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The Smart One By Ellen Meister,

  • Title: The Smart One
  • Author: Ellen Meister
  • ISBN: 9780061129629
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bev is the Smart One, who finally leaves her artistic ambitions in chalk dust and her humor impaired husband in the arms and legs of his nubile prot g e to become a schoolteacher Clare is the Pretty One, who married well and seems to be living a designer version of the suburban dream Joey is the Wild One, struggling to stay clean and sober now that she s used up her fiBev is the Smart One, who finally leaves her artistic ambitions in chalk dust and her humor impaired husband in the arms and legs of his nubile prot g e to become a schoolteacher Clare is the Pretty One, who married well and seems to be living a designer version of the suburban dream Joey is the Wild One, struggling to stay clean and sober now that she s used up her fifteen minutes of fame as a one hit wonder rock star.They love each other but mix like oil, water, and hundred proof gin a combination that threatens to combust over family tensions, suspected infidelities, a devastating accident, a stunning confession, and the sudden reappearance of their handsome, now all grown up former neighbor, Kenny Waxman, who s back in town making his mark as a TV comedy writer.It seems they ll never understand where their differences begin and their own destructive tendencies end Then it happens the sisters discover a decades old body stuffed inside an industrial drum and begin a bold, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious journey that will either bring them together or tear them apart for good.
    The Smart One Bev is the Smart One who finally leaves her artistic ambitions in chalk dust and her humor impaired husband in the arms and legs of his nubile prot g e to become a schoolteacher Clare is the Pretty O

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    1. After unsuccessfully trying to read Gone With the Wind for 6 weeks straight, I picked this book up at the library purely by it s cover I needed some good and easy chic lit, but ended up being pleasently surprised The author s ability to tell a story was beautiful, and I found myself unable to put the book down It was everything a good story needs romance, a murder, family feud s, and the realization that you really can go home again.

    2. I didn t understand a lot of the supposedly chicklitty type of behavior The sister has sex with a man her other sister is intersted in so that the interested sister doesn t have sex with said man and cheat on her husband Wow that s a pretty intimate act to save your sister The main character also has sex with a man with a rage problem that doesn t understand the word no turning it into a rape issue Not amusing or cute in my opinion.

    3. I waited a LONG time to get this book My husband ordered it from Copperfield s Books for Valentine s Day.The first thing that intrigued me about this book is it s about three sisters As a sister who was considered The Smart One by my teachers although my mother kept reminding me The Talented One had a much higher IQ than I did, although she did not apply herself , I immediately identified with Bev who is 35 and a compulsive failure But how can she not be a failure when the whole world expects no [...]

    4. This book was a crazy mess packed into a spaghetti bowl To much mess going on at one time with everyone with a murder mystery there to tie it all together Not my cup of tea.

    5. Are we destined to live out our childhood labels In Ellen Meister s new book, The Smart One, three sisters battle to become than their childhood identities There s Clare, the pretty one, and eldest sister there s Joey, the wild one, and youngest of the brood, and then there s Bev, the middle daugher, the smart one, of the title In this novel, they both do battle and express love for each other two sides of the sisterly coin as each sister seeks to find what will make her happy,Add to their saga [...]

    6. The Smart One The main thing this book has going for it is the strong writing skills of the author, Ellen Meister She has a knack for believable, natural dialog and good timing when it comes to humor It s a quick, easy read a great way to pass time on an airplane, which is where I got through most of this novel.This is the story of Bev, the smart one of three sisters Her older sister, Clare is the pretty one and her younger sister, Joey, is the wild one If anything, Meister nails the common ster [...]

    7. My mother always told me, Friends may come and go, but a sister is forever She had six sisters, so she knew what she was talking about My father had four sisters and I have three I grew up in a world of sisters and feel like I have a pretty good handle on sisterhood, and so does Ellen Meister.At the core of her charming, thrilling, and often hilarious new book The Smart One are sisters Three sisters to be exact Bev, Clare, and Joey each playing the role she thinks is expected of her It seems the [...]

