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The Light in the Labyrinth By Wendy J. Dunn,

  • Title: The Light in the Labyrinth
  • Author: Wendy J. Dunn
  • ISBN: 9780980721928
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Queen fights for her life.A King denies his heart and soul.A girl faces her true identity.All things must come to an end all things but love IN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen year old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s second wife and the aunt she idolises Little does Kate know that by goiA Queen fights for her life.A King denies his heart and soul.A girl faces her true identity.All things must come to an end all things but love IN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen year old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s second wife and the aunt she idolises Little does Kate know that by going to attend Anne Boleyn she will discover love and a secret that will shake the very foundations of her identity As an attendant to Anne Boleyn, Kate is swept up in events that see her witness her aunt s darkest days By the time winter ends, Kate will be changed forever.
    The Light in the Labyrinth A Queen fights for her life A King denies his heart and soul A girl faces her true identity All things must come to an end all things but love IN THE WINTER OF fourteen year old Kate Carey wants

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    1. My thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book for review This one I picked because it was set in Tudor England, Henry VIII s court to be specific, and told through the eyes of young Catherine Kate Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn, and Anne s niece.Kate Carey is disgruntled with her life at home with her mother and stepfather, Will Stafford, perplexed at why her mother married so much beneath her, and why she has to stay home with her new step brother and sister while her brother Henry is at court [...]

    2. Un YA assez triste et prenant Je ne spoile pas normalement quand on commence ce livre, on connait la fin c est un peu comme le titanic L auteur nous fait d couvrir les derniers mois d Anne Boleyn travers les yeux de sa ni ce La fin m a beaucoup mu parce l auteur nous am ne nous attacher Anne.Pas de 5 me toile car l criture m a un peu d rang notamment, la r p tition du m me vocabulaire pour d crire le sentiment des personnages

    3. Most of you know I m a huge Tudor fan and having just walked many of the places I ve been reading about in historical fiction for years it gives a new level of feeling to my reading I found The Light in the Labyrinth to be a well written blending of historical fact and imagination and I think the author s notes clarify that Wendy Dunn s imaginings are indeed plausible We follow Catherine Kate Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn and niece of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s 2nd wife as she joins her Aunt Nan [...]

    4. Wendy J Dunn s astonishing young adult novel The Light in the Labyrinth is the rich and compelling tale of the tragic days leading to Anne Boleyn s execution, seen through the eyes of Catherine Kate Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn and niece of Anne At fourteen years of age, Kate is bored with her life in the English countryside with her mother and her new husband, and longs for the glamour of Henry VIII s court and the company of her beautiful Aunt Nan Kate gets her wish, but is about to discover [...]

    5. I was touched by this moving account of the last days of Anne Boleyn, as told through her niece, Catherine Carey I was particularly fascinated by the glimpse into Anne Boleyn s strong character, her romantic suffering, and the love she maintained for Henry to the end The details and richness of the court and family intrigue is a testament to the solid research The author succeeds in stirring our empathy, not only for the Queen, but also for the condition and status of all women during this perio [...]

    6. As a person obsessed with Tudor and Plantagenet history, I really liked this book.Through the later years of his reign, Henry s desire for a male heir, drove him to set aside one queen, and behead another, and I find Anne as much a victim of Henry as I do Katherine In books both nonfiction and fiction, it is often too easy to hate Anne for her role in the fate Katherine of Aragon and her daughter, Mary I But this book managed to cast a sympathetic light on Anne, which I don t find too often in [...]

    7. This young adult novel looks at the last of Anne Boleyn, through the eyes of her niece, the teenage Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn It is absolutely perfect for those just getting into history However It is also a perfect light read for anyone of any age The descriptions of the palaces, clothes events etc are brilliant, and really bring everything to life I found the ending with Anne s downfall execution to be incredibly gripping, filled with suspense, and very emotional Something which [...]

    8. The Light in The Labyrinth was a book I discovered accidentally, through a contact at a writing conference I m so glad I did It s a fantastic book, set in Tudor times at the end of Anne Boleyn s lifetime The heroine, Kate, is Anne s niece and like many young women, she longs to fly the nest and experience the glitter and glamour of courtly life When an opportunity arrives for her to visit her aunt, she seizes it with both hands But court of King Henry the 8th is not everything she imagines it to [...]

