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Suojattomat By Kati Hiekkapelto,

  • Title: Suojattomat
  • Author: Kati Hiekkapelto
  • ISBN: 9789511273929
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maahanmuuttajataustainen Anna Fekete kohtaa poliisinty ss n identiteettins kipupisteet Ketk kaikki ovat suojattomia, ja mill tavoilla Vanha mies j auton alle ja kuolee Tapausta tutkivasta Anna Feketest tuntuu, ett kaikki ei t sm Autoa ajanut unkarilainen au pair tytt kertoo, ett vanhus makasi tiell jo yliajon sattuessa, eik onnettomuuspaikalta l ydy uhrinMaahanmuuttajataustainen Anna Fekete kohtaa poliisinty ss n identiteettins kipupisteet Ketk kaikki ovat suojattomia, ja mill tavoilla Vanha mies j auton alle ja kuolee Tapausta tutkivasta Anna Feketest tuntuu, ett kaikki ei t sm Autoa ajanut unkarilainen au pair tytt kertoo, ett vanhus makasi tiell jo yliajon sattuessa, eik onnettomuuspaikalta l ydy uhrin jalanj lki.Samaan aikaan Annan ty pari Esko selvitt Suomeen rantautuneen maahanmuuttajajengin toimia Mik on k nnytysp t ksen saaneen nuoren miehen osuus kuolemantapaukseen, joka ilmenee huumeluolan ratsiassa Yh vaarallisemmiksi k yvien poliisitutkimusten keskell Anna tuntee raastavaa koti ik v.
    Suojattomat Maahanmuuttajataustainen Anna Fekete kohtaa poliisinty ss n identiteettins kipupisteet Ketk kaikki ovat suojattomia ja mill tavoilla Vanha mies j auton alle ja kuolee Tapausta tutkivasta Anna Feketes

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    1. This book was the winner of the Best Finnish Crime Novel in 2014 It features a female detective solving several murders that appear unrelated at first The police procedural is a good story but it s also a good read for all the social commentary that goes along with it A sample Society needs the drunk, the obese, the depressed, as examples to the rest of us and to provide statistics with which to frighten people As a woman working in a traditionally male field her main protagonist is a senior app [...]

    2. 3.5 starsHiekkapelto s book is an intriguing mix of Scandi crime and social commentary Contemporary issues such as immigration, gangs, drugs, racism, alcoholism, familial relationships are all addressed with a cutting style, seen through the lens of each character and Finnish society is certainly not viewed with rose tinted specs Out here he would never blend into the crowds, just another part of the blissfully identical pink skinned masses his black eyes and dark skin dug into Finnish eyes like [...]

    3. I m always overjoyed to find some new Scandinavian noir to get my teeth into and a promising new author This is the second Anna Fekete story, written by Kati Hiekkapelto and translated by David Hackston It easily compares with the kind of crime writing coming out of the UK from Anya Lipska and Eva Dolan This is dark hard hitting crime, with a clever focus on immigration and other hard core issues It is intelligent and thought provoking Although it is Finnish, this is the kind of discourse on rac [...]

    4. The Defenceless A Stunning ThrillerKati Hiekkapelto brings us a second outing for Police Investigator Anne Fekete with a stunning thriller The Defenceless, and easy to see why this was the best Finnish Crime Novel of 2014 This is a brilliantly written Scandi noir that is at times provocative with a wonderful social conscience that challenges our own prejudices At the same time as Europe is tearing itself apart over immigrants and how we deal with refugees Kati Hiekkapelto pricks our conscience i [...]

    5. I have to admit it, I am properly LOVING all of the nordic noir that is flying around at the moment, I honestly don t think it has EVER been as good as it has been lately This is no exception touching on the somewhat topical subject of immigration, alongside drugs, smuggling and a big dollop of murder this is a very, very good read.With a brilliant narrative and some very believable characters, two seemingly unrelated investigations come together in an excellent storyline, one that kept me guess [...]

    6. Does not stand alone, read The Hummingbird first for context.This book features Anna and Esko working on separate cases that end up being related Slower going for the first half, although that s in keeping with the focus on her immigrant background rather than a police procedural as such I have to say that I don t find Anna likeable enough to say I m fully engaged by her character I miss the first book s background on her colleagues lives and those of the Finnish suspects This one almost had the [...]

