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The Darker Side Short Stories By L.D. Hutchinson,

  • Title: The Darker Side Short Stories
  • Author: L.D. Hutchinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook
  • Step into the darker side of the world, in ten of L.D.Hutchinson s stories Meet Vampyre s, Werewolves, and in each story, learn their backgrounds and struggles, heartaches and loves, strength s and weaknesses Also, get a glimpse at her two novels that will be released later this year Book one of the Renning chronicles Book of Curses and, Shadows in the dark
    The Darker Side Short Stories Step into the darker side of the world in ten of L D Hutchinson s stories Meet Vampyre s Werewolves and in each story learn their backgrounds and struggles heartaches and loves strength s and we

    One thought on “The Darker Side Short Stories”

    1. The Darker Side Short Stories were wonderful and well written Each story kept me wanting , and I ve heard that there will be stories coming from these I can t wait to see what author L.D Hutchinson has next Whatever it isI m sure it ll be good.

    2. This is the second book by L.D Hutchinson that I ve read This book is a composition of dark and creepy stories I certainly love the way L.D Hutchinson writes, however I was expecting The stories were very good and definitely kept you wanting The problem I had with the book is a majority of the stories just stopped I would turn the page and see the start of a whole new story It was a little shocking and confusing There wasn t a real conclusion to them just a stop so really hoping they are concl [...]

    3. I was given an e copy in exchange for my honest review.The book is a collection of several short stories I thought the story lines, characters, and detail were great, but they lacked conclusion Some of the stories just seemed to stop and not really end I am not sure if the author is planning on continuing the stories in another book or if this is of a teaser of novels to come I do know that 2 of the stories are novels I feel if the stories would have continued or ended at a different stopping p [...]

    4. I give this book 5 stars It was a wonderful read, in each story you get to read about someone or others that are supernatural I can see the author making a longer story with each short story The only problem I had was between the pages of 72 and 95 was that it was a repeat of the first story Not sure if that was the download or my ereader But overall a wonderful book, thank you Leah for allowing me to read your books.

    5. First off, this book has some adult content Just a warning These short paranormal stories are really good This book has stories about Zombies, witches, a Reaper, Vampires, and Werewolves I could see them in actual novels I gave this book a four star rating I love the way Leah writes She intrigues you and gets you interested I also read the book she wrote Shadows in the Dark It was also really well written I can t wait to read from this upcoming author

    6. I enjoyed The Darker Side Short Stories Each story sucked me in and held my attention I really hated to see each story end Every story was about love, brother sister, husband wife, to name a couple The detail was great, not overly written I look forward to reading from this author Tich

    7. I expected based on the title of the book to find a horror compilation, in its stead I found a compilation of the dark side of love The stories of love untold, unmentioned, unplanned as well as forbidden I found story upon story of coming to grips with a dark reality set and played against the light of love.I give this book a 5 review It was well written and entertaining.

    8. I give this book 10 s ou of 5 because I just loved each story You meet all sorts of Paranormal Creatures and their struggles to fit in and their heartaches, loves and everything that makes them week and strong I would like to add that this may not be the type of read before bed Awesome MUST read and thank you, Leah

    9. I give this book 5 s because I enjoyed these awesome stories of love with a twisted dak side It is a very well written story and very very enjoyable

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