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Ο Ιγκουάνα By Carlos Trillo Domingo Mandrafina,

  • Title: Ο Ιγκουάνα
  • Author: Carlos Trillo Domingo Mandrafina
  • ISBN: 9789608782914
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • , , , , , , Trillo , , .

    One thought on “Ο Ιγκουάνα”

    1. Actually tells an interesting story, but fails to contain even one single likable character The whole plot revolves around this evil character who dies at the beginning The rest of the story is smut and stories told from different characters about how much of a bad man the title character was Something about it made me think of a novella by Gabriel Garcia Marquez But not quite up to that level

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