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His Captive Bride By Shelly Thacker,

  • Title: His Captive Bride
  • Author: Shelly Thacker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
  • Originally published under the title Timeless.This edition is an alternate cover title edition for ISBN13 9780984764679She s swept away to a hidden island paradise filled with pleasures and secrets.Abducted from a trade fair by a mysterious warrior, Lady Avril de Varennes awakens on Asgard Island, an enchanted paradise cloaked in mists and mystery, kept secretOriginally published under the title Timeless.This edition is an alternate cover title edition for ISBN13 9780984764679She s swept away to a hidden island paradise filled with pleasures and secrets.Abducted from a trade fair by a mysterious warrior, Lady Avril de Varennes awakens on Asgard Island, an enchanted paradise cloaked in mists and mystery, kept secret from the world for centuries Against her will, Avril weds her arrogant captor, Hauk Valbrand even as she vows to escape Hauk believes himself beyond the reach of love, until his fiery captive bride begins to melt his heart of ice But soon he must reveal the stunning truth about Asgard and its people and Hauk and Avril must choose between love and honor, duty and desire now and forever.This revised and expanded ebook edition includes additional scenes never before published The ebook is significantly different from the 1998 Dell paperback published under the title Timeless.
    His Captive Bride Originally published under the title Timeless This edition is an alternate cover title edition for ISBN She s swept away to a hidden island paradise filled with pleasures and secrets Ab

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    1. Although historical romances aren t usually my thing, I enjoyed this sweet, historical paranormal story I listened to the audiobook version and the story was well narrated It was also straightforward enough to keep up with the story if listening while doing other things Essentially, there is a hidden Viking settlement on an island that provides immortality for those born on it s soil However, immortality comes with a price and the women born on the island are barren The only way for the men to h [...]

    2. I give up Nothing wrong with the writing But the heroine was a mother who was trying the entire time to run away from the hero to go back to her child Hero had to keep her because of some magical things which I did not understand Purely my personal preference to not have a mother as my heroine I get tired of reading about how she plotted running away to be with her child I am not arguing that she shouldn t have It is only natural for a mother to want to be with her child, which is why I prefer n [...]

    3. Not rating this because I might pick it up in print format at some point The audiobook reader, Julia Motyka, drove me nuts She put way too much drama into each sentence, yet at the same time it felt like she wasn t processing what she was saying Just because it s a romance doesn t mean the drapes need to be described dramatically Her French ish accent for the heroine was the only good thing I have to say about it.The story itself is a goofy old Dell that got a makeover under a new title and cove [...]

    4. It seems I have a love hate relationship with this author When she writes a book I like, it s usually one that become one of my most treasured books When she writes a book I don t like, I usually end up hating it Unfortunately, this was a book that I did not love Captor captive romances are a tough premise for me It s very hard to write a relationship that isn t bordering on abuse or exploitation Cross that line, and I get disgusted However, that wasn t the problem here Yes, the heroine was the [...]

    5. Lady Avril de Varennes is a widow with a three year old daughter Gisele After leaving her daughter in the care of her brother in law and his wife she sets out on a journey with a friend.Both of them are kidnapped by strange men, they are drugged, when they awaken they are on an island Which they later discover is called Asgard Avril and all of the other captives are forced into marrying their captors Avril s new husband is Hauk Valbrand He had not intended to capture a woman for himself, but cir [...]

    6. Yummy Historical What made the experience of listening to His Captive Bride the most enjoyable I was taken away by the whole captive of a Viking angle Sometimes a gal just has to go with that fantasy Have you listened to any of Julia Motyka s other performances before How does this one compare I have listened to her throughout the series and really enjoyed her tone and pace She has very distinct voices that are consistent throughout I would definitely look for of her work in the future She can [...]

    7. AudioBook Review Stars Overall 3 Narration 2 Story 3We all know how important first impressions are to me they instantly set my attitude and mood for the rest of any encounter, be it a person, place or thing While my first introduction to this author narrator combination was than rough, I had hopes that the second time around would be better It was, marginally While I expected another in the line of a historical feeling romance, this story held a feel that leaned to fantasy, with elements that [...]

