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The Disciple-Making Pastor By Bill Hull,

  • Title: The Disciple-Making Pastor
  • Author: Bill Hull
  • ISBN: 9780800757205
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Practical instruction for pastors on how they can train their congregations in daily discipleship.
    The Disciple Making Pastor Practical instruction for pastors on how they can train their congregations in daily discipleship

    One thought on “The Disciple-Making Pastor”

    1. I think the laymen needs to read this This is not for the pastor only If the laymen will read this with an attitude of helping the pastor grow the church, he will multiply his contribution to the church The pastor needs to read this if they want to learn how to quit being the center of attention It teaches pastors how to multiply their efforts by developing people in the church to become disciple makers It encourages pastors to view themselves as a coach instead of the paid player It views peopl [...]

    2. This book although with a new cover and updated by Bill Hull caught my eye at a recent conference Discipleship not conversion is the biggest challenge of our day, how to produce a church of people that don t merely give assent to Christ as their Saviour but follow Him as Lord.Across 9 chapters and 300 pages Bill Hull works through the issue of disciple making The book was first published in 1988 and in this revised and expanded edition we have the original text plus further reflections from Bill [...]

    3. In this book Bill Hull presents some really good ideas He says himself that they are basic, but sometimes the basic is not so obvious and sometimes the application is not so basic One thing that definitely gives him some credibility is the fact that he has already used this system and it is working well I definitely believe that he based his theories off of correct ideas One of these is the idea that the main purpose of the church is evangelism and therefore this should also be the main focus o [...]

    4. So I ve been reading this with a specific view in mind, and for that it has been really helpful.However, the language used is quite business like The author constantly refers to the disciple making process as the product , which is very off putting.However, it is full of great insight into what a church needs to do to be the people who produce disciples as Jesus commanded.The author basis these around four things Jesus said, comprising of six phases or steps on the road to being a mature, discip [...]

    5. There are some good concepts in this book but it seems to be written form a very male centric perspective

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