    9. Lively, touching and vivid, this novel offers a fresh and unusual perspective on one of history s most well known stories, the downfall of Anne Boleyn, by telling it through the eyes of young Kate Carey, Anne s niece, daughter of her sister Mary when the novel opens, we meet Kate as the archetypal resentful, wounded teenager, hating the fact her mother is happy with her new husband, who Kate thinks is not a patch, socially and otherwise, on her dead father Kate is desperate to start life, which [...]

    10. Although this is a YA book, I found it engrossing as an adult reader Having a fairly good background knowledge of the Anne Boleyn story, I was delighted to see it retold from the perspective of Anne s niece There is a wealth of accurate historical detail included here, but where the book really shines is in the emotional depth behind the storytelling Catherine Carey Anne s niece is at odds with her mother, who she feels has given up on life by marrying for love, and idolises her sophisticated an [...]

    11. This book was told from the point of view of Katherine Carey who was the daughter of Mary Boleyn and believed to be fathered by Henry VIII The story follows Kate as she is brought to court and has to witness the fall and death of her beloved aunt I really liked this book Its perfect for those of us who adore historical fiction, particularly Tudor times, and have already read all of Phillipa Gregory s books.

    12. With The Light in the Labyrinth, Dunn has written a book that is a page turner I loved her first book, Dear Heart, and this one did not disappoint While this is a young adult novel, adults will love it just as much as teenagers Dunn s commitment to historical accuracy shines through on each page Kate Carey is an engaging character who kept my interest and the novel is fast paced and interesting I highly recommend this book.

    13. Although written for YA, found it very enjoyable It tells of Anne s last days from the view of her 14 year old niece, who remained with her to the end Ms Dunn treats the material with respect and feeling I found it very moving.

    14. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher A Queen fights for her life.A King denies his heart and soul.A girl faces her true identity.All things must come to an end all things but love IN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen year old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s second wife and the aunt she idolizes Little does Kate know that by going to a [...]

    15. 3 1 2 starsWas Katherine Carey, niece to Anne Boleyn the Queen s companion in her final day s in the tower Dunn s thoroughly researched young adult novel lets us see the demise of Queen Anne through the eyes of a fourteen year old Kate Carey Caught up in the courtly games and the struggle to find her place as the unclaimed bastard daughter of King Henry VIII in a den of wolves Dunn give a new perspective on a woman who became a King s obsession Through Kate she highlights the constant tightrope [...]

    16. The Light in the Labyrinth is the story of Katherine Kate Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn and niece to Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII Young Kate is 14, impulsive, self absorbed, in other words, a typical 14 year old Kate wants nothing than to go to court and serve her aunt Nan , the Queen of England, rather than remain in the home which she views as impoverished and backwater But Henry s court is a perilous place, especially for a naive teenager, and especially at this time, when He [...]

    17. I absolutely love reading anything about the Tudor time period, whether it s fiction or non fiction, so when I saw this story on Netgalley I was immediately drawn to it.It offers a really interesting and different take on the downfall of Anne Boleyn one of my favourite people to read about during that tumultuous time.The descriptions of the court, of the costumes, of the behaviours of the people are so evocative that I felt as if I had truly gone back in time and was immersed in their lives It s [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I absolutely adore reading Philippa Gregory s work because she has a way of bringing to life historical history whereas many others have the unlucky habit of making it boring Here is another author who has breathed life into times long gone and nearly forgotten She has certainly done a lot of research to pull this off and I applaud her efforts An intriguing new look at Anne Boleyn s history through the eyes of another less well known character Brilliant work and I [...]

    19. Henry VIII s court was a lace of mystery and secrets Wendy Dunn creates an atmospheric coming of age book about Katherine Carey, Anne Boleyn s niece Locked in typical teenage struggle with her mother and stepfather, Kate yearns to live at court with her glamorous aunt, the Queen on England Tantalizing tidbits of gossip tease her, but she is young and innocent and unaware of the storm brewing in the troubled court Like a flower unfolding, Katherine slowly learns the secrets of both her and her br [...]

