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Bedding the Bad Boy By Virna DePaul,

  • Title: Bedding the Bad Boy
  • Author: Virna DePaul
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This bad boy is ready to work some magicIdentical twin and Las Vegas performer Max Dalton has always been the number one bad boy in his family, and he s appreciated the women and fame that comes along with his reputation Now, with his brother married to the love of his life and expecting a family of his own, Max sees what being a playboy has cost him Grace Sinclair isThis bad boy is ready to work some magicIdentical twin and Las Vegas performer Max Dalton has always been the number one bad boy in his family, and he s appreciated the women and fame that comes along with his reputation Now, with his brother married to the love of his life and expecting a family of his own, Max sees what being a playboy has cost him Grace Sinclair is on a mission when she comes to Vegas, one that involves asking Max, her best friend s brother in law, to give her the pleasure no man s ever been able to She suspects Max has layers than he lets people see, but she s determined to keep her heart safe even as she offers him her body After all, Max can give her what she wants, but not what she needs her own family For that, she has a plan that doesn t include Max.Will Grace see beyond Max s bad boy fa ade long enough to trust him with her heart And will Max figure out what he really wants before he loses the one woman who makes him believe in love again
    Bedding the Bad Boy This bad boy is ready to work some magicIdentical twin and Las Vegas performer Max Dalton has always been the number one bad boy in his family and he s appreciated the women and fame that comes along

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    1. Headlining in his family s magic show in Las Vegas, Max Dalton leads the life of a playboy, never spending too much time with any one woman, never becoming attached Now that his identical twin brother Rhys and his wife Melina are married and expecting twins, Max starts to want out of life, and longs for someone to see past the mask that he has worn to protect his heart.How often had his family and friends referred to him as Max, the fun one Max, the chick magnet Max, the charmer They never spok [...]

    2. A fun romp with a good girl who acts bad getting together with a bad boy who acts good Grace and Max are a great couple, full of spice but definitely crazy about each other on an emotional level, too I liked both of them, and it was nice to see Melina and Rhys progressing with their story Can t wait to read book three

    3. This was a freebie on I enjoyed Bedding The Bad Boy better than its predecessor, Bedding The Wrong Brother We finally get to see why Max did what he did to his brother and Melina all those years ago And discover he isn t the man everyone assumes he is.Grace has a sexual issue that she wants help with, and with Max s reputation she thinks him to be the perfect candidate to assist her, but courage to follow through with something is a little difficult than she d like to admit.Breaking down each o [...]

    4. Looks can be deceiving For Max his persona precedes him It s that persona that draws Grace to seek his help with an issue Grace keeps chasing the elusive O Will Max help her finally find it Or will she continue to chase after something in reach I enjoyed this book better than the first one Max is definatley on my list of favorite male characters I was sad that the book didn t go on I wanted of Max and Grace The audiobook was great The narrator kept the southern accent of Grace was consistent Th [...]

    5. SweetMax is a magician and Grace works at a university but is on leave pending a hearing Grace has had an orgasm with a man She thinks Max can give it to her When a misunderstanding happens, she decides to go with plan B and have a baby without the fuss of romance love Max is out to prove to her that he is than playboy and is in it for the long run.This will have your fanning your face to cool off I loved Grace and her southern accent and sayings You will not be disappointed.

    6. Absolutely in love with this story It s so wonderful I never wanted it to end Holy max is super sexy and man grace is a hoot on some of the things she says It s super cute I m going to be posting a full review on my book blog in a few days once I have my link up ill let you all know So you can see all my thoughts on Bedding The Bad Boy two tall tales

    7. 4,5 Il mio pensiero lo stesso del primo libro Libro divertente , romantico e sexy soprattutto i protagonisti maschili peccato solo per la narrazione in terza persona Ma va bene comunque Ora via con la storia di Lucy e Jamie

    8. I have loved the series of the Dalton brothers they are such a hawt mess this book is about Max, the playboy Grace is a friend of the family and Max has had his eye on her for a while.

    9. Grace Sinclair and Max Dalton have been casual acquaintances for years Both have had heated thoughts about each other that they never put into play, at least until now when Grace proposes a chance for Max to become than just someone she knows casually.What of course started out as a quest to help his sister in laws best friend soon has Max feeling and wanting certain things he had thought cut out of his life years ago.Things that Grace may or may not be feeling as well but he is driven to take [...]

    10. Well written, but basically too long for a story that doesn t develop its characters.Both decide that they have the hots for one another, and then the woman _ yeah, don t remember her name _ decides to follow some sort of potato logic view spoiler since she can t get an orgasm with male help, she decides that there s no need for a guy in her life, but she wants a family, hey, I want to have a baby one that is co parented with a stranger, bc potato logic And she goes from oh, my woes there s no g [...]

    11. This is book number two in the Bachelors set by Virna DePaul I love her writing, it s fun, entertaining and crazy sexy But be prepared for very explicit sex scenes and lots of them This book focuses on Melina s friend Grace Sinclair and Melina s husband Rhys s twin brother Max Grace has watched her friend Melina with her husband and would love to have that kind of relationship with someone But since she doesn t feel like it s likely to ever happen she s looking for something temporary, and speci [...]