    8. I initially rated this book a 3, but it was just so addicting It s an honest story, yet so unrealistic I loved the characters Very well thought out and believable But the scenarios were a bit far fetched Not necessarily impossible, but for all of those things to happen to a single group of people in succession like that Highly unlikely.But, alas, it was those improbable things that kept me coming back for It was such a captivating read I honestly stayed home on Friday night just so I could fini [...]

    9. I adored The Smart One I expected typical chick lit, something fun for the beach, but it was so much than that Every character is very well drawn and the story takes some twists and turns that made it hard for me to put the book down I love movies and books that are like real life some sadness, some happiness, high points, low points, laughter, and tears This book has all of that Although the plot is a bit outrageous, it was fun and interesting, and rang true enough that it didn t hinder my enj [...]

    10. The Smart One by Ellen Meister has been placed in my favourites bookshelf, where it will remain Ellen Meister has become a favourite authors, I loved the way she wrote The Smart One, it was fresh, real, she had me from the start and I couldn t put it down until I read it through in one sitting Loved the characters and all their flaws The sisters were so human I was able to relate to each one like they were my friends Loved the story, one thing for sure the title is misleading it makes it sound l [...]

    11. The book started off okay, actually, it drew me in There were the cliche s of trio sisters, the smart one, the beauty and the wild onee book explored the pitfalls of buying into the stereotypes, and the relationships that are harmed because of them within a family, as well as individually.My gripe with the book as a whole is that when a story line their were several sought to bring attention to the pinnacle in said story line, it was generally, with a person ending up in the hospital, or at leas [...]

    12. Meister s second novel is a blend of romance and mystery for the Bloomrosen girls Bev, Clare and Joey s childhood roles have followed them to their adult interactions Bev, the smart one , is living in her parents house while waiting to hear about teaching opportunties Their old neighbors, the Waxmans, have move fulltime to Florida and Bev is to keep an eye on things as the realtors begin showing the home The first couple through notice an industrial barrel under the crawlspace of the home s addi [...]

    13. This book was about as delicious to read as the gooey, wonderful looking cupcakes on he cover The story centers around 3 Jewish sisters from Long Island, the pretty one, the talented one, and of course, the smart one The sisters Bev, Clare and Joey are real human beings, and the author paints them with love, humor and an artistic ease worthy of her protagonist As much as they might fight, argue, and maybe want to kill or maim each other, they are never boring Meister s prose seems effortless tes [...]

    14. This book looks like it should be a very brain candy ish chick lit book about a smart girl who falls in love It surprisingly turned into a Janet Evonavich like mystery novel with lots of funny and surprising twists and turns The main character, Bev, acts like a self conscious, self centric teenager through most of the book, yet is still likable and does end up falling in love That all said, the book is neither great nor terrible It was brain candy in that it was easy and fast to read It held my [...]

    15. It s always nice to pick up a book and from page one, become involved in a new story without having to read too much background and detail before the plot is laid out This book was like that for me I really liked the main character, Rachel and the relationships with her sisters were very recognizable to me Most of us have mixed feelings about our sisters, whether we admit it or not, while we love them, we also resent them and want to punch their faces at the same time or another This book had a [...]

    16. It s about the sibling rivalry of 3 sisters and a murder Although the plot does thicken, the story gets a bit long and drawn out, then suddenly near the end all details come to a conclusion It seemed a long way to go, to get to the finish.I picked up this book to read after reading, and really enjoying the author s book, Farewell, Dorothy Parker I was hoping The Smart One would be just as interesting, but I found it a bit too long I also didn t care for some of the sexual details of the main cha [...]

