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In the Morning I'll Be Gone By Adrian McKinty,

  • Title: In the Morning I'll Be Gone
  • Author: Adrian McKinty
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Catholic cop tracks an IRA master bomber amidst the sectarian violence of the conflict in Northern IrelandThe early 1980s Belfast Sean Duffy, a conflicted Catholic cop in the Protestant RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary , is recruited by MI5 to hunt down Dermot McCann, an IRA master bomber who has made a daring escape from the notorious Maze Prison In the course of his iA Catholic cop tracks an IRA master bomber amidst the sectarian violence of the conflict in Northern IrelandThe early 1980s Belfast Sean Duffy, a conflicted Catholic cop in the Protestant RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary , is recruited by MI5 to hunt down Dermot McCann, an IRA master bomber who has made a daring escape from the notorious Maze Prison In the course of his investigations Sean discovers a woman who may hold the key to Dermot s whereabouts she herself wants justice for her daughter who died in mysterious circumstances in a pub locked from the inside Sean knows that if he can crack the locked room mystery, the bigger mystery of Dermot s whereabouts might be revealed to him as a reward Meanwhile the clock is ticking down to the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton in 1984, where Mrs Thatcher is due to give a keynote speech.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    In the Morning I ll Be Gone A Catholic cop tracks an IRA master bomber amidst the sectarian violence of the conflict in Northern IrelandThe early s Belfast Sean Duffy a conflicted Catholic cop in the Protestant RUC Royal Ul

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    1. In the Morning I ll be Gone is No 3 in the series with Northern Ireland s sergeant Sean Duffy back in fine form with his witty dialogue and no nonsense attitude When his beeper starts beeping and vibrating signifying a Class 1 emergency the highest general alert requiring all policemen and soldiers to respond without delay, Duffy is higher than a kite on Turkish black cannabis while totally immersed playing a video game Not getting his attention the phone starts ringing non stop which Duffy at l [...]

    2. Early in the third novel in the Sean Duffy series, Duffy, a detective in the Royal Ulster Constabulary, is booted off the force for an offence he didn t commit Duffy is a brilliant detective, but he s also a wiseass of the first magnitude who prefers to work in his own way and who has little tolerance for his superiors, especially when they don t see things the way he does In consequence, his superiors take advantage of a trumped up charge to get him out of their hair.The series takes place in t [...]

    3. A spot on conclusion to the Troubles Trilogy Sean Duffy is back on the force but he is with the special branch MI5 and trying to locate a runaway IRA mastermind who used to be a friend of his There is always a side story and this one is a locked mystery who killed Lizzy Would Sean be able to know the killer and solve a cold case, while at the same time capture a bomb mastermind The book was so realistic that it felt fact than fiction Adrian does it again and delivers a realistic piece of fictio [...]

    4. The structure of trilogies must have some appeal for McKinty, not just because he has previous form From the outside you can see that it could be quite a challenge to build a character s life and explore events in a proscribed number of books And then it s over For this reader it s a very bitter sweet experience Especially when, from book number one, this series cemented itself as a big part of January s expectations.Part of the appeal is obviously the central character Sean Duffy An outsider in [...]

    5. This was my favorite book in the series so far I listened to the audio and the narrator has really grown on me He does a brilliant job, especially with the humor I don t think I ve ever laughed this much while listening to a book As always his descriptions of Ireland during the troubles is amazing, but this time he takes it even further, by describing how it feels like when in a bombed building The locked room case was very intriguing, and I loved the ending of the book So if you enjoy police my [...]

    6. In this third book in the series Sean Duffy has been demoted despite solving his last case in spectactular fashion but embarrassing the powers that be by putting some FBI noses out of joint The book opens with a mass jail outbreak of 38 IRA prisoners and Sean being called into work in full riot gear to set up police road breaks Eventually half the escapees would be rounded up, with the rest managing to escape over the border to regroup and plan new attacks on the British forces in Northern Irela [...]