    8. I have such mixed feelings over HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE Overall, this has been a series that has continued to keep me interested while bring in interesting plots I ve really enjoyed each book and what it brought to the table 3.5 stars Details I ve always disliked when I ve read reviews were the reader took an aspect of the story too personally I was always quick to silently point out that this was a romance novel and not real I had a tough time with that exact situation that I was once quick to write [...]

    9. 3.5 I liked this book the best of the series I thought the plot was really interesting and I enjoyed the characters I thought the author did a good job incorporating secondary characters and I almost liked them better than the main characters I thought there were a few loose ends that could have been tied up though I think this book could have used an epilogue because I was curious about what happened to certain characters.

    10. Entertaining fantasy romance.The last six books I ve read have been either just ok or dreadful so I was looking for a good entertaining read, His Captive Bride has been on my kindle for nearly two weeks, the reviews were good and the blurb sounded interesting, in other words just what I was looking for.Lady Avril de Varennes is widowed with a three year old daughter Giselle, she is kidnapped from a trade fair in Antwerp by the mysterious Hauk Valbrand and taken to a mysterious island from which [...]

    11. Easy Romance of the Viking persuasion I can t say there was anything standouty about this one unfortunately I think if I had read this 20 yrs ago I would have been impressed The romance was very romantic despite their reluctance to fall in love and the lovin sufficiently steamy although rather prosey compared to today s standards all manhood and velvty heat for pieces parts It was just missing that certain something it takes to grab me.abducted and swept away by what turns out to be Vikings, La [...]

    12. Loved, loved, loved this book One of my favorite plot lines is captured forced brides What I liked A Secret World The author painted a lovely image I would move to Asgard in a heartbeatAlpha male who made an impulsive decision but tried to make the best of the situation Strong female who had her priorities straight Top of the list her daughter no matter what Interesting secondary characters who had useful and necessary interactions What I didn t like I would have preferred a different ending It [...]

    13. I haven t read any from the rest of the series, but I absolutely loved this book I have never read about Vikings especially in this light and was so intrigued I read the book in two days and it kept my interest the entire time This would make a great movie I would love to know what happened with Haulk and his new life though This was one of the best books I ve read, the author is an amazing writer.

    14. What a fun, lighthearted read for us Viking enthusiasts The premis mixes fantasy and romance with a but of historical fiction During a relatively busy and stressful time of life I found this to be a perfect escape.

    15. Not particularly captivating, this book just felt off Whats the time period Where are they Why is she calling her daughter ma petite papillon when the correct grammar would be mon petit papillon I read the whole thing in two sittings, and I guess if youre interested in the sex then the plot, this is your kind of book Otherwise, Avril s constant reminder that she was morally superior because she wasnt head over heals over her captor got pretty old pretty quickly.

    16. Great BookI know this is the best of the series I just wish all the books could have had a longer ending Thus book would prove the author s talent I tried to walk away from reading the ending, because I was emotionally upsetI went back and it was so worth it

    17. Great readThird in the series although they really don t read like a series I enjoyed Avrils dedication and character as a single mom

    18. Hauk Valbrand is the peacekeeper of Asgard, a timeless island paradise shrouded in fog and hidden far from the machinations of warring kings and violence of man The people of Asgard have lived in this paradise for hundreds of years But while the island provides everything the inhabitants require, the native women cannot bear children So every three decades or so, some of the men choose to venture out and capture brides to bring back to the island to woo their hearts and start another generation [...]

    19. Aquae furtivae sua vissimus fructus saporem.Stolen fruit tastes the sweetest.Asgard Island is a Shangri La of the north Discovered by roving Norsemen centuries ago, the island was lush, rich, and unexplainable temperate for its location in the far north The Vikings that discovered this uninhabited island, settled and prospered, capturing their women from places all over Europe and bringing them back Food and everything they needed was abundant but there was one pitfall children could not be repr [...]

