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Stolen Souls By Debra Dunbar,

  • Title: Stolen Souls
  • Author: Debra Dunbar
  • ISBN: 9781497319691
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nyalla is dog sitting for Satan It s a sweet gig for a girl who, up until recently, had been a slave to the elves in Hel The house is amazing, she s got the key to the Corvette, and although Boomer is a Hellhound, he s also a lovable, slobbery companion.When a newly interred corpse vanishes, followed by a series of grisly murders, Nyalla can t help but wonder if Boomer sNyalla is dog sitting for Satan It s a sweet gig for a girl who, up until recently, had been a slave to the elves in Hel The house is amazing, she s got the key to the Corvette, and although Boomer is a Hellhound, he s also a lovable, slobbery companion.When a newly interred corpse vanishes, followed by a series of grisly murders, Nyalla can t help but wonder if Boomer s odd diet has taken a deadly turn Could the dog be to blame or is there a sinister creature on the loose Nyalla must stop who is behind it all before die and before the county puts Boomer on death row.
    Stolen Souls Nyalla is dog sitting for Satan It s a sweet gig for a girl who up until recently had been a slave to the elves in Hel The house is amazing she s got the key to the Corvette and although Boomer is

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    1. This book here stars both Nyalla and Boomer, two characters who are very important to the main character, Sam, in the Imp series Nyalla is a full biological human who is Wyatt s natural sister that Sam rescued from slavery under the control of the Elves She s spent 18 years of her life in slavery and doesn t know much about Earth, humans or at least earth humans , and customs and stuff.Boomer is a dog More specifically, and accurately, Boomer is a hellhound Sam s hellhound He s been in the Imp [...]

    2. Four really solid stars, possibly even five I haven t really decided yet Ok, I admit it it, I may be biased when it comes to dog novels, because let s face it I love dogs I m CRAZY about dogs They re sweet, loyal, adorable, cuddly and make great bedtime companions I m even willing to forgive them their sometimes nasty feeding habits Mine have sampled rotting lemming carcasses I don t care, they re still totally A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E But can the same thing be said about a dog who cheerfully nibbles on [...]

    3. Okay so I m always a little worried about spinoffs you know, new series and main characters that existed as side characters in a 1st series Dunbar s Imp series is a wonderful, fresh view on a world full of demons and angels and other non humans The main character in those books Sam is unapologetically bad, one of my favorite anti heroes ever I was a bit concerned when I saw this book and realized we were going for a ride with a not so big character from the Imp series But I love Dunbar s style o [...]

    4. I gave up.I bought this book off for about 9 quid, which for a small book I think is self published I found quite expensive, I wont normally buy a novella that costs than 6 as to me they aren t usually worth I thought Stolen Souls would be worth it.Stolen Souls is a mystery book, not about who killed who but rather.who raised who If I had thought that the book would have been focusing on a human elf and not a dog I probably would have rejected the idea of reading it, however the blurb made it [...]

    5. Okay, this was awesome So what s the difference between this one and and the Spearwood serial that so recently enraged me with bitterness Let s see, for Stolen Souls Did it cost 3 bucks Yes, yes it did.Were there typos Yes, yes there were less typos than the Spearwood, mostly verb tense Did it consist of an ENTIRE book Why, YES.Was the writing compelling ABSO friggin LUTELY.Was the plot interesting YES Did I feel an emotional connection with the characters Did I ever Is this book worth 3 dollars [...]

    6. Great world novellaWhen Sam leaves the earth realm for an unanticipated sojourn in Hel, Nyalla, the human changeling, is left house sitting and looking after Sam s hellhound, Boomer After living the first nineteen years of her life as a slave to the elves, Nyalla feels overwhelmed and out of her depth in the earth realm She would happily stay holed up in Sam s house not interacting with anyone directly so long as the pizza guy keeps making regular deliveries However, unbeknownst to everyone, Boo [...]

