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Sunday the Game By Cassia Cassitas,

  • Title: Sunday the Game
  • Author: Cassia Cassitas
  • ISBN: 9788591532872
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Sunday, dinner time Lets go play You will love being the main character, and learn about the matches peculiarities, which can be individual or collective In this game, there is a place for men, women, fear, ideologies, certainties and changes of paradigm As you all know, Sunday is a day of rest, or free time, football or any game From sunrise to sunset, we live WIt s Sunday, dinner time Let s go play You will love being the main character, and learn about the matches peculiarities, which can be individual or collective In this game, there is a place for men, women, fear, ideologies, certainties and changes of paradigm As you all know, Sunday is a day of rest, or free time, football or any game From sunrise to sunset, we live We all take life one day at a time, and this book could give you a better way to look at one day, and live a better day every day.What are your skills How can you use them to do what you really want to do What are you doing If it is fear holding you back on the game of life, then once you identify what you are afraid of, you can finally move ahead.Some readers describe Sunday the Game as a self help book, but that s too simple based on relationships, it s an exploration of the different ways we can experience life Pieces of one s self become the game pieces on a chessboard, metaphorically speaking once the game is been played, you are starting to arrive to a newfound understanding of yourself and those around you Pick this challenge up today, and try it the next Sunday
    Sunday the Game It s Sunday dinner time Lets go play You will love being the main character and learn about the matches peculiarities which can be individual or collective In this game there is a place for men w

    One thought on “Sunday the Game”

    1. Este livro muito interessante Pode e deve ser lido algumas vezes ao longo da vida, quando estivermos em situa es que necessitem de bastante reflex o.A abordagem da autora sobre a vida nica e agradou me imenso.

    2. Estive quase para dar a este livro 3,5.Tive o azar de me faltar 9 p ginas Salta da p gina 104 para a 113 e fiquei sem perceber uma parte do texto.

    3. Sunday The Game by Cassia Cassitas is a game book so to speak A new look about living life and how to succeed at it Sunday The Game is an interactive story that will make you think.Cassia presents a game with rules in the setting of a fictional sunday dinner This book show us how we can turn our lives around and take charge in such a fun filled way This game seek to take us out of our busy lives in order to relax This book is any easy read but will certainly make you think Enjoy

    4. Cassia Cassitas presents here an intriguing game, to which there are written rules and yet their implementation is up to the player Given the setting of a fictional Sunday dinner, the player is presented numerous circumstances about which they are asked a series of questions The questions are divided into three categories, depending upon whether the reader wishes to answer as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player Beginner questions revolve around the people at the dinner party while inter [...]

    5. This is one of the most unique books I ve read It combines philosophy, gamification and self help in a highly accessible format.The nature of Sunday the Game may not be clear from the blurb I purchased it on the strength of another book by the same author Don t let this put you off, because the book is powerful and rewarding Its purpose is to improve the reader s life organically, by encouraging him or her to view Sundays as a kind of abstract, spiritual progression or game This is encapsulated [...]

    6. I d like to start by saying this book is an easy 5 stars for me because I am a gamer I love any type of RPG While the book isn t a RPG it is written from that perspective The reader is the player the person who changes or directs the book and the play Very much like sitting at a DD table and creating a game from the scenarios and situations that you find yourself in Imagining a reality based on the perceptions, reactions, and behaviors of others.This book, obviously, takes it further since the g [...]

    7. In the words of the author, Sunday the Game is an invitation to an adventure That seems the best possible description of such an original, hard to place book.The author comments that in our globalised, mechanical world, people are prone to fall into automatic lifestyle patterns, without considering alternatives or thinking through the consequences The object of Sunday the Game , therefore, is to create an opportunity for the reader to explore a less individualistic, competitive approach to life [...]

    8. Sunday The Game is about inner reflection and how improve your life by partaking of weekly analysis of your current, past, and future situations and the effect of the close family The Game is to be played on a Sunday, the day of the week for relaxation from the working week, when the family traditionally meet for dinner.Although some of the information was relevent, I felt that the idea of the family meeting once a week was unfortunately outdated for life in the 21st century.However, it is a gre [...]

