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Schwarzes Wasser By Joyce Carol Oates,

  • Title: Schwarzes Wasser
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9783423120753
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die junge Kelly Kelleher trifft auf einer Party einen einflu reichen, charismatischen Politiker, der Senator Abends brechen beide gemeinsam auf, um die Nacht miteinander zu verbringen Der Senator ist angetrunken Er verliert die Kontrolle ber seinen Wagen, das Fahrzeug st rzt in sumpfiges Gew sser Nur der Mann kann sich retten Die Parallelen zu Edward Kennedys UnfalDie junge Kelly Kelleher trifft auf einer Party einen einflu reichen, charismatischen Politiker, der Senator Abends brechen beide gemeinsam auf, um die Nacht miteinander zu verbringen Der Senator ist angetrunken Er verliert die Kontrolle ber seinen Wagen, das Fahrzeug st rzt in sumpfiges Gew sser Nur der Mann kann sich retten Die Parallelen zu Edward Kennedys Unfall in Chappaquiddick, 1969, sind un bersehbar Joyce Carol Oates richtet aber ihr Hauptinteresse nicht auf den ber hmten Politiker, sondern auf das Opfer, das damals in der ffentlichkeit wenig Beachtung fand.
    Schwarzes Wasser Die junge Kelly Kelleher trifft auf einer Party einen einflu reichen charismatischen Politiker der Senator Abends brechen beide gemeinsam auf um die Nacht miteinander zu verbringen Der Senator ist

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    1. I only set myself a few reading goals this year and one is to read the books I actually own This is the second of those I ve read this author off and on, she is so prolific I will probably never read all of her works This was a quick read, a thinly veiled take on the Kennedy, Kopeckni tragedy It was just okay for me, a stream of consciousness style with much repetition Still I love how this writer always tackles new things, her books are never the same, at least those I have read.

    2. Impressive, poignant At the top of her game, THIS IS J.C.O The entire novel is about one single awful AWFUL moment, where everything that splinters from it before it takes place It s as short as her Blonde is long both hit you viscerally hard Crystallizing that moment impeccably.

    3. The firs time I heard about the so called Chappaquiddick incident was in college It was right after Ted Kennedy died, and we were talking about it in one of my classes, and we got around to the various Kennedy scandals, and then my professor remarked, you know, everyone on the news keeps talking about all the good things that Ted Kennedy did during his life no one s mentioned how he was responsible for a woman s death Here are the facts on the night of July 18th 1969, Ted Kennedy left a party he [...]

    4. Cautious interwinement of different time modes and perspectives held a lot of promise Parts of the plot were carefully strung into a captivating, fight for breath whole Along with the lack of misplaced words and clutter, it was what made the flow neat and tidy, but also what opened the possibility of its pitfall By definition, stringing pieces in a sequence involves staying within the narrow line and connecting similar components The same happened to the story the auspicious start did not progre [...]

    5. Although the Chappaquiddick incident was before my time, Kennedy hagiography wasn t Still isn t That myth of Camelot stuff I hate it If I d moved up to Massachusetts any earlier than I did, Ted Kennedy would have been my senator Although I am a Democrat and agreed with a lot of the work he did, I don t know that I could have voted for him I reflexively vote against all Kennedys, always Because of stuff like Chappaquiddick and its aftermath.It s a case where there was probably never going to be j [...]

    6. Oates inexplicably squanders her gifts in this dreamlike, stream of conscious exploration of a young woman s state of mind, her attraction to a powerful older man, and her eventual doom The writing is poetic, evocative, and certainly challenging which is to be expected from a novelist of Oates caliber Unfortunately, despite the attempt to give the characters an almost mythic stature, the ideas on display are rather pedestrian and are certainly not helped by the very basic, near formulaic renderi [...]

    7. Haunting rendition of a young woman s last terrifying moments Oates comes at those moments from a variety of angles, and somehow it s enough to create an entire novella out of it in a way that seems natural.Black Water is a bit like water how apropos circling around a drain, getting faster and faster as it nears the inevitable end.

    8. A very long time ago in a distant land known as the 90 s, I was working with a woman who also liked to read during her lunch She asked me if I had any interest in going with her to hear an author she liked go speak I had never heard of this Joyce Carol Oats woman Seriously So we went to this huge church in St Paul and the place was packed I was surprised This many people for some author Hu Cool I know I was young and pretty darn clueless We were all just sitting there and then all of a sudden yo [...]