    7. Like McKinty s other books, In the Morning I ll Be Gone is set in Ireland in the 1980s The book is full of pop culture references to remind us of the era Sean Duffy, between smoking weed and playing games on his Atari 5200 and trying to type up police reports on his brand new Macintosh computer, listens to Robert Plant, sneers at Spandau Ballet, and in the climax, spends a moment sharing a listen to Leonard Cohen on his Walkman with the IRA terrorist who s about to kill him.Aside from all the 80 [...]

    8. In the final installment of this very excellent trilogy Sean Duffy is grassed up by a fellow officer and finds himself pensioned off from the force When an explosives expert for the IRA manages to break out of the Maze, Duffy is wooed by M15 Duffy and Dermot McCann share a history and M15 are desperate to find McCann None of McCann s family or friends are willing to talk except for one, and the information will come with a price, it involves a Cold Case and Duffy has to solve the murder in a loc [...]

    9. I love this series I guess you can call it a series instead of a trilogy since a fourth book is in the works Adrian McKinty s story of Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop in a Protestant world, set within the Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1983, is fast paced and hard to put down This time Duffy is back on the beat helping MI5 find an escapee from the Maze prison a prisoner MI5 knows will be up to no good first chance he gets.

    10. Third time has all the charm for me with this excellent entry in the Sean Duffy series Our hero crosses paths with real characters from recent history and gets plausibly involved in real news events which I remember happening Within this framework, there is a wholly believable locked room mystery which namechecks the best locked room stories in literature and gets resolved with real policework and deduction Thoroughly satisfying, leaving me properly excited about the rest of the series.

    11. So Much He Gets RightAlthough Adrian McKinty emigrated to the USA after graduating from Oxford, and now lives in Australia, he has never forgotten his Northern Ireland roots He was born in Belfast as I was , and grew up in Carrickfergus the town directly across Belfast Lough from my own home, Bangor , where much of this novel is set As his protagonist, Detective Inspector Sean Duffy, travels all over the province, McKinty is utterly precise, down to road numbers and small details you could follo [...]

    12. Sean Duffy finds himself reinstated as a detective in the Royal Ulster Constabulary RUC when he agrees to help MI5 locate an escaped IRA bomb maker named Dermot McCann Sean s previous cases have given him a reputation for getting things done, and in this case there is a personal link Dermot and Sean were schoolmates and friends until the week after Bloody Sunday when Sean approached Dermot, then an IRA recruiter, about joining the IRA and Dermot sent him packing back to university.Sean agrees to [...]

    13. One of my 2014 favorite reads.The third in McKinty s trilogy featuring peeler aka Royal Ulster Constabulary police detective Sean Duffy in Northern Ireland in the early 80s, a fraught and dangerous time of Maze hunger strikes and IRA bombings and then, of course, the murder cases Sean must work and solve None of them ends very satisfyingly for him but this is a three book flash photo of the time that you will not be able to forget, with walk ons by historical figures like Gerry Adams, Ian Paisle [...]

    14. The third in the Sean Duffy trilogy This is a misnomer There is a fourth one coming in 2015 This one is not your typical Irish Noir, it is of a police procedural There is very little violence other than at the end of the book, unlike previous ones Like the past McKinty books it is a great read and keeps your attention throughout the book Duffy is kicked out of the RUC and he is recruited by MI5 to find an IRA bomb maker that has escaped from Maze prison While doing this he is asked to investiga [...]

    15. This was a fast read, and I appreciate that McKinty doesn t fill his books up with irrelevant trivia Sean Duffy continues to be a bad boy though a bit subdued in the third volume of the trilogy I liked the change of scenery around Derry, the Donegal border, Rathlin Island appears, and Duffy even goes to England Duffy, as always, gets himself in and out of deadly situations I wish there were books to come because McKinty has created a fascinating character in Sean Duffy with a compelling backdro [...]

    16. This is the third book in a trilogy about Sean Duffy, a Catholic policeman, in Northern Ireland during The Troubles in the early 1980 s I have not read the first two and felt it worked well as a stand alone although I do plan to go back and read the first two.The book opens with Duffy s forced retirement from the police force under a trumped up charge Then there s a breakout from a maximum security prison and IRA members on the loose Politicians are anxious to find them and reach out to Duffy fo [...]