    20. Lack of depth The characters all seemed very one dimensional, either good guys or bad guys Especially annoying was her portrayal of Anne Boleyn, who was portrayed in this book as just shy of sightedness, ignoring pretty much everything ever written about her personality Was she guilty of adultery and incest The adultery, probably not, the incest, almost undoubtedly not, but she was supposed to be high strung, manipulative, vindictive, temperamental, abrasive, self centred and power hungry But sh [...]

    21. Katherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn wants nothing than to leave her impoverished family home in the countryside and join her Aunt Nan at court When her mother and stepfather finally agree to let Kate go, Aunt Nan, also known as Queen Anne welcomes young Kate with open arms However, court life is not all fun and games as Kate imagined Danger, lies and secrets are what Kate finds instead Queen Anne has already fell out of favor with the King, Kate is unable to walk alone through the castle a [...]

    22. I ve been looking forward to Wendy Dunn s next book since reading Dear Heart several years ago, so I was excited to see The Light in the Labyrinth published Although the book is written for the teen market, adults would be remiss to overlook this one It s certainly written well enough that it can be enjoyed by both.The story of Anne Boleyn s final days before her execution is a subject tackled by many an author and thus some might believe the topic is an exhausted one But Dunn, having told it th [...]

    23. Loved it, loved it Looking for the perfect gift for your teenaged daughter or grand daughter Young Adults will be hiding away to read undisturbed when they get their hands on Wendy Dunn s The Light in the Labyrinth, Dunn s second Tudor novel Teen aged girls especially will be enchanted as this spell binding work of fiction based on historical fact brings the characters of Henry VIII s Tudor court to life on the page.The Light in the Labyrinth paints a new and sympathetic picture of the fate of A [...]

    24. I was sent this book for a review and I can t say I liked it as much as I d hoped Although not necessarily boring, it wasn t very fast paced for me Characters were very one dimensional and there wasn t very much feeling coming through the pages I m always a little wary when authors try to paint Anne Boleyn as a saint as this one does because it doesn t feel genuine The main character, Anne s niece Kate, did not add very much to the story, and aside from her crush on Francis Knollys, never really [...]

    25. I have sort of an obsession with Anne Boleyn and will read anything about her Dunn s novel accepts the theory that Anne s niece and nephew, Katherine and Henry Carey were really Henry VIII s illegitimate children by Anne s sister, Mary The novel is told from 14 year old Kate s point of view as her aunt falls from favor and is eventually accused of adultery, incest, and plotting the king s death Even though I know how Anne s story ends, this novel moved me to tears as Kate accompanies her Aunt Na [...]

    26. A really great read which did not seem like a young adult novel to me at all, it was full of detail and quite lively The family of Mary Boleyn has always fascinated me and this one did as well More books on this subject would be ideal and needed, I will look for Wendy Dunn s other one now.Enough historians agree that Catherine Carey was in the Tower with Anne Boleyn at this period and surely Anne charged those she loved with allegiance to Elizabeth The author s notes about her age and other deta [...]

    27. I am a huge fan of all things Tudor and never tire of reading different interpretations of the Anne Boleyn story This story is told from the perspective of a teenage Katherine Carey arriving at court for the first time, and discovering that all was not what it seemed to be, leading into the dramatic events of 1536 Although written for the young adult market, I found it nicely paced, and easy to read with the author s passion for her subject very evident I look forward to reading by Wendy Dunn.

    28. Katherine and AnneWhat a great story about two women of history One the famous Anne Boleyn and the other Katherine Carey, Anne s sister Mary s daughter The story unwinds during the end of Anne s life as her niece comes to court to attend her aunt Secrets are revealed, lies are told and love blooms And life and innocence are lost A wonderful read for lovers of all things Tudor.

    29. This is the first book I have borrowed from as part of my Prime membership.I really enjoyed this YA book on the last days of Anne Boleyn told through her niece Catherine Katherine Carey Had I not read some reviews of the book prior to reading it I would not have known it was aimed at the YA market Will definitely read by this author.

    30. I enjoyed this novel Well written and researched it tells the story of young Katherine Carey as she begins her life at court as maid of honour to her Aunt, Queen Anne Boleyn Aimed as a novel for young readers older readers will enjoy just as much.

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