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Abbandono By A.N. Roquelaure Anne Rice Francesco Saba Sardi,

  • Title: Abbandono
  • Author: A.N. Roquelaure Anne Rice Francesco Saba Sardi
  • ISBN: 9788830436091
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bella aspett , ma l uomo non le impart alcun ordine Sent la sua mano afferrarle la lunga chioma, costringendola cos a strisciare fino a trovarsi inginocchiata davanti a lui Qualcosa dentro di lei si sciolse in languore invadendole cuore e anima Il Principe l ha risvegliata da un lungo sonno e l ha portata nel suo castello, dove la Principessa Bella ha conosciuto il Bella aspett , ma l uomo non le impart alcun ordine Sent la sua mano afferrarle la lunga chioma, costringendola cos a strisciare fino a trovarsi inginocchiata davanti a lui Qualcosa dentro di lei si sciolse in languore invadendole cuore e anima Il Principe l ha risvegliata da un lungo sonno e l ha portata nel suo castello, dove la Principessa Bella ha conosciuto il piacere e il dolore, e ha scoperto che possono essere una cosa sola e alimentarsi reciprocamente Ma poi l a per Tristano, un principe schiavo come lei, l ha spinta a disobbedire e la punizione stata terribile Ammassati su un carro con altri ribelli, i due giovani sono stati trasportati al villaggio per essere venduti all asta sulla pubblica piazza Per loro non ci saranno pi le raffinate torture della corte, ma solo la ferrea disciplina e la dura sferza di nuovi padroni, finch non impareranno la lezione e saranno pronti, forse, a tornare un giorno al castello, sottomessi com giusto che siano.Eppure anche al villaggio, nonostante le ripetute umiliazioni o forse proprio grazie a esse, Bella e Tristano sapranno trovare il piacere che hanno imparato a conoscere alla corte e si legheranno di un rapporto speciale ai loro nuovi, avvenenti padroni Dimentichi di ci che erano un tempo, i due giovani vivono nuove, esaltanti esperienze sessuali, ma un pericolo incombe e le loro esistenze stanno per essere di nuovo sconvolte
    Abbandono Bella aspett ma l uomo non le impart alcun ordine Sent la sua mano afferrarle la lunga chioma costringendola cos a strisciare fino a trovarsi inginocchiata davanti a lui Qualcosa dentro di lei si s

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    1. Disclaimer I read the 1st book on a dare and even though I didn t particularly enjoy the experience you can read my status updates and my review here, if you re curious I got sucked into reading the next book Once again, I m not rating this read because I don t think it would be fair to hurt this book s average rating considering I knew I wasn t going to like it I m not a fan of pure erotica and I m no expert in BDSM.Just to get started, here s the plot summary given at the beginning of the 3rd [...]

    2. High Fantasy, Graphically Sexual, and Exquisitely Detailed I feel that in this day and age, there are few taboo texts which still exist to embarrass the reader who unapologetically devoured the pages without regard to the outside world But the Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty comes as close as possible to that point Many readers detest these books I enjoy them It was over The cracks still rang in her ears She could still feel the paddle as if in a dream And her sex was like a hollow cha [...]

    3. Stockholm syndrome on steroids and BDSM on crack That sums up this book nicely It still fascinating to read why the princes princesses accept and even come to like their daily punishment I have known BDSM for a few years but there is not one person who can put up with years of degradation and humiliation every second of your daily life In some ways this is truly a fairy tale for pervs but still a fairy tale pThe plot is better than the first, but if you re looking for a plot rich book than go so [...]

    4. THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR UNDERAGE OR DELICATE SENSIBILITIES IN THE ROMANCE READERS FOLLOWING IF YOU ARE NOT 18 OR HAVE STRICT VIEWS ON EROTIC RELATIONS RELATIONSHIPS DO NOT READ Surprisingly, this becomes not the tale of just Beauty, but of Beauty AND Tristan Albeit, I wouldn t participate in many of these activities, it is quite arousing in it s psychology of the need to be challenged in subjugation and the raw acceptance in the pain of arousal and punishment.What I find most confounding is the p [...]

