[KINDLE] ☆ Twittermas(A Christmas Short Story) | By ☆ L.K. Rigel

Twittermas(A Christmas Short Story) By L.K. Rigel,

  • Title: Twittermas(A Christmas Short Story)
  • Author: L.K. Rigel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the author Merry Christmas, Read or download this short story for free.One magical Christmas Eve Lyra Boon makes a wish that comes true in miraculous ways a short story
    Twittermas A Christmas Short Story From the author Merry Christmas Read or download this short story for free One magical Christmas Eve Lyra Boon makes a wish that comes true in miraculous ways a short story

    One thought on “Twittermas(A Christmas Short Story)”

    1. This is a really really short read It doesn t have any substance to it The characters basically meet and decide to date Just not for me.

    2. Goodness, Ms Rigel can write A lot of her works are not my thing, unfortunately, but the JAFF she has produced are amazing and this little Christmas piece is well nigh perfect for what it is a very short story which I read in about 30 minutes This is long enough to create likeable characters, tell a heart warming if a little sad story and add a little touch of romance There is little to review in terms of content but if you need a quick shot of Christmas cheer to brighten your day, this is the s [...]

    3. I just read this wonderful short story that L K Rigel delivered to my inbox It s really short, only 5 chapters but so sweet and heartwarming I thoroughly enjoyed it Thanks L.K Rigel 12 10 17 Got this yesterday and didn t realize I read it last year It was a nice short read to pass the time while doing laundry Seemed familiar but wasn t sure I d read it before until I entered it in Such a sweet story Perfect for the holidays.

    4. A sweet treat for your holiday pleasure Rigel steps away from her usual tales of fae and futuristic societies to give a slice of magical holiday life in the modern world I enjoyed this pleasant story as much as I enjoy the most perfect of handmade chocolate bonbons even though it s a small bite, the taste is huge, satisfying, and will linger pleasantly for a long time after you are done.

    5. What a Wonderful Twittermas For Someone s Christmas Miracle to be so selfless is the most wonderful gift of all

    6. What an absolute little gem Who would think that something not even 30 pages long could be so moving Something to melt your heart this one Impressed again by Rigel.

    7. TwittermasThe Christmas fills the air, miracles were sure to happen But will lyna get her wish What about Ben And just who is gabe

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