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Teasing Hands By Elena M. Reyes,

  • Title: Teasing Hands
  • Author: Elena M. Reyes
  • ISBN: 9781502432049
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • The hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong, yet gentle Rough yet tender His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh applying the perfect amount of pressure, bending me to his will His will which now entices me and burns itself into my every pore, ruining me for any other s touch but his Once a stubborn and independent woman, I find myself wanting to sThe hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong, yet gentle Rough yet tender His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh applying the perfect amount of pressure, bending me to his will His will which now entices me and burns itself into my every pore, ruining me for any other s touch but his Once a stubborn and independent woman, I find myself wanting to submit to give him all that I am and power over everything I can be with his guidance.Camden Daniels has a voice full of sin built to destroy my mental walls The dulcet sonnet of his tone controls my resolve with but a single utterance from his lips Undress for me.
    Teasing Hands The hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong yet gentle Rough yet tender His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh applying the perfect amount of pressure bending me to his will Hi

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    1. 3.5 Fantasy Becomes Real Stars 1 2Daydreaming about a male massage therapist who is handsome, commanding and gives a happy ending is nothing new Having a young female college basketball player forced to accept a spa day by her mom may add a different twist Add the chance encounter at a club before the spa date with a mysterious man on the dance floor He whispers in your ear and makes your body sing before you can actually turn to meet him and you have the set up for Teasing Hands This quick nove [...]

    2. Amanda just won her college basketball championship when she agrees to allow her mother to treat her to a day at the spa The comfortable in her own skin tomboy is leery of her mother s motive but after Camden gets his hands on her, she can t seem to remember why.Appointment after appointment, Amanda allows Camden to control and demand what he wants Owning her completely while she grasp to hold on to him A man that doesn t think he can ever give himself to a woman again, but a man that can t seem [...]

    3. ARC received for reviewApparently I m in the minority on this one This was just ridiculously stupid I know teenagers have no sense but she also had no brains Cam was seriously hot but not enough to save this one On to the next book.

    4. 5 Tease me sweetly starsEvery time I read one of Elena Reyes books the writing and story get better and better I loved this book I loved the characters, the plot and the emotions that flowed out of this story Amanda is a college basketball phenom, not your typical girly girl she is surrounded by kick a hilarious friends and parents that love her Though her mom is a bit prissy and overbearing there is no denying their genuine love and close knit relationship In the novel Amanda and her Mom act li [...]

    5. Book received in exchange for honest review Undress For Me Mandi was a typical all American high school girl, loved being girly That was until ex boyfriend, Hunter, shattered her tender heart She turned in on herself with insecurities and played basketball to help cope with the heartache After her team win state championships, Mandi, her best friend Courtney, and their parents go to a restaurant for a celebratory meal and drink Though they know how devious and pretentious their parents get they [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review Let me start this out with this first I am a huge fan of this author and haven t found a one of her books that I have not liked That being said I do not just give out 5 star reviews unless a book really grabs me and this one did In this book we meet Amanda and Camden When the book opens up we read the scene that show Amanda meeting with Camden for the last time and how much it is hurting her to break up in a sense with him Amanda is the daughte [...]

    7. This is the first book I have read by Elena M Reyes and it will not be my last Talk about a seriously hot alpha Camden is awesome Who doesn t love a demanding, hot sexy alpha massage therapist this leaves you feeling sated after your session with him.Amanda and her college basketball team have just won the championship and her mother wants to treat her to a spa day What she never expected was to step into a massage room and be asked to undress for me Amanda is taken aback, but in the end decides [...]

    8. I received an ARC in return for an honest review.Having read Ms Reyes previous books I was thrilled to be asked to read this in advance The story is hot and steamy Amanda is a basketball star with her College team and still recovering from having her heart badly broken by her ex, Hunter Add in her pushy mom who wants to have a special bonding day with her daughter, which causes her to meet Camden, an older and totally sexy man who teases and torments her.We also get to see a return of the dreade [...]

    9. Teasing Hands was sooooo good First things first, where in the blue hell can I get myself a deep tissue massage from Camdenriously That man was just so intense and cocky and the fact that he went after what he wanted, was completely hot I loved this book on so many levels, and Camden isn t the only reason Amanda was an awesome character I could definitely picture myself hanging with her I also envied the relationship she had with mother I don t know anyone who has a mother daughter relationship [...]

