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Christmas Doll By Elvira Woodruff,

  • Title: Christmas Doll
  • Author: Elvira Woodruff
  • ISBN: 9780590318723
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lucy and Glory are orphaned sisters with no real place to call home Only their memories of a beautiful doll named Morning Glory brighten their bleak lives When a deadly fever sweeps through the workhouse where the girls live, Lucy and Glory flee to the mean streets of London.One day the girls find an old battered doll that Glory senses is their beloved Morning Glory ButLucy and Glory are orphaned sisters with no real place to call home Only their memories of a beautiful doll named Morning Glory brighten their bleak lives When a deadly fever sweeps through the workhouse where the girls live, Lucy and Glory flee to the mean streets of London.One day the girls find an old battered doll that Glory senses is their beloved Morning Glory But Morning Glory is no ordinary doll the girls learn that she has magical powers that will change their lives in amazing ways With the help of the doll, the sisters discover the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.
    Christmas Doll Lucy and Glory are orphaned sisters with no real place to call home Only their memories of a beautiful doll named Morning Glory brighten their bleak lives When a deadly fever sweeps through the workho

    One thought on “Christmas Doll”

    1. Read aloud to my daughter, I would perhaps rate 3 but she thought nearer 4 stars This book had all the ingredients we love for a story, orphans, escape from cruel orphanage, dolls, christmas, happy ending etc, but it was so short, and events happened in a quick and predictable way The escape from the orphanage was decided and then they escaped We would have liked to have been on the edge of our seats a bit, enjoying their planning and wondering if they would make it There are some parts where th [...]

    2. While many if not most of the general themes of this slight little story are interesting, and while it does paint a realistic picture of poverty and workhouse conditions of in 19th century London, the story itself is just too melodramatic and implausible The painful and heartbreaking reality of the sisters desperate plight is rather trivialised and much diluted by the fact that they smoothly and seamlessly escape from the workhouse, immediately find a friend and then a sympathetic doll making sp [...]

    3. 3.5 starsMy heart goes out to these two sisters, and though the beginning is a bit hard to read because of the harsh conditions, the middle of the book begins to warm things, and by the end a cozy feeling leaves me satisfied.There really isn t any magical powers in this story And it s not a Christian book, so the true story of Christmas is not very well presented However there is a good message about Christmas The two sisters, Lucy and Glory are both so sweet and kind It is a tender story of har [...]

    4. My daughter told me I should read this book last year when I was doing the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge, but I never got to it So, I decided to read it this year It is the story of two orphan girls who escape the workhouse and live on the streets in the city The elder, Lucy, got a job at a doll s shop when she went in to try to sell a doll she had found in the mud She happened to be wearing her sister Glory s apron upon which she had stitched a little Morning Glory flower The shopkeeper no [...]

    5. While extremely predictable it was a very sweet story with an all too forgotten message tis better to give than receive It s a pretty sad story throughout most of the book I don t have kids so I can t say if it s too sad for certain ages but be cautious Enjoyable Christmas read.

    6. Children s book possibly intended for ages 8 14 Won at a library giveaway as an adult so I read it It is a beautiful, heartwarming story and I will save it for my kids to read when they were older Definitely recommend it

    7. The Christmas Doll is a story about two orphans who were being brought to a factory and were forced to work there It s setting is in London, where the time is 150 years ago, and it was a very dark society at that time The were sisters, and everyday the factory they had very less food to eat, and the quality of the food is very poor Then the younger sister got sick and was being separated from her sister And this led to the escape of the two sisters from the factory After the escape they had to s [...]

    8. The first book I ever boughtI think I was in grade fourI still remember every page clearly because I read over 10 times it s very inspiring and sad at the same time I cried through the while book because it was just so touching.I love how lucy describes the little things that are so important to her being and orphan and her love towards her sister is what gave them the will to survive the cold London streets.My dad has donated away my copy of this book I d pay anything to have a copy now

    9. I love a good Christmas cry and this sweet story provided just that for me today A perfect Christmas Eve read It reminds me of O Henry s Gift of the Magi with the gentle twist at the end and it is just a sweet little tale It is melodramatic and unrealistic in some ways but it feels like a fairy tale and I loved it.

    10. I loved this heart warming story Even though these two orphans went through difficult times, and even difficult people, these two sisters love for each other encouraged them to push on for a better future I loved how their hard work and courage paid off in such a cruel world It s a Christmas story that would warm anyone s heart.

    11. This tender story takes place in mid 1800 s London where two orphaned sisters escape from the workhouse where they lived to try to make it on their own London back then was not a kind place for those down on their luck, but Lucy, the older sister is determined to keep her little sister Glory safe even in the desperate situation in which they now find themselves.