    17. Fun, fast read thanks to Meister s wit and humor Not your average chick lit She s a smart one who can write A few of the plot choices were contrived and less than satisfying Moving an industrial drum out from under a house in the pouring rain to provide the wet, muddy clothes needed as an excuse for getting upstairs to snoop in a neighbor s empty house was a stretch, but that and a couple of other questionable structure issues were easy to overlook given the great dialogue, believable, likeable [...]

    18. Three sisters, one pretty , one wild , and one smart, must come to terms with who they are both as individuals and family after they find a decades old body in an industrial drum while helping former neighbors sell their home Throw in a handsome, sexy and grown up son of those neighbors and the sisters petty rivalries intensify A wonderful story of family relationships, growing up and all those insecurities that happen along the way Lots of fodder here for a book discussion including an author i [...]

    19. I guess this would be considered chick lit, which isn t my preferred genre, but I really enjoyed it The writing is clever and entertaining and really well paced.It s a story about sisters and romance and finding who you are and what your place is in the world.A couple plot points are a bit clunky, maybe, and Meister tries to trick the reader for a couple pages toward the end, which was unnecessary and a bit annoying, but the overall reading experience is still very positive.Great for the beach o [...]

    20. At first glance this book looks like a total chic read, which wouldn t usually be my choice of book although I found myself being dragged into the lives of the three troubled sisters By the end of the book I felt as though I knew the characters which simply proves how good this book is The plot line is addictive and with each turn of the page I found myself wanting to read it faster in order to know what happens The characters in the book I see can relate to many readers which makes it that bit [...]

    21. The Smart One, written by Ellen Meister, starts off at a fast pace, which I quite enjoyed However, the beginning of the novel is a tad misleading, and halfway through the novel basically switches plots Towards the end of the book, so many new characters and new plotlines are introduced and become intertwined, that readers not paying close attention may get lost in the detail Overall this book was a decent read, so I award it 3 5 stars.

    22. My family thought I was half crazy while reading this book Between the gasps of surprise, random shouts of NO , and uncontrollable tears through out the last couple chapters it was a roller coaster read I enjoyed it thoroughly If you re familiar with the other books on my read list, and looking for something to shake things up a little, this will definitely hit the mark.

    23. I love this book just because of its off the wall story and amazing characters This is a light and funny read with something new happening every second The author has an amazing way of pulling you into a story and never letting go If you would like a light enjoyable chick lit read I highly recommend this book

    24. AMAZING Read this book in two days Written so well my attention was completely captivated by how easy it was to read yet i found myself not being able to put it down for curiousity that made me want to know what was next I dont remember the last time i read a book so quickly and attentively Best book ive read since the shopaholic series and something borrowed Loved it

    25. Very well written the writing and characterization raise it above the young women reader category older chick lit, I suppose Excellent beach read, but feel free to bring it indoors as well This tale of sisters trying to function together as adults with family baggage has a real ring of truth to it It kept me turning the page Ellen Meister s terrific.

    26. I am a fan of books about relationships and self discovery and overall I thought this was a great book and would recommend this book to someone else who may have had doubts in their own life Makes you wonder who The Smart One , The Wild One , and the Pretty One is in your own family Thanks Ellen for sending me an early reviewer s copy of the book.

    27. Silly, but sometimes dark book about three sisters who are striving to live up to each others expectations of what they think each one should be and what their parents think they should be The relatioship between the sisters, though different than anything I ve been a part of, was quirky, yet relatable A good afternoon read.

    28. A great suprise I read this in two days The story has interesting twists, some I saw coming and others I didn t A great story about sisters I didn t grow up with any sisters but still thought it was a great story I would recommend this book

    29. A few days after rating this, I am downgrading it to two stars, because what I keep thinking about is how the HEA involved our heroine running off into the sunset with a guy who may be well meaning but is definitely abusive And that ain t a happy ending.

    30. This was a cute book with a lot of unexpected twists and turns It kept me reading, and I really liked that it took place on Long Island The author did a great job of depicting the Island and the people who live on it I really enjoyed this and recommend it

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