    20. It s not what you think, really it s not, okay so it is historical but in a new twist that brings you to a magical place where things are not as they seem.Hauk Valbrand did not want a wife at all Never would be the correct measurement, but with a situation so wrong he blurted out that he chose her Now his responsibility he has to follow through with this tradition that if he brings her home, he must provide for her, keep her safe, and make her life here on Asgard Island most pleasant, only he do [...]

    21. 1303 Asgard IslandHaulk Valbrand and his men went on the claiming voyage Haulk had lost his first wife in childbirth and also a second one He was not looking for one on this voyage They had to find women, the men were ready and they couldn t let their secret out so they dressed as ordinary men Lady Avril had lost her husband and she has a three year old daughter Giselle whom she loves dearly.Josette and Avril were traveling to a friends wedding and then to Brittany Avril was to return in 10 days [...]

    22. At the ending of the book, I experienced a wonderful feeling of both fluffiness and pain For two short seating, I had devoured the book like it was comics in the middle of writing my thesis It was like water to a parched throat And I am sad that it ended so soon, the paradise I had felt when I reading the book.The author had weaved a spell on me, to leave off work and to keep on reading And the former did not stand any chance Books like that are rare from what I had seen so far The characters co [...]

    23. 4.5 starsIf you re not afraid of a little fantasy to go along with your romance, this is the perfect book for you He s afraid to love again and she doesn t think she can Yet, when circumstances force them together, they learn that love is sometimes undeniable and irresistible.

    24. I LOVED IT AND COULDN T PUT IT DOWN I stayed up all night and half of this morning reading His Captive Bride and I just couldn t put it down The only complaint I have is that it ended to swiftly and would have been better with an Epilog for Avril and Hauk s HEA However, this book is full of richly developed characters, scene settings that you can visualize, action and love Avril has been Kidnapped by Viking Norseman and taken to a mysterious place called Asgard Island This Island has its secrets [...]

    25. 3.5 stars334 pagesStand alone in a seriesI lost my appetite for captive themes a long time ago after reading some hard to swallow bodice rippers but this book is sweet in comparison and I thank the reviews for giving me that insight It s a fantasy world that errs on the side of the males in this Viking saga of course, but at least this time I didn t want to mangle the H to a complete and bloody pulp nor did I want to scream at the h to grow a bloody backbone.Hauk Valbrand is an enlightened Vikin [...]

    26. This is the first Shelly Thacker book I have ever read and to be honest I wasn t that impressed The plot seemed okay and I have been meaning to read one in this sort of genre so I gave it a go but it really let me down On every page there was drama here and drama there and it was kind of annoying The lead female, Avril seriously got on my nerves Everything she does seems to get her into trouble combined with the whole I want to but I just cant thing she has going on I ended up not liking her by [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book While kidnapping a bride is not the most romantic way I think to start a marriage, the author justifies it as reasonably as she can Of course this is fantasy folks, so don t be so critical of the premise I actually enjoyed the fact that it was a little different We still had the strong but soft hero and the stubborn feisty heroine who are at odds with each other initially However, an island paradise where no one gets sick or gets old, possibly living forever That puts a diffe [...]

    28. This review is for the audible edition of HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE A TOTALLY ENGROSSING, PASSIONATE and INCREDIBLY EXQUISITE READ HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE by Shelly Thacker is a wonderfully erotic historical novel featuring SEXY Vikings an idyllic island, heartbreaking romance, danger, intrigue, adventure and action It s the third book in Shelly s Stolen Brides series, but each one is a standalone with no interconnected characters so they do not need to be read in order.My full review has been posted at Readi [...]

    29. I found the progress of the story slow It wasn t around 50% or something when Hauk decided that he should woo Avril since nothing was happening between them they had nothing to lose and their attraction for each other was evident view spoiler and they ended up having sex instead way to go, Hauk hide spoiler This story proved that, indeed, love is not selfish, it s selfless.I admired Hauk, though, for not being selfish when it came to Avril but then love does that to you Still, I wanted read abo [...]

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