    9. This is definitely a book to be taken slowly, masticated, and digested The game is life, Sunday those periods of rest that we have, and dinner those times when we interact with others, learning, growing and receiving nourishment to continue to play the game Winning the game, nothing less than the realization of your dreams.Ms Cassitas has written an instruction manual for playing the game Written in the form of instruction followed by meditative Sunday writings, it is a way to begin to actually [...]

    10. As the author puts it, Sunday the Game is an invitation to an adventure, to a game that can be played every Sunday dinner Interesting idea, as in these times of social media the old fashioned idea of preparing food, getting together with family and friends, sitting together and participating in an interactive social gathering where questions are discussed and ideas put forward needs some sort of structuring as it s rarely going to happen otherwise The author gives guidance and suggestions as to [...]

    11. I had to read this book twice to actually understand it It was bizarre at first I felt like someone was trying to talk to me instead of just me reading a book For me it is the first time visiting a book with this type of writing style At times, I felt it similar to a Dungeon and dragons board game from the eighties At first, I thought who the main characters were, but after a while it was completely obvious The reader was the main character Like the Dungeons and dragons game, the book will be th [...]

    12. When was the last time you woke up and just analyzed your life When did you take a good hard look at yourself, and those around you Cassitas has created a book that asks those same questions, and gives a great example of how you could find the answers Through a game and a mostly first person perspective, you break down the details of your life, and get insight on a philosophy of playing life s game to win You can take on three levels of challenge Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.It should be [...]

    13. We humans tend to take our lives way too seriously We get caught up in work, relationships, strategies even our times for relaxing tend to be escapism than rejuvenation Sunday the Game takes us out of our all too serious world of illusion to see our lives for what they really are a game that we play all the time Our actions are just moves in a game, and if we can distance ourselves from them enough we can see how they set the playing board for the next move In a sense, we create our realities t [...]

    14. This was my first book that has a role playing theme to it, and I found it both original and a little exciting OK, it s not role play in the sense of games like Dungeons and Dragons, but it is written very much from this point of view.In this book you can direct the story, but you really have to try the book to appreciate how well the author Cassitas manages this.Underneath all of this, there is a message from the author, namely how we can all change our destinies or the road we currently follow [...]

    15. Since my childhood I love the kind of books which you are the main character and can effect the story I liked Sunday The Game mainly for two reasons First, it took me back to my childhood and second, it points out to the importance of taking control of your life in a fun way.Depending on why you re reading this book and what you re hoping to get from it, it can just be a light read or it can make you think deeply with every decision you make.

    16. Sunday the Game is a very interesting read Cassitas has an intriguing point of view that will have you deeply probing into your own life I, personally, really like this kind of book, I enjoy books that can help me self improve, and Sunday the Game is a great one The book is well written and edited, and it is always good when books have good editing Worth its cost in the value it will bring to your life

    17. Great read This book will have you really taking a look at your life and doing some personal soul searching It really makes you think, if you know what I mean You don t often run across these types of books that are truly eye opening, and Sunday the Game is a good one Inexpensive as well, that is always a plus.

    18. Well thought out a game as much as a book Astute and cleverly put together, this is as much a game book than a novel Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, the author plies you with the appropriate about of detail to engage the mind.If you are looking for something different and new, this one is for you.

    19. I won a free copy from the First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting I would recommend it to everyone.

    20. Este livro foi uma oferta da autora em troca de uma opini o sincera Atrav s de uma viagem pela vida com uma jogo, a autora conduz nos a uma reflex o e consciencializa o dos nossos sentimentos, emo es e evolu o enquanto meros seres humanos.Se num jogo cada jogador cumpre uma fun o e o seu desempenho controlado pelas regras do jogo, tamb m na vida devemos compreender a nossa equipa e as regras que regem o nosso papel na sociedade Sem d vida, um livro para ler e reler pois, de certo que medida que [...]

    21. Ao longo do livro, Cassia Cassitas explica as regras do jogo e convida o leitor a participar nele Por entre os textos repletos de met foras, s o nos dados in meros conselhos a aplicar na nossa vida, se assim o entendermos ou precisarmos, bem como frases marcantes que nos fazem realmente pensar e questionar momentosliterariosml.

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