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Invincible, Vol. 19: The War at Home By Robert Kirkman,

  • Title: Invincible, Vol. 19: The War at Home
  • Author: Robert Kirkman
  • ISBN: 9781607068563
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • Angstrom Levy returns to take revenge on Invincible and all those he holds dear Collects INVINCIBLE 103 108
    Invincible Vol The War at Home Angstrom Levy returns to take revenge on Invincible and all those he holds dear Collects INVINCIBLE

    One thought on “Invincible, Vol. 19: The War at Home”

    1. 4 StarsInvincible Vol 19 collects issues 103 108 and it s full of my favorite things Action, humour and gore There s some fights and betrayals that I was not expecting This volume made me yell, but also made me I laughed out loud Oh Invincible, you really are one of my favorite series.Angstrom Levy is back and although we ve seen him and his plans before, I can t help but enjoy every moment he s on page Levy is the one nemesis, the only person who was capable of hurting Mark s love ones and the [...]

    2. This was a solid volume but kind of feels build up than anything Got a solid moment with Armstrong but it feels like Been there done that and the fallout really just builds up the next volume This is actually where I stopped read, not cause it s bad Invincible is never bad, always good to amazing but they didn t release anything past this when I got here Really this is a build up volume So on to the next one.

    3. Kirkman sigue combinando de forma genial las tramas de relaciones personales pareja, familia con las tramas superheroicas, en este caso tenemos un tomo que quiz s sea de transici n, el regreso y posterior desaparici n de Angstrom Levy hace que Marc se obsesione con rastrear su paradero e ir en su b squeda, lo que traer m s problemas que soluciones y hace que se enfrente con Atom Eve todo acaba en un cliffhanger final para tirarse de los pelos si tienes que esperar un mes o varios la conclusi n.

    4. The return of Angstrom Levy and the other Marks I believe it s this volume where Mark reflects on how many of his alternate universe doubles have gone evil and wonders what that means about him as a person A great question, really.

    5. I stopped reading Invincible a bit than three years ago because I wasn t convinced that Kirkman had anything new to say about superheroes Having read this next volume my opinion hasn t really changed.It s a perfectly good hero story with a bit attention to normal life than most, which is a nice twist But beyond that, it s pretty forgettable Oh, the multiple dimensions are fun, and the characters are nice, but that s it.There is a wonderful heel turn at the end of this volume which suggests tha [...]

    6. Sure, there are movie blockbuster type superheroics, but this installment in the ongoing Invincible saga is all about interpersonal relationships fianc fianc e, husband wife, parent offspring, hero other dimensional duplicate, etc It s terrific stuff, to be honest, and the cliffhanger is a jaw dropper Curse you, Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley My favorite aspect of this volume is the interaction between Invincible and Atom Eve and the things that could come between them Unlike superheroes in titl [...]

    7. Invincible never disappoints This volume manages to follow up the ridonkulous events from the last one with plenty of impact The story keeps things moving, has plenty of high points, and even gives a few moments of rest amid all the action I m loving Eve lately Ok, still Never really stopped She s just got some great character moments on this book Unfortunately, Ottley does some weird things with her face, but it still fits with the overall style I love how the book flows so easily from action t [...]

    8. Nothing special but not bad either There have been some ridiculous superhero story events going on here and there, but the story has been getting back to basics for a little while More character changes and arcs not that those haven t been going on consistently since the beginning and some interesting stuff going on Eve is a good character and I love that she s stayed at her current weight However, I really hate reading ongoing comics The large gaps between volumes means I don t remember what wa [...]

    9. Angstrom returns seeking vengeance against Mark, while Nolan struggles with the mantle of Viltrumite Leadership Meanwhile Robot continues to struggle with the mundane nature of the world he lives in.Having established a virtual clean slate after the last volume, it s surprising to see Robert Kirkman recall old antagonists, tweaked and upgraded but old, for this volume While it s still entertaining to read, one hope for some new wrinkles There aren t many here But I guess that s the problem with [...]

