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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship By Tinnean,

  • Title: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship
  • Author: Tinnean
  • ISBN: 9781627982856
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • A Spy vs Spook Novella Prequel to Houseboat on the Nile It s 1996, and Mark Vincent, senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security, has been assigned the task of assassinating the head of a terrorist organization in Europe When the mission goes south and he s ordered to take a vacation, he reluctantly goes to Paris, where, in a little bar calA Spy vs Spook Novella Prequel to Houseboat on the Nile It s 1996, and Mark Vincent, senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security, has been assigned the task of assassinating the head of a terrorist organization in Europe When the mission goes south and he s ordered to take a vacation, he reluctantly goes to Paris, where, in a little bar called Le Petit Homme, he sees a man who intrigues him However, like ships passing in the night, they go their separate ways, only to meet again the following morning, and over breakfast, the man introduces himself as Louis Is it too much of a coincidence Perhaps, perhaps not, but Mark is intrigued and, unable to resist, he gives his name as Rick A comment of Louis s leads Mark to assume Louis hustles for a living, so Mark decides to rent him for the week Unbeknownst to Mark, Louis has his own reasons for going along with the charade, which leads to the start of a beautiful friendship.
    The Start of a Beautiful Friendship A Spy vs Spook Novella Prequel to Houseboat on the Nile It s and Mark Vincent senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security has been assigned the task of assassina

    One thought on “The Start of a Beautiful Friendship”

    1. It is a nice story, but if only I had read the review, I wouldn t have read it Call me romantic or old fashion, but if I read a romance, I only want to read the main characters I know sleeping with each other This is a story of Mark and his friend with benefit Pierre when they met and spent a week in bed We know that later on Mark fell in love with Quinn, and he stopped sleeping with Pierre So, I m not sure what s the point of this book Oh, a bit too many sex scenes to my liking.

    2. I really liked this short story It was great seeing how Mark met Pete, and we also saw a softer side to Mark That was probably my favourite thing about this book The sex was hot, too, but I kinda wanted it to be Quinn Still, this was another amazing visit into the world, and I can t wait to read in the series.

    3. We already know the short version of what happened between Mark Vincent and Pierre de Becque during that fateful week in Paris back in 1996 The Start of a Beautiful Friendship finally gives us the dirty, explicit details of that time together Quinton Mann ever comes into the picture If you can t remember the backstory, then all the details are nicely laid out for you in the story blurb This was a fun short story it was nice getting to see a few of these characters again, even though it wasn t Vi [...]

    4. Thought I d start this series with the prequel to introduce myself to the characters, or should I say one of the MC s Mark Vincent hope that s his namebut it may not be, he s a spook of course 4 stars from me.This was a promising start for me Mark obviously thinks he s God, and most people in the worldwide Spook family know of him, his reputation precedes him as a reliable guy who keeps his word, so if I were you Director Sperling, I d watch your backs you were definitely responsible for the clu [...]

    5. I love this short It s perfect to someone like me, that already read the books of the Spy vs Spook series and want It s weird, see Mark in so many bed scenes In not used to so many erotic scenes with him But it s ok Mark and Pete are such good friends, and I always want to know how and why they became such close friends Because Mark don t get close to anyone And if he is Pete are close something happened, and Pete deserve Mark s trust Now I know And I m happy

    6. If you look at the title of this book it will tell you everything you need to know about Mark and Louis I grabbed this title as soon as I saw it on the coming soon page on Dreamspinner I have read and loved each book in this series and I was so excited to see another title.See the entire review at The Novel Approach thenovelapproachreviews 20

    7. Really like this author s writing and I love, love, love the Spy vs Spook series, but I love Quinn and Mark together Not sure I want to read one of my favorite characters with someone else even if it is before he met Quinn

    8. Love this series note that Peter, one of the MC s in this story, is not the MC in the series but he shows up a lot throughout so it s great to know about his and Mark s relationship it s very sexy too.

    9. Interesting beginning to 2 spooks meeting You get a glimmer into Mark s life but none really into Pierre s Looking forward to book 1

    10. Short and Sexy, I got two of my favorite colors with this odd little novella.Mark Vincent Rick is a secret agent called to Paris on his latest assignment In the aftermath of an assignment gone bad and losing a friend, he s also dealing with the illness of a father figure back home Taking a night off he spots a man at the bar that interests him in a way no one has in a while The man leaves with someone else, but as fate would have it, Rick stumbles across him again the next day Louis has come acr [...]

    11. To read my full review, please visit onsilverwingz 201Mark is a secret agent and gets delayed for his new mission by bad weather When he gets to the scene of action, his partners are dead and dying He vows to avenge his fallen partners but his boss tells him to take a vacation and cool his head He goes to Paris, undercover, and encounters another man as intriguing as himself and with just as many secrets There is definitely sufficient background on Mark that I can connect with him Sometimes, he [...]

    12. This was a delicious story Tinnean has the ability to write in the moment We are in Paris with a spy who is forced on vacation and just needs to get laid I felt like I was there with Marcus, in the moment, in the room, in the cafe, in Paris.Marcus was hard and beautiful He trusts no one, but allows himself to get lost in the moment in bed with Louis.This wasn t a complicated story, or at least at first that is what you think It was steamy and dirty with traces of intrigue and mystery.Two lovers [...]

    13. Mark Vincent is one of my favorite characters, so I wasn t sure how well I would like this short story concerning a short love affair in Paris with Peter Well, there is not much to give away Each man works for a spy agency, and they end up falling in mutual like for each other There is some ok sex between the two men, but I am uncertain where this goes from here based upon the contents of the rest of the spy vs spook series I hope the author does not destroy the relationship between the two MCs [...]

    14. Don t get me wrong, I liked this, I just wish it could ve been longer Actually, since Tinnean s style is telling a story from both characters perspective she could ve told us what Quinn was up to during the exact same time frame.Overall it was a good read, good enough for me to sneak off while at work to finish Actually next time I re read this series, I ll start with this book first Happy reading

    15. The story of how Pierre and Mark met It also clarifies mark s hatred of Sperling I loved this story even than the first one There was only one point of view and the scenery and balance of the story was perfect Both men were forced to take some time off to deal with the cluster funk that happened in Prague In Paris they found each other, comfort and friendship.

    16. Love stories about Mark Vincent and in this one we get to meet Mark s good friend Louis Pierre for the first time We also get to learn about the snafu that made Sperling a life long enemy of Mark s But I still can t figure out how Sperling ever made Director or was put in charge of such a sensitive detail.Another good Spy vs Spook story

    17. An interesting look at why Pete and Mark are friends Also info on the mess up in France that brought Mark Quinn into each other s interest The opening incident is part of future stories Not a stand alone.

    18. Very nice short story that supplements the Spy Vs Spook series This short explains the relationship between Mark Vincent and his friend, Pete, from the French counterpart to Mark s agency Short and hot, it s an entertaining read.

    19. Lovely little story that shows Mark wasn t a completely closed off individual and that he could have warm feelings for another person His eventual relationship with Quinn was possible.

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