One thought on “Kennedy”

  1. How suddenly a life can be cut short That is the lesson I took away from Kennedy.I underestimated Ted Sorenson I shouldn t have One doesn t get to be Counselor to the President and speech writer without having some skills with words Nevertheless I strongly disliked this book and allowed that to color my perception of Sorenson s skills I did, at least, up until the final paragraph The final few chapters start to build momentum as Sorenson depicts Kennedy s resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis, [...]

  2. The other half to Schlesinger s account of Kennedy s foreign policy, Sorenson does an excellent job of reproducing Kennedy s rise and tenure in office He presents information and conflict with all the bias of an aide towards a great and fallen leader , and is perhaps less reasoned than Kennedy would have been Nonetheless, for those looking to learn about the Kennedy presidency, this is a definitive bookough should not be the only book you read, less you want a flawed perspective.

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