    10. While I dig alpha males and can dig bdsm type stuff I can t deal with a psycho who assaults a dude for talking to said dudes exd he just finished telling the girl she was basically nothing but a good lay In the bit I read he also lied to her and manipulated her When did this become sexy It used to be signs of a potential abuser Also the language was just Not attractive though I can t quite decide why I love me some dirty talk but this was just off putting Maybe because I thought the hero was an [...]

    11. This is a must read if you like a good hot and steamy read Mandi, a 21 year old basketball star has a meddling mom and an ex that shows back up into town Will her mom and ex make her break her vow to not take him back Will a sexy masseuse make her knees weak with his commanding tone when she is on his massage table Will his past hurt cause him to not know what is in front of him Find out in this awesome read I can t wait for he continuation of this story.

    12. WOW That was so freaking HOT I LOVED it Camden was the man and I loved his and Amanda s relationship This was an amazing book and I loved every minute of it You are the bomb

    13. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of Teasing Hands in exchange for my review Having finally got over the man who left her to explore , Amanda still isn t looking for someone else, though a little stress relief wouldn t go a miss When out one night to celebrate winning State with her women s basketball team she meets a mysterious man, who has of a pull on her than she had ever thought possible Tricked into a mother daughter day, Amanda finds herself at a spa, [...]

    14. 5 amazing stars I absolutely love Elena s books The stories are always unique and make me drool I have been following her writing since the beginning, and it s been such a pleasure to watch how she improves and grows as an author with each story she puts out She puts in the perfect amount of fun, and drama, and of course some really steamy scenes that leave you panting with need Teasing Hands was no exception to this I really must applaud Elena on a story VERY well done I absolutely LOVED Amanda [...]

    15. You will love Amanda, she is the type of girl that you want to have by your side and to be able to call your friend.She is far from ordinary no shrinking violet, she has it all and in bucket loads A star in the world of college basketball, she is grounded which in no short measure is due to the fact that she has the type of parents that kids thrive under They withhold nothing from her there love, their discipline and their encouragement.Spending time with her mum is never a chore but it is funny [...]

    16. I received this book as a gift for a honest review This book is a definite 4.5 review I would have given 5 s, but I wanted a little at the end and hope to read Camden and Amanda It was a quick, hot read that I finished in one night.Amanda is the point guard for the University of Miami who has just lead her team to win the State Championship As with every other game her mother is there to fully support her and celebrate her victory After the game her mother in an attempt to make her a little f [...]

    17. Two years after her boyfriend walked away from her to pursue other interests, Amanda is ready to move forward Surrounded by a supportive group of friends teammates, she is the point guard on the University of Miami s women s basketball team and dreams of playing beyond college Her overbearing mother sometimes gets in the way, but as the reader quickly learns, their relationship is closer than once thought.While out with her friends one night, she encounters a breathtaking specimen who sets her o [...]

    18. Reyes storytelling abilities continue to grow with each new release of hers and Teasing Hands is no exception While there were a couple of plot points that I had personal issue with underage drinking on a college campus and an older man putting the full court press on a barely 21 year old girl I can t deny that these things do happen, and Reyes pulls it off by bringing the reader into her tangled web with an effortless, emotional yank.Amanda is an independent young woman, part of a championship [...]

    19. Teasing Hands by Elena M ReyesAmanda is athletic sexy and smart She has just one the national championship at Miami University She goes out one night with her friends to celebrate and she meets him Her mind stays racing on this hot stranger Amanda takes her mother advice and does a mother daughter day a beautiful spa Durning her massage she meets the sexy Camden the sexy stranger from the club Camden Daniels is a true alpha He is confident, cocky and determined He is instantly drawn to this beau [...]

    20. I received this book as a gift for a honest fair review This book is very good It s about Amanda, she is the point guard on the University of Miami s women s basketball team Amanda and her friends decide to go to the club, after their awesome win She meets a man in the club, that she can t stop thinking about She never felt that way about a man Even with her ex that left her two years before because he wanted elsewhere She ends up meeting this man from the club, at a spa, where she was at for a [...]

