UNLIMITED BOOK ↠ The Power of Everyday Missionaries - by Clayton M. Christensen

The Power of Everyday Missionaries By Clayton M. Christensen,

  • Title: The Power of Everyday Missionaries
  • Author: Clayton M. Christensen
  • ISBN: 9781609074142
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Member missionary work often seems intimidating and difficult, but it doesn t have to be When Clayton Christensen and his wife, Christine, were newly married, they wanted to be diligent member missionaries Using a twelve step process, they created a list of people to prepare for the missionary lessons However, at one step or another, each person declined Clayton set ouMember missionary work often seems intimidating and difficult, but it doesn t have to be When Clayton Christensen and his wife, Christine, were newly married, they wanted to be diligent member missionaries Using a twelve step process, they created a list of people to prepare for the missionary lessons However, at one step or another, each person declined Clayton set out with friends and family members to find a effective approach Their refreshing new ways to think about member missionary work are presented in this volume, which includes inspiring, un usual stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of the ideas You ll learn how to initiate conversations about the gospel, how to make sharing your testimony a natural part of your interactions with others, and how to help people grow in their commitment Along the way, you ll feel the deep joy that comes from sharing the most precious blessing in the world the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The Power of Everyday Missionaries Member missionary work often seems intimidating and difficult but it doesn t have to be When Clayton Christensen and his wife Christine were newly married they wanted to be diligent member mission

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    1. I NEVER like Deseret Book books EVER Only read this book out of duty as I m a new Ward Missionary and our ward Mission Leader asked me to read it I began it with a chip on my shoulder CERTAIN I wouldn t like it I now want EVERYONE to read this book It will change your life and importantly will change the life of others who are awaiting the gospel message FULL of revolutionary thoughts methods tips on how to do missionary work with everyone around you I highlighted something from almost every pa [...]

    2. I was initially a fan of Harvard Business professor Clayton Christensen s work on innovation as well as his HBR article of the year, How Will You Measure Your Life now a book by the same title However, when I heard Clayton speak on missionary work at a conference a year or so ago, I was even impressed by his humility and willingness to be a true disciple of Christ I especially loved his stories and counsel on missionary work something he is obviously passionate about me too Now we have a whole [...]

    3. Before reading this book, I had never asked anyone to meet with full time missionaries to be taught the gospel.After reading it, I have asked 3 One said yes.I used to think I shouldn t say anything until someone has expressed interest first And I used to think talking about the gospel was a really big deal I am now free to talk about it like it s a normal part of my life because it is And I get that invitations are just invitations and not matters of success and failure or life working and life [...]

    4. Take everything you have ever learned about being a member missionary and then re think it through this book.Sometimes we know WHAT we need to doBut we just don t know HOW to do it.Clayton Christensen helps us understand the HOW of being a member missionary through some simple techniques.Here are just a few 1 Do not judge who YOU think will be receptiveleave that to the Lord.2 Use Gospel lingo in everyday conversations will open up natural conversations.3 Share the truth is really that simple.4 [...]

    5. 4 1 2 StarsThis is typically not my favorite topic at church, okay,sometimes I cringe when I hear another talk about missionary work, but I kept hearing about this book and the author so I decided to pick this up More than anything I was completely inspired by the author as a person His kindness and love inspired and touched me to the core He made me think of how I can be a better Christian all around, and reminded me of some of the best parts of my religion like coming together as a community a [...]

    6. Every member should read this book It is life changing for members of the LDS church who are looking to be better missionaries but are stuck, bored, or scared The principles in this book are practical and real My family and my husband s family read this for our book clubs and it has been inspiring for all of us My convert dad invited my non member aunt by using some of the recommendations and she is taking the lessons for the first time in her life at age 70 Huge fan

    7. I picked this book up because the missionaries in my ward have been teaching my family little mini lessons out of it Every single principle they taught was so FRESH and INSPIRING What an incredible book Completely changed my view of sharing the Gospel And I realized a lot of the opinions I held about how and what to do were totally wrong Some of the best things I learned are that everyone needs to be needed, everyone needs to be loved, and most people need to learn how to acclimate to religion i [...]

    8. Would it give you an idea of how much I was affected by this book if I said that I wish I could buy it for all the LDS people that I know I will at least be purchasing it to give to members of my family and I hope that they will read it and be impacted by it as much as I have been.This is a fairly new book and one that I hadn t heard of until a few weeks ago It was recommended by our ward mission leader and the bishop asked us to read it as a ward council so we could discuss it and improve our m [...]

    9. Missionary work is sometimes not a popular topic, but this book completely changed my attitude Br Christensen takes apart the common practice of choose a friend and set a date, of which I ve always been suspicious, and suggests that missionary work is less about meeting with the missionaries than it is about inviting others to come unto Christ Here are the points from his book that have changed my life 1 People are not interested in doctrine when they first come to the church People are interest [...]

    10. A real game changer for me Clayton Christensen approached his subject in ways I ve never seen before and inspired me to make some changes in my own life It s not often a book does that for me.

    11. My favorite vignette was when Virginia Perry, wife of apostle L.Tom Perry years before he was called to that office , came to church in jeans a t shirt to help make a new visitor feel comfortable I guess that s because earlier this year I felt prompted to wear dress pants to a Stake fireside to make a non member friend feel welcome I shrank from the prompting out of fear of being misunderstood judged by fellow members I didn t want to be associated with the wear pants to church movement that had [...]