    7. Bezsilni to nie tyle krymina skandynawski z krwi i ko ci, ile powie obyczajowa, w kt rej elementy krymina u tworz bolesny, bezlitosny komentarz spo eczny W tek zab jstwa jest niby przewidywalny, ale jednocze nie na tyle intryguj cy, by przyci gn uwag czytelnika Podst pem skupi jego uwag na problemach o wiele powa niejszych ni zbrodnia i ledztwo same w sobie Biznes narkotykowy, alkoholizm, przemoc domowa, patologie i oczywi cie imigracja w jej legalnej oraz nielegalnej formie To nie jest Finlandi [...]

    8. Just when you thought Kati Hiekkapelto couldn t get any betterAnna Fekete is ageing like a fine red wine Full blooded and damn well, with all the impetuosity which made her so appealing to readers of The Hummingbird still very much in evidence Back for a second outing, Senior Constable Anna Fekete remains a very big part of the Violent Crimes Unit headed up by Chief Inspector Pertti Virkkunen and staffed by colleagues Esko Niemi and Sari Jokikko Pennanen, all of whom featured in the first novel. [...]

    9. The real stand out feature of this book is the strength and balance of Hiekkapelto s plotting, as the narrative pivots between the seemingly disparate plots of two missing elderly people, a dead drug dealer, the insidious rise of motorcycle gang culture, and the truly heart rending tale of a young man trying to survive the inhospitable climate, both social and meteorological, as an illegal immigrant in Finland It is a testament to the assured and wholly convincing writing style of Hiekkapelto th [...]

    10. The Defenceless was another cover love I was appealed by the road, the mystery of it, and the cold that seemed to irradiate from the colors Once again, my gut did not let me down A nordic investigation again Well, weirdly, I am not getting tired of them, as every story I have read so far had an original and refreshing tone to it The Defenceless is no exception But I would not categorize this story as only a crime book because there is so much going on that dead bodies and police cars rushing th [...]

    11. The Defenceless, by Kati Hiekkapelto translated by David Hackston was perfect reading for a weekend when the media was overrun by privileged Europeans wringing their hands over what to do about an influx of desperate refugees seeking sanctuary, yet wary of upsetting their own comfortable lives This is the second in a series of crime thrillers featuring investigator Anna Fekete, who herself fled a warzone as a child Set in Finland the tale is as dark and challenging as the Scandinavian weather.Th [...]

    12. Thriller set in Finland cold and foreboding but with a social conscience The Defenceless is very much in the genre of the best Scandinavian noir Contrasting detectives Anna Fekete and Esko Niemi work on two cases that overlap One is an old man found dead on a road apparently run over by a Hungarian au pair and the other is an investigation into the drug dealing activities of an immigrant gang The story moves at pace, and comes to a thrilling and somewhat unexpected finale It is well thought thro [...]

    13. HEYNE TestlesenDie Handlung mischt mehrere aktuelle Themen mit der Ermittlung kriminelle Gangs wie die Hell s Angels, ein Fl chtling, dessen Asylantrag abgelehnt wurde, das Heimatgef hl Der Klappentext war sehr vielversprechend aber meine Erwartungen wurden leider nicht erf llt Ich hatte einen spannenden Thriller erwartet und keine langatmige Gesellschaftskritik.Den Figuren fehlt es an Tiefe Vielleicht h tte ich mehr Hintergrundwissen im ersten Teil der Anna Fekete Reihe bekommen Es w re wahrsch [...]

    14. A brilliant read Cleverly plotted with a great character presence A great pace and never trips over it s heels A must read for any crime fiction fan and Nordic police procedural Full praise for Kati Hiekkapelto, and another great novel from Orenda Books Excellent

    15. Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Finland When a Hungarian girl runs over an old man on the road, it turns out that the man has already been dead Murdered Senior Constable Anna Fekete is called for the road accident because of her Hungarian origin But knowing the Hungarian language isn t the only thing that connects her with this case Soon the murder becomes her priority case that starts to reveal much than a dead body on the road.Sammy arrives in Finland hidden in [...]

    16. Finland has many different sides to it that most of us will never see.Visit the locations in the book Defenceless booktrailWho would have thought that one apartment building in the centre of a Finnish city could be so varied A microcosm of so many nationalities, society problems and a haven of the city s underbelly.The issues which result from this apartment, from this city are made up of various issues which live side by side in this cramped and cold world Issues such as cultural dislocation wh [...]

    17. The Defenceless is an amazing novel which covers a lot of ground effortlessly or so it seems as I m sure such effortlessness takes much hard work Anna Fakete is tasked with investigating a road accident where a Hungarian au pair runs over an unidentified old man At the same time her partner Esko Niemi is investigating an international gang, The Black Cobras, who are trying to establish themselves in Finland The link to both cases is Sammy, a drug addicted Pakistani Christian who is on the run af [...]