    12. The conflict kind of bothered me and while I appreciate that Grace worked through the fact that wanting kink like, light kink didn t make her abnormal in some way, it was also really annoying to read a romance novel in 2018 that has the thought process at all that wanting consensual kink is weird But I really liked Max and Grace as characters.

    13. Sorry, but.I do like this series but Grace s character in this book drove me up the wall with her negativity, too shallow for my liking Finished the book because I couldn t let Max not find his happiness Moving on to the next one, like I said I like the series.

    14. This book made me want to go watch a vegas show right away So much excitement and drama It would have been nice to know what happened with the Dalton brothers act and what happened with MAx Grace Maybe I will find answers in the third book.

    15. Book 2, I have a thing with finishing series It was a nice love story, not my fave Piercings, not my thing Max s commitment to family and friends makes him hero material.

    16. Grace has never had an orgasm with a man So she asks Max Dalton, manwhore extraordinaire to help her out, because if he can t do it, nobody can But Grace soon finds out that there s to it than just hopping into the sack Max is determined to get her to relinquish control, certain what s holding her back, but Grace isn t so on board He s also determined to talk her out of her baby plan you see Grace wants a family, now So she s ready to just find a donor and have a baby so she can begin raising h [...]

    17. Second book in the Dalton twin brothers series, I enjoyed the first book This Magic Moment because I love a good second chances childhood romance So when I saw this book come up in the freebie list on the forums, I picked it up and started reading.This is a first chance at love for a lady killer, the twin brother Max finally gets a chance at a woman wanting him for then sexy time.So we find our selves in Las Vegas where Max Dalton is still making magic with his brother to crowds, but Max is ver [...]

    18. Very Disappointed with Book Two Finished with Series.I read book one which I felt was deserving of a four star rating Book two, not so much I really did not care for it at all The huge difference between the two books were the main characters I did not in any way find the couple in book two interesting nor did I like them the least little bit They didn t cause me to care about them emotionally or any other way and they were not easy to relate to I can t imagine any female being interested in a b [...]

    19. The story of the Dalton Twins continue, as it is Max s turn for true love Can the larger than live, Las Vegas Headliner create some magic of his own and steal Grace s heart Max meets Grace through Malina Malina is his childhood friend and his sister in law Grace s reasons for seeking out Max as her lover, is, well say, rather unique She starts out being honest with Max, and tells him, she needs him to help her with a sexual issue she just needs him to give her pleasure Of course, Max being an al [...]

    20. I loved the first book Sad to say, not this one It started out okay Seemed like the plot would be good The heroine s accent annoyed me and the hero s nickname for her annoyed me, but I thought it was going to be an okay story I just wasn t feeling a connection between the hero and heroine Why did they want each other I wasn t feeling the emotions that I needed to feel to believe that these two characters were in love All I felt was that they had a mutual wish to start a family The love scenes we [...]

    21. I felt connected to the first couple in the series than Max and Grace and I loved getting to see of them and their HEA it was almost like an extended epilogue for me I also understand that because this is an ongoing series the author leaves us wanting because we will continue so see the characters in the future but I spent over half the book hating Max so it s hard to come back from that and not see of them in a good place Max Regardless of the world seeing him as shallow and one dimensional [...]

    22. This was good story, but not as good as the first book I was enticed to read it because I wanted of Rhys and Melinarry Max Don t get me wrong though, this was still a good read.I liked Max We knew how vulnerable, caring and loyal he was from the first book, but we get a deeper look at him now He longs for the life that Rhys and Melina have He is tired of his playboy persona Why can t people see him for who he is underneath the facade He has real feelings for Grace, Melina s best friend, and she [...]

    23. Sokkal jobb volt, mint amire sz m tottam A feladat t teljesen ell tta J sz rakoz st biztos tott az est re El g r vid, ez rt k nny volt vele gyorsan haladni s egyszer is volt a t rt net, nem volt t lbonyol tva Adott k t feln tt ember, akik m r r g ta vonz dnak egym shoz, de k l nb z okok miatt m g nem k t ttek ki egym s mellett Mi pedig megtudhattuk, hogy p r nap alatt hogyan fordul meg a kapcsolatuk r l k, mert nem volt sszecsapva, b r n hol lehetett volna picit jobban kidolgozva Sokszor meg tud [...]

    24. A great conclusion for the Dalton Brothers The main moral in this book was Don t judge a book by its cover What you see is not always what you get Don t listen to other people when learning about someone new It will hinder a true understanding, and just might cause you to miss out on someone special The secondary moral in this book is it s okay to be yourself There is no such thing as normal People are different in many ways That s what makes everyone special and eunique If you re into kink in t [...]

    25. This is book 2 in the Dalton Brothers series This is a GOOD Bad Boy Again, Virna delights us with the joy that these brothers are Passionate, intense yet at the same time refreshing and different I thoroughly enjoyed this second book and look forward to the next one in this series I think that this book will appeal to all ages because it s very diverse and Virna s writing caters to an ample audience It s different to her paranoraml genre which I love but it is in no way lacking I fully recommend [...]

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