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How to Master the Art of Selling By Tom Hopkins,

  • Title: How to Master the Art of Selling
  • Author: Tom Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9780446692748
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • After he learned the world s best sales techniques, Tom Hopkins applied his new skills and earned than one million dollars in just three years.Now, in this fully updated and revised edition of the million copy seller, Hopkins shows how you can succeed in the profession of selling Learn How to create the perfect selling climateSpecific questions and tie downsReferralAfter he learned the world s best sales techniques, Tom Hopkins applied his new skills and earned than one million dollars in just three years.Now, in this fully updated and revised edition of the million copy seller, Hopkins shows how you can succeed in the profession of selling Learn How to create the perfect selling climateSpecific questions and tie downsReferral and non referral prospectingHow to sell the most important people you knowEffective phone techniquesHow to finesse the first meetingHow to handle objections and what to do when you hear the word no How to test different closes and master sixteen powerful closesHow to plan for greatest selling impactAnd he shows you how his great selling techniques can be yours
    How to Master the Art of Selling After he learned the world s best sales techniques Tom Hopkins applied his new skills and earned than one million dollars in just three years Now in this fully updated and revised edition of the mil

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    1. The third of four books on my Read Daily shelf This is one of the greatest self help books ever You master sales by mastering yourself Sometimes reading this I find myself thinking, Why would any Christian want to do anything else but sales What is sales At its best, sales if figuring out what the person you re talking to needs, and how to get it to them If nobody is selling anything to anybody, nobody anywhere is making any money Next to actually producing the goods sold, it is the essential th [...]

    2. Tom Hopkins premise The implicit, and often explicit premise of his books and most other sales books is here s how to motivate yourself to persist in a highly frustrating, difficult, often demeaning and discouraging profession What he doesn t get If tyou start working with your customer to achieve mutual goals, then selling stops being all the things that salespeople hate about it so you don t need to be motivated.

    3. Great read Clear layout of the sales process as a series of measurable and implementable concepts.He covers everything from timing, to attitude, to language patterns, to dealing with no and rejection.My favorite part of the book is the increasing awareness that he does all of the things that he suggests adopting as habits to increase effectiveness of persuasion and communication of ideas in the book They don t feel unnatural as he does them This takes some of the ick factor out of using sales sc [...]

    4. It s hard to imagine not making a living without having read this book The trick is to be selective about which bits you take on board and also to cut through the cheese At the heart of this book is a philosophy that sales is not a matter of luck It s about planning, preparation and a lot of hard work It s also about building the defences that let you handle the ups and downs of a job that relies on outside factors outside of your control for it s success.There are lots of moments in this book w [...]

    5. Some great advice on overcoming fears and misconceptions in sales It also has great advice on specific sales practices I definitely do not agree with some of his thoughts concerning motivation He makes it clear throughout the book that money and prestige are high his priority list Money is not a bad thing, but it cannot be the highest priority If it is, then recommendations can become warped and self seeking.

    6. I first heard about Tom Hopkins over 25 years ago when I was 8 years old Both my parents read but I just keep seeing this book again and again all over the house For several years my dad was among the top any some years the very top new Ford Salesman of the year so I can only assume that this book played at least some small role in that achievement What I am sure also played a role is the type of person who reads a book to become better at their job and earn is surely likely to succeed even if [...]

    7. This book is dated but still highly effective I learned a lot about the art of selling and speech patterns Minor yes is very important Get as many as you can Wow that s really fun isn t it Isn t it really fun Get positive confirmation before you stick your neck out though Don t force words into their mouths if you haven t gotten the initial signal Keep them comfortable Figure out their objections Porcupine technique answer their question with a question Does it come in green Would you like it in [...]

    8. 5 stars wow had a deep impact on me.After How to Win Friends, and Mate, this is a book I will read every year It presents everything that makes the sales process questioning techniques, prospecting, referrals, presentations, closings What makes the book in my yearly reads list is that Tom Hopkins underlines the importance of sales ethics don t be pushy, don t try to sell to people who do not want your product Instead, ask questions, identify their situation and, with that knowledge, ask them que [...]

    9. This is a foundational sales book with numerous tactical tips and tricks to increase sales effectiveness If something needs to be done at some point in the future, do it right now If something does not need to be done in the future, throw it away right now If you do what you fear, you conquer fear Champions reahearse, rehearse, rehearse Write down your most commonly heard objections and drill the answers until you can respond appropriately cold The 16 closes are incredible and worth memorizing.

