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El primer viaje de Socrates By Emil Ostrovski,

  • Title: El primer viaje de Socrates
  • Author: Emil Ostrovski
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: None
  • High school senior Jack Polovsky kidnaps his infant son, names him Socrates, and goes on an odyssey with his best friend and ex girlfriend to his grandmother s house to introduce the two of them before his grandmother passes away.
    El primer viaje de Socrates High school senior Jack Polovsky kidnaps his infant son names him Socrates and goes on an odyssey with his best friend and ex girlfriend to his grandmother s house to introduce the two of them befor

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    1. Dear Reader,Two things struck me with alarming force at the end of tenth grade, when all the sophos were called in for consultations with their respective guidance counselors.1 Mitt Paloma fake name had a better class rank than me.2 Mitt Paloma would, in all likelihood, go on to a better college, and generally have a better life than me.You have to understand something about my relationship with Mitt Paloma I hated Mitt the way a priest hates a kid who baptizes his pet rock Gloria in the holy wa [...]

    2. Quiero un nuevo g nero para este libro Literatura filos fica juvenil.Este libro fue incre ble de principio a fin Ojala que todos le den una oportunidad para que comprendan la mente de nosotros los que estudiamos o hacemos filosof a Uno de mis favoritos sin duda y espero releerlo pronto 3Rese a completa en Gracias a los Libros

    3. No s qu decir de este libro, la verdad Es bueno Me gust mucho Me re con ganas No voy mucho con la filosof a de los antiguos Es decir, me gusta pensar, pienso bastante a diario acerca de muchas cosas, reflexiono, medito, y creo que por eso sent un cierto parecido al protagonista en la manera de ser del personaje Es interesante Habla de muchos temas Es la clase de lectura que me llama la atenci n Que no es felicidad en todas partes Que es m s meditaci n y reflexi n que cualquier otra cosa A mi me [...]

    4. It took me over a week to read this less than 300 page book That is not a good sign.This is not a good book It s self congratulatory navel gazing pretensiousness on paper.It s drivel It tries way too hard to be Deep and Meaningful and to Say Something Important It succeeds at none of these things Zero Zip Nada.And it s dry Boring Overwrought Overwritten.Review to come on my blog and BookLikes

    5. 4.5 o quiz s un poquito m s Me ha encantado Este libro es una maravillosa mezcla de personajes temerarios, un road trip en ciernes, conversaciones filos ficas y una pizca de locura Recomendad simo

    6. Also posted at Oops I Read A Book Again Thank you to Amy of Lady Reader s Blog Tour and Booki of HarperCollins for the review copy This in no way affected my views of the novel.I ve been pining for this novel ever since its publication date because of all the raves it got I thought I d never get to read it then here comes Amy s tour I practically begged to be included in the tour and everything was worth it Oh my, this book just swept me off my feet And I m going to list all the reasons why.Seve [...]

    7. He disfrutado tanto este libro Creo que lleg a m en el momento ideal, justo cuando necesitaba una historia as y es que est contada desde una perspectiva m s que interesante En m s de una ocasi n me he re do a carcajadas con el libro, sin dudas se ha vuelto uno de mis favoritos 3Rese a youtube watch v 2E 4J

    8. Sometimes, your professional sweepstaker mother would win a book and then give it to you because it isn t her type of book or she just has a huge TBR And then you take the book because, well, it s a free book and place it on your shelf, forgetting about it for months.8 months later, you suddenly fall into a major reading sort of slump You re tired of dystopian, paranormal and even fantasy, so you take a peak at your contemporary shelf and realize wow I read all of these already But then you see [...]

    9. review goes live on the blog 9 16.When I first heard about The Paradox of Vertical Flight I was intrigued an 18 year old his 21 year old ex just became parents, the baby is named Socrates, and they take off for Grandma s house That s certainly unlike anything I had ever read before I allowed curiosity to get the better of me and was horribly let down.Jack and Jess were a summer fling Once her college friends came back into the picture, Jack was cast off to the side and it wasn t until she found [...]