    17. What initially was billed as a trilogy and finishing with In The Morning I ll be Gone has I m happy to report been wonderfully undermined by news that a fourth book is due out early in 2015 Sixteen Shells from a Thirty Ought Six.So instead of bemoaning the passing of this modern detective hero Sean Duffy the story goes on I can only reflect on this well drawn character who has few friends and many who mistrust him as a Catholic taking the side of Britain in the RUC In this latest episode we see [...]

    18. Woke up at 5 00am to finish this book and it is a cracking good read Just what I needed, a bit of escapism after an exhausting week But that sounds condescending because this book is really good Well written, at times very eloquent and beautiful, and reinforces the convinction I had after reading the first in the Sean Duffy series that Adrian McKinty is a very fine writer The second book, I felt, wasn t up to the standard of the first, but this, the third in the series about a catholic cop in th [...]

    19. Eh The history is keeping me in this series and I can t believe I just admitted that I m not usually interested Oh, and the main character calls people Me old china plate, which is always a favorite.

    20. I wish this were not a trilogy This is the third and presumably the last of McKinty s Troubles trilogy Disgraced and thrown off the police force after having been reduced in rank after his dissing of the FBI in the second volume, Sean is sought out by Special Branch to help locate Dermot McCann, an old acquaintance and IRA terrorist, who had escaped from jail They fear he is about to embark on a new bombing campaign They hope his knowledge of the area and McCann s friends, not to mention that th [...]

    21. A spectacular escape and a man hunt that could change the future of a nation and lay one man s past to rest Sean Duffy s got nothing And when you ve got nothing to lose, you have everything to gain So when MI5 come knocking, Sean knows exactly what they want, and what he ll want in return, but he hasn t got the first idea how to get it Of course he s heard about the spectacular escape of IRA man Dermot McCann from Her Majesty s Maze prison And he knew, with chilly certainty, that their paths wou [...]

    22. In The Morning I ll Be Gone is the third in the Sean Duffy trilogy, and having really enjoyed the first two in the series, I was really looking forward to reading this one and I wasn t disappointed Picking up where the second novel left off, Duffy is soon in the thick of the action again, employed by M15 to track down a former schoolfriend, while in turn becoming embroiled in trying to solve a locked room mystery Once again, there is action aplenty, this time mostly away from the long suffering [...]

    23. Sean Duffy is the proverbial outsider a Catholic cop in a protestant force, and a traitor peeler to his boyhood IRA friends After being demoted to foot patrol from detective for pissing off the hierarchy in the prior novel, Duffy is framed for a deadly hit and run, where he was only a passenger He is forced to resign from the police force to save his pension After moping around, he is rescued by MI5 to help track down a prison escapee IRA bomber, Dermot McCann, who has been given additional trai [...]

    24. I read this for a GR book group reading challenge, and what a pleasant surprise reading this book turned out to be The story was really suspenseful and had me thoroughly hooked from page one Not something that happens that often for me with mystery thrillers, but always welcome when it does The author skillfully weaves a complex tale of political intrigue, set in early 1980 s Northern Ireland, that hinges upon solving a locked room murder mystery Loved it and look forward to reading in this ser [...]

    25. Adrian McKinty captures a moment in time, the eighties when religious hatred reigned supreme in Northern Ireland In The Morning I ll Be Gone deals with Sean Duffy s quest to track down a member of the IRA intent on masterminding a large scale attack on the British government But to get started on this quest Duffy must first solve a crime that no one believes was committed in the first place It s an interesting case and the background of the Irish Troubles another example of how religion is the r [...]

    26. I really liked this one Closed door mysteries are great, and it felt like Sean actually developed a little I was into it.

    27. I wish I was in CarrickfergusOnly for nights in BallygrandI d check my beneath my car for tilt bombsDrink vodka gimlets, smoke contaband.But it s the middle of The Troubles and neither have I wings to flyWe ll figure out this locked room mysteryD.I Sean Duffy, Tom Waits and I.

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