    9. I appreciate the concept conceit of this novel giving a voice to the woman who died in the notorious Chappaquidick accident which briefly engulfed Ted Kennedy s life in scandal A scandal, which largely sensationalized the life of Mary Jo Kopechne, who died in a car accident whose circumstances are reasonably suspect But Oates novel or what I can recall, having read it in high school , seems less intent on realizing Kopechne s life as it is intent on villainizing Ted Kennedy or rather the archety [...]

    10. Black Water is Joyce Carol Oates version of the Chappaquiddick incident taking place much later in time, and with an older version of Kennedy I wanted to love this, but I really, really didn t.JCO uses a blunt, visceral style, heavy in repetition, and repeatedly culminating with Kopechne s stand in, Kelly Kelleher s, thoughts during the crash and as she s accepting her fate.I couldn t stand the way JCO wrote Kelleher, and it turns out I just had to turn to the description of her to nail it Kelly [...]

    11. Una scrittura ingegnosa, a tratti di grandissima presa Dinamica e ansiogena Il punto di vista di una mente confusa e agonizzante.La trama si espande da un piccolo nucleo, limitato nel tempo l auto con a bordo il Senatore Ted Kennedy e la giovane Kelly esce di strada e piomba nell acqua nera I capitoli ripetono ossessivamente la scena perlopi dal punto di vista di Kelly ampliandola e quindi contestualizzandola con variazioni, intrusioni, fioriture di memorie, assilli, sogni, speranze deformate I [...]

    12. In Cold Blood is Truman Capote s 1965 effort to create the new genre of the non fiction novel, a fictionalized version of a true story Norman Mailer followed in 1968 with Armies of the Night Joyce Carol Oates creates this kind of novel regularly Black Water, published in 1992, is one example This book is about the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969 in which Ted Kennedy left the scene of an accident, leaving a young woman passenger in his car to die.Kennedy pleaded guilty to a charge of leaving the [...]

    13. L episodio che ha ispirato il breve romanzo della Oates quello del vergognoso incidente di Chappaquiddick avvenuto nel 1969, che segn la fine della carriera politica del senatore Ted Kennedy.E il 4 luglio, siamo agli inizi del 1990, nel Maine, a Grayling Island Una Toyota nera, guidata dal Senatore, un uomo di mezza et , donnaiolo e bevitore, che guida con in mano il drink per il viaggio, trasporta lui e la sua nuova amica Kelly, conosciuta ad una festa lo stesso giorno in casa di conoscenze com [...]

    14. This was a wasted exercise It wasn t offensively bad, but I did not think it was good either Black Water is inspired by the real life incident of Chappaquiddick Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge and in the accident that resulted, the female passenger Mary Jo Kopechne died What makes this unlike other accidents is that Senator Kennedy failed to report the accident which almost certainly contributed to her death.Oates decides to concentrate on the unfortunate female passenger, giving [...]

    15. Spare, beautifully written roman clef about the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick incident I love how Oates chose to frame the narration and though the book is short, the main character Kelly Kelleher is fully realized Her actions, reactions, and decisions felt true Loved this.

    16. M passata tutt a vita annanz all uocchie Cos si dice, dalle parti mie, quando si scampa la morte Io non lo so, com stare per morire e manco lo voglio sapere Per , se vero quel che si dice, Acqua nera il racconto della vita chiazze di amnesia che si allargano nel cervello come vernice bianca rovesciata fissato in qualche manciata di minuti negli occhi di una giovane donna che muore Per l anagrafe lei era Elizabeth Anne Kelleher Per gli amici era Kelly I pensieri di Kelly non sono torbidi come l a [...]

    17. In July of 1969, a car drove off a bridge into the tidal waters of Chappaquiddick in Massachusetts taking the life of Mary Jo Kopechne and with it the presidential aspirations of Senator Ted Kennedy A blurb on the back of Black Water from the Los Angeles Times calls the book the ballad of Chappaquiddick and even though the internal chronology places this after 1990, in Maine not Massachusetts, the young woman involved is named Kelly Kelleher and the driver involved is only called the Senator thi [...]

    18. The influence of her faves Joan Didion, Virginia Woolf, etc A bit like that film Enter the Void in the narrative jumping about.Here s a weird comment the woman drowning in the car was a little too visual The real terror is that you can t see ANYTHING You wouldn t know what was up, where the bubble of air would be I had an interesting point to make about the capsizing helicopter simulator series of dark rooms in a black out thing I did for a qualification to go to offshore platforms but my husban [...]