    7. The opening chapter from Boomer s POV was awesome Turns out there s a bit going on in his head than I thought I love his purpose on earth, it was a nice touch After that though we jump solely to Nyalla s POV and she s whiney, insecure and overall not enjoyable to read I pushed through several chapters, but it never got better I understand she s trying to adjust to a very different world, but she s not actually trying that hard she s hiding from it and letting everyone else carry her weight The [...]

    8. Starts out with Boomer s POV, which is kind of awesome, but spends most of the time in Nyalla s POV Not quite as fleshed out as Sam s books, but still had some fun little quirks and details A little finesse and this little gem could really shine.

    9. If you re going to reference pop culture movies, maybe watch them Ash lost his hand in the first evil dead movie.

    10. Simply wonderful These side stories are just too amazing for me to try and describe I am not normally a fan of side stories, but these have seriously kept me on the edge of my seat I wish these were going to be developed into entire series, they are just that good Debra Dunbar should be a household name

    11. Yay Look at the cover Who doesn t love that guy Despite his snack choices, of course Boomer and Nyalla make quite a good team This spinoff tale takes place while Sam is stuck in Hel, and Wyatt is out of town in San Diego Nyalla is dog housesitting for Sam, and the poor girl is all alone Luckily, she has Michelle and Candy to check up on her Boomer, being the midnight adventurer he is, happens upon a grave that has been desecrated The police think it s just simple vandalism, but Boomer knows bett [...]

    12. eeeeep it was so good to see Nyalla in a book and trying things and going on adventures with Boomer fantabulous story I felt like maybe Michelle and candy went from bugging her and being involved to trickling off for a few nights while she ran around and I think I was a bit surprised you would think candy would be all over that But that s my only criticism and it wasn t even really a bad thing just something I noticed that happened otherwise fantastic as always great story and I especially love [...]

    13. spoiler alert I love Debra s original ideas she has a fantastical way of looking at not only why something works but how it works I love how nyalla grows in such a short period and concurs her fears what i didnt like was how are Eric just accepted the fact that there are demons Ghouls and Angels around and that the girl he likes you still live in hel Also found it unbelievable that a girl who was terrified to leave the house had no problem sleeping with a guy that she knew for all of two days ev [...]

    14. So this is the first book I have read by Debra Dunbar and I really enjoyed it I received my copy as a part of First Reads contest and I am soo glad I won Since I haven t read any of the other books in the world, this was my first introduction to all of the characters This books can be read as a stand alone book and still be good I think I would have enjoyed it if I had read the others in the series, which I plan to do I liked her character development and the ending Her main character was well [...]

    15. was ok, but couldn t really get into it The main series is great, this just lacked a good character Nyalla was pretty boring, the story was ok, and overall it was obvious it lacked the same lustre as the rest of the series nor did it tie back in or enhance the main series in anyway It s probably one novella, that if you haven t read, you won t miss anything, because in reading it, you won t gain anything.

    16. Meh.This spinoff story focuses on Nyalla, who was a side character in a series I enjoyed.The plot is that a horrible undead monster is eating corpses and people It s horrific but, at the same time, it feels low stakes somehow Gee, says the story, all the competent people are out of town, so it s up to Nyalla to deal with this little problem.That made it hard to really care about the story.I think I had better stop reading the spinoff stories.

    17. What a fun, ever so slightly creepy, fun story with some amazing character growth Nyalla is scared to just open the door for the pizza delivery guy and suddenly she s forced to figure out what supernatural being is killing people and how to get rid of it She rises to the occasion magnificently as Dunbar takes us all on an amazing journey.

    18. Really good book This book has an engaging story line, lovable characters but is light on the romance The flow of the story made it an easy and enjoyable read After reading this book I almost want a boomer of my own.

    19. I ve enjoyed the rest of the imp books but for whatever reason I just didn t enjoy it as much as the other books Nyella was a bit boring to be honest I liked boomer but I wasn t sure how well it fit in with his previous character.

    20. This series was awesome This book is well written with quirky characters and a lot of action Hey what s not to love about a demonic Plott Hound

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