[KINDLE] ↠ A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers | by ☆ John-Henri Holmberg Tove Alsterdal Henning Mankell Håkan Nesser Magnus Montelius Dag Öhrlund Malin Persson Giolito Maj Sjöwall

A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers By John-Henri Holmberg Tove Alsterdal Henning Mankell Håkan Nesser Magnus Montelius Dag Öhrlund Malin Persson Giolito Maj Sjöwall,

  • Title: A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers
  • Author: John-Henri Holmberg Tove Alsterdal Henning Mankell Håkan Nesser Magnus Montelius Dag Öhrlund Malin Persson Giolito Maj Sjöwall
  • ISBN: 9780802122438
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
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    A Darker Shade of Sweden Original Stories by Sweden s Greatest Crime Writers

    One thought on “A Darker Shade of Sweden: Original Stories by Sweden's Greatest Crime Writers”

    1. Bound to happen, I found a new author who I really liked Veronica von Schenck was one in a anthology of crime writers She hit my weakness and wrote with the fascination of history, artifacts, and solving problems But what I like the best about her was that she quit her job I also liked Anna Jansson and the story with Detective Captain Maria Wern and Stieg Larsson s tale of the athlete and his body All the stories were excellent.

    2. Finding a book by Swedish detective authors in my hometown library which, in fact, is the size of any kindergarten library I call a success Understanding that I should have read the book in Swedish to really get everything from it is not so overwhelming Don t get me wrong the translation was good, even better than good, but still what is the point of knowing a language if I read in my mother tongue Aside from the guilt I felt over reading in Lithuanian, the book was fun A lot of short stories we [...]

    3. Den h r antologin k pte jag 2014, inte bara f r att den sas inneh lla hela svenska deckareliten utan ven f r att den s ljs till f rm n f r Sveriges Stadsmissioner F r varje s ld bok sk nks fem kronor Det r ju ett ber mv rt ndam l och kan man f rena nytta med n je s r det ju nnu b ttre L s mer p min blogg.

    4. Murder mystery fans in the United States had a passing acquiescence with some of Sweden s most popular authors of the genre Maj Sjowall Per Wahloo have had their work adapted by Hollywood, while Henning Mankell and some others had a reading fan base on this side of the Atlantic Then, along came the juggernaut of the Millennium Trilogy from Stieg Larsson, and suddenly a much larger percentage of the American population became aware of the tradition of Swedish crime fiction.A Darker Shade of Swede [...]

    5. Terrific collection of Swedish authors, many of them are already well known in North America due to the popularity of Swedish crime fiction This book introduced me to many new authors whose books I will be seeking out, such as Johan Theorin, Tove Alsterdal and Hakan Nesser Another author included in the collection is Cilla Borjlind, who wrote one of the stories along with her husband, Rolf This couple have created many crime dramas for television and they have also written numerous scripts based [...]

    6. Noir J.H Holmberg , Stieg Larsson Brain Power Henning Mankell Hakan Nesser An unlikely meeting , Wallander Van Veeteren , A Edwardson, J Theorin, T Alsterdal Sjowall Wahloo , .Jansson , , .

    7. An anthology of Swedish writers that brings you gems from the established greats and wellknown translated authors but also shows less familiar and interesting ones who would have a great deal to offer if their work was widely available in English.I really enjoyed sa Larsson s The Mail Run and Johan Theorin s Revenge of the Virgin But the quality of this book is the background information on the writers and their work So the biography and short stories from Veronica von Schenck and Katarina Wenns [...]

    8. Some of the stories in this collection are awesome some too dark and gristly for my taste We listened to the audio version on two road trips 13 hours of listening, about one of which was a fascinating, though Very Long introduction that had the feel of a dissertation about it But still, we both liked the collection, overall, and got to take tastes of authors we had yet to find on our own Plus there were some of the old standbys that were fun to find again.

    9. A short story written by the creator of the best selling Millennium crime fiction trilogy, Stieg Larsson, when he was only 17, is to be published in English for the first time next year theguardian books 2013

    10. Poviedky nie s plne m j t l Navy e od t chto som mal trocha vy ie o ak vania akal som temnej ie seversk prostredie, dostal som chladnej iu seversk kl mu Niektor boli ale naozaj fajn, niektor sa naopak v bec nep ili Tak e priemer

    11. While browsing in person at the library.I came across a book of 17 Swedish authors one My Favorite Steig Larsson The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo who have written short stories I even found some NEW authors to investigate.

    12. poviedky m m v poslednej dobe ve mi rada, hlavn m plusom je, e ke tam ve er pred span m tak v inou stihnem pre ta jednu cel , k m u nevid m na str nky niektor boli lep ie, in tak priemern ale celkovo ma to bavilo a ne utujem, e som si kni ku nakoniec k pila

    13. P kn sestaven ochutn vka v d P izn m se, e n kter kusy se mi hodn nel bily, ale na druhou stranu se roz il seznam Authors To Read.