    12. This book is written by an author named Elvira Woodruff She has written many books including The Christmas Doll This story can compare to my life because i had lost a doll from when i was about three years old I had recently cleaned my closet and had found it I was so happy about finding her because i got her from my uncle and she meant so much to me.

    13. My kids and I found this book engaging and sweet, with a sweet demonstration of sacrificial love at the end.

    14. This was a cute story and I can tell I would have loved it when I was a child There was a stark contrast throughout the book though There were descriptions of what life was like for orphaned children in Victorian England, including multiple cases of death Somehow, though, the story was almost sickeningly sweet I m not sure if it was the characterizations or the plotline, but it really soften the harshness of the girls situations Still, I m 29, and this book wasn t written for me I can still read [...]

    15. I didn t expect much from this book as it isn t popular and the book cover looks like some depressing Victorian nonsense I was pleasantly surprised in my interest in it once I started reading You have two orphan sisters who escape their workhouse and fall on some bad times before better times lead to that happy Christmas ending I thought the girls were adorable and you definitely were rooting for them to succeed It had a sweet message that will get you ready for the holiday But, I got annoyed at [...]

    16. Syrupy sweet, predictable and great frothy fun for the Christmas season From the very first sentence you hope and know that Lucy and Glory are going to survive the mean streets of London and connect with a perfect doll This could become a household staple like Rumer Godden s The Story Of Holly and Ivy, which I ve loved since I was a little girl.

    17. Title The Christmas DollAuthor Elvira WoodruffIllustrator N AGenre Historical FictionTheme s Orphans, Christmas, DollsOpening line sentence Long ago in London Town, at a time when the muffin man s cries began the day, and the lamplighter ushered in the night, two young girls lived together in the bleak, cold shelter of a public workhouse.Brief Book Summary Lucy and Glory are two orphaned sisters who have no place to call home One day they escape and are on the streets of London to fend for thems [...]

    18. An orphan story about 2 sisters, lost doll and a found doll, no home to finding a home Sad at times and hopeful at the end may be a bit sappy but would be a nice story to read with your kids with a lesson on kindness and giving of yourself.Bernadette Dunne s narration was great, every character had their own voice and emotion, which was important in this story.Nice Christmas story

    19. Christian only listened to half of it when we were in the car After I listened to half of it in our home, he didn t pay attention He didn t care for it.Julia 5 starsZacky 4 1 2 starsLovely story And the last chapter is so warm.

    20. My favorite part was when Glory got better and both her and Lucy got a new home My least fasvortie part was that the girls were all treated poorly in the workhouse.

    21. This was my purchase for my daughter s Christmas shelf for this year I loved this story of two orphan sisters and their struggles to stay together and stay alive A good story for Christmas.

    22. The Christmas Doll is about two sisters who live in an orphanage The two girls, Lucy and Glory, only have each other In this time, a deadly fever was killing many people in London To prevent the illness from spreading, the orphanage inspected the children and separated the sick from the healthy When Lucy s younger sister gets sick, they escape the orphanage in the middle of the night Fending for themselves, the two sisters struggle to survive They eventually find a magical doll that changed thei [...]

    23. The Christmas Doll could be described as a Charles Dickens ish story with a female main character Lucy and Glory s parents are dead and they live in a workhouse The book begins just slightly before they escape As children living on the streets, their future looks really dim, until they discover they can trade items they find at the dump for food The younger girl, Glory, finds a worn and muddy old doll at the dump, and immediately wants to keep it During their time at the workhouse, the older gir [...]

    24. The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff is an amazing book I loved it This is a great book about two little girls who are now out in the world alone with nowhere to go and have to fend for themselves.This book is about two young girls Lucy and her younger sister Glory This is their adventure as they are out on their own in the world where they now have nothing They must learn to survive on the streets but they must not get caught they had run away from the workhouse where they where sent after the [...]

    25. Not much to say about this book It s a pretty standard Christmas story two girls escape from a Victorian workhouse and find a doll while mudlarking, which sets off a chain of events that gets them a new home just in time for Christmas No surprises here, but I suppose it s not the sort of story that you choose when looking for surprises It s a nice, quick little read.I will say that this book does the best job of weaving in the Christian faith that I ve yet seen Lucy thinks and behaves as a devou [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book It is for a young audience but I went to see the play and had to read the book The whole story revolves around two orphan girls, who find themselves out on the streets of London during the winter and fever The adventure and courage these girls have is tremendous and finding morning glory was so sweet If you are looking for an easy Christmas read this is the book for you I recommend it to everyone even the little kids.

    27. Since the year I got it I can t say when that was exactly Elementary school 5th or 6th grade or junior high years Anyway I ve had it and loved it since then I m 20 now, and since a couple years ago perhaps 4 or 5 I ve made it my tradition to read it every Christmas 3 It s a lovely story Completely heartwarming Christmas is incomplete to me until I read it during the season

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