    21. Wow this book is HOT Camden literally had me fanning myself a few different times From the first moment we meet Camden in the book I was sucked in and could not put it down If you are looking for a short, hot, and steamy read this one is for you Amanda aka Mandi is 21 and in college and she also plays professional basketball Her mother convinces her and her best friend to go to the spa and have a girl s day Little did Amanda know that once encounter would change he life completely Camden was a h [...]

    22. I received this ARC for an honest review Amanda is a point guard for the University of Miami and as the book opens her team is winning the state championship Her friends Courtney, Stephanie and Jen have been by her side as she has gotten over her first boyfriend Hunter Her mother is trying to make her a girly girl and wishes she and Hunter would get back together A day at the spa has Amanda receiving a special massage from Camden which begins a sordid relationship of sorts The book is well writt [...]

    23. I ve got a copy of this book from the author for read and reviewFirst of all I was expecting kinky BDSM ish content as I always do when the book s description has the words submission.I also hav the thoughts that Amanda has in mind that sex is love from reading the story O.ONow for the upside of the story Nice plot and sex ratio but could be read as romance genre instead of erotica Loyal male character finally a loyal guy instead of a cliche playboy billionaire everywhere, meet Camden Easier to [...]

    24. Received to from ARC for a review.This was HOT What would I have given to be in College and get a message and that turned into that He has you wanting with just the words Undress for me Even with Amanda growing up in Miami she does not act like that typical spoiled kid She chooses a school close to home and stayed at her parents home She keeps her responsibilities going while being pursued by Camden She does not allow her self to get lost in the man She is learning from her past that just does n [...]

    25. What can I say about this wonderful book I recieved a free copy for an honest review OMG this story is a great way to wrap up the summer and welcome in the fall I enjoyed every minute of it Camden has been added to not only my book boyfriend liast, but he s also one of my favorite Alpha Males Amanda mandi is a fearless female that knows what she wants We get a boy meets girl, girl s ex shows back up and wants her back , her friends are there witth her 110% and throw in a set of parents, a mother [...]

    26. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Teasing Hands is an explosive erotic read Hot and steamy with a great storyline is exactly what I got with this book I loved how the emotional roller coaster ride Amanda endured helped her gain so much It was tough at times to like Camden Yet I gave him a chance because I knew how Amanda felt I loved the chemistry between the two The characters all seemed strong willed, outspoken, humorous at times and they each brought somethi [...]

    27. Shannon s ReviewThis book starts off H.O.T The prologue will have you drooling before you even get into the meat of this book Now in saying that this book is a page turner Seriously I couldn t put it down Camden is a massage therapist who has hands of a god He is spectacular in every way I dreamed about him after reading this No lie Amanda is the girl next door She is in college doing her thing but still lives at home She has a day at the spa she would never forget Now I can t say too much becau [...]

    28. 4.5 sexy starsTeasing Hands has now given me another book boyfriend, Camden, to add to my mental collection He s hot as hell and not easily forgotten.Amanda I adored, she s a strong female lead, not giving in to the usual college kid behavior, instead marching to the beat of her own drum She won t be bullied by her overprotective mother, who tries to run every aspect of her life or buy her douche of an ex.Camden is everything I like in a male lead, strong, sexy, emotional than he lets on and al [...]

    29. First let me start off by saying A hot male masseuse how much better can it get right Oh so much better in this hot quick read by Elena You have Amanda Broken by her ex boyfriend who leans on her friends and her love of sports to help her through it Then by agreeing to some girly time with her mom she meets Camden Hot masseuse that is literally hotter than sin Throw in some angst and a lot of hot sex and you get this well written book with just enough smut I loved these books and can t wait to r [...]

    30. Exciting, Erotic and Hot as Hell This story is one smoking rub down Amanda has found someone that excites and entices her, after having suffered through a break up that broke her heart Camden has ignited something she didn t realize was with in her Undress for me , just hearing or Reading those words will make you melt The intensity that she begins to feel for him is doubled when her ex comes back to reek havoc in her life yet again.This book was SIMPLY HOT going to get a massage will never be a [...]

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