    14. Protagonist has to hide from the bad guys, so he goes as far away as he can manage, in northern Lapland What English speakers call it , where the Saami live There is a very small very strict Lutheran congregation in the time settlement an attractive, reserved, brave woman in that sect the intense snow and cold the money he owes someone in southern Sweden because he was supposed to kill someone and didn t, but didn t return the money .

    15. Several really good short stories contained here Best feature discovering a few new authors to feed my need for Nordic Noir As a bonus, I was able to enjoy a few of my favorite Swedish authors in short story format, which is out of my usual reading habit Highly recommended for fans of Nordic Noir.

    16. Without any sense of shame, I admit to judging a book by its cover I laser in on a beautifully bound book But, a book can t get by on looks alone Intelligent writing is what truly endears it.A Darker Shade of Sweden edited by John Henri Holmberg has it all beauty and brains The binding s artfully done in a collection of Swedish crime fiction that brings the best of the genre into an assortment of seventeen stories never before published in English They re enthralling and diverse each can comfort [...]

    17. Audio CDs make everything sound much exciting and mysterious.I like the short stories because it s faster to find out who the killers are

    18. Confirmed my liking for Henning Mankell and Hakan Nesser Enjoyed all the stories, in particular the never before published story by Stieg Larrson.

    19. 2.5 stars Like most short stories collections read some skipped some Gave me some new author suggestions as well as some to forget DD Phila

    20. Anyone who is a fan of crime fiction should consider reading this anthology of Swedish short stories.The editor John Henri Holmberg provides an introduction worth the book itself, tracing the international genre of crime fiction from its origins to the present, and then situating the importance of Scandinavian contributions in general and Swedes in particular He s also managed to gather an impressive array of work, either previously published some as recently as 2013 or else in some cases submit [...]

    21. Books that collect stories from multiple authors always have unevenness it s inherent in the process of selection This anthology of short stories by Swedish mystery writers is no different I read these books to find new authors and this volume did not disappoint Although two of the stories were horrible, the one by Stieg Larsson age 17 and the one by his life partner Eva Gabrielsson, most of them were very good and I was blown away by a couple of them Unfortunately, the editor translator, John H [...]

    22. Nie przepadam za opowiadaniami Jestem my li, i one trwaj zdecydowanie za kr tko Jednak bywaj takie, kt re po prostu chce mi si przeczyta Gdy dowiedzia am si o ksi ce ,,Ciemna strona zdarzy o mi si kilka razy pomy le o tych opowiadaniach, zastanawia am si co takiego w nich zosta o opisane Has o ,,Szwedzcy mistrzowie krymina u zadzia a o na mnie To by dla mnie znak, e musz si gn po t antologi.Gdy zacz am czyta t ksi k by am zachwycona, gdy pierwsze opowiadania bardzo mi si spodoba y By am wtedy ba [...]

    23. This book is a nice anthology of some great Swedish authors, with an introduction in Swedish crime novels by the editor Several of the authors, collaborating for this anthology, were already known to me, others not Most of them have written a new short story for this collection, other were already finished And short stories are sometimes a genre of their own Although not all thrillers most of them even not , some excellent ones were written by Maj Sj wall Per Wahl , Henning Mankell H kan Nesser [...]

    24. A collection of crime thriller short stories from Sweden The selection of stories includes popular Swedish authors including Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell What surprised me the most was just how modern all these stories are Few are from before the time of the Millennium Trilogy, most from the last 5 years or so Apart from Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo, seemingly none before the 90s It is also interesting that most of the authors seem to have been some sort of journalist, and all seem to have ea [...]

    25. This antology presents a lot of amazing swedish authors Thanks to that I really fell in love with swedish crime novels, especially Lars Kepler even the book doesn t present any of their work I think reading this book is a good way to getting know the different styles of writing of different authors and that makes the reader choose which one they would like to try Some of the stories are not that dark but some i think the first two or three are written in a really mysterious way i really felt mys [...]

    26. I just happened to come across this one day while I was browsing the new mysteries shelf at the library I am a huge fan of Scandanavian crime fiction and this book turns out to be newly translated short stories by the greats of the genre The book is worth checking out just for the indroduction by Holmberg in which he discusses and analyzes the works of 20 Swedish crime writers from Sjowall Wahloo to the current crop of best selling authors like Mankell, Nesser and Larsson The other thing is that [...]

    27. This is a book of short stories, all by various Swedish mystery writers in the Nordic Noire genre Nearly all of the stories are by young, recently published authors, although there are also a few by the well known pros, including Steig Larsson, Ake Edwardson, Maj Sjowall, Henning Mankell and multiple others However, what I enjoyed the most was the introduction of new authors through short stories by writers I had never heard of before including Dag Orhlund, Malin Persson Giolito, and Veronica vo [...]

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