake up to be friends with a beetle who misses you when you decided to go on vacation without your best friend Even if Marvin helped James pack for vacation, it wasn t the same I loved this bo [...]

    25. Broach s first book about James and his friend Marvin the beetle was written for quite a different audience This new book is the start of The Masterpiece Adventures and it is delightful just don t recommend it to older kids who read Masterpiece Perfect for good second grade and early third grade readers, it is the story of how James goes on vacation and lonely Marvin s ensuing adventures while he is away The art is wonderful and the story entertaining Simple and sweet.

    26. The Miniature World of Marvin James by Elise Broach, illustrated by Kelly Murphy early chapter book 2nd grade and up Just love Elise Broach s Masterpiece I was curious to see how this book would work as an introduction to Masterpiece I love how there isn t explanation There isn t elaboration There s simply a story about two friends who have to adjust when one goes away for a week and the other is left behind Wonderful beginning to a series, really hoping for .

    27. Marvin the beetle is sad when his best friend, a human named James, goes to the beach on vacation He is bored and lonely, and worried that James will make new friends and forget all about him Although Marvin has an exciting adventure while James is gone, it isn t the same since he can t share it with James This is a sweet and reassuring story about good friends, with the reminder that someone can t miss you unless they go away for a little while Recommended for grades 1 3.

    28. James is going away to the beach for a short vacation and has to leave his beetle friend Marvine behind Marvin is worried that James will find a new best friend while he is gone but he does his best to stay busy with the help of his cousin, Elaine An early reader chapter book sweet, uncomplicated storyline well supported by illustrations to aid the story along This is the sort of book that will help a reader transition into short novels and help build reading confidence.

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