    18. Visit My Book Self for reviews giveawaysAfter completing this book I see how it was awarded the best Finnish Crime Novel of 2014 Wonderfully written, thought provoking as the widely controversial issue of immigration is addressed Hiekkapelto s smart narrative with immigration weaved throughout will cause the reader to consider their thoughts on this highly contentious topic regardless of your geographical location.Anne Fekete is somewhat of an enigma We learn just enough of her to stir our curi [...]

    19. Vaikka ensimm inen sarjan kirja Kolibri ei kuulunut suosikkeihin, halusin kuitenkin lukea uuden osan, koska tyk styin p henkil n, kolmekymppiseen rikosetsiv n Ja t ytyy sanoa, ett ainakin minun mielest t m oli selv sti parempi Rikostarinan loppuratkaisu ei ehk ollut parasta j nnityst , mutta tarinallisesti kirja toimi paremmin, eik p henkil pett nyt edelleenk n Vain lopussa h nen el ss n tapahtuvasta k nteest en v ltt m tt niin innostu, mutta katsotaan, miten Hiekkapelto t t k nnett jatkaa On va [...]

    20. Excellent police procedural with a deft social commentary in the background The author s confidence has grown since the first book, the storyline is strong and the characters are stronger than ever A delight.

    21. Ich wei auch nichtIch bin mittlerweile ja generell von Psychothrillern gelangweilt, weil jeder einzelne davon nach Schema F abl uft es gibt einen mysteri sen und gewaltt tigen Prolog, der den Leser ans weitere Geschehen fesseln soll, dann werden Ermittler vorgestellt, die allesamt einen ganzen Sack voller Probleme mit sich rumschleppen ER ist in der Regel ein kettenrauchender Alkoholiker, der die Geister seiner Arbeit nur mehr schwer verkraftet und auch keinen Trost bei Frau oder Partnerin finde [...]

    22. 3,5 SterneSolider Krimi Der Fall war diesmal nicht so ganz meins Bandenkriminalit t, Drogen, Fl chtlinge Naja Interessiert mich aber dennoch irgendwie, wie es bei Anna und Esko weitergeht.

    23. The Defenseless, the second book in the Anna Fekete series, is set in a northern Finnish city at the tail end of winter The tale is very much a part of the Scandinavian tradition of social realist crime fiction, focusing on the themes of immigration, identity, dislocation and family, and on drug gangs and rivalries, and their interrelationship The story follows three intertwined trajectories Sammy, a Pakistani Christian and drug addict who fled his home country in fear and does not want to be se [...]

    24. 4.5 starsI ll start with the important bit I loved this It s than just a crime novel, but examines the issues that might lead to the crimes why people might turn to crime or drugs or why people might be driven to leave their native country and seek asylum elsewhere without for a minute letting up on the riveting story telling.It has a wonderful twisty plot with a multitude of threads running round each other, and even the smallest detail comes back as an important part of the investigation.This [...]

    25. Kati Hiekkapelto s second novel has fully delivered on all of the promise of her first The Defenceless is a gritty crime novel with a pulsing vein of social realism It is entertainment with a conscience, fiction with heart rending insight into the real lives of people on the fringes of our own societies.Full review here livemanylives.wordpress 2

    26. Excellent plot misdirection just like the best magicians Kati leads you all over the place but it all comes together with a satisfactory crime closure and yet leaves you wanting Watch out for my review t mYKaThKp5i my review

    27. Did not like this as much as the first one I felt I was being very unsubtly bludgeoned over the head by the author s opinions on asylum seekers I also found Anna really really annoying in this book, all her self pitying whining really got on my nerves.

    28. Que diferencia con los thrillers americanos Profundas reflexiones sobre la soledad, la situaci n del inmigrante, el fr o de Finlandia, la b squeda de la pertenencia Al punto que poco termina importando quien mat a quien o como ocurri.Fr o y depresivo.

    29. Pidin t st enemm n kuin edellisest , joskaan en ole edelleenk n ihan haltioissani Edelleen ep ilen poliisity n kuvausta Esko on ristiriitaisuudessaan selke sti mielenkiintoisin kirjailijan luomista tyypeist.

    30. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, not your usual place procedural, whilst there is a crime to be solved it also focuses on the causes, cleverly written with well rounded characters, it will certainly keep you engrossed until the end, I look forward to reading by this author

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