    10. The review is also up on my blog happybookloversblogI don t know what I was expecting out of this I loved the cover when I first saw it and thought, Yeah, I have to read that Guys, this book was seriously awesome It s hard to earn top marks from me, and this one nearly did it.On page 2, the author referenced Kafka and Metamorphosis, so I was already in love and super impressed that that made it into this YA novel Then, as if it couldn t get awesome on the scale of pop culture references, he als [...]

    11. I loved so many things about this book it would be hard to narrow it down to just one The philosophy references and discussions were great The banter between the characters was incredible I m a huge sucker for witty back and forth dialogue, and Ostrovski delivers it in scene after scene.I also loved that this story tells the familiar tale of unexpected pregnancy aftermath from a largely unexplored voice that of the baby s father His connection with the baby whom he names Socrates and his emotion [...]

    12. Teen angst, deep philosophy, and baby having this book isn t exactly light reading The narrator is struggling with the meaning of life in general and his own life in particular, when his ex girlfriend turns out to be having his baby Suddenly, there s a whole new life in the mix, one that sends the narrator off on a series of zany and somewhat unbelievable adventures of fumbling self discovery.The humor is sharp, witty, and believably teen The philosophy is likewise believable and intense Some de [...]

    13. Where to start First off I would like to say what a sweet story about a father just wanting to say bye to his son he didn t know he actually wanted He still doesn t want to let him go He wanted to be able to spend time with him and give him stories even though he wouldn t remember them He wanted to do right by his son and give him a good life even if he wasn t the one who was able to This story makes so many good points about the universe and how the world works I love reading Jack talking to hi [...]

    14. De alg n modo, volv a terminar el libro en el transporte p blico jajaja, les explico, ste es uno de esos libros que llevaremos siempre cerca de nuestros corazones, por qu , a pues es muy simple, primero que nada, sigue la l nea de todos los libros de este sello editorial, que es una historia fuerte, no del todo feliz, ni del todo triste, que deja un mensaje.S crates ser un elemento importante en nuestra manera de ver el mundo, y Jack yosik ser un elemento importante para cuestionarlo, sinceramen [...]

    15. Gratamente me ha impresionado este libro y agradezco la recomendaci n de Yi para leerlo Toca temas profundos y muy poco compartidos como miedos y frustraciones y de una manera tan ligera que ni te das cuenta como te llevaron a esa direccion tus pensamientos Habla sobre el crecer y m s sobre aceptar ese hecho Me encanto y se me hace muy especial, sobre todo porque ser el libro viajero que compartire con mis amigos Creo que dejara huella en cada uno de nosotros.

    16. Maravilloso libro tocando el tema filos fico con mucho humor, una de las mejores formas de entender las cosas complicadas Adem s toca el tema de la paternidad en adolescentes, t pico bastante complejo en ser humano, como la importancia de la vida y la responsabilidad que conlleva una descendencia Un libro bastante recomendable.

    17. Por favor deben leer este libro yaaaaaa.Nunca un libro me hab a dejado con tantas emociones encontradas Aprend filosof a, aprend met foras, aprend el significado de la palabra despedida, el significado de la vida, de la muerte y de la toma de decisiones Un libro con una voz narrativa fresca, que nunca van a olvidar.

    18. Find my reviews here Literary Meanderings 3.5 starsThe Paradox of Vertical Flight is the story of 18 year old Jack a suicidal philosophy student and his journey to find meaning.It all begins when Jack is about to down a bottle of pills While contemplating whether to take the entire bottle or just enough to almost kill himself, his phone rings It s his ex girlfriend, Jess she is at the hospital, about to have his son.Jack, upon going the the hospital and learning Jess plans to give the baby up fo [...]

    19. 3.5 5My saying anything about this feels almost useless because I am not even sure about where to begin or howto It s the blurb that got me suicidal kid, best friend, ex girl friend and a baby the makings of a joke Not quite as it s surprisingly deep, with the lead asking these questions, considering certain possibilities, and some other impossibilities Yet, it s in listening to him ask questions then struggle to lay out the answer for his kid that I was frustrated and fascinated as I certainly [...]