    19. Joyce Carol Oates managed to write an entire novella that, in real time, takes place in the course of about five minutes And very artfully done It s a book that can easily be consumed in a single sitting yesterday I bought it, walked to the park and sat down on a bench, and finished it about an hour and a half later It s the type of read that s broken into short segments, each segment leading you to automatically turn to the next The rhythm of the prose synchs with the terror of the novella s ci [...]

    20. Black Water is a haunting narrative of the final moments of Kelly Kelleher, a young woman whose impulsive decision to pursue her attraction to an older man leads to her death in a car accident Kelleher, of course, is a stand in for Mary Jo Kopechne, the young woman who lost her life in a car accident with Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick in 1969 I found it interesting that Oates chose to update the story to the early 90s contemporary for when the book was written and write The Senator as Kennedy in [...]

    21. This is a fictionalized account of Ted Kennedy and the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne Most of the book is the thinking of the fictionalized Mary Jo Much of the thinking is the confused ramblings of a liberal who substitutes feeling for thinking This feeling keeps the drowning woman sure that the senator who abandoned her will rescue her Typical of the lack of real thinking of the drowning liberal is her thinking that the support of abortion by liberals is nobel, but by conservatives is racism Of c [...]

    22. This is such a haunting little novella I know Oates has a penchant for writing fictionalized versions of real events, and if this book is any indication, I m very interested in reading of them It s easy to see why this book has been so acclaimed a powerful story of misplaced trust and betrayal written in really tight prose, not a word wasted In some ways it s a political story, but it s got way depth than that.I think the only thing preventing me from giving this five stars is that I was just [...]

    23. I was very much in doubt whether I should give this book 3 or 4 stars I LOVED it but at the same time I felt like it was way too short, and it left me with a jumbled feeling inside I think both the storyline and the writing style was what attracted me the most to this story We follow a 26 year old girl and her thoughts as she is drowning in a car in the river near Maine Because of that, the writing style is very much stream of consciousness a writing style that I absolutely love Some of the pass [...]

    24. L evento fa parte della storia, anche se quasi sicuramente ormai dimenticato Il fratello pi giovane di John e Robert Kennedy, Ted, a suo volta senatore, ebbe in incidente guidando ubriaco, e in questo incidente perse la vita una ragazza, dui cui si disse che fosse la sua segretaria amante.La storia che scrive la Oats romanzata, i nomi alterati, ma facile, per chi ancora ricorda, riconoscere il riferimento.Tutto il libro scritto dal punto di vista della protagonista nte, che non riesce a credere [...]

    25. This is a fictionalized version of the accident that Ted Kennedy had where the woman died It is told from the point of view of the woman and the two three hours that she spent trapped before she died I remember being horrified by how he acted and yet time blurred that I know it was mentioned briefly when he died, but she was really a forgotten person.

    26. A short trip into the depths of a woman s mind as she slowly drowns With a political bent, this is a timely novella that barely skims the surface of love, politics, youth, and the possibility of what is in store for a young woman s futureCOMMENDED

    27. Publicado en lecturaylocura black waterBlack Water de Joyce Carol Oates Reescritura en clave femeninaGracias a la encuentro esta informaci n sobre el Chappaquiddick incident The Chappaquiddick incident was a single vehicle automobile accident on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts on July 18, 1969 The incident involved longtime U.S Senator Ted Kennedy His young colleague, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned According to his own testimony, Kennedy accidentally drove his car off a one lane bridge and into [...]

    28. Un buco nero una regione dello spaziotempo con massa tale da generare un campo gravitazionale cos potente da non permettere a niente di allontanarsi, neanche alla luce ragione per cui appare nero Tali fenomeni generano delle singolarit , all interno delle quali le leggi della fisica non funzionano pi e il tempo per come lo conosciamo cessa di esistere Lo sventurato ipotetico viaggiatore che rimanesse catturato dal gigante nero potrebbe essere soggetto ad uno sgradevole effetto La parte del viagg [...]

    29. Tarihe Chappaquiddick skandal olarak ge en, 1969 y l ndaki bir araba kazas nda kazada len kad n n a z ndan anlat l yorcas na kurgulanan ok etkileyici bir roman Kitapta Senat r olarak anlat lan ki i ABD Ba kan Kennedy nin karde i Senat r Edward Ted Kennedy dir ve kazada direksiyonda o vard r As l ad Mary Jo Kopechne olan kad n romanda Kelly olarak ge mektedir Olay rtbas edilmi , nk derin devlet b yle istemi , Senat r, kad n n l m ne neden olmakla su lanmam ve yeniden se ilmi tir J.C Oates ola an [...]

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