    5. I can t even give this book a rating, it really does not deserve even 1 star Let s go over what this book has to offer Prostitution Offering your slaves bodies for money is, in fact, prostitution, and pimping A strange form os pseudo beastiality They don t have sex with animals, but Anne has them dress up as such, which is just weird Sword handlesMore rape.Alright, Anne, now you re really starting to piss me off Is this magic little world free from STD S AND pregnancy The idea of sex in these bo [...]

    6. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS I DON T CARE HOW HORNY YOU ARE, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS This book was freaking weird And not weird in a good way Anne Rice, though I have a sort of love hate relationship with her, has a sick and twisted mind It s a very uncomfortable place to be in I didn t read this because it was porn I get bored of porn easily I read this because I heard about how freakingly strange this was, and this was Anne Rice as well I didn t expect greatness, [...]

    7. Despite plodding through this series, I am intrigued by the story It really is fetish porn I used to say well written before realizing what I really meant was literate , don t fool yourself But it s so exploratory and so uninhibited that it demands your attention I m actually torn over my rating I enjoyed reading this book a bit than I did the first one but the direction of the story in the introductory novel was so much interesting to me I do like how Anne Rice has developed the characters as [...]

    8. It s probably best to start of the review of this, the second book in the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, with a section from my review of the first book In order to read the Sleeping Beauty series, you mush set aside ALL of your preconceived notions about sex, sexuality, consensual sex all if it should have no bearing on this story This is not your story, it is the fictitious account of Sleeping Beauty and the Prince who awakened her at least in the beginning, after which it becomes a story of multipl [...]

    9. I liked this one much than the first book, or maybe I should say I liked Beauty much in this one Here, we see her exhibit some spirit, occasionally rebelling in order to be given harsher punishments I could relate to this side of her She decided not to always be obedient, perhaps knowing that by pushing back she would reach a greater level of submission than if she meekly obeyed every order This fascinated me as much as it disturbed me, yet ultimately made me adore her for it.We also get to [...]

    10. This sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty , the first of Anne Rice s elegantly written volumes of erotica, continues her explicit, teasing exploration of the psychology of human desire Beauty, having indulged in a secret and forbidden infatuation with the rebellious slave Prince Tristan, is sent away from the Satyricon like world of the castle Once again Rice s fabulous tale of pleasure and pain dares to explore the most primal and well hidden desires of the human heart Beauty s Punishment [...]

    11. Now this is what I m talking about Yes indeed Now I see what all the fuss is about First of all this should ve been titled Beauty Tristan s Punishment eyebrow wiggle And second of all, let me just say rather crudely fuck that castle nonsense The village is where it s at As much as I cringed at times gutted it out through the first one, I was really, really hoping this one wouldn t be like the first Well, this one was scorching hot Now, don t let me lie to you there s a couple of bumps in the roa [...]

    12. I think this is a great continuation from the first novel and although I love all three at times this would have to be my favourite The fact that it offers a new experience for the slaves to be in makes it seem far brutal and far interesting I think it helps to add depth and then there is the introduction of a new character and the story being told from their perspective as well as Beauty s I quite like the new perspective and seeing as it is a different slave to what Beauty is a different ty [...]

    13. Weird Smut But I admit, I read all three It s been a few years since I read this so I was tempted to give it only two stars but after some consideration, decided to bump it to three The whole premise was seductively intriguing After finding the first book at the tiny public library I secretely hoped this and the third were available as well There they were On the very bottom shelf probably read than anyone would care to admit My bet is none of the librarians ever bothered to pick it upor if the [...]

    14. I thought this series was an imaginative take on the sleeping beauty fairy tale It is so dark The hard core sex element is not for the faint of heart.

    15. I would like to start by saying that I adore Rice s writing style She uses words in a way that few authors have the capacity to understand, let alone mimic I also find it impressive that she did such an outstanding job on this novel, given that she wrote it for an academic degree, and that the subject matter is by and large misunderstood in mainstream society.With a nod to Rice s abilities, I will now move to my second point This book depicts a Grimm infused view of BDSM For those who do not par [...]

    16. Beauty s Punishment is the second book in Anne Rice s Sleeping Beauty trilogy I d be lying if I didn t mention that I m relieved that I only have one to go As much as I have an open mind, these stories are even a little much for me This is not the Sleeping Beauty most of us knew an loved as children She lives now in a much darker world where sexual depravity, slavery, and even beastiality are key components I had written in my review of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty that I was curious to see [...]