    20. Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways Few novels can manage to be both hilarious and philosophical, but The Paradox Of Vertical Flight accomplishes this feat with grace Ostrovski manages to make readers ponder their existence, while simultaneously making them laugh uncontrollably This is a soaring debut that I loved and I found myself falling in love with Jack, Socrates and Jess The Paradox Of Vertical Flight is a strange adventure that will leave an impact on readers, this is a book [...]

    21. Ten Second Review A book full of philosophy, ponderings, originality, and an exciting, hilarious, crazy road trip with a kidnapped baby.More Than Ten Second Review Oh, this book The Paradox of Vertical Flight is a story told from a father to a son about his crazy first days It s a hilarious and crazy story filled to the brim with ponderings, philosophy, and warming to the heart things things It made me laugh and smile and wonder, and ultimately, The Paradox of Vertical Flight made me feel as if [...]

    22. No debe daros miedo el hecho de que el nombre de S crates aparezca en la portada, ni debe daros miedo que uno de los personajes se llame S crates, al leer este libro no nos vamos a introducir de lleno en la historia de la filosof a, aunque tambi n es una manera divertida de conocer cosas de la filosof a que podr an parecernos aburridas, pero que realmente no lo son Jack cumple a os, y las felicitaciones por Facebook y dem s factores influyentes, hacen que piense que tragarse un bote de pastillas [...]

    23. There is something terrifying yet absolutely comforting about coming across a character that seems to be of equal mind to mine Or maybe it s the author s thoughts that might as well have been pulled out of my very own mind Not that I could have written this tale but the voice That voice was like echoes of my own Not to say either that I would ever think of kidnapping a baby even if it were my own to travel cross country, so that my grandmother might meet this baby I think this premise did make f [...]

    24. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF AWARENESS.Emil Ostrovski s smart and funny debut novel begins with a recipe for disaster for narrator Jack, and will likely to appeal to fans of Sherman Alexie and Andrew Smith.Jack wakes up on his 18th birthday to suicidal thoughts and a call from his ex girlfriend telling him she s about to give birth to their son Jess has planned to give the baby up for adoption, but when Jack holds the son he once suggested Jess abort, he realizes he doesn t want to say goodbye [...]

    25. When I turned the last page, I had a very strange thought, I kind of want to dissect this author s brain, I think it would be delicious , and If could marry a book Both are kind of worrying, but OH MAN, did I love this book It was crazy, funny, I fell in love with the brilliant characters, my favourite character was Tommy and I really, really want to read about Philosophy and Greek legends and take a spontaneous roadtrip once I get my driver s license This was a fantastic book I had to restrain [...]

    26. The Paradox of Vertical Flight started off strong, but quickly lost steam I loved the premise an 18 year old high school senior becomes a father the same day he is contemplating almost killing himself Instead, he rushes to the hospital where he is overcome by the urge to keep his baby one he didn t know about a few hours earlier Driven by that impulse, Jack escapes the hospital with the baby, and ropes his best friend and ex girlfriend the mother on a wild road trip Why I didn t like this book v [...]

    27. A three day old baby and his eighteen year old father debating unanswerable questions, and the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.What a wonderful listening experience MacLeod Andrews narrator Heartwarming.Light.Funny I smiled and laughed out loud through the whole book my cheeks hurt Philosophical Just an amazing book Well done Emil

    28. Sin duda alguna ste ser uno de mis libros favoritos del a o, porqu encontr un valor sentimental en el, algo m s all de lo que podemos expresar con palabras, una filosof a de la vida relativamente cautivadora, aprend filosof a de una manera incre ble 3 La calificaci n no se debe a que es mejor libro del o mi favorito, sin embargo un libro que te ense a es un libro que no olvidas 3

    29. una historia que merece ser le da con varios toques filos ficos que he entendido mejor que en todas las clases de filosof a que he dado Y aunque el final no me termin de convencer el resto de la historia sin duda han estado a la altura.Rese a completa un gran mundo imperfectos

    30. Great Whole damn book was an existential crisis I quite liked that it was a young adult book that didn t fear telling the truth, talking about hard subjects, touching on things that are usually avoided In short, I liked it.

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