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Tatsinda By Elizabeth Enright Irene Haas,

  • Title: Tatsinda
  • Author: Elizabeth Enright Irene Haas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time, far, far away at the top of the world, where it is always cold, there was a mountain that no one knew about except the people who lived on it Thus begins this lovely fairy tale full of endless delights, surprises, and adventures set in the kingdom of Tatrajan.
    Tatsinda Once upon a time far far away at the top of the world where it is always cold there was a mountain that no one knew about except the people who lived on it Thus begins this lovely fairy tale full

    One thought on “Tatsinda”

    1. A lesser known favorite by the author of The Saturdays I loved this book so much I named our Siamese cat after the heroine.

    2. This has to be one of my favorite books of all times We Peter and I originally started reading it when he was a little kid it was one of our read alouds This book just sucks you into the magical world they live in We used to come up with new animals and such that could live there and name them all starting with t of course LOVE IT

    3. This is a light fantasy with the feel of a fairy tale I picked it up after seeing it mentioned on the blog Collecting Children s Books, mostly because I have an abiding affection for Irene Haas illustrations It s a slim story with plenty of illustrations some black and white and some in Haas usual gorgeous colors I imagine that if it were published now, the text would be spread out over pages and it might have full color illustrations, like The Night Fairy And I think it would appeal to a simi [...]

    4. Imagine being dropped as an infant into an isolated mountain valley where each person is granted one wish, but before your wish is granted a terrible invasion threatens destruction.Here it is, my absolute favorite of all the books I read as a child I confess to sifting through library book sales in search of cast off copies to give to my sisters and my children.There is so much in Tatsinda s story that is applicable to my own life How I wished to fit in, to look like everyone else, to attract th [...]

    5. This long picture book is enjoyable but very strange The overall story is of a young girl in a mountain kingdom who loves the youngest prince, asks a witch for help winning his love, is kidnapped by a giant and eventually has a happy ending But the author, Elizabeth Enright 1906 1968 made the interesting decision to invent new names for the flora and fauna of the kingdom all of which begin with the letter T So we have timtiks, tiptods, timbertocks and timaroons wandering about between characters [...]

    6. To be honest, I became really bored with this book really fast There are so many words The story could have been shorter and the beauty of the fairytale would have still been there The illustrations are beautiful, well of course the antagonists are the most hideous thing you have ever seen, but the colors are rich I have no idea who I would recommend this book to Maybe someone who is very patient and loves fairytales.

    7. Much prefer 1960 s illustrations Readers of Enright s Melendy family books may recall that Randy Miranda the artist starts telling her brother Oliver the story of TATSINDA I think to distract him after he accidently falls down a well out on a picnic in the country so maybe it happens in AND THEN THERE WERE FIVE, or THE FOUR STORY MISTAKE.

    8. I loved this book when I was a kid, but its message of tolerance, although well intentioned, doesn t hold up as well today Three stars for the memories and for trying to teach the acceptance of differences.

    9. The names of people and animals were tough to get through, but overall a pleasant read and interesting world.

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