    17. Author Anne RicePublished By PlumeAge Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 4Review Beauty s Punishment by Anne Rice is a sequel from book one The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty where we find it is another steamy erotica read of how Beauty and Prince Tristan survive in The Village that is told to you in first and third person Now, let me stop here and say if you haven t read the first book and not open to erotica, bdsm, fantasy, fairy tales, sexuality OP The read wouldn t [...]

    18. This book begins where the first book left off Beauty has deliberately disobeyed her prince and been cast out to the village One has to assume the amount of times Beauty is curious with knowledge of the village in book one, that she would end up here eventually Beauty and Tristan are auctioned off in the village and thus the story begins After the dreaded auction, Tristan is sold to the Queen s chronicler and Beauty is sold to Mistress Lockley While Beauty becomes the Captain s personal servant, [...]

    19. I m honestly not sure what I m reading any The writing is very eloquent, elegant even, and I suppose that s one of the reasons why Anne Rice is one of the most beloved writers of our time However, I can t say I ve enjoyed this book The BDSM scenes are just getting way too brutal and they were definitely out of my comfort zone Another aspect of this book I had some trouble with was Tristan s POV Some of the chapters are written from his POV and I didn t understand the logic behind it This is supp [...]

    20. This was my favorite of the three, I found the finale very unsatisfying The first time I read it was was SHOCKED, I tell you, shocked But as the years go by it gets less shocking I was also shocked when a friend came over one day and saw it on my shelf and she exclaimed, Oh I love those books At least it took away some of my youth s embarrassment at her focusing at it on my bookshelf Years later, it was hilarious to me when a co worker at Macy s was reading it in the break room and someone asked [...]

    21. This trilogy was my introduction into the BDSM World of reading I absolutely loved it Being raised a good catholic girl, I was naive to anything sexual, but this book opened my eyes to many possibilities and to the different aspects of sexuality I read the entire series in two days.The books can be a bit extreme at times, but whats the purpose of fantasy if you can t push the envelope.

    22. Did I write this is the most erotic novel I have ever read I meant for this series And even this is one of the most weird twisted sexy novel I think I will ever read I am looking forward to read the next novel So that I can know what happens with Beauty

    23. This was a hot fantasy to be honest Not all of the kink is my kink, but it was strangely arousing to read.This is porn, but decent porn, not pretending to be anything else.

    24. As you can probably already glean from my review of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, also by Anne Rice writing as A.M Roquelaure, I wasn t impressed with this trilogy at the outset A big fan of Anne Rice and no stranger to erotica, I found the book to be stuck on a theme that was trite and boring However, never one to not read anything bound between two covers if stuck in front of me, I gamely plodded on to Beauty s Punishment, the second in this erotic triad The Plot In the first book, the stor [...]

    25. Copy received from the Penguin Group through NetGalleyAfter Beauty has caused her own expulsion from the Castle at the end of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty she finds herself with the irresistible prince Tristan and other naked slaves on a cart heading towards the dreaded Village Once on the market square, Beauty, Tristan and the others are auctioned of to the highest bidder, with Tristan being purchased by Master Nicolas, the Queen s chronicler and Beauty by Mistress Lockley, the owner of an i [...]

    26. WARNING THIS IS NOT A BOOK FOR CHILDREN OR EVEN YOUNG ADULTS IF YOU ARE 18 OR YOUNGER, STOP READING THIS REVIEW RIGHT NOW Sleeping Beauty has been a very naughty dog I mean girl She is sent to the village for the summer as punishment, auctioned off and becomes a villager s slave who may do with her as he or she pleases as long as remaining within the same rules as the court After her punishment, Beauty will return to court.This is the second in the A.N Roquelaure s Sleeping Beauty erotica series [...]

    27. As we are all familiar on how Sleeping Beauty awakes from her hundred years of sleep and as it being the end of a classic fairy tale towards its happy ever after conclusion Anne Rice s erotic spin to a fairy tale classic starts off when the charming Prince awakens our heroine by initiating sexual activity.In this erotic and uninhibited second novel from Anne Rice s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, we follow Beauty as she is forcefully transferred from her luxurious life in the castle with high authority [...]

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