    10. Great, though long, motivational piece Some really nice ideas about moving people.The single biggest take away from this book is the ability to turn almost anything into a closing question isn t it How do you feel about sales What do you mean So you re saying that you feel like you re not achieving your goals That it is hard to stay motivated This is a great place to start It will help you to stay positive, to plan and reach your goals, which is what you re looking for isn t it Start reading now [...]

    11. Fun read lot s of useful script and highly motivational Tom has a can do spirit that shines through Nuggets of Truth When someone asks how your day is say unbelievable You never missed a days work but what do you want to do with your life Success comes at a different pace for people Be in the word business your only as good as the words you know how to sayMost folks are either in a crisis going into one or coming out of one most of the time and that s just life So we want to keep ourselves livin [...]

    12. Absolutely phenomenal and timeless piece Tom Hopkins is the master salesman I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve their sales and even social skills Overall sales is all about being able to interact with people and connection

    13. This is one of those books that you want to read again and again especially if you are looking to do sales Like every other professional sales can also be learned If you are new to sales or just starting go through this This will change the way you look at sales.

    14. Similar to Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone, this book is another essential guide for selling One may be wondering why read this when you already have Cardone s book, but the combination of the two created a deadly weapon Convert anyone into a buyer in seconds

    15. Tom can sound a bit cheesy at times, but this book is chockablock with cool tactics and excellent messages to get you psyched up about selling His lessons go beyond selling, though, and throughout the book there is an earnest life philosophy which may be the most memorable aspect of this book He has little time for people that find ways to defeat their own motivation with excuses, or look any place but their own attitudes and skills to find the reasons that they re failing He brings you along in [...]

    16. Very very meh How to Master the Art of Selling s greatest strength lies in the fact that it seems to take a very logical and realistic look at actions that successful salesman might or should take in their pursuit of success However, I believe it falls short of its claim that is, truly mastering the art of selling as it outlines what, I assume, most salesmen already do That is, Hopkins, emphasizes personal visits, regular follow up, thank you notes, etc all of which, I m convinced, the majority [...]

    17. I ve read this several times and have yet to find fault with it.Some of the psych yourself up junk you may not need Some of the closing tactics may not work for you Then again, maybe for you that is just what the doctor ordered But those things didn t earn my five star rating I didn t buy this for a motivational speech I wanted to learn the mysterious art of selling.This book has solid enduring principles that you can apply yesterday, today, and tomorrow Some advice is rudimentary but that doesn [...]

    18. I ll be honest, it wasn t as attention grabbing as a novel but, I also wasn t reading this because I absolutely wanted to In my Personal Selling class in college here, I am required to do a book report on a sales or self betterment book and this was the one I chose However, I did find many things about it quite useful and as I was picking up on the different techniques this book gives, I put them into practice at the financial institution I work at selling financial products Let me tell you, my [...]

    19. Experts say this is the best book ever written in its field I haven t read them all, of course, but would say this is a gold mine of information I have bought at least 20 copies for friends and for my staff when I ran a high tech trade association The practical tips and lively presentation can be especially helpful for those who do not believe they are in traditional sales and yet are trying to persuade somebody of something, even if only an idea Additionally, Hopkins makes a compelling argument [...]

    20. I read this book after recently getting a job offer in sales Just starting out in the industry, I found this book very helpful, basic, and organized I feel like it made for the perfect introductory read at the start of my career.All that being said, I did read an older version of it, however the skills and strategies mentioned in the book are basic and timeless and were not lost in translation I think this book is worth a re read for sure, but this time I will look into the most recent version A [...]

    21. My first real Sales Manager gave me a copy of this book, and it formed the basis of my education in the sales process Granted, a lot of the advice in the book seems self evident, but like any other topic, reinforcement goes a long way towards incorporation I pick this book up occasionally and re read chapters in order to make sure I am not straying from the path This book has helped me immensely, along with The Sandler Rules and The Accidental Salesperson, to see how this career doesn t have to [...]

    22. Excellent book I am not a salesperson by nature, but we can all use some help learning negotiating skills Full of solid, practical advice I even took notes The only downside is the edition I borrowed from the library was from the 1980s Technology has evolved just a bit since then, so no need for the tape recorder I d consider buying a updated edition for future reference.

    23. This is by far the most practical sales book I have read, and has helped my career immensely.However, I simply will not give 5 stars to any how to book Perhaps this is snobbish of me, but being that I spent my college years to acheive a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, I feel I would be selling out if I were to award 5 stars to any other than works worthy of literary study.

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