    12. When you pick up Clayton Christensen s The Power of Everyday Missionaries The What and How of Sharing the Gospel you ll notice a couple of interesting things right away The cover is plain just the title and author Oh, and one thing New York Times Bestselling Author Then on the back of the title page, in addition to the usual disclaimers and copyright notices, there is this Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the general missionary fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter [...]

    13. I don t read church books often, and especially not non fiction, but our ward mission leader challenged the ward council to read it so I said yes This book was a big eye opener on missionary work something I m terrible at Excellent ideas and examples, and stories that brought tears to my eyes A must read for members of the LDS church.

    14. Amazing This book made me think about missionary work in a whole new way Christensen takes what may seem daunting and scary and shows how to fit sharing the gospel into every day life, with techniques that are time tested and make perfect sense I think every member of the LDS Church should read this book.

    15. As far as being insanely informative and overall inspiring this would get like 4.5 stars from me The ideas and stories were excellent However I think I wanted to be enthralled and entertained at the time that I was reading this so I found myself taking a long time to read it It wasn t exactly a page turner It has a great message though So I m torn 3.5 stars to you book

    16. This book is amazing I stink at missionary work, but this book is so practical in the how to do this scary member missionary stuff that it makes me want to actually try and that is a big step for me The stories are awesome, and there are so many of them that you just don t want to stop reading This book really does live up to the hype I kept sharing things from the book with my husband and kids There were lots of great insights and even what not to do s that were helpful Loved Loved Loved.

    17. I have been incredibly inspired by this book Having read and pondered many parts of it, I feel a greater determination to be a good human and love people for who they are.

    18. I have read this twice now It s one of the most perspective changing books I ve ever read A must read for anyone wanting to know how to fulfill God s charge to share the gospel.

    19. PowerfulThis is a powerful book with wonderful, simple concepts There are many inspiring true examples and experiences that are interesting and illustrate how these principles truly work in real life and encourage us that we can do it too.

    20. The Power of Everyday Missionaries is absolutely the best resource on the topic I have ever encountered Ever It s written for an LDS audience, but anyone with a desire to spread the Good Word of God will find Clayton Christensen s thoughts on sharing the Gospel enlightening and inspiring When Thomas S Monson recently said Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labor in the Lord s vineyard to bring souls unto Him, I ve got to be honest I got a little [...]

    21. Insightful and helpful with just the right tone This is a must read for anyone trying to be a better missionary or struggling with any stumbling blocks with missionary work Christensen provides a solid rationale for being a missionary and illustrates his points with real stories.Some favorite quotes Christine and I learned early in our efforts to be good member missionaries that we simply can t predict who will or won t be interested in the gospel In addition, we have learned that building a fri [...]

    22. I wasn t expecting what this book has to offer I only read it after selling so many copies to other people, and having to prepare to teach a lesson on missionary work Let me preface my thoughts about the book with this admission I am not, nor have I ever been an especially good missionary Even though I have had countless lessons on missionary work, I never felt like I learned anything I was comfortable using Now I know we are supposed to go outside of our comfort zones when talking to people abo [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book It shows that missionary work is very possible and really explains a lot of how s I honestly don t find it intimidating to share my testimony about what I believe and I love to share it because it is so meaningful to me I often don t know how to go about it without it being awkward to those that don t share the same faith as me One suggestion I liked was that about 1 5 will be interested and so find 4 people that you think might say no to hearing what you have to say I [...]

    24. I thought there were some good tips and ideas on how to be a missionary in our everyday lives I really enjoyed the personal stories because they helped me see how to apply these tips and just how easy it can be.One thing that really stood out for me was setting a date If we don t have a date in mind a deadline then it s easy to say we ll get to it next week and to keep pushing it off It s very important in our goals to have that end in mind.Another thing that was good to know was that although h [...]

    25. This book has changed my thinking about how we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints go about sharing the gospel, taking upon us the montage of being a member missionary And in that change of thinking I have hope that it will change my life There exists the paradigm of member missionary work being hard work and at times impossible, but this book puts it in such a straightforward way as to make one recline with their arms behind their head and say, I can do this, and with [...]

    26. This book is appropriately named, since it brings a certain feeling of I can do that power when you read it Divided into two halves, the first half is all about finding people who want to learn about the church, and the second half is the how of sharing While I expected the first part to be interesting and timely for me, I actually thought the whole book was great Christensen gave useful tips into how and what works, and why some things don t work I found that many of the things he suggested we [...]

    27. A really inspiring and helpful book about helping people learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints How simple is it to ask people what questions they have about religion and then tell them what Mormons believe, if they want to know And yet we tend to try to tell people what we think they need to know and that may not be helpful The author also does a great job of talking about things that LDS lifers may take for granted, like how to pray and how to keep the Sabbath day holy, b [...]

    28. You know how we have talks almost every month in Sacrament meeting about being member missionaries We slink down in our seats and think I don t know anyone I could share the gospel with Everyone in Utah are members or don t really want to be members or they would be with us This book describes how we sometimes try to share the gospel It doesn t work so we get discouraged and think we can t be member missionaries,so we quit trying Clayton M Christensen tells ways he s shared the gospel successful [...]

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