    10. Wow Volume 19.That is pretty incredible I love this book, and yet I find that Kirkman has qualities that vex me, the same way that Bendis does I love so much of the work they put out, and I have read 100s and 100s of comic book issues that they have written, yet there are often times where I feel like they have a limited range, and yet are so very successful.Both Kirkman and Bendis can get preachy in their books, where their characters have these long diatribes Luckily, this particular trade is [...]

    11. I was a little bored and occasionally disappointed this issue The interactions between Eve and Angstrom were definitely the highlight I wish there was focus on this idea realization that superheroing doesn t solve all problems, or rather root problems I m pretty uninterested in the stuff going on on the moon and was bummed that that lady viltrumite showed up in the way she did I loved that scene a while back when Thragg was scolding some of the viltrumites and it seemed like they had discovered [...]

    12. The first five issues are meandering subtle catch ups, leaving a bread crumb trail made out of confusingly tired tropes and red herrings but this all culminates in an incredibly well plotted and appropriately built head in 108 It s always been the nature of Invincible to hand us a quiet story arc between big reveals, but every seemingly meaningless step taken here works for something bigger, leaving the characters in a place I m very excited to see them explore Ottley s art is gorgeous as alway [...]

    13. I missed a lot in Volume 18, didn t I Not having read Volume 18, I ve discovered that Mark is back to normal while Eve isn t allowed to use her powers and they re engaged I ve learnt that Nolan has gained power over the Viltrumites.There s plenty of character development and action Angstrom Levy returns as well We also have storylines featuring Battlebeast, Doctor Seismic and Robot.Wow however this is an engaging and exciting volume, full of plot and action Well recommended.

    14. The majority of this volume deserves a 3 star rating The plotting was weak and lackluster with very little development actually happening The extra star is solely because issue 108 makes up for the somewhat meandering issues before it, and then some.The buildup that has been going on since the start of the Flaxan war comes to a head, and possibly the biggest story arc so far officially gets started.I can t wait to see where this is going.

    15. The much trailed return of Angstrom Levy not really a spoiler when he s on the cover is finally here, but doesn t go down at all as one might have expected Elsewhere, another menace is dealt with in a way very familiar from Kirkman s other long running series, The Walking Dead which issue came first, I couldn t say, but if anything I suspect the outcome is likelier to be brutal in the superhero comic than the zombie horror story.

    16. Everything i have said previously about this series continues with this volume It is always a great read Seeing the aftermath of Everyone Dies and how Mark is drawn down a similar path to Angstrom Levy is just great this continues to be one of my favorite reads I just wish i had been smart enough to start collecting it as a regular comic when it started.

    17. Not for the faint at heart This is a bloody superhero comic and no I am not British swearing The heroes and villains literally beat each other to bloody pulps A decent story line with a nice cliff hanger at the end, some annoying side stories that I could so without But a decent read 3 and a half stars

    18. I feel like this series has changed a lot since it started I picked it up because it seemed like a fun quintessential superhero story It s gotten a lot darker since then Still very compelling story arcs But I do miss the lighthearted fun from the beginning

    19. OkMy one problem with invincible is the repetitive story lines The same stories over and over Mark does good, Mark screws up, Mark makes amends This volume is worth reading, but breaks no new ground.

    20. Kirkman does relationships good, Ottley draws fights good While this collection did feel like a bit of a lull between stories, there have been some big storylines happening so that seems okay I am excited to see what they are going for with what they set up at the end of this book.

    21. One thing the storyline in the Invincible comics is not is boring and commonplace Kirkman always keeps you turning the pages in this great comic series Very recommended

    22. Le podr a haber sacado m s partido Kirkman est estirando el chicle tambi n con esta serie C ntrese, hombre

    23. LOVE this series One of the best superhero comics ever Just hate how much of a cliffhanger this ended on Looking forward to reading the next volume.

    24. Again an amazing book from the invincible saga This is without a doubt the best superhero series at the moment Do yourself a favor and start reading Invincible.

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